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Is ClassPass Worth It Now That ClassPass Unlimited Is Gone?

ClassPass has shifted the way people find, book, and pay for gyms and fitness classes. However, that comes at a price. Is ClassPass worth it now that the unlimited membership is gone?

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ClassPass really exploded in popularity a few years ago thanks to the “unlimited summer” promotion they offered.

It was an amazing deal and encouraged ClassPass users to attend as many studio fitness classes as they could.

But the business costs of running such a plan limited ClassPass’ ability to expand into new areas and take on more studio partners, so the program was eventually shut down.

So if ClassPass isn’t unlimited, is it still worth it for you?

It depends.

This article will help you decide whether you should still give ClassPass a try by explaining what ClassPass is, why the ClassPass unlimited plan died (RIP), how the new ClassPass credit system works, how to take advantage of a free trial, and what ClassPass plans now cost.

What Is ClassPass?

ClassPass is a monthly subscription service that allows users to access a number of classes at different studios without having to pay for multiple boutique fitness studio and gym memberships.

ClassPass is very popular among those who enjoy taking classes at different boutique fitness studios and those who enjoy trying new workouts.

If you’re interested in trying a few different workouts and fitness studios, ClassPass is a great way to do it without blowing your workout budget.

You can change up your fitness routine by trying a yoga class at the yoga studio near work on Monday, a core strength class near your home on Wednesday, and a spin class (like Flywheel) with your best friend near their home over the weekend.

The flexibility of locations and workouts is why many ClassPass users love ClassPass.

RIP ClassPass Unlimited Plan

In May 2014, ClassPass founder Payal Kadakia announced an “unlimited summer” promotion in the hopes of encouraging people to try ClassPass and fall in love with the flexible access to boutique fitness classes ClassPass is now known for.

It worked, and ClassPass became one of the most popular ways to try new studios and their different class offerings.

But while the unlimited summer promotion was wildly successful and popular with ClassPass users, it wasn’t a sustainable business model for ClassPass to offer unlimited memberships as a long-term membership option at $99 per month.

The business costs of paying studio partners was quickly overtaking ClassPass’ revenue from unlimited subscriptions.

As a result, ClassPass subscription prices quickly increased, which upset many ClassPass users.

In November 2016, ClassPass shared an open letter from the CEO Payal Kadakia in which she announced the end of ClassPass Unlimited, the fundamental problem with an unlimited ClassPass plan, and explained the kind of business she hoped ClassPass would continue to be.

She clarified what new plans ClassPass would be offering instead, which would be based on a fixed number of classes per month.

ClassPass has since shifted to a new credit-based system, which members like as it offers them both flexibility and choice.

Pro Tip: you can still get a free ClassPass two week trial.

How the ClassPass Credit System Works

ClassPass now operates on a credit system, with three tiers of credits available on a monthly basis.

ClassPass users use their credits to book workout classes.

The number of credits required to book a fitness class will depend on whether the class is at a peak time, the popularity of the fitness class, and whether you’re booking in advance or at the last minute.

For example, if a pilates class at a specific gym is one of the most popular classes in your city, it will cost you more credits to book it, especially if you book it at the last minute and it’s at a popular time.

On the other hand, an underpopulated Pure Barre class on a Tuesday afternoon will cost very few credits, especially if you book in advance.

What If You Need a Different Number of Credits?

ClassPass is a monthly subscription service, which means that whatever tier of membership you choose will be renewed on a monthly basis.

If none of the tiers of membership exactly suit your needs, you have two options: roll credits over or buy more credits.

Roll Credits Over

If one month you aren’t going to use all your credits on classes, don’t worry.

You can roll up to 10 ClassPass credits from this month to the next month without any extra fees as long as your ClassPass account is in good standing.

If you’re consistently rolling credits over from one month to the next month or losing credits entirely, it may be worth switching to your other potential solution: buying more credits as necessary.

Buy More Credits

If you’re running just a little bit short on credits for a specific class you want to attend, you can choose to top up your credits this way:

  • Click on the class you want to book
  • View the purchase confirmation screen, which details with the number of additional credits you need and the cost of purchasing them
  • Confirm the purchase of additional credits, which will be paid with your card on file
  • Complete the purchase

If you’re completely out of credits and have a few different classes you’d still like to take this month, you can purchase an add-on pack.

This is a one-time purchase, so you don’t have to worry about it automatically renewing next month.

To purchase an add-on credit pack, head to your Account Settings, select “Add credits to your cycle,” choose from the options and purchase the right pack for your needs.

If you’re using a ClassPass gift card, you’ll enter that here.

ClassPass Free Trial

ClassPass always has a free trial for new members promotion.

To take advantage of the current free trial offer, go to ClassPass.com and then click on the blue button in the middle of the screen which says “Try for free.”

Is ClassPass Worth It Now That ClassPass Unlimited Has Gone Away?

This will take you to a page that explains what is included in the current free trial offer.

At this moment, ClassPass is offering a free two-week membership which includes up to seven classes for new members who are in New York City.

What ClassPass chooses to include in the free trial will depend on the city you’re in and the time of year.

Longer free trials are common around holidays like New Year’s and at the start of summer.

Is ClassPass Worth It Now That ClassPass Unlimited Is Gone

If ClassPass has geolocated you incorrectly, you can tweak your location by selecting the city in “I’m in New York” and entering your city.

Is ClassPass Worth It Now That ClassPass Unlimited Has Gone Away

After you select the blue “Start your trial” button, you’ll be prompted to create a ClassPass account so you can start using your free ClassPass credits to book classes.

After your free trial ends, you will be automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription and billed for your first month of paid membership.

ClassPass Membership Fees

Big cities like New York City and Los Angeles have some of the most expensive ClassPass monthly membership fees.

The three tiers of membership in NYC are:

  • $49 per month for 27 credits to book 2–4 classes
  • $79 per month for 45 credits to book 4–6 classes
  • $159 per month for 100 credits to book 10–15 classes

The average class in New York City costs eight credits to reserve.

Is ClassPass Worth It Without ClassPass Unlimited?

Smaller cities like Austin, TX and Detroit, MI have lower ClassPass monthly membership fees.

The three tiers in Austin cost:

  • $39 per month for 21 credits to book 3–4 classes
  • $59 per month for 33 credits to book 5–8 classes
  • $99 per month for 60 credits to book 8–13 classes

The average class in Austin, TX costs five credits to reserve.

Is ClassPass Worth It Without ClassPass Unlimited

To find out what the ClassPass monthly fees are for the various credit tiers in your city, click this link and select “New York” to change the location to your city.

Is ClassPass Worth It?

Most people who have tried ClassPass tend to stick with it, making it a popular and rapidly growing subscription service.

But whether ClassPass is worth it for you will depend on your workout needs and preferences.

If you prefer to take the same fitness classes over and over again, it may make more sense to look into ClassPass competitors or buy a boutique fitness studio or gym membership.

If you like variety, consider ClassPass.

Regardless of what you think at this point, taking advantage of the ClassPass free trial membership is a great way to know for sure.

It’s risk free and easy, and if you hate it, you can always cancel before it converts to a paid membership.

Who knows, you may have just found your new favorite way to work out.

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