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How to Cancel ClassPass Classes and Membership

With the rise of the gig economy comes innovated membership-based services like ClassPass. But what happens when you're no longer happy with the membership you purchased? You'll need to cancel ClassPass and stop paying for your membership.

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ClassPass is an app beloved by fitness enthusiasts for giving them the flexibility to try out different gyms and studios around their city.

A monthly membership gives users credits they can redeem for classes at top fitness studios, so they can try a boxing workout one day and then a high intensity interval training class the next.

For people looking to break out of a fitness rut, want more than a gym membership offers, or just crave variety, ClassPass is a welcome service.

The membership is great, but for people who sign up and can’t make a class, they might be wondering what the cancellation policy is.

In this article we’ll review the class cancellation policy for ClassPass, show you how to cancel a class, review late cancel fees and no show fees, and walk you through how to cancel your membership with ClassPass if you decide to stop using the service.

How to Cancel an Individual ClassPass Class

If you sign up for a class and your plans change, and you give ClassPass more than 12 hours advanced notice, it’s quite easy to cancel a class, and you can do so for free.

To cancel a class you’ve signed up for, you must first go to “My Classes” on your app or on the website. Once there, you will see a list of all the classes you’ve signed up for in the future.

Cancel ClassPass Classes and Membership

Once there, simply tap on the class you are trying to cancel.

You’ll be taken to a screen where you can see the class details, as well as a “Cancel” button.

Tap that, and you’re all set. If you want to cancel a different class, just go back to the previous screen, select the class, and repeat.

If you’re canceling after the 12-hour limit has passed, things get a little pricier.

What Is the ClassPass Late Cancellation Policy?

ClassPass charges a late cancellation fee for people who cancel within 12 hours of class time or miss class.

Their class cancellation policy recently changed, and now they charge a fee to people immediately when they late cancel, and within seven days after a no show. This is to give gyms time to make sure you were a no show and they didn’t just miss you walking in.

The fees vary by location. Here is the current list of fees by country, as of January 2020:

Country / Late Cancellation Fee / Missed Class Fee

  • United States / USD 15 / USD 20
  • United Kingdom / GBP 12 / GBP 15
  • Canada / CAD 15 / CAD 20
  • Australia / AUD 15 / AUD 20
  • Singapore / S$ 15 / S$ 20
  • Hong Kong / HK$ 80 / HK$ 125
  • United Arab Emirates / AED 40 / AED 50
  • Thailand / ฿300 / ฿350
  • Malaysia / RM 20 / RM 25
  • New Zealand / NZD 15 / NZD 20

How to Cancel Your ClassPass Membership 

If you want to cancel your monthly membership, you can do so via their website or the app, but they make clear on their site that cancellation is only effective once it’s confirmed by a member of their Customer Experience team.

To make sure you aren’t charged for the next month, you must cancel your membership at least three days before the start of your next billing cycle, which will allow you to avoid auto-renewal for the next month.

To cancel your membership, you must navigate to your ClassPass account settings. It’s slightly different on desktop and mobile.

To cancel on desktop via the website:

1. Go to Account Settings
2. Click “Cancel my membership or take a break” link
3. Click “Continue with my cancellation,” and a chat box will pop up so you can talk to someone

To cancel via iPhone:

1. Tap “Profile” at the bottom of your screen
2. Tap the gear icon in the top left
3. Select “Manage My Plan” under “Membership”
4. Tap “Cancel my membership or take a break”
5. Tap “Continue with my cancellation”
6. Hit the green “Chat with us” button to talk to someone

To cancel via Android:

1. Hit the menu button in the top left of your screen
2. Hit “Settings”
3. Select “Manage My Plan” under “Membership”
4. Tap “Cancel my membership or take a break”
5. Tap “Continue with my cancellation”
6. Hit the green “Chat with us” button to talk to someone

If you don’t have the app and can’t get access to a website, you won’t be able to cancel because the ClassPass mobile website does not currently support live chat.

In that case, you can either download the app or email them via their contact form here.

With all of these, they will prompt you to either freeze your account or switch to a ClassPass Lite account before you talk to a customer service representative. Those are nice options if you just want to take a break from ClassPass.

The service does allow you to cancel your membership for free, but if you ever want to rejoin, they do charge a $79 reactivation fee.

Basically, they want to discourage you from leaving ClassPass by making it expensive to rejoin ClassPass. So if you’re traveling for a month or just want to ramp down your bills for a little while, they do offer freezes and ClassPass Lite to keep you in their tent without having to spend for a full membership every month.

If you do want to cancel your membership, make sure you really want to do it.

If you do want to follow up with a member of ClassPass customer service, it must always be via live chat – they do not currently offer a customer service phone number to call to speak to a customer care member.

They can also answer many questions at their ClassPass service website. People have found a way to contact ClassPass and get help with general queries is by reaching out to ClassPass on Twitter or on their Facebook page, but if you have issues with canceling classes, your class package, or anything else, you’re better off going through the app or their homepage.

A Class for Everyone

ClassPass is a really nice app for anyone who wants to bust out of that stale fitness routine and experiment with some of the best gyms, studios, and recovery centers in their city.

Canceling classes is a pretty easy process, especially if you’re canceling more than 12 hours ahead of time. Try setting an alarm a bit before 12 hours ahead of a scheduled class to remind you that if you need to cancel it, to do so.

For late cancels, the process is the same, just cancel via the “My Classes” section of the app. You will be charged a fee, which varies by country – in the United States it’s $15.00. Fees for no-shows are higher, because gyms don’t even have the 12-hour window to try and fill that spot. Those also vary by country, but in the United States they are $20.00 for a no show.

To cancel your membership, ClassPass does make you speak with a service representative, but it’s done online in a live chat and once you’ve made clear you know you can freeze your account or go to ClassPass Lite if you want, and you still want to cancel, the process is pretty painless.

Just make sure you do want to go, because the $79 reactivation fee is not cheap for people who think they’ve made a mistake and want to join back up with ClassPass, and will offset any savings you might have for deals for a first month membership.

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