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Where to Get the Best 28mm Wargaming Terrain – Ultimate Guide

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Terrain. It really starts to make things look cool once you put a few terrain pieces down. Some beautiful trees, some creepy tombstones with skulls, a treasure chest! It all goes a long way to making your games come to life.

There is something out there for any scene. I think I’ll start with the pieces I use, but typically the people who make good terrain have a lot of options. So you’ll be able to find what you need to fit any campaign or diorama.

Of course, there is always the do it yourself option! If you’re feeling the urge to make a water feature say, or make your own 28mm scale tree, there are certainly ways to do that.

Here are my go-to terrain brands:

Here are my current favorite terrain pieces:

Above you can see my current set up. I’ve got a 2×3 picture frame, that I use as a border. On top of the frame is a 2×3 battle mat, to serve as the basic terrain type.

Finally, I have my scatter terrain and models I’ve painted across the game surface. Err, some of the models are just primed. I’m working on it, ha.

The scatter terrain I’m using is:
Woodland Scenics Trees

[amazon fields=”B002S82BQI” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” link_id=”20122″]

These are big and full.  I struggled to find something that was a good scale for these models and these were the best I could find. Very happy with them!  I wasn’t a fan of the Christmas tree style pines.  Ideally, I wanted some fun fall colors but everything I found for that was too small.  Please post a comment if you find something I missed!

Battlefield in a box Sacrificial Rocks

[amazon fields=”B07WQPZY92″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” link_id=”20123″]

These things are AWESOME.  I was very very impressed by the weight and quality of these stones.  They come fully painted, and you get …. uhhh (quickly counts)…. SIX rocks!  Seriously they look fantastic and are very high quality.  Any of these sets by Gale Force Nine’s Battlefield In A Box are wonderful.  They’ve got trees, stones, ruins, sci-fi, industrial and a lot of other great options.

Games Workshop Endless Spells

[amazon fields=”B082DPRB2Y” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” link_id=”20124″]

Oh, baby!  Now full disclosure I’ve not painted them all yet.  I got these when I bought my Slaves to Darkness Start Collecting set (you can see them on the left there, some still just primed =p) .  They are sexy.  I love them as scatter terrain and they work for a lot of situations.

So! Where to get the best 28mm Wargaming Terrain? As mentioned, there are going to be several outlets you should explore when it comes to purchasing 28mm wargaming terrain. As you may already know, there are very fun pieces that you will be able to purchase for your personal terrain.

Some of these sources include:

While the thought of purchasing new terrain may be exciting, it can be hard to know where to start your journey. What may be beneficial in understanding what type of terrain you would like best for yourself?

To help you understand, let’s take a deeper look into the world of wargaming!

Where to Get the Best 28mm Wargaming Terrain

Once you have your game table in place, you are probably anxious to fill it with terrain! If you are a beginner to wargaming, it is highly suggested that you start small! Some feel that the biggest mistake beginners make with their wargaming is that they buy way too many pieces right from the start.

As you learn more about the game, you are going to find that there are different versions of the game, different tactics that you will be using, and more than likely, your interests are going to change! If this is the case, your best bet is going to start small, with only a handful of units. 

When you take your time with purchases, this can prevent you from spending unnecessary money. As you will soon find out, the price of terrain pieces for your game space can vary from affordable to fairly expensive. The more you play, the more you will learn about your interests, and from there, you can build the field of force that you truly desire.

To help you achieve this, you will find some of the top places to purchase game terrain. As you will soon see, there are many different items to simulate an environment anywhere from grass, shrubs, trees, ruins, stairs, walls, and even piles of skulls! As you build a more stimulating environment, the more fun your game will become. 

Battlefield in a Box

The first type of terrain you may want to consider is a battlefield in a box! One of the most popular sources of a battlefield in a box is going to be through Amazon. As you begin to shop, you will find that there are several basic kits to help you get started.

If you are truly a beginner, you may want to stick with basics such as trees, hills, and ruins. By having a simple base, you can grow around these items or switch them out easily when you do stumble upon your passion.

Below, you will find some simple choices to help you get started!

Flames of War Battlefield in a Box: Large Autumn Wood

[amazon box=”B00C5O5XYW” link_id=”20125″]

This box contains a mix of autumn colored trees for your terrain. It offers a quick and easy way to create simple scenery straight from the box and onto your wargaming table. It is simple but can make quite a difference if you are starting with nothing!

Battlefield in a Box: Badlands Pillars

[amazon box=”B01MTR2DG7″ link_id=”20126″]

Next on the list, you have the badlands pillars! This battlefield in a box contained five badland rocks that come in several different shapes and sizes. This type of terrain can be beneficial to separate terrain types.

Battlefield in a Box: Galactic Warzone Bunker

[amazon box=”B07KJ97B9R” link_id=”20127″]

If you are looking to build terrain that may be closer to the fantasy or science fiction terrain, you will absolutely want to consider the galactic warzone bunkers. This piece is suitable for any scale as well.

Battlefield in a Box: Small Pine Wood

[amazon box=”B0039N5FA0″ link_id=”20128″]

If you need a battlefield box that is going to offer a bit more diversity, this is going to be the perfect box for you! It offers fourteen small pine trees along with six small tree stands, two forest bases, and even one packet of green static grass. As a beginner, this may be an excellent place to start.

Battlefield in a Box: Dragon’s Grave

[amazon box=”B07WNC1PR2″ link_id=”32388″]

Have you been wargaming for a while? Perhaps now is the perfect time to get even fancier with your terrain! This epic dragon’s grave comes fully painted and will be a fairly big piece for your table, coming in at 7.8 x 6.2 x 3.2 inches! This piece will add some cool fantasy life onto your table.

Battlefield in a Box: Warton Village Ruins

[amazon box=”B07WNC1PR2″ link_id=”32389″]

As you get more involved in the wargaming community, you will find that scenery is going to play a vital part in your gameplay. Whether you plan on going historical, fantasy, or science fiction, there are many different ways to build the world through the scenery. This Warton village ruin is a great place to start and is suitable for 25mm to 35mm battlefield terrain.

Battlefield in a Box: Large Hill

[amazon box=”B07WNC1PR2″ link_id=”20129″]

Last but not least, we wanted to offer a simple terrain piece to help you get started! While it may seem silly at first to just purchase a large hill for your table, it could make a world’s difference during battle!

This is a fairly larger piece coming in at 10.5” x 1.25” and is also fully painted. Keep in mind; this is something you could also build yourself!

When you begin researching pieces for your game table, you will find that some pieces will come assembled and painted, while others you may have to complete these tasks on your own. If you wish to purchase pieces that are ready to play instantly, be sure to pay attention to this aspect.

Terrain Crates

Next on the list, we have the terrain crate! With terrain crates, you are going to find many kits that offer objects such as bookcases, tables, benches, and more. While it may seem silly to purchase these objects in the beginning, they are completely necessary to bring your wargaming table to life.

Below, you will find some simple kits on Amazon to help get you started!

Wizard Study-Terrain Crate

[amazon box=”B07F7SPMHP” link_id=”20132″]

If you are more into the fantasy side of wargaming, a terrain crate is going to be right up your alley! This first terrain crate comes with twenty, pre-assembled scenery pieces that are going to be ready for play! The Wizard Study offers pieces such as bookcases, candlesticks, a mirror, a chair, a desk, and more!

Dungeon Depths- Terrain Crate

[amazon box=”B07F75ZPTB” link_id=”20133″]

Next on the list, we have the Dungeon Depths. This terrain crate is packed with over seventy pieces of scenery to help you get started building the dungeon of your dreams! Whether you are looking to build a dark torture room or a simple hoard of treasure, this crate is going to help you get started! Please note that the pieces included in this crate are pre-colored.

Dungeon Essentials- Terrain Crate

[amazon box=”B07F7Q78LM” link_id=”20134″]

On the subject of dungeons, if you have played before, you already know that a dark dungeon is never going to be an empty space! If you are just getting started, you may want to keep your dungeon simple with just a few essential pieces.

This crate will grant you doors, tables, chests, and more to help build a basic dungeon.

Dungeon Debris- Terrain Crate

[amazon box=”B07F7SGYLV” link_id=”20135″]

When you are ready to get a bit more creative with your dungeon, you will want to consider some aspects such as dungeon debris! This can be a beneficial crate if you imagine that your dungeon has been sitting unoccupied for several years before it has been discovered again. This crate offers pieces such as rats, barrels, and crates to help build that fantasy!

Dark Lord Tower- Terrain Crate

[amazon box=”B07F7P3FV5″ link_id=”20136″]

Are you someone who enjoys exploring the dark arts? If so, you will absolutely need this terrain crate in your collection. This box offers a magical portal, spider, evil crow, and even a summoned demon. If you want to trap those goody-two-shoes players, you will need this crate.

Ruined City- Terrain Crate

[amazon box=”B077SQLCMF” link_id=”20137″]

While this terrain crate is going to be on the more expensive side, it offers 420 pieces of terrain. It includes pieces such as ruins sprue, urban sprue, and 240 connectors to help you build and re-build.

Whether you imagine that the infrastructure was ruined during was or abandoned for unknown reasons, you can have your armies battle over the collapsing structure to build anew.

Battlefield- Terrain Crate

[amazon box=”B07KB5PP7K” link_id=”20138″]

Last on the list; we have a simple battlefield terrain crate. This type of crate is perfect for any tabletop wargame, whether you are sticking with classic historical wargaming or are trying to dabble in science fiction or fantasy. It contains 30 pre-colored plastic pieces such as hedges, tents, campfire, cooking pot, and more~

Pre-made Terrain Pieces

If you are a seasoned wargamer, you may be looking for pieces that are a bit higher quality compared to the pieces that you are going to find on Amazon. If this is the case, you may want to consider Dwarven Force.

This business that started in 1996 by Stefan Pokorny, an artist, is a company that has been in business for over 20 years, selling gaming terrain of all types. 

While the quality of these pre-made pieces is going to be higher, you will also find that the price is going to be higher as well. It should be noted that these pieces come painted and unpainted as well, so that is something that you will want to take into consideration when you are purchasing pieces from this artist.

Below, you will find some excellent examples that you may want to add to your collection at some point!

Basic Cavern Set- Standard Walls and Floors

First, on the list, you will find the most basic cavern set offered by the shop. This set only includes twenty-six pieces in three basic shapes for the walls and floors. Please note that these are unpainted, but this leaves room for your own creativity!

Zaltar’s Gameroom- Deluxe Starter Set

If you are looking to build a dungeon, this is a great starter kit to help build your encounter. This kit offers pieces such as Zaltar’s Throne, LED Angled Torches, diagonal walls, nook weapon racks, double wooden doors, and even more!

Hamlet Set

Next on the list, we find the set of Hamlet! While these pieces do come unpainted, you are going to find that this kit offers 104 pieces! It has basic terrain pieces such as the stone floor, wood floor, stone stairwell floor, steep stairs, Assassin’s Perch, a Balcony, and so much more! These are great pieces to have on hand, as you can build a set however you desire.

Stone Wall & Post Add-On Pack

If you are looking for a kit that is on the simpler side, you will want to consider an Add-on Pack. For this pack, you will find forty-eight pieces, including stone posts, window walls, solid walls, and more. By purchasing this type of kit, it is an excellent way to add on what you may already have!

Deluxe Balconies Add-On Pack

Much like the add-on pack above, this kit offers a great way to add some balconies onto your terrain. This kit offers thirty-eight pieces, including elegant railing, wood platforms, interior railing, terracotta balcony cover, and more! Please note that both of these add-on packs will come unpainted.

Do-it-Yourself Crafting

While sometimes it does seem easier to purchase your pieces from someone else, you can create even more fun for yourself by building your terrain for wargaming! If you feel this may be too difficult, you may be surprised to learn how easy it can be! Below, you will find some simple YouTube videos to help you get started!

Terrain You Should Build First

In this first video, you will find a video featuring Black Magic Craft. Here, it is discussed what the most valuable bits of terrain to build are. While, of course, this is completely subjective, you will find the top six pieces you should consider building, including dungeon tiles, walls, and pillars.

Ultimate Dungeon Terrain for D & D and Pathfinder

In this video, audiences are taught by Professor Dungeonmaster to make versatile dungeon terrain. This may be beneficial for those who aren’t looking to invest a lot of money into their terrain. Generally, you will be able to build quality terrain for under $30!

Building Modular Ruins for D & D, Frostgrave, or Other Wargames

Last but not least, here is another video offered by Black Magic Craft. If you are interested in the fantasy side of wargaming, you will want to go and follow his channel, as he offers some incredible advice for building wargaming terrain.

In this particular episode, you will dive into building modular ruins that look fantastic but are actually affordable!

Black Magic Craft also offers recourses such as the essential equipment to build your own wargaming terrain! Some of the tools include:

  • Hotwire Cutter
  • Hotwire Foam Factory
  • Utility Knives
  • And more!

This is just a taste of DIY for your wargaming! As you find more videos on YouTube on DIY crafts, you may be utterly amazed at how intricate wargaming can truly be. Honestly, the only limitation is going to be your own creativity! The possibilities for your game table are endless!

3D Printing Your Own Terrain

While this can be a whole article on its own, it is worth mentioning that with modern technology, individuals are now able to 3D print their own terrain! However, this is when it can get a bit more complicated.

You can read more about the best 3D printers here.

If you are thinking about printing your own terrain with a 3D printer, there are a few questions that you will want to ask yourself.

  1. What type of terrain do you want to 3D print?
  2. How much do you want to spend on 3D printing?
  3. What is your technical skill with 3D printing?
  4. How big do you need to build your terrain?

As you can probably tell, there are many different aspects that go into 3D printing terrain for wargaming. Once you answer these questions, it will help you choose the best 3D printer for your needs. For a simple explanation, check out this video: WARCRY Gaming Table…3D Printed Terrain.

Hopefully, at this point, you are feeling more confident about purchasing terrain for your own war games! As you shop around more, you will begin to get a better feel about the types of materials you want your terrain to be, and perhaps you will feel confident enough to build your own at some point.

No matter what, take some time to make the game your own; it’s half the fun!

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