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Blinkist vs Audible

Online learning is a huge industry these days, with there being countless ways to do so.

However, books are still one of the best ways to learn – and in the rise of audio platforms, audiobooks are huge business.

Through this rise in the popularity of online learning, two popular options are Audible and Blinkist – both offer unique deliverables but are used by a similar audience.

In this article, we’ll compare Blinkist vs Audible and see what option is best for you.

Which is Easiest to Use?

For a comparison of Blinkist vs Audible, many people want to know which is easier to use. Accessibility and convenience are essential for nontraditional or on-the-go readers, so choosing the most practical platform is crucial.


Audible focuses on audiobooks, giving users a program where they can listen to fiction or nonfiction.

There are many ways to access Audible. You can download the app on your smartphone, tablet, and PC. Additionally, since Audible is a company of Amazon, you can download the app on any Amazon device.

To find a book to listen to, purchase it, and the book automatically downloads. After completing the downloading process, you can enjoy your book.

Learn More At Audible


As for Blinkist, a program that offers quick summaries of nonfiction books, there are many ways to get access to both audio summaries and written summaries. Users have access to Blinkist on almost any device, including smartphones, tablets, PC, or kindle.

Like Audible, all you must do on Blinkist is find the desired title, add it to your library, and start reading!

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The Winner of Easiest to Use

All in all, both reading platforms are straightforward to use. You can download titles and take them anywhere with you. Both platforms also work on a variety of devices. So, it looks like this one is a tie.

Best for Book Selection

Want to get an idea of what kind of titles each platform offers? Then let’s compare the book options for both Audible and Blinkist.


Audible contains books from both the fiction and nonfiction genres. Therefore, there is more variety in terms of what you can read. Audible is also one of the top audiobook programs, so they routinely update their selection. Currently, the program has over 470,000 titles that include some of today’s most popular books.

Audible operates through Amazon. Like Amazon, many self-published authors provide their works in Audible. However, the program makes sure that they only offer high-quality titles. Audible checks to make sure that all provided titles have exceptional recordings, giving you the best experience.

Learn More At Audible


Blinkist differs from Audible in terms of what genre it offers. The platform focuses primarily on nonfiction, therefore having fewer titles than Audible.

The program currently has about 3,000 titles, which the Blinkist staff selects.

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The Winer of Better Selection

Given that Audible has over 150 times as many titles as Blinkist, Audible is the winner for having a better selection of books. Audible also has titles from various genres, which include some of the most popular books.

Best for Price

When shopping for online reads, the cost can be critical. You don’t want to purchase something that is not worth the money. So, this section compares the prices for both Audible and Blinkist so that you can find the program with the most benefits.


Before purchasing a membership with Audible, they offer a 30-day free trial that includes one free title. You can test out the platform before committing.

If you decide that you enjoy the audiobooks from Audible, a membership costs $14.95 each month. Membership includes one free audiobook and free Audible Originals. Although, the titles that you have access to vary each month. The title selection rotates from month to month.

Learn More At Audible


Blinkist also offers a free trial before committing. You can test Blinkist and all its features for seven days before becoming a member.

There are two payment options if you do join Blinkist. One is a yearly commitment where Blinkist charges $99.99 annually, which comes out to $8.34 per month. Then there is a monthly commitment for $15.99 per month.

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The Winner of Better Price

When it comes to Blinkist vs Audible for price – The Blinkist annual option has the better price in comparison to Audible. However, in terms of a month-to-month payment plan, Audible‘s is superior.

Best for Fiction Books

Are you looking for a particular genre? In the next section, we look at both programs to see which platform offers a better selection for fiction.


Audible contains a large selection of books. As this platform was our winner for Better Book Selection, you can count on Audible to offer some of the best titles in fiction.

Since audible is also one of the leading audiobook programs, they offer a variety of categories within the fiction genre. Some of these include mystery, thriller, romance, historical, literary, and comedy. Of course, there is so much more outside of the fiction genre that Audible offers.

Learn More At Audible


Blinkist’s platform primarily focuses on summaries of nonfiction books. So, there is almost no selection of fiction books within Blinkist.

There are many benefits to purchasing a membership with Blinkist, like speed-reading some of the most popular nonfiction books. However, if you are looking for fiction, then Blinkist is not the way to go.

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The Winner of Better Fiction Selection

Since Blinkist only offers nonfiction summaries, Audible is the winner for the better selection of fiction books.

The Winner

Audible provides the best options in terms of overall book selection. However, Blinkist has reasonable prices for its service. So, which is the better choice?

It all comes down to what you want to read. If you are an adventurous reader who wants a variety of books to choose from, then you probably should go on the Audible route. There are hours and hours of books to listen to, pleasing all book lovers.

Blinkist does not offer books- strictly summaries of nonfiction. This program is best for bookworms looking for quick informational reads. Since Blinkist shows only summaries, you may not get all the information you seek. However, it is easy to learn new things with a Blinkist account.

Therefore, you decide the winner! It all depends on what kind of reading experience you want.

Final Thoughts

Although there is no clear winner in the Blinkist vs Audible debate, hopefully, you learned about each program and how they can help you on your reading journey. Both platforms have many beloved titles that not only teach readers but take readers on their next adventure. So, what will you read next?

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