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How to Get the Free ClassPass Two-Week Trial

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ClassPass is an app that allows you to book fitness classes at some of the top studios in your city, all for a consistent monthly rate.

For people looking to mix up their fitness routine or who crave variety, ClassPass lets you buy monthly credits and then use them to book yoga classes, boot camp workouts, pilates, and more, all from the best fitness studios in your city.

The app lets you save your favorite studios, schedule classes with friends, and sample some of the best workouts around, all from your computer or phone.

In this article we’ll discuss ClassPass, explain how their class credit system works, answer some FAQs, and look at special offers for new members, including their free two-week trial and their free month offer, available in some cities.

A Brief Guide to ClassPass

ClassPass was founded in New York City in 2013, after the founder Payal Kadakia went to book a ballet class in the city and found she was unable to do so.

The app has grown rapidly, and thanks to partnerships with top studios across the country, it’s quickly expanded across the United States and is now even growing internationally.

To use the app, first you purchase monthly credits (using credit card, cash, or ClassPass gift card) in class packs, and then book fitness classes at different studios wherever you are.

Each class is assigned a different credit value, so a half-hour class at a local yoga studio might cost a few credits less than a barre class from one of the boutique fitness studios in your area.

The app serves as an alternative for a lot of people to a gym membership, and is especially popular for people who travel a lot for work because it allows them to use their credits at studios no matter where they are.

The app also provides class recommendations, lets you see friends’ schedules so you can coordinate to take classes together, lets you purchase gift cards, and is now offering ClassPass Live, which lets you stream workouts from some of the best studios in the country and use them to work out at home.

How Class Credits Work

Pricing works differently for ClassPass depending on your location.

Each city has its own pricing plan for you to buy credits, though they tend to come in the same class package size.

People can buy the first tier of the package, which lets you book three to five classes per month, the second tier, which lets you book six to nine classes per month, and the third tier, which lets you book 10 to 16 classes per month.

The reason for the range is that classes cost different amounts of credits, which vary widely by city and studio type, so a single class can range from anywhere from three to 10 credits, depending on where you are.

It can get a little confusing, which is why the pricing structure tiers are helpful.

For example, in Hartford, CT, the first tier of membership costs $29 a month, the second tier costs $49 a month, and the third tier costs $79 a month.

Those get you 15 credits, 27 credits and 45 credits respectively.

With an average class cost of four credits in Hartford, that will let you book a good amount of classes.

How to Get the Free ClassPass Two-Week Trial

In New York City, however, where the demand is a bit higher, you can expect a price increase.

For NYC, the first tier of membership costs $49 a month, the second tier costs $79 a month, and the third tier costs $159 a month.

That will get you 27, 45 and 100 credits, respectively, though in NYC classes typically run eight credits per class.

Get the Free ClassPass Two-Week Trial

So you can book about the same amount of classes in both cities, but using different pricing and credits. Confusing? A little bit! But it works out.

You may also notice that in the graphics above, new users are able to sign up for a free month in Hartford but only a free two weeks in New York City.

Let’s get into why.

How to Sign Up for a Two-Week Free Trial or Free Month

ClassPass offers free classes to new members on a trial basis, though the length of that free trial depends on your location.

In major markets, they typically only offer a two-week trial to sample out the service.

In smaller markets, that offer improves to a free month trial membership, where your first month is on the house while you sample the service.

To find out whether your city is currently offering a one-month free trial or a two-week trial, visit ClassPass’s website and enter in your city to see what the current deal is.

The deal, no matter whether it is two weeks or a full month, is only available for new members who have never signed up for the app before.

To sign up, head to their sign-up page and then click on “Start your free trial.”

How to Get the Free ClassPass Two Week Trial

From there you will be prompted to provide your personal information, an email address, and a credit card to secure your spot.

While you are able to cancel at any time, by signing up for the free trial you are agreeing that, once the trial ends, you will automatically be enrolled in their mid-tier pricing plan on a recurring monthly membership when the next month begins.

You can cancel, or limit your membership to the smaller package for an auto-renew option, but if you do nothing, you will be enrolled in that second tier pricing plan for whatever city you are in.

Note: For the New Year this year, ClassPass offered one month free for new users in many cities, but that was a limited time offer and was only available for new users who signed up in January 2019.

While it would be fantastic to save that much off your first month, the free one-month membership deal for all of those cities has expired for 2020.

That doesn’t mean it won’t come back at some point, as ClassPass does occasionally offer special trial membership deals for the entire country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the trial work differently than a normal membership?


When you sign up for your free trial, you will be assigned a certain amount of credits in your account, which you can use to book classes as you normally would using the app.

Is there an Unlimited Membership option?

ClassPass users have three different tiers for membership options, but they no longer offer unlimited classes.

The app did at one point offer an Unlimited Membership package, but that was discontinued in 2016 as studios were worried that unlimited users were taking advantage and signing up for too many classes.

The CEO wrote an open letter to the community explaining why the decision was made back in 2016.

Are there promo codes?

Groupon will occasionally list a coupon code or two for ClassPass, but ClassPass coupons aren’t really a thing.

To save on your first month off ClassPass, you really just have to go to ClassPass.com and see what trial offer they’re giving to new members.

What is the Membership Cancellation Policy?

ClassPass users can cancel their membership at any time, but if you want to come back to the app, there is a $79 reactivation fee to get started again.

They encourage users to switch to their Lite plan if work or injury issues slow you down, and if you need to take a month off, they do allow you to roll over up to 10 credits to use the next month.

What happens if I run out of credits?

You are able to add credits every month by purchasing them directly from the website, or by moving up your membership to a higher tier.

To purchase credits, just go to “My ClassPass” on the website or the app and select “Get more credits.”

Getting Started With ClassPass

ClassPass is a nice option for people who want to mix up their fitness routine and try workouts at some of the best studios in their city.

And with different options for new members, it lets people try either two weeks or a month free, depending on their location.

To learn more about what is being offered in your area, visit the ClassPass website and see how you can get started with fun workouts in your city.

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