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9 Best Ice Tie-Dye Kits: Amazing Results With Little Effort!

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Ice tie-dyeing is, as the name implies, the process of using ice to create unique tie-dye patterns.

Tie-dyeing with ice is a simple technique that depends on the melting of the ice to form its stunning designs. 

This is a great activity for adults and children alike as it doesn’t require anything more than a piece of white fabric, ice, a tie-dye kit, plastic wrap, a wire rack, and some kind of vessel for catching the melting ice and dye.

Basic Instructions

To tie-dye with ice, get your fabric wet, then bunch the fabric up and place it on the rack.

Lay the rack on top of the container (a glass Pyrex dish or a large plastic bowl works well), and then cover the fabric completely with ice. 

Open the packets of tie-dye powder from the kit, and sprinkle them on top of the ice. Cover the ice with plastic wrap and let it sit for 8 hours.

Then rinse the fabric with cold water, and wash and dry. 

It is easier to use crushed ice as opposed to larger cubes as the smaller size enables you to move the ice around and cover every part of the fabric.

The more you crumple up the fabric, the more of the white fabric will show after dyeing.

Most tie-dye kits come with fiber-reactive dye that works best on fabrics made from cellulose fibers, such as cotton, hemp, and linen.

You can create tie-dye on synthetic fabrics such as polyester, but you will need to use a specific type of dye called disperse dye. 

Key Takeaways

The Tulip 15 Color Tie-Dye Kit is a great choice for those wanting to throw a tie-dye party. 

The Magicfly DIY Tie-Dye Set is ideal for those wanting an all-inclusive kit that contains everything they need to ice dye.

The Mosaiz Tie-Dye Kit is an excellent choice for kids as it comes with spray nozzles for easy application.

[amazon box=”B07HMNTV54,B08VMYMFVR,B081T52RVV” link_id=”32825″]

Tulip 15 Color Tie-Dye KitBest for group activity
Customizable DIY Ice Tie-Dye KitBest for guided color mixing
Tulip One-Step Ice Tie-Dye KitBeautiful color set
Vanli’s Tie-Dye Activity PackBiggest color variety
Magicfly DIY Tie-Dye SetBest all-inclusive kit
Jacquard Cold Water Dye SetGreat for tie-dyeing and shibori
Mosaiz Tie-Dye KitGood for kids
Pulaisen Tie-Dye KitInstructions for the most patterns included
Emooqi Vibrant Tie-Dye KitMost bang for your buck

Main Recommendations

The Best Tie-Dye Kit for Color Variety: Vanli’s Tie-Dye Activity Pack

The Best Tie-Dye Kit for Kids: Mosaiz Tie Dye Kit

The Best Tie-Dye Kit for Throwing a Tie-Dye Party: Tulip 15 Color Tie-Dye Kit

The Best All-Inclusive Tie-Dye Kit: Magicfly DIY Tie-Dye Set

[amazon box=”B08BQZRF6N,B081T52RVV,B07HMNTV54,B08VMYMFVR” link_id=”32837″]

1. Tulip 15 Color Tie-Dye Kit

[amazon box=”B07HMNTV54″ link_id=”32826″]

This tie-dye kit comes with 15 vibrant colors and is an ideal group-activity kit as it has enough supplies to tie-dye with 5 people. 


  • Doesn’t require presoaking with soda ash
  • Nontoxic dyes
  • Rainbow of color choices 
  • Includes a guide describing how to create 8 different patterns
  • Machine washable


  • Won’t work well with synthetic or protein based fabrics
  • Dye will need to be used within 24 hours of mixing it with water

2. Customizable DIY Ice Tie-Dye Kit

[amazon box=”B08GTMPG1M” link_id=”32827″]

This ice dye kit includes a 27 x 27-inch bandana for dyeing, soda ash, tie-dye, and a guide detailing how to tie-dye with ice. 


  • The included guide describes how to combine colors to make beautiful designs
  • Kit includes rubber bands, wooden spoons, and enough dye and soda ash to try multiple techniques
  • Kit is customizable; you choose the outcome you would like and the colors needed are sent to you


  • Only comes with one item to tie-dye and one set of colors
  • More costly than other options
  • Will need to make soda ash solution and soak fabric in it before applying tie-dye

3. Tulip One-Step Ice Tie-Dye Kit

[amazon box=”B08XM1W9L2″ link_id=”32828″]

The Tulip One-Step Ice Tie-Dye Kit comes with four gorgeous colors as well as rubber bands, plastic gloves, and an ice-dye grate.

The kit includes Sky, Blue, Lilac, and Lavender colors that combine to make an icy-cool pattern. 

Tulip makes four other one-step tie-dye kits with different color sets, including:

  • Glitter (comes with Blush, Lemon, Mint, and Lavender as well as a Glitter Mixer).
  • Glow in the Dark (includes Fuschia, Orange, Yellow, Lime, and a Glow Mixer).
  • Ombre (has Sky, Lavender, Salmon, and Butterscotch).
  • Stripes (contains Pink, Yellow, Teal, and Royal Blue).

Each of these kits can also be used to ice dye. 


  • Kit contains everything you need to ice dye except for fabric and a container to catch the melted ice
  • No soda ash required


  • Kit does not include warmer colors

4. Vanli’s Tie-Dye Activity Pack

[amazon box=”B08BQZRF6N” link_id=”32829″]

This activity pack comes with a huge selection of 35 different colors as well as 3D fabric paints, disposable aprons, gloves, tablecloths, rubber bands, and a guidebook.

This pack is a good choice for a classroom tie-dyeing lesson


  • Comes with 30-day guarantee
  • Nontoxic
  • Includes glow-in-the-dark fabric paint


  • Instructions don’t describe what temperature of water to use or how much water to use

5. Magicfly DIY Tie-Dye Set

[amazon box=”B08VMYMFVR” link_id=”32830″]

This kit comes with 20 different colors and step-by-step instructions for creating seven different tie-dye patterns. 


  • Doesn’t need to be soaked in soda ash before use
  • Nontoxic
  • Comes with a handy carrying case


  • Doesn’t include a rack for the ice-dyeing process

6. Jacquard Cold Water Dye Set 

[amazon box=”B0048BMTJW” link_id=”32831″]

This cold-water dye set comes with 8 different colors of batik dyes, specifically designed for use with resist dyeing methods such as tie-dye or shibori.


  • Enough dye in each container for 8-10 adult-sized shirts
  • Bright, long-lasting colors


  • Will need to soak in soda ash solution prior to tie-dyeing
  • Should not be used on synthetic fibers such as polyester or nylon

7. Mosaiz Tie-Dye Kit

[amazon box=”B081T52RVV” link_id=”32832″]

This tie-dye kit includes 26 bright colors as well as three spray nozzles for easy application, making it a great choice for kids’ tie-dyeing activities.


  • Comes with an instructional guide 
  • Squeeze bottles make creating a variety of designs simple and fun


  • Comes with only three spray nozzles, which will need to be cleaned between colors

8. Pulaisen Tie-Dye Kit

[amazon box=”B08GHM6YHY” link_id=”32833″]

This tie-dye kit has 18 unique colors and includes instructions for tie-dyeing with ice. This kit contains enough supplies for six people to tie-dye.


  • Doesn’t need to be soaked in soda ash solution before dyeing
  • Long-lasting colors that are machine safe
  • Includes a guide with instructions for nine tie-dye patterns


  • Colors aren’t as bright as other brands

9. Emooqi Vibrant Tie-Dye Kit

[amazon box=”B08K3J4JWK” link_id=”32834″]

This kit contains 15 different colors as well as squeeze bottles, gloves, aprons, tablecloths, an instruction guide, sealable bags, a spoon, a funnel, and rubber bands, making it a comprehensive and cost-effective selection for tie-dye parties. 

All you need to supply is ice, the fabric to be dyed, a rack to dye over, and a container to catch the dye and melted ice, and you’re good to go!


  • Easy to mix colors
  • Enough dye included to create multiple projects


  • Works best on natural fibers
  • Instructions have some typos
  • Doesn’t tell you how much water to mix into the dye


Ice tie-dyeing is a fun and easy process that can be enjoyed by adults and children, beginners and professionals.

All you need is ice, something to dye, a rack, a container to catch the melting ice and dye, and one of the tie-dye kits listed in this article to get started making your own groovy ice tie-dye designs.

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