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Best Canvas Board – 5 Choices Reviewed for Quality

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Whether you would just like to practice and experiment with canvas boards or have hopes of displaying or even selling your artwork, quality matters.

Using thin, flimsy canvas boards is a recipe for disappointment, not to mention a waste of time and money.  

Invest in a quality canvas board set, like any of the panels featured below, and you’ll be able to focus on your work instead of worrying whether or not the panel is going to hold up and remain flat and smooth.

My favorite pick:

[amazon box=”B01MQQAQ74″ link_id=”32525″]

Why this one? 

You get not one but four different sizes of already primed panels, and the smooth 100% cotton surface will stand up to a variety of paint types, not just acrylics.

Also, with the recycled-paper core, you can feel good about being environmentally friendly while not having to worry about warping or the panel easily losing its shape.

With 28 boards per pack, this one is an excellent bargain and an easy choice.

Canvas Boards – Best Quality Overall

This canvas board has the avid painter in mind. It consists of natural elements that make the painting experience even better.

There is no prep needed before painting, and the variety of sizes allow for different types of projects. 

Arteza Multipack Canvas

[amazon box=”B01MQQAQ74″ link_id=”23802″]

This canvas comes in a pack of multiple panels, varying in sizes from 5 x 7 to 11 x 14 inches (seven each), totaling 28 in all.

What makes this set unique is that the cores of these panels come from recycled paper. The canvas itself is cotton, which creates a smooth surface for brushing. 

If you are an artist who uses a variety of mediums, this canvas is for you.

It can withstand all kinds of paint and has an acrylic titanium gesso primer already in place, so you can start creating immediately.

They come in classic and premium white so that you can create anything on a plain background. 


  • Surfaces are safe to use, acid free, and consist of cotton and recyclable paper.
  • Ready to use. You don’t have to use a primer because it is already there.   
  • It withstands all types of medium. Use any paint, acrylic, oil, gouache, or tempera. 
  • 100% money-back guarantee. Return the canvas if it doesn’t work for you. 
  • Plain white canvas. The white background allows for any creation. 
  • Variable sizes. You have access to four different sizes, seven panels of each size, for your particular need. 


  • Not ideal for watercolors or pours.
  • Reports of board warping or bending. 
  • Should moisten the backs to prevent warping. 
  • It may be too thin for some projects and may not hang well on a wall. 

Best Value Canvas Boards

Whether you are a student or a professional artist, these canvas boards will meet your expectations.

They consist of high-quality materials that can withstand any painting medium. 

Conda Brand Canvas

[amazon box=”B01JLTDCYG” link_id=”23804″]

This canvas comes in a pack of 12 panels, each 8 x 10 inches. The canvas board already has a primer in place, so you don’t have to prep your canvas panels.

The surface is cotton, which gives that smooth painting experience you desire. 

You can use any paint on these panels, including oil and acrylic, and you won’t have to worry about toxic materials because the canvas is acid free. 


  • High-quality materials. The surface is cotton and nontoxic. 
  • No prep is needed. Primer is already present, so you can start creating right away. 
  • Canvases are separate. Each canvas has cellophane around it for protection. 
  • Good customer service. Contact Conda for any problems and expect a quick response. 
  • Ideal for students and professionals. Anyone can use this canvas. 
  • Resistant to water. Don’t worry about spilling water on your canvas.
  • Ideal for different types of medium, including spray paints. 


  • Not sturdy enough to hang by itself. Need to frame or use an adhesive strip to hang on the wall. 
  • It is very thin (⅛ inch).
  • Customers report that these don’t do well with heavy projects. 
  • Only available in one size. 

Luxlia Brand Canvas

[amazon box=”B089CS7Z14″ link_id=”23805″]

This 15-pack blank canvas panel set comes in 8 x 10 inch panels only. It contains nontoxic materials and a primer, meaning your canvas is ready to use.

Your brush will move easily along the smooth surface. Each canvas has a separate wrapping so they don’t rub together. 

Luxlia is an American company that believes in quality customer satisfaction.

If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, they will provide you with a free replacement or return your money. 


  • Ready to use. Contains a primer so you can paint with ease. 
  • Ideal for most types of paint. Can withstand acrylic and oil paints. 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. Luxlia responds quickly and will provide a free replacement or refund if you aren’t satisfied. 
  • Consists of nontoxic materials. The canvas is acid free. 
  • Great for kid projects. Will provide hours of fun at parties. 


  • Must frame before hanging on a wall.
  • Comes in only one size.

Best Primed Canvas Boards

This is a stretched canvas board, meaning it stretches over the entire board and fastens to the back of the frame with staples. Stretching makes it more durable.

With this type of canvas, it is easier to use multiple varieties of paints because they won’t destroy the board. 

GotiDeal Brand Stretched Canvas

[amazon box=”B087M21MM2″ link_id=”23806″]

This consists of a woven cloth that stretches over the edges of a frame that can hang on the wall.

Staples in the back hold the material in place. This 10-piece set includes canvases in five sizes ranging from 4 x 4 to 11 x 14 inches, two pieces of each size. 

The canvas consists of 100% cotton and will hold paint without seeping through the canvas.

It can accommodate a variety of paints, including acrylic, watercolors, tempera, gouache, and oils.

You will be ready to paint because this set of canvases has primer already on them. 


  • Nontoxic materials. The canvas is acid free.
  • Multipack of different sizes. There are five sizes for any occasion. 
  • Ideal for a variety of mediums. You can use all kinds of paints without worry.
  • Multipurpose canvas. You can use this for reverse canvas artwork. 


  • Stretched canvas may be easier to rip.

Best Linen Canvas Boards

If you paint with oil, the linen panels are what you should use. Famous artists and art teachers use linen because of the way paint sticks to it and doesn’t fade.

The paint does not absorb into the linen, which makes it easier to blend colors. 

Centurion Brand Linen Panel

[amazon box=”B004WQFU3K” link_id=”23807″]

This six-pack set of linen panels have oil priming that protects the surface. There’s no need to prep the board.

Linen is the surface of choice for well-known artists and professional painters. You can paint thin layers without destroying the paint because of the oil primer.

These linen boards are ⅛ inch thick, and the backing is actual wood. 


  • Easier to mix colors. The paint does not absorb into the linen. 
  • No need to prime before using. The primer is already in the linen and ready to use. 
  • Nontoxic. Has acid-free materials. 
  • Durable material. Wood backing is sturdy, and the linen panel is solid. 


  • For oil paints only. 
  • More expensive than canvas.

Buying Canvas Board – Things to Consider

Before you choose a canvas board, know what qualities to look for. Select something with high-quality materials.

The Canvas

The canvas should be snug but not too tight, or it may tear. A canvas too loose may not be sturdy.

Select a canvas that already has a gesso primer so that the paint stays on the surface and not deep into the canvas.

Your painting will have better quality when the paint stays on the surface. 

Consider a canvas that doesn’t warp or crack. Choose a canvas at least 1.38 inches thick so it will be sturdy.

The Frame

The frame should be supportive and sturdy. Canvas larger than 24 x 36 inches should have a bar that crosses the canvas horizontally.

Related Questions:

Do You Have to Use a Medium With Oil Paint? 

Using a medium with oil paint is a personal choice. Some oil paints are quite thick, and many artists find them easier to apply when they have been thinned.

For some artists and painting applications, a thick oil paint is preferable and no medium will be needed.

Can You Paint Directly on Canvas?

You can paint directly on canvas, but applying a primer first or purchasing canvases that have already been primed will produce better results.

A primer prevents the paint from absorbing into the canvas. For oil painting, use gesso or an oil primer, and for acrylic painting, a gesso is generally the preferred choice.

How Do You Hang a Canvas Panel?

To hang a canvas panel, you can use nails, brackets, hooks, or adhesive strips. It depends on the canvas size. Clean and measure the wall before hanging. 

Another option is to frame the canvas panel before hanging. Depending on the depth of the board, a regular frame can be used, but others prefer to use a plein air frame.

Wrapping It Up

The canvas board you select will be the very foundation of you artwork, so cheap, flimsy panels are not an option for any painter who cares about their work.

Overall, the Arteza Multipack Canvas is a great choice. Perfect for acrylic, oil, tempera, gouache, and more, it’s hard to beat in terms of durability and value.

With this set, you’re getting the most bang for your buck without sacrificing quality.

After all, isn’t that what we’re all really looking for?

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