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The 10 Best Food Delivery Services In (2024)

If you need to get food on the table as fast as possible and you want to avoid the hassle of grocery shopping, then it’s time to consider the multitude of food delivery services available around the globe.

To avoid the errands of grocery shopping and have more time to spend with family and friends, consider purchasing from one of the following great food delivery services.

In this guide, we provide a list of the 10 best food delivery services for this year.

We will describe information about grocery, restaurant, and meal kit delivery options.

We also outline where these food delivery options are available, how much they cost, and how to sign up for these services.

Now, let’s get started on learning all about meal delivery!

What Kinds of Food Delivery Services Are There?

You’ll see that there are a multitude of different food delivery services available, including restaurant delivery options through GrubHub or Uber Eats, as well as grocery delivery and meal kit delivery options.

In fact, Uber Eats provides both grocery delivery and restaurant delivery options.

You can also choose Blue Apron or HelloFresh for a meal kit delivery service.

1. Restaurant Delivery

Restaurant delivery options from GrubHub, UberEats or DoorDash will provide you with a delicious meal any day of the week.

You can choose from a large number of local restaurants with many different cuisines to consider.

Do you want gluten-free, healthy meals or fast food?

Do you desire Chinese for dinner or Italian?

Whatever your preferences, the multiple restaurant delivery services available will meet your needs.

2. Grocery Delivery

Whether you live in New York or Oklahoma, the top grocery delivery services from companies like InstaCart or Uber Eats will ensure you have groceries in your home.

You’ll get groceries delivered on time for cooking dinner for the whole family.

A grocery delivery option comes with quality ingredients so that you can make an excellent meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

3. Meal Kit Delivery

Do you want your meal prep covered?

Then consider making some meal kit delivery orders that allow you to quickly cook a fresh meal with quality ingredients.

With a meal kit delivery option, you will never again need to rely on popping frozen meals into your microwave.

Some possible meal kit delivery apps include Blue Apron, Hungryroot, and Home Chef.

What Companies Offer Food Delivery Services?

The 10 best food delivery services available around the country include restaurants, meal kits, and grocery food delivery services.

These meal plan, grocery, or restaurant delivery options include:

  • DoorDash
  • GrubHub
  • Uber Eats
  • Postmates
  • Instacart
  • HelloFresh
  • Home Chef
  • Blue Apron
  • Hungryroot
  • Sunbasket

Now, let’s keep reading to learn all about these options for a delicious meal!

1. DoorDash

A screenshot of the doordash homepage

What’s your favorite restaurant?

DoorDash provides drinks, snacks, and meals from more than 300,000 local and national eateries around the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Whether you like a burger and fries from Burger King, tacos from Taco Bell, a vegan option, or a fancy shishkabob dinner from your local Greek restaurant, DoorDash will provide you with the meal you crave.

2. GrubHub

screenshot of the grubhub homepage

GrubHub also offers restaurant-based food delivery services in more than 4,000 cities across the United States and in London.

You can order from local restaurants as well as national chain eateries.

Whether you want a meal from your local diner or 99 Restaurants, GrubHub gives you plenty of options based on cuisine or your location.

Through the food delivery app, you can let the delivery driver know where to leave your meal if you prefer no-contact delivery.

3. Uber Eats

screenshot of the uber eats homepage

Uber Eats is a food delivery service for restaurant takeout, groceries, and other options like prescription drug or drink deliveries.

You can choose a local restaurant or grocery store when placing food delivery orders.

The prepared meals or groceries with fresh ingredients are delivered right to your door.

You can use the Uber Eats food delivery app to place a restaurant order for a small delivery fee.

4. Postmates

Postmates is a food delivery service that Uber owns.

Through Postmates, you can order restaurant meals, groceries, alcohol, and other goods.

Whether you want to make yourself a vegan salad with fresh ingredients from your local grocery store or you crave Chinese food, burritos, or burgers, Postmates will provide you with the food you seek.

Furthermore, Postmates provides customers with a no-contact delivery option for those who wish to avoid any risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. Instacart

A screenshot of the instacart homepage

Instacart is an excellent delivery service for goods at local stores including groceries, wine, clothing, toiletries, and more.

Through Instacart, you can choose grocery items you want, watch real-time updates on where the personal shoppers and delivery drivers are in the shopping process, and choose the best time for delivery.

Instacart is aligned with more than 40,000 stores in more than 5,000 cities around the United States and Canada.

6. HelloFresh

A screenshot of the hellofresh homepage

HelloFresh is an excellent meal kit delivery service based out of Berlin, Germany.

This is the largest meal kit delivery company operating in the United States.

It also provides meal kits throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom.

HelloFresh sends meal kits with quality, fresh ingredients for lunches or dinners with a recipe card assigned to each meal.  

7. Home Chef

A screenshot of the home chef homepage

Home Chef is a meal delivery kit that includes a weekly rotating menu with several dozen meals to choose from.

You can pick meals that you can cook very quickly including those you can finish in only 15 minutes.

Grill-ready and oven-ready meal kits are also available.

Do you have a birthday or other special occasion to celebrate?

Home Chef provides special occasion meals as well.

8. Blue Apron

A screenshot of the blue apron homepage

Blue Apron offers you to choose from several weekly menu options based on the meal plan you’ve picked.

Are you a vegetarian?

Then pick the Vegetarian meal plan.

However, if you want to change your diet and start eating healthier, consider choosing the Wellness meal plan from Blue Apron.

The food through this meal kit delivery program starts at $9.00 per serving with an additional $10 for shipping each kit.

9. BistroMD

A screenshot of the bistroMD homepage

Those interested in healthy and ready-to-eat meals should consider the delivery services from BistroMD.

This food delivery service provides choices from more than 150 chef-made meals based on your particular diet.

Whether you need a heart-healthy meal or food for a diabetic diet, BistroMD provides you with the breakfast, lunch, or dinner you need.

You can even choose a gluten-free option.

10. Sunbasket

A screenshot of the Sunbasket homepage

Are you interested in ordering pre-made meals?

Or do you prefer ingredient-based foods in your meal kits?

Luckily, Sunbasket provides both.

The food from this service includes high-quality and organic ingredients.

Here, you can also choose from among 10 different meal plans including a paleo diet, a gluten-free option, a diabetes-friendly choice, and a vegetarian diet.

Where Are Food Delivery Services Available?

These food delivery services are available in many cities around the United States and Canada.

Some services are also available in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

For example, Postmates operates in more than 4,200 cities around the US.

You can also find restaurant delivery services in rural regions around the United States and Canada.

Are Food Delivery Services Available in Rural Areas?

If you’re looking for a great food delivery service in rural locations, the best choices are GrubHub and DoorDash.

GrubHub is constantly trying to expand restaurant meals in rural regions and provides excellent customer service with quality delivery drivers.

Best of all, GrubHub has affordable prices.

DoorDash is also a strong player in delivering restaurant food in rural areas with a large selection.

Instacart also provides great options for delivering groceries in rural areas.

How to Find Out if Food Delivery is in Your Area

You can check multiple food delivery apps like GrubHub or Uber Eats to see if they are operating in your city.

All you need to do is create an account and type in your delivery address to learn whether a particular food delivery option is available in your region.

How Much Do Food Delivery Services Cost?

The restaurant meals you pick will cost whatever a particular eatery charges.

As for the food delivery fees, Uber Eats usually charges anywhere from $2.00 to $8.00 depending on the distance.

DoorDash charges 99 cents to $7.99 along with a service fee ranging from 7 percent to 15 percent for each order.

Average Restaurant Delivery Fees

The average restaurant delivery fees differ depending on the platform.

For example, GrubHub delivery fees are usually less than $7.00, DoorDash delivery fees range from a few dollars to $8.00, and Uber Eats delivery fees are usually less than $6.00.

There are also multiple membership subscriptions available.

Average Grocery Delivery Fees

The median fee for grocery delivery services is $5.00 with each particular service differing depending on the features included, such as speed of delivery.

For example, Instacart delivery fees range from $3.99 to $7.99 per order.

Another grocery delivery option is Hungryroot, which includes a membership plan of $59 per week with no delivery fees.

Postmates includes delivery fees that range from $1.00 to $10.00.

Average Meal Kit Delivery Fees 

Meal kit delivery fees depend on each particular service and the features available.

However, on average, delivery fees for meal kits are usually around $7.99 for every shipment.

If you want to avoid delivery fees for meal kits, then choose Blue Apron.

This company has no delivery fees unless you choose the smallest possible orders.

How Do You Sign Up for Food Delivery Services?

You can sign up for a food delivery service by downloading a specific app onto your phone, creating an account through a mobile app, and then picking the food you want for delivery.

You’ll need to enter your delivery address and the time you want the food to get to your home.

Step by Step Instructions 

Signing up for food delivery services is generally easy and consists of the following steps.

  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, choose a restaurant or grocery store
  • Scan the menu options and pick the items you want to order
  • Provide your delivery address and the time you want the items to show up at your place
  • Pay through the mobile app using a credit card or debit card

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we get about food delivery services in 2023.

Can You Get Alcohol Delivered With Food?

Certain food delivery services can deliver alcohol to your door.
For instance, DoorDash has this service in states like California,
Florida, Nebraska, Kentucky, Connecticut, Washington, New York, Idaho, Ohio, Texas, Oregon, Missouri, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Virginia.

Do You Tip Food Delivery Drivers?

Food delivery drivers should always receive a tip unless their service was significantly subpar.

As long as you received the food you ordered within a reasonable time frame, you should tip the food delivery driver about 15 to 20 percent of the total order amount.

What Happens if a Restaurant or Store is Out of a Food Item?

You can usually get the choice to pick a different food item if the original one you’ve picked is out of stock.

As such, you’ll need to stay by your phone to see if the grocery shopper cannot find the original item.

In addition, grocery shoppers are required to pick a replacement food when something is out of stock.

Which Food Delivery Service is Best for Small Businesses?

DoorDash is one of the best food delivery services for small businesses like local restaurant startups, which handles customer service and logistics for each delivery.

Wrapping Up

This guide outlined all the information you need to pick a food delivery service to bring your meal right to your door.

With these many options, your kitchen table will never be filled with microwave dinners again.

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