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The 10 Best Domain Registrars for Domain Registration in 2023

So you’ve chosen a domain name that best describes your niche, and you want to register it before someone else does.

However, the sheer number of registrars offering domain registration services has you wondering which to choose.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of ten excellent domain registrars to choose from.

Once you’re done reading this guide, you’ll be able to decide on the best domain registrar for your blog or online business.

The 10 Best Domain Registrars in 2023

The domain registrars below are some of the best places to get domain names and hosting services for your blog.

1. Domain.com

Domain.com is one of the oldest and most reliable domain registrars.

It’s been in the domain registration industry since the year 2000 and offers a plethora of services related to domain registration.

You can get a domain name with a .com extension for a couple of dollars, and it registers other domain extensions, like .net, .me, .blog, and .store.

Searching for a domain name on Domain.com is straightforward.

You type the domain name you want, hit the search button, and this domain registrar will show you whether it’s available.

In addition, it sells premium domains.

And if the domain name (and domain extension) you want isn’t taken, you can register it in a few seconds.

Besides searching for and registering domain names, Domain.com handles domain transfers, private registration, and protection for when your domain expires.

Also, this company offers domain management tools like DNS management, Whois privacy protection, professional email addresses, and email forwarding.

Outside of domain names and domain registrar services, Domain.com offers web hosting services.

It has plans for shared, dedicated, and WordPress hosting.

Also, this domain registrar provides a website builder and online store builder.

And if you’d rather have an expert handle your site’s design, Domain.com offers web design services, too.

In terms of security, Domain.com offers SSL certificates and SiteLock.

The former feature is necessary for encrypting data sent to and from your website.

Meanwhile, the latter feature offers an affordable way to protect your website by scanning it for malware.

And it’ll prevent your site from being blacklisted by search engines for being a security threat.

Finally, Domain.com offers top-notch customer support when you run into problems.

You can call them on their hotline or speak via live chat and a member of their team will walk you through available solutions.

Since the company has been in business for 22 years, you can expect Domain.com’s personnel to know their stuff.

Why We Like It

There’s nothing more assuring than buying a domain name from a company called Domain.com, and this played a role in our assessment of this domain registrar.

However, we also like how straightforward the site makes the domain search process.

And its services related to transfers and protection of domain names are top-notch.

2. Network Solutions

Network Solutions describes itself as the world’s first domain registrar.

Given its 25-year domain registration track record, it’s no wonder it ranks high among the best domain registrar services.

However, it’s also one of the most formidable web hosting providers, and it even provides tools for customers with e-commerce ambitions.

This domain registrar offers many services centered around domain names.

Some of these services include domain transfers, domain forwarding, private registration, protection for expired domain names, and premium domains.

Also, if your desired domain is taken, you can perform Whois lookups on the site.

Similarly, searching for and registering a domain name (or multiple) on this site is quick and easy.

You can purchase domain extensions like .net, .org, and .cloud, and set each domain purchase to auto-renew before it expires.

As mentioned earlier, Network Solutions is also a web hosting provider, meaning you can purchase web hosting plans for your blog or website.

Specifically, it offers a WordPress-specific web hosting account to launch your blog.

And if you need a professional email, Network Solutions is into email hosting as well.

In addition, this domain registrar provides tools for website design, like a website builder.

If you want to build an online store, it has a builder for that as well.

Network Solutions even provides the tools needed for accepting online payments.

And it offers web design services.

Finally, Network Solutions sets itself apart from other registrars by offering trademark protection.

Its AdultBlock feature prevents malicious actors from registering your trademark with adult domain extensions like .xxx, .porn, and the like.

This will be an invaluable feature to have when your site grows, as it’ll protect your brand’s reputation.

Why We Like It

We were impressed by Network Solutions’ 25-year track record because it speaks to the internet company’s reliability.

Also, Network Solutions is one of the few domain registrars that provide payment processing tools for e-commerce.

And we like how this two-decade-old web host provides a website builder specific to e-commerce operations.

3. Namecheap

Namecheap is another fantastic domain registrar for domain name registration.

As indicated by its name, it offers an affordable service, so you can procure domain names without breaking the bank.

You can search its extensive database to check domain availability, and it even offers suggestions when your choice isn’t available.

This domain registrar service offers Whois lookups, free and premium DNS, a top-level domain (TLD) search tool, and domain transfers.

In addition, you can get a hosting plan that suits your website, with available plans including shared, VPS hosting, and a dedicated server.

Namecheap also provides WordPress hosting and related migration services.

If you want to keep your registration private, this registrar provides free Whois privacy with every domain purchase.

Also, you can procure a professional business email or migrate your existing one to the platform.

And you can get anti-spam protection to keep your inbox uncluttered.

Namecheap offers a suite of security features and tools to keep your blog safe.

Some notable security features include affordable SSL certificates, premium DNS, virtual private networks (VPN), and content delivery networks (CDN) if your site offers downloadable content.

And its Domain Vault service offers an extra layer of protection to your top-level domain.

In addition to hosting and domain registration, Namecheap offers integrations with several useful applications to get your online business running.

They include Google’s G Suite, a Site Maker application for building websites, and a business card and logo maker.

Finally, Namecheap boasts a knowledgeable customer support team.

You can contact them via its live chat support and get a timely response.

The team is ready to answer queries 24/7 all year round, and their process for opening and submitting support tickets is straightforward.

Why We Like It

We were blown away by Namecheap’s affordable domains and hosting packages.

In particular, we like how its email service includes anti-spam protection and how part of the security features Namecheap offers includes a CDN for secure downloads.

Also, this domain registrar provides online business-building tools in one place, like a logo and business card maker.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is an incredibly popular domain registrar with over 20 million customers.

It offers domain hosting, all the most popular domain extensions, and tools for e-commerce.

And its huge library of website templates makes it the best domain registrar for people who don’t have a design background and professional web designers alike.

If you’re on the hunt for unique domain extensions, this site most likely has them.

Some popular ones include .online and .info.

And you get a discount on the first year when you register a domain for two years.

Never mind the fact that GoDaddy domains are competitively priced.

Like most domain registrars, GoDaddy lets you look up the owners of unavailable domain names.

You can learn the expiration date of the domain you want and whether the owner is willing to sell or let it expire.

And it offers a domain brokerage service, meaning it can negotiate on your behalf when interfacing with sellers willing to transfer domains.

In addition, GoDaddy provides a Domain Name Generator for people who have trouble choosing domain names.

You can use it by entering the words associated with your business, and the tool will take care of the rest.

And you get free domain privacy protection when you register a domain with this company.

Thanks to its user-friendly DNS management tools, you can perform administrative tasks, like managing bulk domain renewals, effecting a domain transfer, and so on.

And GoDaddy provides email marketing, web hosting services, and a website builder to get your website going.

Finally, GoDaddy provides tools for web development professionals through GoDaddy Pro.

It’s an excellent option for bloggers who have web development know-how or web developers who are managing multiple clients’ sites.

Why We Like It

GoDaddy’s convenient domain brokerage service impressed us because of how it simplifies negotiating with domain owners.

Also, we like how user-friendly the registrar makes DNS management and how it provides tools for bloggers who know how to design websites.

And we think its huge library of website templates rocks.

5. Hostinger

Hostinger primarily offers services related to hosting.

However, the company is accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), making it an excellent choice for domain registration.

This domain registrar includes a free domain name, free domain registration, and a free SSL certificate when you sign up for one of its hosting plans.

So not only do you save money, you kill two birds with one stone by getting hosting as part of the package.

When you get a domain through Hostinger, you can get privacy protection for a steal.

So no one can look up your contact information, even if it’s in the Whois database.

In comparison, other domain registrars charge a higher fee for this service.

Additionally, Hostinger’s registration service is ideal for bloggers because of its WordPress hosting package.

With one click, you can install a site and start posting content to it.

And thanks to an intuitive dashboard, you can easily manage your site.

Hostinger offers a domain name checker on its site to help you register your domain.

In addition, it offers related services like email and VPS hosting.

Its email hosting has 30 GB of storage and apps from the Google Workspace suite (e.g., Gmail and Google Drive).

Finally, Hostinger provides tools that help with search engine optimization.

Its LiteSpeed web server technology speeds up your website.

In addition, the registrar has servers in different locations around the world (US, UK, the Netherlands, Brazil, etc.), meaning your site will load quickly no matter where its visitors are located.

Why We Like It

When discussing Hostinger’s offerings, the word “free” turns up a lot, i.e., free domain name, domain registration, SSL certificate, etc.

Who doesn’t love free stuff, right?

Also, we liked how affordable it makes its Whois privacy protection.

And its hosting packages include many features that make us smile.

6. Google Domains

If you want a good choice of domain name endings, Google Domains is the best domain registrar to start your search.

It offers over 300 endings, like .space, .club, and .life.

In addition, Google’s service is affordable and includes 24-hour customer support.

And you can register multiple domains simultaneously.

You can use Google’s powerful search tools to check for a domain name’s availability.

And when you’re coming up empty, Google Domains can provide suggestions for domain names.

Also, this domain name registrar has essential add-on services like domain transfers and email forwarding.

Speaking of emails, you can get a professional email address with this service.

Google Domains lets you create upwards of 100 aliases, like [email protected] or [email protected].

And you can easily link them to an existing email account, whether in Gmail or elsewhere, letting you receive your emails in the same place.

One of the best features of Google’s service is how it’s part of Google’s ecosystem.

Other domain registrars rely on Google Workspace to provide some of their services.

In addition, when you register with another registrar, you still have to rely on Google’s ads service when running paid advertising campaigns.

Google Domains lets you do it all from the same place.

Also, Google Domains has excellent security features included with its price.

You get two-step verification and one-click Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC).

And it provides cloud DNS support that resolves your DNS fast.

Finally, Google Domains makes domain administration easy.

With its domain-sharing capabilities, you can give employees access to co-manage your domain.

Its DNS Export service makes downloading your DNS records for migrations straightforward.

And it includes free Whois privacy protection as part of the package.

Why We Like It

In the wild west of blogging and online business, all roads eventually lead to Google.

Therefore, Google Domains made our list due to how this registrar offers everything – domains, email, productivity apps, and ads – in one place.

Also, we like how it makes DNS record migration easy.

7. Bluehost

As is indicative of its name, Blue Host is another hosting-first domain registrar.

Thanks to its handy search tools, it’s an excellent place to search for a domain name.

Also, it has a ton of domain name extensions for anyone who wants something other than .com.

And when you choose one, Bluehost’s automatic domain lock will prevent unauthorized domain transfers.

Managing your domain name on Bluehost is as easy as ABC.

It has an intuitive control panel to help you get the job done.

You can use it for a host of tasks, like domain forwarding and transfers.

If you face any problems, you can turn to the company’s experts for support.

Unsurprisingly, Bluehost provides different hosting plans.

They include shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting.

In addition, you can get WordPress hosting for an affordable price and put a blog together in no time.

Bluehost also caters to customers who want to build an online store.

It includes the most recent version of the online shopping platform Woocommerce.

Also, you get access to certified plugins built specifically for online businesses.

And your online store can accommodate an infinite number of listings.

Thanks to its Google Workspace support, you can set up a professional email address that matches your domain name.

The package includes popular Google apps, like Drive, Sheets, Meet, and, of course, Gmail.

And depending on your chosen plan, you can get between 30 GB and 5 TB of cloud storage.

Finally, Bluehost provides many powerful plugins to make your site a success.

You can add bookings, chat windows, or online payments to a commercial website or improve your blog’s performance using plugins like Yoast SEO.

And if you run into any issues, Bluehost provides 24/7 customer support.

Why We Like It

Bluehost’s automatic domain lock feature won us over because of how frustrating it is to fall victim to an unauthorized domain transfer.

Also, we like that this registrar provides tools for people who want to build an online store alongside their blog.

And its affordable hosting plans appealed to our sense of thriftiness.

8. Porkbun

Porkbun is the best domain registrar for people on a tight budget.

It boasts some of the lowest prices for domain registration and renewal, meaning you can save money during the startup phase of your online project.

You can use Porkbun to run bulk domain searches.

It lets you include up to 100 domains and provides the option to automatically add the available ones to your shopping cart.

Also, Porkbun makes it easy to transfer your domain.

And it provides free Whois privacy, keeping your contact information safe.

If your site isn’t ready, you can take advantage of its free URL forwarding service.

This feature lets you redirect your website to an existing site.

It’s handy when your site is under construction.

In addition, you get up to 20 free email forwards when you choose Porkbun as your registrar.

This service lets you receive emails with your existing email account, meaning you can take your time with creating domain-name-specific email addresses.

Porkbun domains include free SSL certificates for keeping your visitors’ information secure.

The certificates work with all major browsers and last for 90 days.

They’re created automatically and validated upon creation.

Porkbun provides support every day of the week.

It has knowledgeable domain experts ready to answer your queries.

And you can call them between 4 am and 5 pm on weekdays and 9 am and 5 pm on weekends (Pacific Time).

Why We Like It

We always appreciate the opportunity to save money, and Porkbun delivers in that regard.

This registrar’s rock-bottom domain renewal prices impressed on us Porkbun’s resolve to provide affordable domains for all.

And we appreciated its search engine’s bulk search capabilities, which let us check availability for 100 domains simultaneously.

9. NameSilo

NameSilo offers affordable domain names and irresistible discounts when you buy in bulk.

You can choose from a huge pool of domain extensions.

And its domain name searches are a one-click affair.

Meanwhile, you can perform Whois lookups for unavailable domains you’re interested in buying.

This domain registrar provides free domain privacy protection as part of its service.

In addition, you get free email forwarding for up to 100 email addresses with your purchase.

NameSilo offers a choice between two email service providers, Titan and G Suite (Google).

You can purchase web hosting from NameSilo.

Each hosting plan includes free email and a website builder.

Also, you get enterprise-level security features and SSL certificates as part of the deal.

If you want to dabble in domain name investing, NameSilo is a good registrar to amass a portfolio.

Its Marketplace Manager tool is handy for managing multiple domains.

You can view statistics about your domains, like financial and marketing information related to each one in the NameSilo Marketplace.

As a relatively new domain registrar, it pulls its weight in the customer support department.

You get access to its customer services personnel at all hours of the day every day of the year.

Finally, NameSilo has a reseller program you can join if you want to make money reselling domain names.

You can invest in domain names via the program and sell them for a profit in the future.

The registrar even lets you set your profit margin.

And it offers higher discounts when you buy more domains.

Why We Like It

NameSilo’s affordable domains alone were worth the ticket price, but its discounts for bulk buys are what sealed the deal for us.

In addition, the registrar’s Marketplace Manager tool earned the site points for making investing in multiple domains easier.

Finally, we were impressed by NameSilo’s bundling of free email and a website builder with its hosting plans.

10. Dreamhost

Dreamhost provides hosting solutions for web projects.

Naturally, some of those solutions include domain name registration.

This registrar has over 400 domain name extensions, which it arranges alphabetically on its site.

Each one is affordable and easy to register.

Additionally, Dreamhost provides email hosting and supports Google Workspace.

Like its domains, Dreamhost’s email plans are affordable, yet the service doesn’t compromise on quality.

On the contrary, its email service has perks like 25 GB storage per mailbox and mobile and desktop syncing.

Dreamhost offers excellent hosting plans for all budgets.

You can choose between shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting.

Among other features, each plan includes a free SSL certificate and website builder.

And you get 24-hour support for any issues you face. 

In addition, Dreamhost offers WordPress and WooCommerce hosting.

Also, you can take advantage of its WordPress website builder when building your site.

And if you want a professionally designed site, this domain registrar offers web design services for a fee.

Dreamhost seems to know that getting a website on the internet is only half the battle.

It offers several marketing services to help your site get found, including SEO and social media marketing. 

In Addition, Dreamhost caters to people who want to learn about SEO but don’t have the money to pay for the above service through its academy.

The “Learn How to Win Online” series touches on topics like building a site, optimizing content, and getting traffic.

It’s 100% free and worth a look if you want to launch a successful website.

Why We Like It

We’re big fans of how Dreamhost alphabetically arranges its huge library of over 400 domain extensions.

Also, we love that this domain registrar’s email service provides a good amount of memory per mailbox (25 GB) and syncs between mobile and desktop.

Finally, Dreamhost gets our vote for offering SEO and social media marketing services.

Choosing a Domain Registrar – What to Look For

When choosing a domain registrar for your blog, consider the following factors to get off to a flying start.

Domain Expiration Policy

Registering a domain name doesn’t mean you own it forever.

On the contrary, all domain names have validity periods that usually last for a year.

And if your domain name expires, it becomes up for grabs to anyone willing to register it.

Domain registrars have measures and policies that prevent the unwitting loss of a domain due to expiry.

The most common is auto-renewal, which automatically charges the card you have on file with the registrar when a domain’s renewal becomes due.

Auto-renewal works most of the time.

However, you could face issues if your card runs out of money.

That’s where the registrar’s renewal policy kicks in.

Most registrars have a grace period for domain renewals that usually lasts around a couple of weeks or up to a month.

During that time, you’ll receive reminder emails stating your domain has expired and is due for renewal.

Always check a registrar’s renewal policy to learn about their grace period’s duration.

Domain Protection

Whois.com is a database full of domain registrants’ contact information.

The site receives this information whenever someone registers a domain name and, like a phone book, makes the information publicly available for all to see.

Unfortunately, that means spammers and other nefarious individuals can learn your contact details when you take ownership of a domain.

Domain registrars combat the above problem by offering domain privacy protection.

Domain privacy protection hides your information, shielding you from spam messages and identity-theft incidents.

It’s an essential feature to expect from a registrar, regardless of the company you decide on.

Some registrars offer this privacy protection free of charge, while others charge a separate fee for the service.

Let your budget determine which of the two registrars you choose.

Pricing and Domain Extensions

Price can be a huge factor when you’re on a budget, so it’s worth considering even if domain names aren’t generally expensive.

Domains ending in .com reliably cost more than other unfamiliar extensions.

The catch is they’re viewed as being the most professional domain extension.

However, you might be able to get around a .com domain’s cost by registering with a registrar who offers the domain for free as part of its hosting package.

Also, some registrars offer appealing discounts when you buy in bulk, so consider that strategy if you have a little more to spend.

Finally, consider other extensions if you’re on an ultra-tight budget and the nature of your online business means you can get away with not using a .com extension.

In such a case, the size of a registrar’s library of domain extensions should influence your decision.


A domain registrar should provide security features that prevent domain theft and keep your visitors’ information safe.

Domain locking is one of the main security features you should expect from a registrar.

It prevents unauthorized domain transfers, making sure that no one can steal your domain name.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates encrypt information sent to and from your website.

Before SSL certificates, most website URLs began with the prefix “HTTP”, which stands for hypertext transfer protocol.

With SSL, the prefix has an “S” that stands for secure.

Whether your registrar charges for the certificate or not, it’s a feature they should provide.

Domain-Related Tools

Domain-related tools like email, domain lock, and DNS management tools can make administering your domain a smoother process.

If you want your visitors to take you seriously, a professional email tied to your domain name is a must.

Many registrars provide email forwarding services that redirect mail sent to your website to another email address like Gmail.

Make sure your registrar’s service isn’t expensive.

Meanwhile, tools for DNS management make keeping your Domain Name System records updated easy.

Updating these records is important because they’re how web browsers locate websites.

Domain Transfers

When you register a domain with a registrar, you can transfer your domain to another registrar at a later time.

Perhaps you weren’t satisfied with registrar A’s service, and you’ve heard good things about registrar B.

Whatever your reason, it’s important to choose a registrar that makes the transfer process as frictionless as possible.

Many domain registrars make transferring domains from their platforms straightforward, and they don’t charge an additional fee to get the job done.

However, some registrars may lock your domain and only release it when you pay a fee.

Therefore, check the domain registrar’s transfer policy before purchasing a domain with them.


Finally, it’ll be ideal if your chosen domain registrar provides add-on services like hosting, a website or online store builder, and marketing tools.

The main benefit these features provide is they keep you from having to source them from multiple vendors.

Instead, all these tools are conveniently in the same place.

Also, when performing domain searches, a registrar that provides bulk search capabilities will save you time and energy spent searching for domains individually.

For context, some registrars let you input up to 100 domain names at once.

And others let you automatically add the available ones to your cart before they’re snapped up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Domain Registrar?

A domain registrar is a company that facilitates domain name registration.

All websites have IP addresses represented by long strings of numbers (ours is

Because they’re easier to remember, character-based domain names (e.g., bloggingtips.com) act as stand-ins for those numbers.

Domain registrars keep track of which site is using what domain name.

What’s a Reasonable Price for a Domain Name?

Typically, domains cost between $10 and $15 annually.

How much you’re charged will depend on factors like the domain extension you want and a domain name’s value (i.e., if it’s currently registered but the holder is willing to sell).

Some extensions like .xyz and .biz cost way less than .com, with some going for as low as $2.

Can I Use Two or More Domain Registrars Simultaneously?

Yes, you can register multiple domain names with multiple domain registrars in the same way you can maintain multiple bank accounts with different banks.

Some people maintain a portfolio of domains across registrars like Namecheap, Bluehost, Network Solutions, Hostinger, and the like.

What Are Premium Domains?

Premium domains are domains that have been registered by other businesses or individuals and, in some cases, registrars.

These individuals and businesses determine how much they’re willing to sell the domains.

Therefore, the domains are called premium because they can go for a premium in comparison to traditional domain names.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a domain registrar is easy once you know what to look for.

The most crucial factor to consider is the registrar’s domain expiry policy, as it’ll determine whether you can keep or lose a registered domain once its expiry date passes.

In addition, it’s also wise to go with a registrar that offers domain privacy protection, so spammers and scammers don’t blow up your inbox.

And if you see yourself switching registrars in the future, make sure your chosen registrar makes the domain transfer process smooth.

Finally, not all domain names are priced equally, so consider your wallet when choosing domain name extensions.

If you’re shopping on a tight budget, “the more the merrier” is a good tenet to live by when you look past domain extensions ending in .com.

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