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Shipt is a grocery delivery service that was founded in 2014 in Birmingham, Alabama, by Bill Smith.

By 2016, they had expanded to nine states, initially targeting markets that didn’t have many options for grocery store delivery.


In December of 2017, Target acquired Shipt. The mega retailer paid $550 million for the company, but in good news for Shipt operators, the grocery delivery service was still allowed to pursue partnerships with other retailers, aside from Target.

Target uses Shipt to provide grocery delivery for most of its locations, and Target has begun to phase out partnerships with other grocery delivery services like Instacart.

The company makes money by charging users for a Shipt membership, which entitles members to unlimited free deliveries on orders over $35 and same-day delivery, available as soon as one hour from your order time, in many markets.

Orders under $35 have a flat $7 delivery fee. A year membership costs $99, but monthly memberships are also available. (More on the membership types in the next section.)

Pro Tip: for Shipt users looking to save on their first order, claim a Shipt promo code for big savings.

Pro Tips for New Users

Shipt allows you to order groceries from anywhere you have access to internet. Customers order from comforts of home, in-between meetings at work, or even from 30,000 feet in the air!

If you are using Shipt for the first time, here are a few pro tips to make your grocery shopping experience even more awesome:

Weekly Sales

Watch out for weekly sale items in your Shipt App. You may sign up for alerts or keep an eye out for highlighted ‘sale’ items. Shipt prices may be marginally higher than store prices to accommodate the delivery logistics, and Shipt doesn’t allow use of coupons for the specific retailers you’re ordering groceries for.

However, you can stock up on your ‘sale items’ periodically, to ensure you get the convenience at a great price. Shop smart, ship smart.

$35 orders

Take advantage of the “Free delivery” offer for all orders of over $35 total. Shipt doesn’t have a minimum delivery amount, but there’s typically a $7 delivery fee for orders of less than $35. Order bulk items to save more.

Free Shipt Codes and Offers

Periodically, there are free shipt codes to waive up to 50% of the annual membership fee, online contests to win “free delivery” for an entire year or monthly coupons to use for a free delivery order.

There are also special promo codes for free shipping with prime-time locations of choice (Disney stores, Miami seaquarium etc.) Learn more below


Earn two-way referral bonuses and rebates by signing up for MemberShipt and inviting your friends. Your friends must use the referral codes to ensure you both earn the bonus

Schedule a Delivery

First-time Shipt users often overlook the convenience of scheduling deliveries for a future date.

If you’re out of town, have over-run your weekly grocery budget, or anticipate that extra grocery run for a holiday party you’re throwing next week – simply order your items ahead of time and they’ll be at your doorstep on that day. Due to constraints of perishable items however, you need to be home when the delivery is made.

Earn more as Shipt Shopper

If you’re at least 18, have some spare time and a vehicle, you can make up to $15-$20 per hour by signing up as a Shipt shopper. Learn more below.

Shipt can handle all kinds of special food-item needs. Special heat-insulation bags are used to transport items which must be kept hot, or frozen. For legal reasons alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are not delivered by Shipt.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve covered the birth of Shipt, how to sign up for the service, and two promo codes that can save you serious money on groceries. Let’s get to some FAQs.

1. Does my Shipt membership automatically renew?

Yes, memberships renew automatically, and if you don’t cancel your membership, it will charge your credit card. You can cancel your membership at any time, but there aren’t partial refunds. Likewise, if you cancel a monthly membership early, your membership will run until the end of the month, but you won’t be able to get refunded if you want to cut it short.

If you sign up for the trial for an annual membership and aren’t happy in your first two free weeks, you’ll need to cancel your membership before the free delivery trial is over, or the annual fee will be charged to your account.

2. What’s the best discount to use with Shipt?

The two promo codes listed above can’t be used together, so it all depends on which membership plan you’re interested in. If you’re willing to commit to a year of Shipt, saving $50 off a $99 fee is a major saving. A $49 annual fee breaks down to just over $4 a month with unlimited free grocery delivery on all orders over $35. That’s a really good deal.

3. How can I land a job shopping for Shipt?

Shipt is looking to hire Shipt Shoppers — the people who shop for Shipt and provide home delivery — in many markets. Learn about the job and how to apply.

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