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ClassPass Gift Card: How to Buy and Redeem Your Fitness Gift Card

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Gift giving can sometimes be one of the more difficult tasks in our lives.

Typically, we know our friends, family members, or significant others like the back our hands.

The hard part is picking out the perfect gift that is meaningful, thoughtful, and fits their personality.

In many cases, we resort to a gift card because it’s an easy solution to this dilemma.

You either go online and print out a gift card voucher or stop at a local store to purchase a last-minute gift card while you’re on the way to the party.

This is a great option, however, sometimes these gift certificates can be generic and less than thoughtful, like gas cards and fast food gift cards.

Today we want to tell you all about ClassPass gift cards and how you can reward the special people in your life with the gift of a monthly fitness membership.

Benefits of a ClassPass Gift Card

Gifting someone a ClassPass gift card has several perks.

For one, it’s a brand new and unique gift idea that gives those fitness lovers in your life access to boutique fitness workouts and classes in their city.

Beyond that, a ClassPass gift card has more of a personal touch compared to a boring gift card to the corner gas station.

With a ClassPass gift card, you’re acknowledging to your friends and family that you recognize that they live an active and healthy lifestyle and that you’d like to enable their journey to well-being.

ClassPass Gift Card: How to Buy and Redeem Your Fitness Gift Card

ClassPass gift cards also make for an excellent gift option for any occasion.

Whether you’re purchasing a present around the holidays with New Year’s resolutions and fitness goals right around the corner, or if you’re looking for a Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or birthday present, a ClassPass gift card is versatile and can be gifted to a wide range of people.

Additionally, the ClassPass gift card is easy to purchase online and can be for any amount you decide.

If you think this is the perfect fit, then let’s show you how you can buy your gift card now.

Buy a ClassPass Gift Card

Purchasing a ClassPass card is quick and easy and can be completed in only a few minutes.

Since you’ll be buying your gift card online, you and the gift recipient are able to receive an email with the gift card information or an optional printable PDF if you’d prefer a physical copy.

The first step to purchasing a ClassPass gift card is to head to the gifting portal on ClassPass.com.

From there you can choose the gift card amount you’d like to purchase.

The default options are set at $50 and $100, but you can also choose any amount you’d like.

ClassPass Gift Card: How to Buy Your Fitness Gift Card

After you fill out the recipient’s location, name, and email address, you’re then able to write a personalized message for them to read when they receive their gift.

You can also schedule the gift card delivery for a future date if you happen to be buying it early.

Once you’ve filled out all the information, you’ll make your way to the billing information.

This is where you’ll input your personal information, like name, email, and credit card details.

ClassPass Gift Card: How to Redeem Your Fitness Gift Card

Before you confirm your purchase, you’re able to preview the message you wrote, the delivery date, and the amount you chose to gift.

If everything looks right, you can tap the “Complete Purchase” button.

The gift card will then be sent to the recipient on the set date.

You’re all set!

Redeem Your ClassPass Gift Card

Redeeming a ClassPass gift card can be done whether you’re a ClassPass member or not.

To redeem a gift card, you should head to this page to get started.

ClassPass Gift Card: Buy and Redeem Your Fitness Gift Card

At the top of this page, you’ll see two options.

If you’re already a ClassPass member, then you should select “I’m a member.”

From there you’ll be prompted to sign into your account where you’ll be given instructions to add your gift card amount to your membership credit balance.

ClassPass Gift Card: Redeem Your Fitness Gift Card

If you’re new to ClassPass, then you should select the other option of “I’m new.”

You’ll then be given the option of choosing your ClassPass membership tier which will vary depending on how much you see yourself working out over the course of a month.

It’s important to note that you can receive a free two-week trial period before signing up for a paying plan.

We recommend doing this before you sign up for a new membership because you’ll save some cash in the process.

To learn more about the free trial period, you can check out our ClassPass trial membership overview.

After you go through the process of signing up and choosing your membership type, you can apply your gift card credit to your membership.

If the amount of your gift card is greater than your membership price, then the remainder will stay in your account for you to use on future months.

If your gift card total doesn’t cover the entire amount, then you’ll be required to cover the remaining balance.

Regardless, you’ll need your credit card information on file to cover any late fees, class cancellations, or subsequent month’s payments.

Note that your membership will be set to auto-renew.

Additionally, gift cards aren’t able to cover fees like late cancellations.

If you’d like to sign up and give ClassPass a shot, that’s not a problem since you can always cancel your membership if it’s not the right fit.

So, there must be some more fine print that we haven’t already mentioned.

Let’s look over some common gift card questions that you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions About ClassPass Gift Card

Do ClassPass Gift Cards Expire?

Of course not!

ClassPass gift cards will never expire and will remain in your account until you use your entire balance.

What Is the Refund Policy?

Unfortunately, ClassPass gift cards cannot be returned or refunded after being purchased.

Also, your monthly membership is unable to be refunded once you sign up.

Once you sign up for your monthly membership tier, you’ll be required to pay for that month.

Once you discontinue your membership, your monthly payments will end after the next billing cycle.

Are There Any Additional Terms and Conditions?

ClassPass members must be at least 18 years old to participate.

As mentioned above, ClassPass gift cards only cover monthly membership fees and cannot be applied to additional ClassPass fees like cancellations, late fees, or additional purchases.

A credit card will be required to be on file to cover any of these extra charges.

Lastly, the ClassPass membership auto-renews but can be canceled at any time to avoid any additional charges.

Is ClassPass Available in My City?

ClassPass is available all over the United States and across the world.

To see if your city is covered by ClassPass, you can head to this page and type in your location.

You can also check out our city-by-city guide to ClassPass to learn a little more about ClassPass’ offerings in the U.S.

Membership costs will vary from city to city and from country to country.

Gift ClassPass Today

Giving a ClassPass gift card to fitness lovers in your life is an excellent and unique present idea.

Whether your friend or family member is new to ClassPass or a long-time lover of ClassPass, a gift card will surely help them out on their next monthly payment.

What’s better than getting your fitness routine on the cheap?

The next time you’re at a loss for gift ideas, head to ClassPass.com and grab yourself a ClassPass gift card.

We hope you’re able to give the best present ever!

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