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Wood Art Panels: 10 Best Picks for Resin Art

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Wood art boards or art panels must be sturdy, be free of the tendency to warp, have a smooth base, and be the right size for your planned project.

This is especially true when working with heavy materials, such as resin. Go with cheap, poorly constructed art panels, and you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Ideally, you want to use cradled panels as they are less likely to bow or warp, are more rigid, and don’t require any type of frame.

In a hurry?

The overall best choice for resin art is by Arteza.

[amazon box=”B083KNHVV3″ link_id=”18989″]

Why did it make the #1 spot on the list?

It has a birch surface and strong pine cradle that provides a versatile canvas for your art. The sanded edges and smooth surface save you time and effort.

Best of all, they come five to a pack at a very reasonable price.

Top Wood Art Panel Picks

To the untrained eye, wood art panels all look alike.

The reality is that there is as much variety in wood grain and quality as there is in canvas panels, and it only takes an artist a moment to spot the difference.

So, how do you know which wood art panel is best? 

Best Overall for Resin Art: Arteza 8 x 10 Wood Art Panel

[amazon box=”B083KNHVV3″ link_id=”18974″]

Customers who purchased an Arteza Wooden Canvas say it’s a smooth, multipurpose wooden art panel.

It adapts well to a range of crafts, including wood burning, oil and acrylic paint, and resin. 

They agree that the price is reasonable for the purchase quality; these wooden art panels are sturdy and wear well.

For best value, buy these wooden art panels in bulk, especially if you intend to embark on more than one art resin project. 

However, some found that their wooden art panels arrived with crooked sides or smashed corners. 


  • Suitable for a range of crafts. 
  • Good value if bought in bulk. 
  • High quality, smooth wood surface.
  • Easy to paint and resin. 


  • More expensive than canvas. 
  • Panels may not have equally straight sides. 

Best Cradled Wood Art Panels for Resin Painting: Arteza 9 x 12 Panels

[amazon box=”B083KNMY32″ link_id=”18975″]

Cradled wooden art panels are reinforced panels with a frame at the back.

The reinforced mounted back increases durability and helps prevent warping, making cradled wood a popular medium with artists. 

Some customers who bought the cradled Arteza Canvas Board reported roughness around the edges and faults in the grain of these wooden art panels.

They advise sanding the boards before starting. However, they add that the cradled surface is resilient, adaptable, and highly responsive to resin and other media. 


  • Smooth surface.
  • Good quality. 
  • Frame borders canvas. 


  • Roughness around edges.
  • Some damage to panel corners. 

Best Value: YoleShy Unfinished Wood Art Panels

[amazon box=”B07XYP29VL” link_id=”18976″]

YoleShy’s 8×8 inch boards are versatile and affordable cradled wood art panels conveniently package in 6-piece sets.

While some customers reported issues with splintering and difficulty staining the panels, other customers had no issue creating a uniform stain. 

You’ll receive six square cradled wooden art panels made of birch that respond well to painting.

Some customers recommend filling in gaps in siding before painting and warn that not all panels will look identical.

However, all customers agree that these wooden art panels are good value for the money spent on them. 


  • Smooth wood with no visible defects. 
  • Excellent value for money. 
  • Sturdy frames. 
  • Good size. 


  • Respond poorly to staining. 
  • Some splintering and unevenness at edges.   

Best Small Wood Art Panels 

Wooden art panels aren’t only for large-scale projects. A variety of smaller wooden art panels exist for artists interested in miniature work.

Sizes and quality vary, but these are some of the top picks. 

Ruisita Square 80 Piece Unfinished Wooden Pieces Wooden Cutouts 3×3 Inches 

[amazon box=”B07WK196FX” link_id=”18977″]

These small wooden art panels are popular with artists attempting Scrabble-tile projects.

They are affordable, ready-cut and polished. However, some experienced a discrepancy in the number of wooden art panels included in the package.

Others reported the wooden art panels failed to hold up outdoors.  

The majority of customers found these small wooden art panels stained evenly and effectively and were well-suited for indoor projects requiring small panels or detail work.

They measure 3 x 3 inches. 


  • Stain well and evenly. 
  • Ready sanded. 
  • Ideal for small, detail-based projects.
  • Choose from sets of 40, 80, or 120 pieces. 


  • Not suited to outdoors. 
  • Some chipping on pieces.

Ruisita 80 Piece 4×4 Unfinished Wooden Pieces Wooden Cutout

[amazon box=”B07T6KRPH6″ link_id=”18978″]

Ruisita’s slightly larger 4 x 4 inch wooden art panels offer a larger canvas for artists to work on.

Still miniature, these tiles are reasonably sturdy and ideal for wall- and tile-themed projects.

Customers say they may break if bent with the grain of the wood, as pieces are thin.

Additionally, customers say they paint and stain effectively and are perfect for indoor wall-art projects.

However, some of the pieces arrive with warping already occuring. Pieces can be purchased in sets of 40, 80, or 120 as required.   


  • Easy to stain.
  • Evenly cut.
  • Consistent sizing.
  • Selection of tile quantities.


  • May break easily. 
  • Some pieces may be warped. 

U.S. Art Supply Birch Wood Panel Boards Studio 3/4″ (Pack of 5)

[amazon box=”B07GH3WB26″ link_id=”18979″]

These 6 x 6 inch deep-cradled wooden art panels offer artists a smaller wooden art panel for resin painting than other standard sizes.

They are sturdy and stand independently without support. They do not require a frame. 

Customers describe them as thick and well made, though some find the thickness variable. Others reported irregular cutting, size discrepancies, and faults in the canvas. 

Many say that while these cradled wooden art panels are reasonably priced, there are some quality concerns.

However, their affordability often outweighs any cons for experienced and beginner artists. 


  • Can stand alone.
  • No need for a frame. 
  • Good value. 
  • Well suited to resin. 


  • Cut irregularly.
  • Thickness may vary.

Best Large Wood Art Panels 

There is an equally varied wooden art panel selection for resin painters wanting to work on more expansive panels and canvases. 

U.S. Art Supply 5″ x 7″ Birch Wood Panel Boards Gallery 1 1/2″ (Pack of 4)

[amazon box=”B07GH8GSZV” link_id=”18980″]

For painters and artists working on a larger scale, these pouring panel boards come in several sizes from 5 by 7 inches up to 16 x 20 inches.

Customers commend the cost and quality of these crated wooden art panels, finding the surface smooth and nicely finished.

Buyers add the boards stain easily but may need a layer of base paint to stop the wood grain from showing through the finished product. 

However, others had problems with faults in the wood and say they are badly suited for wood burning. 


  • Good selection of sizes.
  • Stains effectively and without difficulty.
  • Excellent quality at a reasonable price.
  • Smooth, ready-to-work surface. 


  • Faults in wood. 
  • Wood texture visible through the paint. 

U.S. Art Supply 10″ x 20″ Birch Wood Panel Boards Gallery 1 1/2″ (Pack of 2)

[amazon box=”B07GH65BHD” link_id=”18981″]

These U.S. Art Supply boards make a durable, cradled base for resin painting and other art projects.

Many customers cite these as their go-to wooden art panel of choice, appreciating the selection of sizes, quality of the wood, and accuracy of the cut. 

Some customers find the cost of the wooden art panels excessive, given the quality—one even reports receiving only a covered panel, not solid birch wood. 


  • Durable.
  • Variety of sizes. 
  • Finished surface perfect for painting.
  • Cradled wood backing for added support. 


  • Average quality for a high price.
  • Not completely birch wood. 

U.S. Art Supply 18″ x 24″ Birch Wood Panel Boards Studio 3/4″ (Pack of 2)

[amazon box=”B088J4B5NS” link_id=”18982″]

One of U.S. Art Supply’s large cradled wood panels, these wooden art panels have a deep-set cradle.

The resultant resin painting can, therefore, be free-standing or hung without the need for a frame. 

Some, but not all, buyers found that the wood warped during the painting process. Otherwise, these wooden art panels suit a range of art treatments, with no need for sanding.  


  • Easy to stain.
  • Doesn’t require framing. 
  • All-purpose wooden panel good with mixed media. 
  • Even surface for ease of painting. 


  • May warp during the painting process.
  • There may be weaknesses or faults in the wood.

U.S. Art Supply 24″ x 36″ Birch Wood Panel Boards Gallery 1 1/2″ (Pack of 2)

[amazon box=”B07GHB3W1T” link_id=”18983″]

The largest of the U.S. Art Supply pouring wood art panel selection is perfect for expansive resin art projects.

Their size means they double effectively as drafting boards. 

Customers stress the need to add protective coating before exposing the boards to an outdoor environment. Otherwise, they are sturdy and wear well with time. 

Still, other customers reported serious quality concerns after receiving boards that were warped, damaged, chipped, and even coming unglued in places. 

Pros :

  • Durable.
  • Responsive to mixed media.
  • Smooth, level surface.  
  • Deep cradle.


  • Warped or damaged panels. 
  • Boards easily come unglued. 

Related Questions:

A good wooden art panel isn’t the only thing needed to start resin painting. Here are some other questions artists embarking on resin painting frequently ask.

What Other Bases Can Be Used for Resin Painting?

Cradled birch isn’t the only option if you want to try resin painting. Other materials that work as a base for your resin painting include: 

  • Canvas.
  • Tile. 
  • MDF board.
  • Vinyl records. 

How Do You Prepare Wood for Resin?

Priming a wooden art panel before resin painting isn’t necessary but is recommended.

Primed wooden art panels show the painting colors to better effect. Primer also stops the wood texture from showing through the painting. 

Do Resin Paintings Need a Top Coat?

Not all resin painters use a top coat when painting wooden art panels.

But because the resin can trap air bubbles, artists agree that the surface should be gently treated with mild heat, or sealed, to prevent warping. 

Wrapping It Up

While the Arteza Set of 5 Art Panels are an excellent choice, a large part of your decision really comes down to size.

US Art Supply offers a wide variety of sizes to suit any need, and the quality is top notch.

My advice is to carefully consider what size you’re most comfortable working with and then to read the product reviews again before settling on which one is right for you.

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