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7 Best Cameras for Skateboarding in (2024) [Expert Picks]

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As a skateboarder looking to share their skills online, what you’re looking for is a skate camera that’s small, light, and sturdy.

You need something that’s tough, something that can take hard knocks as you knock your board about grabbing air or grinding on rails.

You need a camera that’s fun to use!

That’s easier said than done, however.

The obvious choice is to just hop online and grab the first GoPro that fits your budget, but did you know that GoPro is no longer the only option, that there are other unique skate filming cameras out there that might fit your needs better? That’s where I come in.

What I’ve got for you here is a carefully curated list of a variety of skateboarding cameras that will complement your style and help you create the kind of content you want to make.

These are cameras used by skaters around the world, including pros and enthusiastic amateurs alike.

7 Best Cameras for Skateboarding in 2023

Best Cameras for Skateboarding

In this article, I’ll be covering everything from the top-of-the-line GoPros to more budget-friendly alternatives, as well as handheld Steadicams, 360 cameras, and more.

Regardless of how you shoot and your budget, you will find a camera you like here.

GoPro HERO10 Black
  • Max Video Resolution: 5.7K 60 FPS
  • Slo-mo support: 2.7K 240 FPS
  • Battery Life: 120 minutes
  • Weight: 0.34 lbs

If you’re looking for the ultimate skateboarding camera, there simply is no other choice other than a GoPro HERO10 Black.

With a weather-proof body, incredible stabilization and horizon leveling, and a bright, sharp image, this is the camera to beat!

Design and Build

The HERO10 Black features the same design and build as most previous GoPros.

The cuboid body is covered in a rubbery finish for better grip, you get a screen on the front and rear, and the lens caps are replaceable.

A mount is built into the base, and several accessories can be mounted to the frame.

Capturing Capabilities

Video is where the HERO10 really shines.

While it’s still packing the same 23 MP sensor from its predecessor, it now features a much faster GP2 processor that can handle higher bandwidth video, resulting in support for 5.7K 60 fps, stabilized footage, and a 2.7K 240 fps slo-mo mode.

Features like HyperSmooth 4.0 and 45° of horizon leveling also help greatly.

Connectivity and Battery Life

Given that it’s using the same battery as the HERO9 while packing in a more powerful processor, battery life is a bit lower.

On the plus side, older GoPro batteries can still be used.

For connectivity, you get a fast Wi-Fi connection to your phone, as well as a wired option and the ability to upload video directly to the cloud.

In fact, you can even live stream from your GoPro HERO10 as long as your phone is nearby.

Should you buy this camera?

The HERO10 is, quite simply, the best GoPro for skateboarding that you can get today.

It’s great not just for filming skateboarding but for any other kind of action shoot you’re interested in, making it a great investment no matter what you shoot.

  • 4K 120 fps support
  • 45° horizon leveling
  • Mountable on FPV drones
  • 5.7K video
  • HyperSmooth 4.0
  • Battery life lower than last-gen
  • Auto-upload requires subscription
DJI Action 2 Dual-Screen
  • Max Video Resolution: 4K 60 FPS
  • Slo-mo support: FHD 240 FPS
  • Battery Life: 70 minutes
  • Weight: 0.12 lbs

When you need something light, enormously flexible, and incredibly easy to use, you opt for the DJI Action.

This diminutive device might just be one of the lightest camera systems ever made, and with an easy-to-use magnetic mounting system and voice control, it’s never been easier to get started.

Design and Build

This is a good skate camera that merely weighs 0.12 lbs.

That’s lighter than a boiled egg and means that you’ll likely forget you have it on you.

An ingenious magnetic mounting system and a set of magnetic clamps, lanyards and accessories will allow you to mount this system to any surface, even your shirt or cap, with just a snap.

It is, in fact, small enough to mount on the underside of your skateboard if you wish it.

Capturing Capabilities

The DJI Action 2 may be small, but it’s just as capable as its larger siblings.

You get 4K 60 video, with support for 120 fps slo-mo at 4K (240 fps at 1080p), and a 360-degree horizon leveling option if you don’t mind dropping the resolution to 2.7K.

It’s also waterproof to 10m, features a 4-mic matrix stereo array, and supports battery life mods and extensions.

Connectivity and Battery Life

The base unit only features a 1.7” touch-screen and 32 GB of internal memory, but the dual-screen model I’ve selected for you here is essential as it adds USB-C for power and data transfer, as well as an additional microSD card slot.

You also gain dual-band Wi-Fi support for quick and effortless data transfer to a smartphone.

Should you buy this camera?

The DJI Action 2 is an unusual action camera, but skateboarders are going to love how easy it is to use and set up, not to mention the myriad mounting options and accessories that are supported.

Do get the dual-screen option, though, you will need that USB-C port.

  • Ultra-compact design
  • Incredibly light
  • Magnetic mounting system
  • Modular design
  • Horizon leveling
  • Overheats quickly
  • Poor battery life without add-ons

In search of good cameras for skateboarding?

Well, this 360 camera won’t let you down!

What sets it apart from the other skating cameras on the list is that you get two cameras in the package, both of which serves different purposes.

Isn’t it unique?

Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition
  • Max Video Resolution: 4K 60 FPS / 5.7K 30 FPS
  • Slo-mo support: FHD 200 FPS / 2.7K 100 FPS
  • Battery Life: 70 minutes
  • Weight: 0.27 lbs / 0.29 lbs

The Insta360 ONE R is one of the most modular action cams out there, and if you opt for the TWIN Edition as I’d recommend you do, you’re getting two cameras in one!

The two mods: 4K and 360 cam, allowing you to swap out the camera module for either a 4K 60 FPS capable traditional action cam, or a 5.7K 30 FPS capable 360 cam.

This is great for skateboarders.

Design and Build

The kit breaks down into three parts, with a core unit and battery base holding a swappable camera unit in place.

It’s a rugged, weatherproof design that feels premium and comes with a case for improved protection.

The case also incorporates GoPro mounts so that you can attach this camera to a wide variety of accessories.

Capturing Capabilities

If you want a traditional action cam feel, the 4K mod is what you want, but for something more fun, the 360 cam is a lot more fun.

With features like subject-tracking, and various AI effects that you can add in the post (either via a smartphone app or PC), there’s a ton of fun to be had.

The 200 FPS slo-mo is an added bonus that can give you some really dreamy shots.

Connectivity and Battery Life

Connectivity options include BLE 4.0 for pairing and a short-range 5 GHz Wi-Fi module for high-speed data transfer.

There’s also a Type-C port for charging and data transfer, which you can use to connect the Insta360 directly to an Android phone.

Battery life is fairly decent at 70 minutes of 4K 60 recording.

Should you buy this camera?

While it is priced slightly higher than competing GoPros, the Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition is unique because it’s a 2-in-1 device.

As a skateboarder, I think you’ll love the flexibility it affords and the ease with which you can swap camera modules to get exactly the kind of shot you’re looking for.

Overall, it’s one of the best skateboarding video cameras to own in 2023.

  • Modular design
  • 2-in-1 camera
  • 5.7K recording with 360 cam
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Superb smartphone app
  • Display is very small
  • 4K quality could be improved
GoPro HERO9 Black
  • Max Video Resolution: 5K 30 FPS
  • Slo-mo support: FHD 240 FPS
  • Battery Life: 70 minutes
  • Weight: 0.35 lbs


If you don’t need the premium features offered by the latest GoPro HERO10 (that I reviewed at #1), the GoPro HERO9 gives you about 80% off the performance for $100 less, which is quite the steal.

Skateboarders will love the fact that the 9 also gets horizon leveling, 4K 60 video, HyperSmooth, and more, along with support for a whole host of mods and accessories.

Design and Build

Compared to the HERO8 that came before it, the HERO9 is noticeably larger.

However, that extra volume went into a much-needed battery upgrade, more modularity, and a second screen.

This is a portable, rugged action camera that’s still light enough to be mounted onto FPV drones and skateboards for those super cool action shots you want.

Capturing Capabilities

The HERO9 offers 5K video at 30 FPS, 4K at 30, 2.7K slo-mo at 120 FPS, and FHD slo-mo at 240 FPS.

Horizon-levelling works up to 30 degrees, and you can get 360 degrees of leveling if you opt for the $100 Max lens mod.

That upgrade is well worth it, in my opinion.

Connectivity and Battery Life

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to a smartphone is fast and smooth, making uploads quick and easy.

As usual, there’s an auto-upload option with a GoPro subscription and an option Media Mod with support for HDMI.

A USB-C port is included for charging and data transfer.

The biggest upgrade in the 9, for those coming from older GoPros, is the battery life.

The 30% larger battery and new GP1 processor should easily get you up to 70 minutes of 4K recording.

Should you buy this camera?

It’s tempting to shell out a premium for a brand new, top-of-the-line action cam, but you don’t need to.

The HERO9 is an older model, but barring fancy features, it offers nearly the same performance as its more expensive brethren, and at a fraction of the cost at that.

For beginners, this is the skating video camera you’ll ever need.

  • UI lag
  • Still needs bug fixes
DJI Osmo Action
  • Max Video Resolution: 4K 60 FPS
  • Slo-mo support: FHD 240 FPS
  • Battery Life: 90 minutes
  • Weight: 0.27 lbs

While other action cams might try to woo you with their 6K video and other fancy features, the DJI Osmo Action offers something more important: reliability and usability.

It’s an older camera, but one that’s stood the test of time remarkably well.

And anyway, as a skateboarder, it’s not like you’re going to need much more than well-stabilized 4K 60 footage.

Design and Build

The DJI Action was one of the first action cams to come with a front-facing screen, which happens to be incredibly useful to this day.

The rugged body is weather-sealed and waterproof to 11m, and the rear touchscreen even includes a hydrophobic coating to allow usage in the damp.

To add to this, you’re getting swappable lens covers.

Capturing Capabilities

The DJI Action may not have class-leading specs in 2023, but what it does offer is still exceptional and can be a good camera for filming skating.

You get 4K 60 video, FHD 240 slo-mo, RockSteady image stabilization, horizon leveling, dual screens, and more.

The additional case adds to the ruggedness of the body, and better still, adds compatibility with the GoPro mount for compatibility with a whole host of accessories.

Connectivity and Battery Life

A USB-C port takes care of charging and data transfer needs, but you also get low-energy Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for quick connectivity with a smartphone.

The battery in here is on the larger side, and with that more efficient processor, it promises you a class-leading 90 minutes of battery life when recording continuously.

It’s also rated to operate in the snow.

Should you buy this camera?

Don’t let this camera’s age or its low price fool you.

This isn’t a cheap skate camera and is, in fact, one of the most capable action cameras for skateboarding that retails at a pocket-friendly price at that.

Don’t pass up on this deal!

  • Value for money
  • Front-facing display
  • Excellent battery life
  • 8x slo-mo support
  • High-quality 4K output
  • Tinny mic
  • Can only use one screen at a time
  • Max Video Resolution: 5.6K 30 FPS
  • Slo-mo support: 1440p 60 FPS
  • Battery Life: 85 minutes
  • Weight: 0.36 lbs

This is only GoPro’s second attempt at making a 360 cam, but GoPro MAX already established itself as one of the easiest 360 systems to use today.

Most of that usability comes courtesy of the GoPro app, which is smart and very powerful, allowing you to easily edit and share 360 footage on the go.

It’s a perfect video camera for skateboarders who want to quickly share their grinds on social media.

Design and Build

As expected from GoPro, the MAX is built like a tank and is weather sealed and water-resistant.

I wouldn’t recommend using it underwater owing to how water distorts a 360 image, but as a skateboarder, I doubt that will be a problem for you.

There’s a touch-screen on the front for navigating the UI and an integrated GoPro mount at the bottom of the chassis, so you needn’t bother with carrying a separate case.

Capturing Capabilities

The MAX features two 180-degree lenses, one on either side of the body.

Together, they can shoot 5.6K video at 30 FPS, or if you use only one lens, 1440p video at 60 FPS.

You can also capture 16.6 MP 360 stills, 5.5 MP 180 stills, and 6.2 MP SuperPano stills using one lens.

Being a 360 cam, you’re also getting 360 degrees of horizon leveling and GoPro’s HyperSmooth 3.0 stabilization engine.

Connectivity and Battery Life

For connectivity, you get USB-C and Wi-Fi, both of which are fast and great for quickly transferring data to your PC or a smartphone app.

The camera uses the older GP1 processor from the HERO9 and includes a 1600 mAh battery.

Together, these should give you about 85 minutes of full-resolution 360-degree recording.

You can stretch this time to 100 minutes if you only use one lens.

Should you buy this camera?

The MAX is one of the most capable cameras for skateboarding out there, and if that’s the kind of camera you need for your skateboarding videos, go for it! The powerful smartphone app is what really sells this camera, allowing you to more easily edit and share video than anything else from the competition.

  • Smartphone app works very well
  • 5.6K recordings
  • 360-degree horizon leveling
  • Decent battery life
  • Integrated GoPro mount
  • Horizon drift is an issue
  • Not recommended for use underwater
insta360 ONE X2
  • Max Video Resolution: 5.7K 60 FPS
  • Slo-mo support: 3K 100 FPS
  • Battery Life: 85 minutes
  • Weight: 0.33 lbs

If you’re looking for one of the coolest skateboarding filming cameras around, you really must check out the Insta360 ONE X2.

It’s a 360 cam, yes, but one with some cool accessories and a whole suite of fun and powerful editing tools that will take your videos to the next level.

Design and Build

The design is a simple cuboid that’s easy to grip without covering the two 180-degree lenses at the top.

It’s rugged, and IPX8 rated, meaning you can take it swimming up to a depth of 10m.

A round, front-facing screen helps you frame shots and lets you change settings.

Capturing Capabilities

The video features on this camera are quite powerful.

You can capture 5.7K 360 cam video at 60 FPS (2x slo-mo if you want) and up to 100 FPS at 3K.

There’s also 6-axis sensor stabilization with support for FlowState and Horizon Lock for fluid, level video as go hurtling around the skate park.

Connectivity and Battery Life

Data is recorded to a UHS-1 class microSD card and can be transferred out via USB-C, even to an Android phone.

You could also use the fast 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi to achieve the same thing with Android or iOS.

Lastly, the bundled 1630 mAh battery will get you about 85 minutes of continuous recording at 5.7K.

Should you buy this camera?

The ONE X2 may look like a toy, but its packing features rival the most expensive cameras out there.

It’s a tiny little camera that’s a joy to use while skateboarding, and once you familiarise yourself with the software, will allow for some truly impressive skateboarding shots.

There’s even a flythrough mode that mimics a drone.

  • Aquavision mode for underwater shots
  • Flowstate stabilization
  • Auto-framing tool
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Voice control
  • Tiny screen
  • USB door is easy to lose

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of camera is suitable for skateboarding?

While any action camera would be good for skateboarding, I’d personally recommend a 360 camera simply because framing your shot won’t be easy while you’re on the move.

Which GoPro is the best for skating?

I’d recommend the HERO10 or the GoPro Max.

The former is better suited to traditional action cam shots, while the MAX is a 360 cam.

How do you put a camera on a skateboard?

You can purchase clamps and skateboard mounts from any convenient electronics store.

Since most action cameras use a standard GoPro mount, attaching them to your mount won’t be an issue.

How do you take good pictures for skateboarding?

It’s certainly not easy, but having a camera with voice control will help take photos.

Again, a 360 camera will help here as you can re-frame the shot after the fact.


Skateboarding is a ton of fun, and it’s worth picking up a camera that is just as fun and easy to use, so it doesn’t get in your way.

Based on your usage, here’s what I’d recommend:

  • The best skate camera, I’d say is the Insta360 ONE X2. It’s a great option because it features powerful slo-mo modes and an incredibly useful app that will make editing a breeze.
  • For a more traditional action camera, go for either the GoPro HERO10 or the DJI Action, depending on your budget. The former will give you a higher quality image but at nearly twice the price.

As always, the objective here is to have fun.

Don’t focus on specs and just go with the camera that you think suits your style best.

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