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7 Best Cameras for Snowboarding in 2023 [Expert Suggestions]

Few things are as joyous as snowboarding down steep slopes, or as demanding on the human body.

Capturing and sharing that joy, however, isn’t easy.

Unless you have the right gear, cold temperatures and moisture are brutal on cameras, not to mention the damage that the shock of your — hopefully infrequent — crashes can do.

What you’re looking for is an action camera or 360 camera that can take everything you throw at it.

Top-of-the-line GoPros are the obvious choice, but what if you want something more interesting or something more friendly on the pocket?

Finding such a snowboard cam isn’t easy, not without a deep understanding of specs and hours spent researching options.

To save you some time and trouble, I’ve done that work for you.

What you’ll find here is a list of very capable snowboarding cameras, each one shortlisted for offering something exceptional, be it value, image quality, or ease of use.

7 Best Cameras for Snowboarding in 2023

Snowboarding Cameras

In this article, I’ve covered everything from the popular GoPro cameras to more obscure but equally capable options from the likes of Olympus and AKASO.

These cameras range from your basic action camera to top-of-the-line models with 360-degrees of horizon leveling and cinematic video.

Whatever your needs, or your budget, you’ll find one here that works for you.

DJI Action 2 Dual-Screen
  • Type: Modular action camera
  • Sensor Resolution: 12 MP
  • Max Video Resolution: 4K 60 FPS
  • Battery Life: Up to 70 minutes
  • Weight: 0.12 lbs


The idea behind the DJI Action 2 design is an interesting one.

You get a core unit which, by itself, is an ultralight, nearly invisible action camera that can be mounted to anything, and you can pair it with additional power or screen accessories as needed.

It’s a neat idea and great for snowboard filming.


The DJI Action 2 takes 12 MP stills with its 1/1.7” sensor.

Given its 155-degree FOV, you’re hardly likely to miss a shot, and reframing is easy.

This applies to selfies as well, but you will need the screen module for selfies, however, as there’s no screen on the front of the core unit.


With support for 4K 120 FPS slo-mo and 2.7K video with 360-degree horizon leveling, this is one of the best action cameras you can get for the shaky, twisting paths you’ll take as a snowboarder.

Design and Build

The core unit is essentially a 39 mm square, and it weighs just 0.12 lb.

This is small and light enough to mount on lightweight FPV drones, or even on ahead or chest mount without you even realizing you have something on you.

Despite the size, the camera is very well built and features a rugged, weather-sealed metal body.

Connectivity and Battery Life

The core unit includes 32 GB of internal storage and manages about 70 minutes of battery life when recording 1080p video.

Data can only be transferred via Wi-Fi, but this is dual-band capable, so speeds are quite high.

The screen module included in this bundle gets you an additional 110 minutes of battery life, not to mention a USB-C port for data transfer and charging and a microSD card slot that can handle up to 256 GB of storage.

Is this the camera for you?

If you’re looking for an ultra-light snowboard camera that you can just mount and forget about, this is the camera for you.

The best part is that if later you realize you need something more, you can simply buy additional modular accessories and enhance the unit.

  • Modular design is nice
  • 4K 120 FPS slo-mo support
  • 360-degree horizon leveling
  • Core unit weighs next to nothing
  • Fast Wi-Fi
  • Poor battery life
  • Overheats quickly
GoPro HERO10 Black
  • Type: Action camera
  • Sensor Resolution: 23 MP
  • Max Video Resolution: 5.3K 60 FPS
  • Battery Life: Up to 120 minutes
  • Weight: 0.34 lbs

It really doesn’t get better than this when it comes to filming snowboard.

GoPro is synonymous with action cameras for good reason, and the HERO10 Black is the cream of the crop, so to speak.

It’s expensive, but if it fits your budget, you’ll never need another action camera.


While primarily a video camera, the HERO10 Black’s stills capabilities are quite exceptional.

You can capture 23 MP stills directly or grab 19.3 MP stills from your footage.

It even supports panorama modes, and there’s a front screen for when you need to take selfies.


The spec sheet alone will make snowboarders swoon.

You’re getting 5.3K video at 60 FPS, 2.7K 240 FPS slo-mo, 45-degrees of tilt leveling with horizon lock, and a MAX lens mod that gives you 360-degrees of horizon leveling.

These features are seriously impressive and are what set GoPro apart from the competition.

Design and Build

The HERO10 is among the larger, heavier action cameras around, but you’re also getting a lot of camera for the price.

The body weighs 0.34 lb and is waterproof to 10 m (33 ft), and includes features like a hydrophobic touchscreen to make it easy to use in damp and snowy environments.

Connectivity and Battery Life

High-speed Wi-Fi ensures easy pairing and high-speed connectivity with a smartphone, and you get USB-C for data transfer.

A GoPro subscription will also let you upload video directly to the cloud if needed, and with a smartphone nearby, you can also live-stream your escapades.

Battery life is lower than what we saw on the GoPro Hero 9 but still decent at 120 minutes.

However, batteries are compatible with the 9, so if you’re a long-time GoPro user, you should have plenty of spares.

Is this the camera for you?

Just buy it.

The GoPro HERO10 is the best GoPro you can get for snowboarding.

The only reason to skip it is if you need a 360 camera or don’t have the budget for something this expensive.

  • 45 degrees of horizon leveling at 5.3K
  • 4K 120 FPS support
  • MAX lens mod is very useful
  • Excellent media kit add-on
  • Superb stabilization with HyperSmooth 4.0
  • Relatively heavy
  • Battery life could be better
DJI Osmo Action
  • Type: Action Camera
  • Sensor Resolution: 12 MP
  • Max Video Resolution: 4K 60 FPS
  • Battery Life: Up to 90 minutes
  • Weight: 0.27 lbs


The Osmo Action is for those who just need a good action camera for snowboarding and don’t care too much for the flagship features offered by more premium options.

DJI Osmo Action might be a few years old, but it’s still packing quite the punch and has more than enough features for snowboarders.


You’re getting a 12 MP 1/2.3” CMOS sensor with a 145-degree FOV.

This isn’t as large area wide-angle as many newer action cameras, but it’s wide enough and good enough for decent quality stills when needed.

There’s also a front-facing OLED for selfies.


Video features are impressive, however, with DJI offering a high-quality 4K 60 FPS mode alongside an 8x slo-mo capable FHD 240 FPS mode.

DJI’s image stabilization engine, called Rocksteady, rivals that of many GoPros, and you also get horizon leveling.

Design and Build

Its design is simple and rugged, and the body is designed to operate in temperatures as low as 14 degrees F, which is great for snowy peaks.

It’s about as large as the GoPro 7, is water-resistant to 11 m, and with a compatible case, can use GoPro mounts.

The case also takes the water resistance rating to 60 m.

Connectivity and Battery Life

For connectivity, you get USB-C, Bluetooth LE, and Wi-Fi.

The wireless options allow for seamless connectivity and quick transfers to a smartphone, while the USB-C port takes care of data transfer and charging needs.

The battery is small but can get you 90 minutes of recording time.

Is this the camera for you?

For snowboarders looking for a high-quality, 4K action cam, the Osmo Action is a great choice.

It’s an older design, but it’s still just as capable, and its current price is a real steal.

This is a deal not worth passing up on.

  • Excellent value
  • Good battery life
  • 240 FPS slo-mo support
  • Front-facing OLED
  • Mic isn’t too great
  • Requires case for mount
Insta360 ONE X2
  • Type: 360-degree action cam
  • Sensor Resolution: 18.5 MP
  • Max Video Resolution: 5.7K 60 FPS
  • Battery Life: Up to 85 minutes
  • Weight: 0.33 lbs

While other action cams are largely similar and perform similar functions, the Insta360 ONE X2 has been designed with a host of unusual accessories and software features in mind that are tuned towards capturing and sharing unusual and interesting shots.


This little camera can shoot 18.5 MP 360-degree stills in an ‘inst’ or RAW png format, as well as 6.4 MP InstaPano shots that take full advantage of the ONE X2’s 180-degree lenses.

You also get an HDR mode, burst mode, interval shooting, night mode, and more.

Photos are clean and quite usable in good light.


With 5.7K 40 FPS video support and 3K 100 FPS 360 slo-mo, this camera is already very capable.

What makes it more interesting are accessories like the lanyard adapter for bullet-time shots and the plethora of AI-based scene editing features built into the mobile app.

You can have clone trails, horizon leveling, FlowState stabilization, and more.

Design and Build

A pair of 180-degree lenses feature prominently at the top of this camera, as does a small, circular screen on the front.

The UI is simple and intuitive.

The rugged build has an IPX8 water resistance rating, and without a case, the camera is waterproof down to 10 m or 33 ft.

Connectivity and Battery Life

High-speed 802.11ac Wi-Fi ensures fast, wireless connectivity to a smartphone so you can edit and share quickly.

You could also use the USB-C port to transfer data directly to an Android device.

All footage is recorded to a UHS-I class microSD card.

Battery life is quite decent, and you should get up to 85 minutes when recording 360 videos at full resolution.

Is this the camera for you?

The Insta360 ONE X2 is a fun little tool that you can have a lot of fun with.

Paired with the AI features in the smartphone app, you can shoot and share clips in a style, unlike anything that the competition has to offer.

  • Rugged build
  • Auto-framing in post via AI
  • Voice control
  • Aquavision underwater shooting mode
  • Excellent stabilization
  • Fewer mounting options
  • Door design could be improved

Do you need a camera that’s different than the usual action cams on the list?

I’ve got you covered! The OLYMPUS TG-6 is a point & shoot camera primarily suited for stills.

It takes great snowboarding shots that you’ll appreciate.

Read on to know more amazing things about it!

  • Type: Point-n-shoot
  • Sensor Resolution: 12 MP
  • Max Video Resolution: 4K 30 FPS
  • Battery Life: Up to 350 shots
  • Weight: 0.56 lbs

Action cameras are great for capturing footage, but what if you just want to capture stills?

The ultra-wide FOV lenses on action cams aren’t great, and their tiny sensors aren’t more capable than your average smartphone camera.

That’s where ruggedized PnS cameras like the OLYMPUS Tough TG-6 come in.


Sensor resolution might be limited to just 12 MP and size to 1/2.3”, but this is paired with a large F2.0 lens with a 35-100 mm zoom range.

Images are nice and sharp, and you get sensor-based IBIS to help with long exposures.

There’s even a microscope mode to get you those close-ups of snowflakes when you’re done snowboarding.


Video features are quite impressive as well.

The camera shoots 4K 30 FPS video with a contrast-based focus system, and this frame rate can go as high as 480 FPS at SD resolutions.

Unlike action cams, though, you’ll need to stop and frame your shot.

Design and Build

While it’s built like a regular point-n-shoot camera, the TG-6 features the same processor and sensor from the Olympus OM-D EM-1 Mk III camera.

The body is ruggedized to be crush and shock-resistant, operates at 14 degrees F, and is waterproof to 15 m without a case, which can take that waterproofing to 45 m.

The camera also supports a whole host of accessories such as teleconverters, waterproof lens caps, fish-eye lenses, silicon cases, and more.

Connectivity and Battery Life

Connectivity isn’t that great.

You get Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth, but primarily for camera control.

Data transfer is via micro-USB (2.0), and you get a mini HDMI output.

Battery life is also sub-par, with the camera managing just 350 shots per charge, or about 50 minutes of continuous video.

This trade-off is worth it for the size of the camera, however.

Is this the camera for you?

Make no mistake: the TG-6 is not an action camera.

It’s a rugged little point-n-shoot that’s meant to be used as a traditional camera in places that a traditional snowboard camera can’t be taken to.

If that’s what you’re looking for, there is nothing else like the TG-6, especially at this price.

  • Shock-proof construction
  • Waterproof to 15 m
  • Supports a whole host of accessories
  • Excellent optics
  • Image stabilization
  • Poor battery life
  • USB 2.0 speeds
GoPro HERO9 Black
  • Type: Action camera
  • Sensor Resolution: 20 MP
  • Max Video Resolution: 5K 30 FPS
  • Battery Life: Up to 70 minutes
  • Weight: 0.35 lbs

The HERO9 is the GoPro you get when the 10 is just out of reach, but that’s not to say you’re getting a compromised product.

The 10 is a fantastic camera, but it only improves on the features first introduced in the 9, meaning the GoPro HERO9 is nearly as well equipped as its more expensive sibling.


The HERO9 and HERO10 both share a similar image sensor, so the 20 MP stills from the 9 are largely similar.

The virtual lens options help a great deal with framing shots, as does the front-facing OLED display when shooting selfies.

The HERO9 also supports an assortment of lens mods that can further enhance the camera’s FOV and produce some interesting shots.


It shoots 5K 30 fps video that is stabilized via horizon leveling and HyperSmooth 3.0.

You can also shoot incredible slo-mo footage at FHD 240 FPS and 2.7K 120 FPS.

Pop on the MAX lens mod, and you get 360 degrees of horizon leveling.

If you choose to go for the media kit, you get a powerful mic and lights in the package. All things considered, this is still a great snowboard camera setup to own in 2023.

Design and Build

While much larger than the GoPro 8 it replaces, the HERO9 is still compact enough to be treated as any other action camera.

It weighs just 0.35 lb, and its ruggedized exterior and electronics are designed to withstand colder temperatures and the rough-and-tumble world of snowboarding.

Connectivity and Battery Life

Being a GoPro, connectivity is superb, and you get great wireless options, including auto-upload, as well as support for live streaming, HDMI out, and a USB-C port for data transfer and charging.

The battery is much larger than the one you got on the HERO8 and should give you about 70 minutes of juice per charge.

Is this the camera for you?

Most of us snowboarders don’t need the premium features that GoPro has packed into the HERO9.

And for such users, it makes more sense to save some money on the action camera itself and use the spare cash to pick up accessories and other knick-knacks.

  • Battery life improvements
  • Dual-screen design
  • Excellent stabilization
  • Horizon-leveling
  • Good valu
  • Laggy UI
  • Front screen needs work
AKASO Brave 7 LE
  • Type: Action camera
  • Sensor Resolution: 20 MP
  • Max Video Resolution: 4K 30 FPS
  • Battery Life: Up to 65 minutes
  • Weight: 0.28 lbs


If you are on the tightest of budgets and need a snowboard video camera, I’d recommend the AKASO Brave 7 LE.

It’s cheap and light, but it’s also waterproof and performs the basic function of being an action camera without much fuss.

At this price, isn’t that all you need?


The camera can take 20 MP stills and features a front-facing LCD to help when framing selfies.

Image quality is good in good lighting, but you’ll need to be wary of using this camera in the dark.

Dynamic range is a bit low, and shadows can get crushed.


For shooting some snowboarding action, you get a 4K 30 video with an option for HD 240 FPS slo-mo.

You get EIS to help with stabilization, but don’t expect horizon leveling or HyperSmooth-level quality with your EIS.

As with photos, video works best when shooting in good lighting.

Design and Build

The camera is built to a price, but it is built well for a camera in its class.

You get weather-sealing, of course, though you’ll want to use a protective case if there’s a chance it’ll get a soaking, and yes, this includes snowboarding.

Since the body is mostly made of plastic, it is lighter than expected and comes in at a mere 0.28 lb.

Connectivity and Battery Life

You do get Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, but these are more for using the smartphone app and include a watch-shaped remote for controlling the device.

Data is stored on 128 GB UHS-I class microSD cards and can be extracted via the included MicroUSB port.

A mini HDMI port lets you output the images and video on an external display.

Battery life isn’t too great, but you do get two batteries with the kit, and you can shoot when charging via USB-C.

In continuous use, expect no more than 65 minutes of recording time.

Is this the camera for you?

The AKASO Brave 7 LE is a budget camera, and if you keep your expectations in check, it’s a great, pocket-friendly companion to have with you on your snowboarding adventures.

That said, I’d recommend this camera more as a budget vlogging cam than an action one.

  • Dirt cheap
  • 4K video at this price
  • Weather sealed body
  • Tripod mount
  • Dual-screen design
  • Mic can’t handle wind
  • Sensor can only handle daylight

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of camera is suitable for snowboarding?

You need a rugged, weather-sealed camera for snowboarding, and preferably something that’s been designed to operate in cold weather.

How do you record snowboarding?

Fiddling with tiny buttons can indeed be a challenge when your fingers are numb, but there’s no need to worry as most action cameras come with voice control or some sort of remote trigger support for recording.

Where should I mount my camera for snowboarding?

Ideally, mount the camera on your head or on your chest.

I’d recommend the head since viewers will be able to see from your perspective, while the chest is great if you intend to perform stunts.

What factors must I consider when buying a snowboard cam?

Primarily, you need to look at the ruggedness and weather-resistance rating for the camera.

Another factor to consider is that batteries die a lot faster in the cold, and can sometimes fail to operate, so be sure to carry spares.


The best camera for snowboarding, or any other action sport for that matter, is unquestionably the GoPro HERO1.

That said, if you want something more interesting and fun, and perhaps more friendly on the pocket, here’s what I’d recommend:

  • If you’re on a budget, go for the DJI Osmo Action. It’s 80% the camera the HERO10 is at a fraction of the price. Something slightly more expensive, and more capable, would be the HERO9.
  • For a 360 cam, you simply can’t go wrong with the Insta360 ONE X2. It’s a great, fun little camera that can help you shoot some unique perspectives, and get some crazy shots.
  • Lastly, go for the OLYMPUS Tough TG-6 if you’re looking for a more traditional camera experience and aren’t looking to hurtle down slopes with your heart in your mouth.

I hope this list serves you well and helps you make that next snowboarding trip that much more memorable.

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