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  • Location Nationwide
  • Industry Tech Support & Installation Services
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    HelloTech provides affordable, same-day on-site and 24/7 online tech support services such as computer repair, TV mounting, smart home installations, and more.

The way the world is, everything revolves around technology.

Therefore, it’s a challenge when a problem takes place as an expert is often necessary to get everything working correctly again.

However, you no longer need to stress about finding assistance when an issue arises when you use HelloTech.

Whether it’s your laptop, home theater system, mobile phone, or television, HelloTech will have an expert ready to help you.

With the click of a button, you can schedule an appointment or get phone assistance for your current issue.

What Is HelloTech?

HelloTech is a network of technology experts that work to help clients with issues that take place in their homes or at work.

The company caters to all technical aspects, from thermostats to home security systems and everything in between.

Select a plan that works for your needs to participate in the service.

There are two options, one that focuses on online support and the other that offers in-person assistance.

You pay a monthly fee and then a reduced rate if a house call is necessary to resolve the issue.

What Is HelloTech Used For?

The HelloTech service is primarily for individuals but can also be utilized for business clients.

The primary purpose behind the company is to provide peace of mind when an issue arises with one of the many technological devices people have in their homes today.

Knowing the stress that comes into play when a critical device is down, HelloTech operates to put all concerns to rest as soon as possible.

You can quickly remedy the feeling of a home security system being down or having a digital thermostat on the fritz with a HelloTech membership.

How HelloTech Works

For those who express an interest in the HelloTech service, there are only a few steps between the initial desire to sign up and being able to use the service entirely.

To begin, new users must decide which plan works best for them.

One will afford unlimited access to online assistance, whereas the other offers a reduced rate if the need for home services comes into play.

Once you secure the membership, you can access the support portal for voice and online assistance or schedule an appointment for an in-home service call.

You will also enjoy free antivirus and product discounts depending on the plan.

Notable Features of HelloTech

Many premium amenities come with a HelloTech membership.

Whether it’s the online-only plan or the one that includes reduced rate in-home visits, there are many beneficial elements that will make managing your technology easier.

To help you understand the benefits that you will receive, we highlight the most notable features below.

User-Friendly Scheduling

When you are an official member of the HelloTech service, you can schedule an appointment or receive online voice assistance in minutes.

You have 24/7 access to online help should an issue arise during the off hours, and you can select which type of appointment you need and which task directly on the company website.

Widespread Availability

While HelloTech serves only some cities, it is fully operational in all 50 states.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about limitations.

If you opt for the service plan that primarily supports online assistance, then you don’t have to worry about the program not being available in your town.

Easy-to-Use Interface

When navigating the HelloTech website and online support platform, you will notice that it comes with a natural learning curve.

Between efficiently scheduling an in-person support appointment and logging into the online voice assistance site, HelloTech will resolve your technology issues in no time.

Competitive Rates

One of the most excellent perks of a HelloTech membership plan is that it comes with a low monthly fee and a significantly reduced rate for at-home installations and repairs.

At just under $20 per month, you can access support solutions at any time, all days of the year.

No Risk Guarantee

As a new user of the HelloTech program, you receive 30 days to try out the service with no risk.

If at any time during the initial 30 days you decide the program isn’t the right fit for you and your needs, you can cancel for a full refund, minus any discounts you received.

How Much Does HelloTech Cost?

There are two program options for those interested in joining HelloTech through a paid membership.

Additionally, you can choose to pay monthly or annually for further savings.

    • HelloTech Home: $19.99 per month or $16.58 if you pay annually.
      This plan includes online voice support and reduced in-home rates.

    • HelloTech Online: $9.99 per month or $8.25 if you pay annually.

    • This plan includes online support only with no further discounts.

HelloTech Promotions & Savings

As with most companies, HelloTech offers opportunities for significant savings through promotions and coupon codes throughout the year.

These opportunities aren’t the same each time, but they come up occasionally to deliver savings and reduced rates to prospective customers.

Does HelloTech Have a Free Trial?

While HelloTech does not offer a free trial for new users as some programs do, they provide a no-risk guarantee.

This option allows users to try out the service for up to 30 days with the chance to cancel if they deem it not to be a good fit.

Does HelloTech Offer Coupon Codes?

From time to time, you will see coupon codes come up for savings on HelloTech products and services.

Most commonly, you will find these on the company website or through the mailing service associated with the company.

However, you can also sometimes see them on third-party websites that publish discount codes to the public.

Who Are HelloTech’s Main Alternatives?

With the drastic increase in reliance on technology, HelloTech has joined the ranks shared by many other support companies.

While each company offers a different structure and features, there are various similarities between them as well.

Geek Squad

With a location inside the famous technology chain store Best Buy, Geek Squad has enjoyed a high level of popularity throughout the years.

The company has many different options for support, offering voice, online, and in-home opportunities.

Best Buy also offers service packages for commercial customers.


Like Best Buy, Staples is an expansive chain store focusing on technological solutions for the home and office.

While the company doesn’t offer a separate entity with repair and installation services, Staples does include these options within its current corporate structure.

You will find Staples locations throughout the United States.


As an option that is different from the other two alternatives in this list, RediTech offers managed support for residential and corporate clients.

In addition to repair and installation, the company provides cybersecurity assistance to help keep your important data safe from hackers.

RediTech currently operates in the Midwest and Florida.

How Does HelloTech Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

With its unique business model, HelloTech sets itself apart from its competition.

Other companies come with connections to large chain stores or only operate on a consultation basis in some regions of the country.

However, HelloTech uses freelance technicians to expand its services to more areas and assist more people.

Who Is HelloTech Best For?

When you think about everything that HelloTech offers its customers, you can understand that it suits all types of people and situations.

For those who aren’t technologically savvy, having 24/7 support can be highly beneficial.

Additionally, those who like the stability of having in-person support in their back pocket will appreciate that perk of the membership.

Why Is HelloTech Best for Gig Workers?

As a gig worker, it’s critical to have ongoing access to the internet and all technological devices.

Having one of them stop working can mean that your income stream is cut off or drastically reduced.

However, a membership with HelloTech, one of the best gig apps, means you can get instant support and be back up and going in no time.

Is HelloTech Easy To Use?

One of the top perks of the HelloTech platform is how user-friendly it is, especially for those who aren’t confident in the technology.

Not only is it a simple process to sign up, but scheduling an appointment and logging in to access online support comes with only a few steps.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

With the premium amenities that HelloTech offers its members, many features get high ratings.

However, in addition to the easy-to-use platform, top reviews speak to the no-risk guarantee and the widespread availability.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

While there are many positive aspects of HelloTech, some areas could withstand improvement.

This sentiment mainly applies to the lack of technicians in all cities.

Although every state has representation, it is sometimes limited to the largest cities, and those in more remote areas can’t utilize the service.

How To Sign Up for HelloTech

If you decide to take steps to become a HelloTech member, you don’t have to undergo an extensive process.

Instead, you will finalize the details in just a few minutes with some basic information.

Step One: View Membership Plans

To start the process, check out the tab at the top of the HelloTech website that speaks to the available plans.

Use this information to decide which option works best for you and your needs.

Step Two: Choose the Best Option

Once you decide which plan is for you, select the membership to continue the checkout process.

When you do this, the site will take you to a screen where you review the plan and what it includes.

From there, you will opt to proceed with the process.

Step Three: Create an Account

Before entering your payment information, you will need to create an account with your basic contact details.

With these elements, you can log in to the platform to acquire assistance when the need arises.

Step Four: Make the Payment

Whether you opt to receive a monthly or annual bill, you will enter your credit card number to pay for the plan of your choosing.

Once this is complete, you are good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before signing up for a recurring service, you want to ensure all your questions have answers.

Below are the top inquiries about HelloTech to help you in the process.

Is HelloTech a reputable company?

HelloTech has been around for over five years and utilizes thousands of technicians from around the country.

While they are still gaining ground in some areas of the United States, they have made a positive footprint in all states.

Do you tip HelloTech?

It is optional to tip your HelloTech worker and not a requirement.

However, if you feel that the technician went above the call of duty, you are more than welcome to offer a tip to show appreciation.

Similar Companies To Check Out

HelloTech is just one of the notable gig companies that exist in the United States.

Other companies utilize the same model, some of which we highlight below.

    • Topcoder: While Topcoder doesn’t offer technological repair or installation, they provide a similar service model for coding.
      When you need a custom creation, you can obtain expert freelance assistance on the TopCoder platform.

    • Angi Ads: When you partner with Angi Ads, you can market your freelance services to those in your local area.
      Instead of working through an agency, you can advertise on your behalf for the same services.

    • Rent a Coder: Similar to the services that Topcoder offers, Rent a Coder allows you to gain the assistance of an expert in the programming field.
      Freelancers can choose their own rates and specialties as members of the site.

Wrapping Up

When everything in your work and daily life revolves around the use of technology, it’s highly problematic when an issue occurs and you have to go without it.

Thankfully, having services like HelloTech at your disposal allows you to get back in the game in no time flat.

Have you used HelloTech in the past?

Leave us a comment below with your experience.

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