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  • Nationwide
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  • The most advanced audio/video transcription service online. Over 50K certified transcribers with consistent accuracy. Starting at $0.10/min of audio.

Are you searching for a great side hustle?

Freelancing and contract work are gaining popularity thanks to remote options and an increasing market for gig work options.

But many freelancers simply don’t know where to look.

Transcription is an easy and popular way to supplement income—and with a gig company like Scribie, you can start earning extra money today.

We’ve reviewed everything you need to know about the popular transcription service, so you can decide if Scribie is for you.

What is Scribie?

Scribie is a transcription service provider that aims to prioritize consistency, accuracy, and speed.

The company offers artificial intelligence transcription services and contracts freelance workers to transcribe audio and video files.

Scribie has been in the market for over 14 years, and the company’s 500k+ freelancers work remotely. This transcription service has catered to industry giants like Google, Twilio, Netflix, and Stripe.

You never know who a potential client could be, and if you’re fortunate and have your timing just right, you could find yourself writing subtitles for your favorite tv show.

What is Scribie Used For?

Scribie is a versatile transcription service provider, and the company offers several different options for businesses and individuals seeking quick and easy solutions.

Scribie’s AI transcriber offers efficient and rapid services, but many opt for human transcribers instead.

Scribie offers podcast and video transcriptions, and users can choose from various documents, from dissertations to marketing materials.

How Scribie Works

Scribie is a fully remote company that outsources its transcription orders. You do not have to go into a formal office to be a freelancer through Scribie.

Clients submit orders through the platform by uploading video or audio files, sending a payment, and downloading finished PDF files.

Conversely, contracted workers claim individual files and complete the transcription in the allotted time.

Working on Scribie is relatively simple. Transcribers can filter files by size or difficulty in claiming them. Then, the AI generates a transcription, which users edit and revise before resubmitting to clients.

It’s essential you remember that the AI isn’t perfect. You will still need to do transcription work, and if you don’t make edits, it will be clear to the clients you serve. Scribie isn’t going to do your job for you, but it will make your transcribing job easier!

Notable Features of Scribie

Scribie offers many unique features that distinguish this company from similar service providers.

For example, the company offers a 99% accuracy rate—higher than most.

Consider some of the company’s primary features and offerings before committing to this gig work option.

AI-Powered Transcription

The most valuable feature of Scribie is its AI-powered transcription service.

The text-to-speech bot is a one-stop-shop for prospective clients seeking a quick solution—but it also works for transcribers, who can generate an automated transcription and make any amendments necessary.

The AI software works well, but as with all AI tools, it requires human assistance to perform optimally.

Easy Work & Flexible Hours

One of the perks of Scribie is that it caters to transcribers of all levels.

This company will hire applicants with little to no experience, and with flexible work hours and adaptive pay, it offers a highly versatile and customizable work experience.

You can have more freedom over when, where, and how you invest your time and energy when working for yourself.

Self-Selected, Collaborative Assignments

Each transcriber can manually select assignments.

Additionally, you can filter assignments by length, difficulty, priority, and more.

Specialized Transcription Services

Scribie offers specialized transcription services to accommodate unique business and personal needs.

The company mainly offers:

  • Video transcriptions
  • Podcast transcriptions
  • Sermons & Dissertations
  • Legal Documents
  • Marketing & Business Materials

Because you can choose which assignments you claim, this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about different genres and markets. Additionally, transcribing for other companies can help you understand how to run a business of your own!

Work From Home And Make $5–$20 Per Hour

All Scribie transcribers work remotely, which means you can benefit from the flexible schedule that remote work allows.

Additionally, Scribie claims that each writer receives between $5 to $20 per hour, which can amount to a pretty penny if you are looking for supplemental income.

How Much Does Scribie Cost?

Scribie’s automated transcription service costs $0.10 per minute of transcription.

The manual service costs $0.80 per minute of audio. Remember that transcribers only receive a commission—not the total charge.

If the transcriber does not meet the 99% accuracy requirement, the client only needs to pay once the order is complete and meets the satisfactory criteria.

Scribie Promotions & Savings

Scribie typically offers select promotions and savings around holidays, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Additionally, you can secure savings if you are a student or education professional.

Does Scribie Have a Free Trial?

Scribie does not have a free trial option since users incur charges by the minute.

However, you can opt for a short (and thus cheap) transcription to try the service and view your results.

Scribie’s automated service is more affordable than manual transcription, so you may wish to start there if you are on a budget.

Does Scribie Offer Coupon Codes?

Scribie occasionally offers coupon codes for special events, holidays, and partnerships.

You can find Scribie coupon codes with a quick Google search.

Alternatively, sign up for the company’s newsletter or wait for holidays and sales to place an order through Scribie.

Who are Scribie’s Main Alternatives?

There are several other transcription services in the market.

The following are included in the best gig apps we’ve reviewed. If you are looking for part-time, contracted work, any of the companies below may fit your needs.

  • BabbleType: This company offers transcription and translation services. Babbletype is always looking to hire new writers, and the company pays relatively well. Additionally, you can benefit from flexible and collaborative working conditions.
  • SpeakWrite: SpeakWrite is one of the world’s oldest and most established transcription providers. SpeakWrite caters primarily to legal professionals and government organizations.
  • TranscribeMe: TranscribeMe works in much the same way as Scribie. Freelancers select the audio files they wish to transcribe and earn income by the minute. TranscribeMe typically pays $15–$22 per hour.

How Does Scribie Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

First, Scribie offers a blend of automated and manual transcription, which allows clients to select between both options and empowers writers to work more efficiently.

Scribie pays by the audio minute (rather than by the actual minute), which can be a disadvantage since the average typist needles double the audio time to complete a file.

Lastly, Scribie offers transcription services across many genres and business sectors.

Who is Scribie Best For?

Scribie is best for beginners.

The service works well for emergent entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking quick and accessible solutions to their transcription needs since Scribie is affordable.

Additionally, Scribie is a great employer for beginner transcribers since the job demands little pre-existing knowledge.

Why is Scribie Best for Beginners?

Scribie is best for beginners because it is accessible, affordable and easy to get started with.

Additionally, a flexible schedule (and pay) means you can determine what works for you before moving on.

This job may not be best for advanced transcribers since the pay is relatively low.

Is Scribie Easy to Use?

Scribie is relatively easy to use.

The application process is swift and accessible, and the company is always looking for new applicants.

Scribie is also easy for clients since they simply have to upload their audio files, send payment, and await a quick download.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Most users love Scribie for the flexibility and adaptivity of this service.

Scribie offers transcriptions across more genres and markets than most competitors, so you can learn much from working for this company.

Additionally, many love the freedom of remote work, and Scribie does not require workers to attend meetings or meet monthly quotas.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

The primary issue that most freelancers take with Scribie is pay related.

Many freelancers complain that Scribie pays too little for their services and that the company occasionally rejects articles they have spent a long time working on.

How to Sign Up For Scribie

Signing up for Scribie is relatively easy.

To get started, simply navigate to Scribie.com/jobs and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Read the Onboarding Information

Scribie requires you to carefully read onboarding information, guidelines, terms, and FAQs before submitting your application.

This allows the company to pre-screen applicants and will enable you to assess the details of the job before investing time into the application.

Remember to read everything carefully, as specific details may impact your decision.

Step 2: Log in with Paypal

To get started with Scribie, you need to log in with Paypal.

This allows the company to harness your name, address, and email.

Additionally, you will get paid through Paypal, so ensure that you enter the correct login information.

Step 3: Fill Out the Application

Scribie’s application is straightforward.

Enter the following information—and remember not to skip any one step since the company receives many applicants and you want to set yourself apart.

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Typing Speed
  • Transcription Experience

Step 4: Take the Transcription Test

Once you submit your application, the company will send you a transcription test.

This test consists of an audio file that you must transcribe.

Click the link in your email, enter your contact information to create your account, and begin the test.

You must submit the raw transcript within two hours of receipt, and you can attempt the test 10 times.

Once you have finished, submit the test.

Step 5: Begin Work!

Scribie will inform you of your application status within a given period.

Once you obtain your position, you can get started right away.

Simply claim your articles, run the automated transcription service, and make the requisite edits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you still have reservations about using or working for Scribie, consider the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

How Much Can You Make at Scribie?

Transcribers typically earn 50 cents per six-minute file at Scribie.

This is relatively low pay compared to similar transcription services. However, Scribie uses an automated transcriber, so you will likely have a lighter workload than elsewhere.

Is Working for Scribie Worth It?

Working for Scribie may be worth it for those seeking a supplemental income or people living in developing countries.

However, if you are looking for significant pay or trying to replace your day job, there may be a better position.

Similar Companies to Check Out

If you are interested in transcription work, but Scribie isn’t for you, consider some alternatives below.

  • Allegis Transcription: Allegis is a transcription company that offers more competitive pay and higher skill requirements than Scribie. This is a better option for more advanced transcribers and may not be best for beginners.
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk: Amazon Mechanical Turk offers comprehensive remote services from transcription to data entry. This company is best for those seeking broad content categories and variety in their remote work. You can write for websites, translate articles, or audit images and videos.
  • Same Speak: Same Speak is an organization that offers immersive language courses and practice sessions. You can work with Same Speak to teach foreigners how to speak English. This service is best for those seeking to broaden their linguistic skills.

Wrapping Up

With the growing popularity of the gig economy, there is freelance work for everyone.

To find the gig company that best suits your needs, consider experimenting with Scribie or checking out some of our other articles on similar companies and services. We have tools, advice, and tips on how to make the most of your freelance and blogging career.

Please leave any reviews, questions, and comments in the section below. We hope you find the side gig of your dreams and that Scribie can help you along the way.


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