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6 Best Batteries for Blink Cameras in (2023) [Top Pics + Buyer’s Guide]

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Finding the right set of batteries for a Blink camera can be tricky.

You might end up purchasing single-use batteries in haste while your camera also takes rechargeable batteries.

However, the trick here is to cover every aspect before purchasing blink batteries, especially by looking at the battery type and safety traits like temperature resistance, shelf life, etc.

Starting from lithium batteries to their alkaline counterparts, it all comes down to their ability to store charge and keep performing across cycles.

And if you plan on placing the camera outdoors, weatherproof and leak-resistance battery choices become apparent.

Regardless, it is all about checking out the best batteries for blink cameras and taking calls accordingly.

Keeping the requirements and pain points in mind, I have prepared a list of Blink camera batteries that are easy to procure, use, and pair with specific camera modules.

Not to mention the heat and cold resistance associated with these batteries.

Also, you need to understand that a fully-equipped Blink camera might have to work with Wi-Fi and cover a large field of view, making the battery life an important criterion to consider.

The Best Batteries for Blink Cameras (Overview)

Best Non-Rechargeable
Energizer Ultimate

Reliable batteries from an industry leader

Best Rechargeable
Duracell 4 Count Pack

A great rechargeable option from another industry leader

Best Value for Money
Duracell Optimum

A wallet-friendly budget alternative

Full List of Batteries for Blink Cameras

We’ve included an overview of our top picks above. For a full list and detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Best Non-Rechargeable Batteries: Energizer Ultimate 6 Count
  2. Best AA Lithium Batteries for Blink Camera: Enegitech 16 Pack
  3. Best Rechargeable Batteries for Blink Camera: Duracell 4 Count Pack
  4. Best Batteries for Blink XT2: Bevigor AA Lithium
  5. Best Value for Money: Duracell Optimum
  6. Best 1.5 Lithium Battery for Blink Camera: Amazon Basics AA
Best Batteries for Blink Camera

I have personally tested each of the following blink camera battery replacement units by pairing them with Blink security cameras installed outside our office.

Some batteries responded better in terms of longevity, whereas some resisted changes in weather and temperature better.

In the subsequent sections, I shall talk about 6 such resourceful replacement batteries for blink cameras, segregated as per composition, battery life, type, and even budget.

Energizer Ultimate 6 Count
  • Battery Cell Composition: Lithium
  • Type: Lithium AAA, AA, and 9V
  • No. of Batteries: 6
  • Battery Life: 20 Years
  • Rechargeable: No

Are you surprised to see a non-rechargeable battery for blink camera topping the list?

Don’t be surprised as the Energizer Ultimate 6-Count is worth its weight in gold.

What makes it a better bet than the Energizer Max is its ability to hold the charge for over 15 years when not in use.

Why is it best suited for Blink Camera?

The 6-count battery pack comprises AA, AAA, and 9V options — boasting excellent device coverage and longevity.

Each lithium-infused battery unit is highly functional and provides a direct and quick power source.

The blink lithium batteries are capable of withstanding extreme temperature changes going all the way down to -40 and all the way up to 140-degree Fahrenheit.

Plus, the leak-proof design makes the Ultimate pack an excellent choice for some high-end devices like game controllers, digital cameras, and more.

Battery Life

The longevity of this Energizer back depends on the usage.

However, when it comes to cumulative storage, the AA and AAA modules can be expected to retain charges for almost 20 years.

The 9V variants can be stored for close to 10 years without any performance drops.

Should you buy it?

If you aren’t much into recharging your blink camera battery, the 6-pack Energizer Ultimate is a great choice.

As it can withstand massive temperature shifts, it becomes the best battery for blink camera, regardless of the outdoor temperature shifts.

  • Excellent longevity
  • High power batteries
  • Leakproof
  • Cost-effective
  • Cannot be recharged

Do you own a AA battery-powered camera?

Searching for a reliable blink camera battery replacement?

The Enegitech 16-pack unit is an excellent offering.

Read on to learn more!

Enegitech 16 Pack
  • Battery Cell Composition: Lithium-Ion
  • Type: AA
  • No. of Batteries: 16
  • Battery Life: 10 Years
  • Rechargeable: No

In case you plan on going non-chargeable with your choice of AA lithium batteries for a blink camera, it is better to go for the number.

This is where the Enegitech 16 Pack unit comes in handy, boasting of an improved output as compared to the CR123a from the same brand.

Why is it best suited for Blink Camera?

This pack of AA lithium batteries comprises 16 units, with each having 3000mAh of operating juice.

The lithium-ion entities are great at keeping the charge intact for years at once.

Plus, it is at least 30% lighter as compared to some of the more popular alkaline battery modules.

Capable of working with a voltage rating of 1.5V, the Enegitech AA Lithium is also leak-proof and capable of withstanding higher temperature fluctuations.

Battery Life

As mentioned, the 3000mAh blink batteries associated with the pack can be stored for 10 years at once.

And just so you know, the Enegitech AA Lithium isn’t rechargeable in nature despite being one of the best batteries to use in Blink camera.

Should you buy it?

If you do not prefer recharging Blink camera batteries, the Enegitech AA pack can be a great pick, especially if you are a heavy user and need to rely on numbers.

  • 16 battery units
  • Storage capacity of 10 years
  • Leakproof
  • One of the best brands for 1.5v lithium batteries
  • Cannot be recharged
Duracell 4 Count Pack
  • Battery Cell Composition: Alkaline
  • Type: AA and AAA
  • No. of Batteries: 4
  • Battery Life: 10 Years or 400 recharges
  • Rechargeable: Yes

Blink lithium batteries are good enough, but nothing beats the rechargeable batteries with Duracell 4 Count Pack coming across as one of the more reliable options.

As compared to the Duracell Optimum, the rechargeable pack is known to last longer, especially if you prefer pairing it with outdoor blink cameras.

Why is it best suited for Blink Camera?

This pack of batteries for blink cameras comprises 4 double A battery modules.

The alkaline composition makes this set rechargeable and more potent than some of the basic lithium-ion packs.

Also, Duracell promises leak-proof and weatherproof battery units, which are great at withstanding temperature extremities.

Battery Life

As far as longevity is concerned, this offering works well with a NiMH charger, boasting 10 years of overall backup.

In case you are interested in a battery cycle, you can use the same for 400 charges.

Should you buy it?

Yes, if you are fed up with replacement batteries for blink cameras, the Duracell rechargeable battery pack is certainly worth investing in.

And with 400 charges supported throughout, there aren’t many products that match its efficiency.

  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Easy to charge
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Meant for portable blink cameras
  • Only 4 pieces
  • Not exactly waterproof
Bevigor AA Lithium
  • Battery Cell Composition: Lithium-Ion
  • Type: AA
  • No. of Batteries: 12
  • Battery Life: 10 years
  • Rechargeable: No

Rechargeable batteries are good, but nothing beats the game of numbers, something that the Bevigor AA Lithium battery pack takes care of.

Also, this blink outdoor camera battery pack comes across as a better bet than the Bevigor CR123A, which features 1500mAh battery units.

Why is it best suited for Blink Camera?

The Bevigor AA Lithium comes across as a 12-pack set, with each module boasting 3000mAh of firepower.

As a 1.5V unit, each Bevigor module can hold onto the essence longer than usual.

Also, the AA batteries can be used with smart devices and are capable of withstanding massive temperature shifts.

Next in line is the leakproof structure, followed by the lithium-ion composition.

Battery Life

Each battery, relevant to the Bevigor AA Lithium pack, can last up to 10 years at once.

And even though you cannot recharge the same, expect this to be the best blink XT2 battery, courtesy of the excellent backup meant for extended usage.

Should you buy it?

If you are looking to get standard non-rechargeable batteries for blink outdoor cameras, the Bevigor AA Lithium is the perfect pack to consider.

Also, its affordable pricing makes it one of the better picks on the list.

  • 12 pack set
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Leak-proof
  • Weather-proof
  • Cannot be recharged
Duracell Optimum
  • Battery Cell Composition: Alkaline
  • Type: AA
  • No. of Batteries: 6
  • Battery Life: 10 Years
  • Rechargeable: No

There aren’t many one-time-use batteries that can offer the perfect balance between power and affordability Duracell Optimum is the best option to go with.

Plus, this pack delivers more power per dollar as compared to the Coppertop variant.

Why is it best suited for Blink Camera?

The Duracell Optimum 6-pack battery set comprises 6, 1.5volt batteries, boasting alkaline composition.

The AA batteries are precisely designed to last longer, regardless of the device you pair them with.

When it comes to the structure, this battery pack comes equipped with a reliable slider pack—featuring a resalable tray for easy storage.

Plus, the easy-seal structure makes it easier for the battery to assume a leak-proof and anti-corrosion design.

Battery Life

The 10-year shelf life is worth applauding.

However, if you plan on using the same extensively, expect 10-day battery life on specific blink cameras.

Should you buy it?

If your focus is on power, especially when it comes to running outdoor blink cameras, TV consoles, and more, the Duracell Optimum seems like a reliable pick.

Plus, the packaging quality sets it aside from other lithium batteries for blink cameras.

  • Excellent and leak-proof design
  • Excellent power supply
  • Pack of 6
  • Meant for one-time use
Amazon Basics AA
  • Battery Cell Composition: Alkaline
  • Type: AA
  • No. of Batteries: 10
  • Battery Life: 10 Years
  • Rechargeable: No

If you are in it for the affordability quotient, the Amazon Basics AA battery pack is the one to consider.

Each 1.5V battery associated with Amazon Basics AA pack works better than any other one-time-use battery on the list.

Why is it best suited for Blink Camera?

The Amazon Basics AA battery pack comprises 10 separate 1.5V batteries.

The double AA cells are easy to implement, feature a power-efficient alkaline composition, and are pretty light and easy to carry.

As far as the structure is concerned, the entire battery back is anti-leak and spill-resistant.

And the best part is the integrated liquid-tight battery seal that also keeps the 8-pack from corroding despite being stored for years at once.

Coming to the structure, each 1.5V battery comes with an insulating ring to keep it from short-circuiting and discharging.

Battery Life

If you plan on keeping the batteries on standby, the Amazon Basics AA battery pack can stay put for 10 years at once.

And if you plan on using the same extensively, a 15 to 30-day throughput can be expected.

Should you buy it?

Yes, if you are looking for a budget pick and too with an insane battery throughout to work with, this 8-pack battery set from Amazon Basics is worth picking up.

And most importantly, you can use it with every Blink camera variant and even some of the more demanding smart devices.

  • 8-pack set
  • 10-year shelf life
  • Anti-corrosion design
  • Immune to short circuit
  • Doesn’t support recharging
  • Not weatherproof

Now that you are aware of the best batteries for blink camera, you must take a closer look at the pointers before taking the plunging and investing in the right battery back.

Type of Battery

In most cases, you are asked to choose between lithium-ion and alkaline battery modules.

While the alkaline units are often easy to charge and good enough for indoor Blink cameras, Lithium-ion battery modules last longer, offer better power spurts and aren’t usually reusable.

If you have powerful Blink cameras like the Blink XT2 to work with, I would recommend getting Lithium-Ion battery composition over the alkaline modules.

Shelf Life

Shelf life for a Blink camera corresponds to its ability to hold a charge for a significant time.

This metric is important as there are times when your outdoor blink camera isn’t turned on for days at once, and you might need units with larger shelf lives to weather this dull phase.

If longer shelf life is concerned, lithium-ion, non-rechargeable batteries are better picks than their alkaline counterparts.

Rechargeable vs. One Time

If you plan on using Blink cameras as security cameras, you might be tempted to pick between a one-time battery pack or a rechargeable battery pack.

While a rechargeable battery pack covers you for moderate requirements like cameras and standard alarms, one-time battery packs are more useful for smart devices needing additional power.

Safety Features

Your blink camera might need to work across various scenarios, including extended cold or hot spells.

Keeping these aspects in mind, it is necessary to pick battery units that are leak-proof and do not corrode despite being stored for days or years.

Also, weather and heat resistance are some of the important vanity metrics to consider.

Other Features

Now that you have covered most of the important traits regarding batteries for blink cameras, it is important to check for battery size, weight, and even power rating before proceeding.

For instance, if you have a 3000mAh battery at your disposal, you can use it to power some high-end smart devices and gaming console remotes with ease.

Plus, there are 1.5V, 9V, AA, and AAA battery packs to choose from, depending on the device you wish to pair them with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What batteries do blink cameras use?

Standard blink cameras use AA batteries, preferably the lithium-ion variants that can last longer and are great for one-time use.

Can I use an alkaline battery in Blink Camera?

Yes, you can use alkaline battery modules with blink cameras, provided you can get hold of the reliable AA variants.

Also, you need to know that some alkaline battery modules are rechargeable, making them a great fit for blink cameras.

How long do blink batteries last?

Blink camera batteries, if used continuously, can last for up to 7 to 30 days at once.

However, the 7 to 30-day limit holds for lithium-ion or one-time battery units.

Rechargeable battery units are low on power and can last between 3 to 7 days, depending on usage.

Can you use rechargeable batteries in Blink Cameras?

Yes, rechargeable batteries from reputed brands like Duracell can be paired with a wide range of Blink cameras.

However, it is important to check the size and rating of a blink battery replacement before proceeding.

How do you put batteries in the blink outdoor camera?

You simply need to discount the camera, open the back flap, and place batteries keeping opposite polarities in mind.

Pairing batteries with blink cameras is quite similar to pairing them with any remote or smart device.


Every blink battery replacement works really well with each of the mentioned battery modules.

Yet, if you want a more handpicked list, here are the options to consider:

  • If you prefer rechargeable batteries over any other variant, the Duracell Pack of 4 is a perfect choice.
  • In case you prefer battery count over anything else, the Enegitech Pack of 16 option is worth looking at.
  • If you are looking for a budget pick without cutting performance-specific corners, the Amazon Basics Pack of 10 is the perfect option to consider.

And while these picks are well-deserved, you can pick any other battery pack as well, depending on budget, choice of specifications, and shelf-life.

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