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Monopoly Bid Rules & Directions for Gameplay + Strategy Tips

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Monopoly is a game we love to hate with its complicated rules and long game time. When you think you’ve won, nope! There’s an entire second half of the game you’ve yet to play. 

I personally have gotten enraged in games of Monopoly, so I tend to stay away.  Luckily for those like me, in 2000, Hasbro brought the game to card format with 15 minute games in Monopoly Deal. 

Following that success, Monopoly Bid was launched in 2020. Hasbro has managed to successfully move the game from board to card, and we love them for it.

How do you play Monopoly Bid? The deck has 3 card types: money, action, and property. In turn, each player hosts a property card auction. Money cards are bid, and the highest bidder wins the property. The action cards are used to cancel or steal from others and to further your game. The first player to get 3 property sets wins.

As with any new game, there is a learning curve. We are going to help minimize that by quickly walking you through the basics, the card types, and some strategies to make you property royalty!

Playing Monopoly Bid: Quick Guide

Using a combination of three different card types, each player will host an auction for a property card on their turn.

In traditional Monopoly style, your money cards are what you bid each turn on properties. 

You aren’t required to bid, but it can come in handy for keeping others from winning just as it can to help you win.

The highest bidder wins the property, and whoever gets 3 complete property sets wins the game! Using action cards will help to draw the game out and allow you to complete your sets.

Steal properties, complete sets with a wild card, or cancel out plays with a nope card to make sure you win the game!

Now that we have the gist of the game down in theory, let’s break down the different aspects of the game to allow you a better understanding before you play your first hand.

Maybe it will even help you win!

  • Number of players: 4
  • Deck: 110 cards separated into money, action, and property
  • Round consists of: Everyone hosts an auction. The player who bids the most gets the property.
  • Object of the game: Complete property sets
  • Winning the game: 1st player to complete 3 property sets gets the crown!

Setting Up the Game

  1. Separate the blue and red decks.
  2. Shuffle each deck.
  3. Each player gets five cards from the red deck. Do not show your cards.
  4. If your hand doesn’t include money, place your hand back in the red pile, shuffle, and draw again.

Playing Monopoly Bid

Now it is time to play! Using a combination of your cards, race to be the first player with 3 property sets.

Understanding the Different Cards

While the premise is straightforward, no game is good unless there are few tricks up the players’ sleeves. Monopoly Bid gives us just what we need to pump up the excitement.

Dropping a few cards in there to mix with the others gives a nice competitive edge. What was seemingly simple is now drawn into question when you don’t know what is in your competitor’s hand!

Money Cards

There are 50 of these in the red deck. These, as in all Monopoly games, are your currency to use to get you to the finish line.

Action Cards

There are 32 of these in the red deck separated into four categories:

  • Wild Card: This counts as any property a player needs. One property is required per set. No sets of wild cards are allowed.
  • Draw 2 Card: This allows the auction host to draw 2 additional cards on their turn.
  • Nope Card: This can be played to cancel an action of another player at any time. A second Nope can be played to cancel the first.
  • Steal Card: Allows a property to be stolen from another player.

Property Cards

These are the objects to get in the game. The cards are separated into sets of 2 and 3 with the railroad set consisting of 4.

These can be combined with wild cards to complete a property set. With that in mind, property sets can end up with two or more players because of the wild cards.

How To Play Monopoly Bid

  1. Shuffle and deal 5 cards from the red deck to start the game. If you draw a hand with no money, discard the entire hand and redraw.
  2. The youngest player goes first. Each player draws a card at the start of the turn. After the first person goes, take a clockwise approach for the rest of the players.
  3. Play an action card if you wish.
  4. Draw a property card from the blue deck, and lay it face up on the table.
  5. Players say “1.2.3 Bid!” and lay down their money cards face up to bid. Whoever bids the most gets the property. You are not required to bid. Repeat for each player’s turn.
  6. If you have a nope card, you can cancel the player’s obtaining of the property!

Winning the Game

Using a combination of action cards and bidding, the properties are obtained. Whoever is the first to complete three property sets wins! Simple, right? Not so much.

With all the action cards at play, it could be drawn out a bit, but not too long. The games are typically short.

Strategies for Winning Monopoly Bid

As someone who frequently plays board games and some Magic the Gathering, I have learned strategy is key!

Here are some strategies to keep in mind while playing. While one may not be enough to win, using a combination of them will definitely get you on your way. 

Know How Many Cards Are in the Property Deck

This will help to keep track of all the different sets at play, enabling you to make moves to ensure you are the first one with 3 sets.

Using a combination of nope and steal cards can make sure that others won’t be able to complete their sets. 

Don’t Get Money Happy

Having the money to bid doesn’t mean you should. Take the number of cards in a set into consideration. Should you bid high on the railroad with 4 cards or the set with 2 cards?

Doing this with a combination of Wilds as missing properties can really speed up your winning approach. 

Bid High But Sparingly

It’s bidding time. Look at your cards. You only have three money cards left in your hand.

With only one card to be drawn per turn, you’re looking at a steep price no matter the value of the money card.

Judge your bids closely. There’s nothing worse than running out of money and losing.

Block ‘em!

If you see someone about to win a property set, use a Nope card or a Steal card at the beginning of your turn to keep the game going in your favor.

Related Questions: 

What’s the Difference Between Monopoly Deal and Monopoly Bid?

Both games use the same premise of collecting 3 property sets. Monopoly Deal has 12 different action cards where Bid has 4.
Deal has 3 different areas for cards to be played where Bid is all done in one small space. Deal has a card limit of 7 in a hand where no card limit exists in Bid.
You’re basically aiming for the same objective with the two games having slightly different approaches and designs.

How Many Cards Can You Hold in Monopoly Bid?

Unlike Deal, there’s no maximum card amount you can hold. If you’re playing well, you will cycle through cards quickly.
Depending on the cards you get, your hand could get quite small as well. It’s all about the cards drawn and your strategy!

1,2,3 BID!

Monopoly Bid is a simple, easy, and fun way to get the family together for short games instead of investing hours (or days for some) in one match of the traditional board game.

Bid differentiates a bit from Monopoly Deal allowing for some diversity in the brand’s card games. Monopoly Bid is the perfect blend of the board game in card form.

With quick hands and fun action cards, you’ll always enjoy it. 

Now go forth and bid well!

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