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Best Airbrush Stencils: Body Art, Holidays, Baking & More

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Using a stencil when airbrushing can be a huge game-changer, but not all stencils are created equally. So, what should you look for?

Ideally, airbrushing stencils should be sturdy yet flexible, reusable, easily cleaned, just the right size, and perfectly themed for your intended use.

The variety of stencils available is staggering, so here, I’ve broken them down into categories to save you time.

Feel free to check out each one or scroll until you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Best Airbrush Stencils for Holidays 

Airbrushing during the holidays is a great activity that can be extremely fun for everyone involved. Getting themed stencils can help make the event even more exciting. 

Adurself 18-Piece Halloween Set

[amazon box=”B08CTDQDBW” link_id=”23577″]

These Halloween stencils are great for those looking for a fun twist. The pack includes 18 different designs such as witches, pumpkins, ghosts, and more.

The stencils are nontoxic and made of durable plastic to ensure longevity.

These are great for children’s parties, for creating custom decorations, and for having some fun on Halloween night. 

Locolo 13-Piece Christmas Set

[amazon box=”B081CD4FZV” link_id=”23578″]

If Christmas is more of your style, these Christmas-themed stencils are wonderful to get in the holiday spirit.

This 13-piece set includes merry sayings, such as “Let It Snow” as well as festive designs featuring reindeer and Christmas trees.

These stencils are easy to use and are reusable for years of fun. 

Airbrush Stencils for Face Painting 

Wishop 31-Piece Assorted Face Painting Stencils

[amazon box=”B08F557ZPC” link_id=”23579″]

This set is one of the best for face painting.

The designs are ideal for children as they frame the face nicely, come with large and small designs, and have smooth edges for a comfortable experience.

These are great for children’s parties and any activities involving children but can be used for other crafts as well.

Locolo 17-Piece Assorted Stencils With Stickers

[amazon box=”B08G4J12N5″ link_id=”23580″]

This set is another great one for face painting as the stencils are made to fit faces, ensuring the design looks great every time.

These are ideal for Halloween as they go with many different costume ideas, and the kids will be thrilled with the four sheets of included stickers and a bonus sheet of rhinestones. 

Airbrush Stencils for Nails 

Custom Body Art Nail Stencils

[amazon box=”B0024ZI466″ link_id=”23581″]

This pack of 260 designs is great for airbrushing nails.

It features a wide range of florals and shapes including nature, seasonal, and party-themed designs that are sure to stand out.

Ejiubas Repeated Pattern Nail Stencils 

[amazon box=”B016W5IV3Y” link_id=”23582″]

This pack of 144 nail stencils for airbrushing is great at helping to make designs and shapes across your nails.

These stencils are purposely made large so that you can cut them in half and double your value.

For those who have trouble getting their nails to look perfect, this set could be the answer you’ve been looking for, giving you DIY professional results. 

Airbrush Stencils for Body Painting 

Kotbs Airbrush Tattoo Stencils

[amazon box=”B08CC5KL8G” link_id=”23583″]

This set of 32 stencils is great for body art as the stencils mimic common tattoo themes.

These are great for testing out tattoo ideas or just using them for fun while bored. The quality is superb, and they can be used again and again. 

Gilded Girl Tattoo Stencils

[amazon box=”B07KPXCQ5X” link_id=”23584″]

This set of airbrush stencils are perfect for henna tattoos. They wrap around your hands and wrists to showcase the beautiful designs of henna.

They are beginner friendly, easy to use, and not limited to just henna. 

Airbrush Stencils for Cake Decorating 

Patelai Wedding Cake Stencils

[amazon box=”B08PKRP1MR” link_id=”23585″]

This cake decorating stencil set is great for those who love to bake. The stencils can be laid around the outside of the cake and easily airbrushed for a seamless finish.

These designs are very regal and elegant, elevating your cakes to the next level. 

Valentine’s Day Stencils

[amazon box=”B08P6K7TPG” link_id=”23586″]

These Valentine’s Day cake decorating stencils are great for cakes during February!

They feature smaller designs, such as cupids, hearts, and more, that can be airbrushed on the sides or top of your cake.

With this set you’re not limited to just cakes though.

You’ll find dozens of uses, such as making homemade cards, decorating cookies and candy, and painting body art work, to name a few.

Magnoloran Cake Decorating Stencil Set

[amazon box=”B07K89XK4X” link_id=”23587″]

These cake decorating stencils are great for flat-top cakes. The stencils themselves are round, but you can easily use them to decorate the top of any cake shape.

They feature designs such as “Happy Birthday” and some Christmas-themed decorations. 

Airbrush Stencils for Cookies 

Konsai Cookie Template Stencils

[amazon box=”B08TBB8JB6″ link_id=”23588″]

These cookie airbrush stencils are great for decorating your baking. They feature a wide range of designs such as fish, hearts, flowers, and more.

They are small enough to be transferred to any cookie and, as a bonus, are perfect for decorating coffee drinks as well. 

Animal Print Cookie Stencils

[amazon box=”B088F8JJ3D” link_id=”23589″]

These animal print cookie stencils are great for those that are following a theme.

If you ever need an animal-designed cake, these are a great option for that too. There are prints such as zebra, reptile, and more. 

Airbrush Stencils for Shapes 

Reusable, Self-Adhesive Stencil Set 

[amazon box=”B07W85C44J” link_id=”23590″]

These reusable stencils are great for larger shape designs.

They take up more space than some smaller alternatives, so they are great for airbrushing large items and are great for temporary tattoos as well.

 AirSick Mini Geometric Shape Stencils

[amazon box=”B013RUFI24″ link_id=”23591″]

These geometric design stencils are great for those that are interested in airbrushing shapes.

They feature a wide range of angles and shapes that are sure to be fun and have a wide variety of application possibilities. 

Airbrush Stencils for Letters & Numbers 

Calligraphy Letter and Number 8-Pack Stencil Set

[amazon box=”B08NGH4LYZ” link_id=”23592″]

This stencil features a beautifully written cursive-style stencil that comes in both caps and lowercase letters.

This elegant handwriting is great for those that want to have a fancier feel to their art. 

Stencil Me Pretty Numbers Stencil

[amazon box=”B07XG421ZW” link_id=”23593″]

This simplistic numbers stencil is great for those looking for an easy-to-use template, and for customization, there are 14 buying options available.

The numbers are very simple and large, great for those looking to airbrush. 

Airbrush Stencils for Animals and Animal Prints

Outus Animal Print Stencils

[amazon box=”B08JG48J9W” link_id=”23594″]

These animal print designs are great for at-home DIY. They feature a wide range of different animal prints and are easy to use. 

Jungle-Themed Stencil Set

[amazon box=”B06XDYXQSG” link_id=”23595″]

This jungle set is ideal for those looking for big cats and other jungle animal prints for their collection.

The stencils are reusable and can be used for a multitude of crafts. 

Airbrush Stencils for Flowers 

Mixed Flower Stencils

[amazon box=”B07G3ZS9ZB” link_id=”23596″]

These airbrush stencils for flowers are intensely detailed and great for those who want to add a large floral design to their art.

There is a wide range of flower options available, sure to please everyone. 

Spring/Summer Flower Stencil Pack

This flower stencil is less intricate in design than others but offers 80 different flower patterns on three stencil sizes.

Each flower can be individually airbrushed, so your creativity isn’t limited whatsoever

Airbrush Stencils for Fishing Lures 

Whitmore Farm Crayfish Stencil

[amazon box=”B08GZPN95W” link_id=”23597″]

These crawfish stencils are great for designing your lures. They are reusable and perfect for those that love fishing. 

Airbrush Stencils for Flames 

AirSick Flames Stencil

[amazon box=”B013RUC6KQ” link_id=”23598″]

This intense flame stencil is great to jazz up any simple design.

Easily transferable and reusable, having a flame stencil is a great addition to any airbrush stencil collection. 

How Do You Use Airbrush Stencils? 

Airbrushing with stencils is a great way to showcase your art and design skills. 

Airbrush stencils are sometimes considered easier to use than traditional airbrushing on its own as it requires little skill.

There are a few different ways that airbrush stencils can be utilized, depending on your preference.

Create Your Own Stencils 

If you’re creative, you can create your stencil.

Perhaps there is a design that isn’t available elsewhere; creating your stencil ensures you have exactly what you are looking for. 

If you aren’t interested in creating your stencils, however, there are other options.

Negative Stencils

One way to use airbrush stencils is to use a negative. A negative is a stencil with missing negative space that makes up the design. 

Using a negative stencil entails securing the medium in which you want to stencil and making sure it’s completely flat and ready to be airbrushed. 

From there, you will secure your stencil on top, taping the edges to ensure nothing moves out of place.

Now you can simply use your airbrush gun and complete the stencil.

Try to disperse the paint evenly and avoid lingering in one spot for too long or getting too close/far from the stencil. 

Positive Stencils

Another airbrush stencil technique is to use a positive stencil.

Instead of there being negative space in one sheet to make up your negative, a positive stencil is one shape that makes up your stencil – there is no negative space. 

In other words, you will airbrush around your positive stencil, and that space underneath will be your design.

You can secure your positive to your canvas by using an adhesive.

Once you have completed the outside, you may remove your positive stencil and airbrush the inside if warranted. 

Layering Stencils

A third option for using airbrush stencil is to layer them. You can layer multiple stencils, both positive and negative, on top of each other to get a wonderful design. 

How Do You Clean Airbrush Stencils? 

Cleaning your stencils is essential to ensure that they are ready to be used next time and will last for multiple uses.

Airbrush stencils need to be cleaned after every single use to ensure longevity. Luckily, the process is simple. 

To start, you should fill a bowl large enough to fit your stencils inside with water and cleaner.

All you need to do is leave your stencils, one on top of the other, inside the bowl for 30 minutes to 1 hour to soak. Gently scrub with a brush if necessary.

This will remove all of the residues that are leftover from airbrushing. 

Once done, remove each stencil and towel dry. Store your stencils in a safe place for future use.


As you’ve seen, there are stencils available for just about any project you can dream up.

The best thing is that regardless of whether the stencil was created specifically for airbrushing or not, chances are it’s compatible for use with an airbrush!

So don’t feel like your choices are limited to “airbrush” stencils. Find a stencil you like, whip out your airbrush, and go for it! 

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