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5 Best Dremels for Engraving Like a Pro

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Do-it-yourself engraving allows you to create customized personal messages or designs on gifts, to decorate items for fun, and to mark your belongings for identification purposes.

A top-quality rotary tool, such as one by Dremel, is the best and easiest way to get started with engraving. There are, however, many options from which to choose.

What are the best Dremels for engraving? The best Dremels for engraving are the Dremel 4300 – 5/40, Dremel 4000 – 6/50, Dremel 4000 – 4/34, Dremel 3000 – 2/28, and the micro Dremel 8050 – N/18. Each of these models has plenty of power to engrave even hard materials and comes with all the required accessories.

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Having a variety of options to choose from is usually a good thing, especially when they are all from a well-established company with an excellent reputation, like Dremel.

However, all those choices can be a little confusing, particularly when so many of them look alike but have slightly different power capabilities and attachments.

That’s why I’ve taken the liberty of sorting through them for you, selecting the best of the best that will exceed your expectations when it comes to engraving.

The Best Dremels for Engraving

Dremel rotary tools are multifunctional, versatile tools that are capable of sanding, polishing, grinding, carving, cutting, drilling, and more.

They also happen to be ideal for engraving. (I explain why here.)

Materials such as wood, glass, plastic, leather, metal, and stone are no match for these powerful handheld tools. 

Dremel, a power tool company, was founded in 1932 by Albert J. Dremel. Since then, the company has grown tremendously and earned a reputation as being an innovative producer of high-quality tools.

Although the company is now a division of Bosch, the name Dremel has a reputation that precedes it.

Really, any Dremel rotary tool can be used to engrave items, but I’ve found the models listed below to be the best choices when it comes to engraving tools.

Dremel 4300 – 5/40

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The Dremel 4300  – 5/40 is the crème de la crème of Dremel rotary tools. From simple letter engraving to highly detailed, intricate designs, this tool will allow you to produce professional results every time.

This workhorse features Dremel’s most powerful motor with built-in variable speed (5,000 – 35,000 rpm) so that you can tackle any project while working at your own pace. 

The electronic feedback circuitry ensures accurate tool control as it automatically adjusts power and speed as you work.

The handy pivot light attachment brightly illuminates your project, allowing you to engrave in tight, dark spaces without shadows getting in your way.

The redesigned air-flow system helps to prevent overheating and allows the tool to run smoothly and more quietly than other models.

However, I think that the most notable feature is that this model comes standard with a universal, easy-to-use three-jaw chuck, meaning that the entire line of Dremel accessories, regardless of shank size, is compatible with the 4300 – 5/40.

Best Features – Three-jaw chuck and pivot LED light.

Key Features

  • Five attachments – pivot LED light, lawn mower/tool sharpener, shield, multipurpose cutting kit, and sanding/grinding guide.
  • High performance motor (1.8 amp).
  • Adjustable speed.
  • Upgraded air-flow system.
  • Electronic feedback.
  • Slim design with ergonomic features for comfort.
  • Storage case and accessory case.
  • Accessories for engraving, sanding, polishing, grinding, cutting, etc. – 40 in all.

Dremel 4000 – 6/50

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Like the Dremel 4300, this incredibly versatile Dremel rotary tool also features variable speed adjustment between 5,000 and 35,000 rpm and a built-in electronic feedback system for consistent, high-quality performance.

This model comes with six attachments: a circle cutter/straight edge guide, multipurpose cutting guide, lawn mower/tool sharpener, shaping platform, a shield, and best of all – a flex shaft. 

The flex shaft is an extension tool with a flexible cable that attaches directly into the main Dremel tool in seconds.

Simply hang the main tool close to where you’re working, attach the flex shaft, and add whatever bit or accessory you plan on using directly to the flex shaft.

The smaller flex shaft is ideal for when you need to access hard-to-reach areas of your project and for adding fine details.

Best Feature – Flex shaft.

Key Features

  • Six attachments – flex shaft, circle cutter/straight edge guide, multipurpose cutting guide, lawn mower/tool sharpener, shaping platform, and a shield.
  • High performance motor (1.6 amp).
  • Compatible with all Dremel accessories and attachments.
  • Deluxe storage case, accessory case, and 50 high-quality Dremel accessories.
  • Adjustable speed.
  • Electronic feedback system.
  • Innovative ventilation system.
  • Two-year tool warranty.
  • Slim, ergonomic design.
  • 360° grip zone for comfortable handling and superior control.

Dremel 4000 – 4/34

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The Dremel 4000 – 4/34 is an economic alternative to the 4000 – 6/50, yet it has many of the same features and is nearly just as versatile. 

The rotary tool itself is actually identical to the one included in the 4000 – 6/50 model; however, this model only comes with 34 accessories instead of 50. 

Another difference is the number of attachments.

The 4000 – 4/34 includes four attachments: a multipurpose cutting guide, a sanding/grinding guide, a circle cutter/straight edge guide, and a detailer’s grip.

For engravers, the detailer’s grip can make a world of difference in terms of accuracy as it allows the user to hold the tool more comfortably while laboring over fine details requiring precision.

Best Feature – Detailer’s grip.

Key Features

  • Four attachments – multipurpose cutting guide, sanding/grinding guide, circle cutter/straight edge guide, and detailer’s grip.
  • High performance motor (1.6 amp).
  • Compatible with all Dremel accessories and attachments.
  • Storage case, accessory case, and 34 Dremel accessories.
  • Adjustable speed.
  • Electronic feedback system.
  • Innovative ventilation system.
  • Two-year tool warranty.
  • Slim, ergonomic design.
  • 360° grip zone for comfortable handling and superior control.

Dremel 3000 – 2/28

[amazon box=”B005JRJE7Y” link_id=”35201″]

This Dremel model may have a slightly less powerful motor than the previously listed tools, but it is still more than capable of meeting your engraving expectations.

As long as you’re using the right bit for the job, the Dremel 3000 – 2/28 can handle engraving on both soft materials like wood and plastic and hard materials like metal, glass, and stone.

This model does include a multipurpose cutting kit attachment and a shaping platform attachment, but what I like most is the EZ Twist nose cap for fast and easy accessory changes.

Unlike some other models, no wrench is required for switching out accessories as you work. I also appreciate the fact that this model comes with fewer accessories.

Sounds strange, I know, but if you are purchasing a Dremel for primarily engraving work, you really don’t need all those extras anyway.

Best Feature – EZ Twist nose cap. 

Key Features

  • Two attachments – multipurpose cutting kit and shaping platform.
  • High performance motor (1.2 amp).
  • Compatible with all Dremel accessories with a ⅛ inch shank.
  • Storage case, accessory case, and 28 accessories.
  • Six variable speeds – 5,000 – 35,000 rpm.
  • Innovative ventilation system.
  • Two-year tool warranty.
  • Slim, ergonomic design.
  • 360° grip zone for comfortable handling and superior control.

Dremel 8220-1/28

[amazon box=”B008DRY5AI” link_id=”35202″]

This micro rotary tool is powerful enough to cut through metal easily, yet it only weighs 1.3 pounds, so it’s incredibly comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver while engraving.

This micro tool runs off of a 12-volt lithium-ion battery and comes with a docking station for charging.

This means that there is no annoying power cord to get in your way – a huge benefit! A built-in LED battery-life indicator lets you know when it’s time to recharge.

The speed is easily controlled by plus/minus buttons on the front of the tool and can range from 5,000 to 35,000 rpm.

One of the best features is the front-end LED project light to aid in vision and accuracy.

Shadows and dark, recessed areas will not be a problem at all to engrave with illumination shining directly from the tool.

Best Features – Cordless and LED project light.

Key Features

  • Battery operated – no cord.
  • Includes charging station and battery-life indicator.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold.
  • LED project light.
  • Variable speeds up to 35,000 rpm.
  • Includes 28 high-quality Dremel accessories.
  • Plus/minus buttons for speed control.

Quick Recap

The Dremel 4300 – 5/40 is my top recommendation for home engraving.

[amazon box=”B01M1SJNVU” link_id=”35203″]

The pivot light, which allows you to focus light directly on your targeted work area, is a great advantage, and the three-jaw chuck makes switching out accessories a breeze. 

No matter which model you choose, you can rest assured that your Dremel will get the job done. 

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