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22 Work-From-Home Jobs: Work Online and Get Paid Weekly

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Finding a job that allows you to work on your own terms might seem like an unattainable luxury, but it is possible.

There are countless ways you can work online and have the privilege of being your own boss.

A huge perk of work-from-home jobs is that many of them pay on a weekly basis.

Why wait around to cash a bi-weekly or monthly check when you can get paid on a weekly — or even daily — basis?

In this article, we’ll share 22 ways you can work online to earn extra income.

The best part is that each one of these jobs will pay you weekly or more often.

22 Ways to Work Online

Let’s get started with our list of jobs that enable you to work online from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere in the world.

These jobs offer the flexibility to get you paid quickly rather than having to wait around for weeks.

1. Amazon MTurk — Amazon MTurk works much like a website for freelance jobs, but focuses on digital microtasks.

The types of small gigs that you’ll find on this site consist of data entry, transcription, survey taking, and many other simple tasks that you can do in your spare time.

2. Studypool — Studypool is an online tutoring and homework help platform.

As a Studypool tutor, you can bid on jobs and get paid to assist students with their class work.

Payment is made after you’ve completed your tutoring session.

3. Transcribe — Transcribe helps businesses take verbal communications and transcribe them into useful scripts.

You’ll be responsible for recording meetings, lectures, conference calls, videos, and interviews, and then transcribing them.

4. Cambly — Cambly is an English as a second language (ESL) platform that pays you for teaching English to students located all over the world.

Cambly automatically tracks the time you tutor and pays 17 cents per minute ($10.20 an hour).

You’ll receive payment every Monday via Paypal.

5. Chegg — As a Chegg tutor, you can get paid weekly to tutor students on a variety of subjects with the chance to make extra money for high-demand subjects.

In order to become a Chegg tutor, you must be currently enrolled in a four-year university program.

6. TranscribeMe — At TranscribeMe, you’ll be responsible for taking audio and video files and turning them into high-quality text scripts.

The faster you can transcribe files, the more money you can make.

It’s that simple.

7. Allegis Transcription — Allegis is another transcription company that focuses on the insurance and legal industries.

Allegis allows you to work on your own schedule and fill as many hours as you’d like.

8. Online Writing Jobs — Online Writing Jobs is a freelance writing site that connects writers with brands from all around the world.

You’ll be paid up to $50 for every copywriting gig you take.

The more jobs you take, the more money you can make.

9. The Content Authority — The Content Authority connects you with writing jobs for businesses and web entrepreneurs.

As an independent contractor, you’ll be responsible for writing anything from eBooks to blogs to press releases to social media content.

10. Clickworker — Clickworker gives side hustlers a way to make money performing a variety of tasks.

Some jobs will require you to create product descriptions, give positive reviews (a powerful form of marketing) online, proofread blogs, or write articles on a certain topic.

Other jobs may include taking surveys, testing apps, or doing web research.

11. Hire Writers — Hire Writers is an article writing service that employs freelance writers.

As a Hire Writers worker, you’ll get paid up to $20 per article on topics that you enjoy.

You can also get paid to edit, proofread, and do web research on certain topics.

12. Survey Junkie — Survey Junkie members get paid to give their opinion on specific topics.

You’ll need to make at least $10 to cash out, but you’re able to cash out as many times as you’d like once you hit this threshold.

You can also opt to redeem your points for gift cards or cash payouts via PayPal.

13. Ibotta — Ibotta gives you cash back on your everyday purchases.

Every time you pay using an Ibotta offer, you earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards and cash.

The service is an excellent way to make extra money for purchases you’re already making on a regular basis.

14. Slice the Pie — Slice the Pie is a paid review site that rewards you for giving your opinion.

Reviewers give feedback on music, clothing, and retail brands to help companies make better products.

The more high-quality reviews you write, the bigger your paycheck will be.

15. User Testing — User Testing is an online website usability service.

Testers will visit a website or an app and give their opinion on how well these platforms are designed.

You’ll be given a list of tasks that you need to complete and explain your thoughts throughout the process.

As you go through your assignment, you’ll speak out loud to describe your overall experience regarding the site or app.

16. Field Agent — Field Agent helps stores optimize their retail experience.

As a Field Agent employee, you’ll use your smartphone to complete tasks within retail stores.

This may include going to stores and finding certain products to photograph.

You might also be asked a few questions regarding your experience.

Your earnings are stored in your Field Agent account until you decide to cash out.

17. Blue Zebra Blue Zebra is an outsourced appointment setting service.

Your job will be to cold-call potential clients and set up meetings with companies.

In other words, you’ll be providing Blue Zebra’s clients with a pool of leads they can turn into revenue.

The starting rate is $15 per hour with room for raises and bonuses.

The catch is that you must already have experience.

Check out Blue Zebra’s career page for the full list of worker requirements.

18. Textbroker — Textbroker hires writers of all skill levels to craft articles on various topics.

The payment structure is set up to reward high-quality content.

You’ll need to submit a writing sample and create a writer profile to get started.

Your pay rate will be determined by this writing sample, so make sure you have something solid to share.

19. MaritzCX — MaritzCX is a market research company that will pay you to call and interview research participants.

Your job will consist of calling participants, walking them through a series of questions, and recording their responses within a software program.

You’ll start off at minimum wage, but you can earn a $1.25 raise within the first year.

There are also bonuses for perfect attendance and performance.

20. NiceTalk Tutor — NiceTalk Tutor is an app-based English learning platform that pays you to tutor Chinese students.

Tutors interact with students via one-on-one video chats and get paid for each completed session.

(The pay rate comes out to $10 per hour.)

Aside from having a reliable internet connection, smartphone, and being a native English speaker, the requirements are quite easy to meet.

21. Humantic — Humantic isn’t your typical call center job.

In fact, you’ll be on the phone during working hours but you’ll never have to speak to customers.

This service pays you to review customer service calls and answer simple questions.

To better explain this, think about whenever you call a customer service line and the automated recording says “This call is being recorded.”

You’ll be the person listening in to help companies improve their customer service.

22. Boost Media — Boost Media creates and optimizes ads for companies all around the world.

They also hire people like you to write high-performing ads.

Boost Media hires both copywriters and designers and will pay you for every ad you pump out.

Applying on their AdLabs Expert Marketplace is as easy as filling out a form.

Legitimate Work-From-Home Gigs

With so many full-time and part-time work-at-home job opportunities, finding work online and making money in your free time has never been easier.

The only thing you need is a reliable internet connection and enough hustle to get the job done.

If you’re interested in other opportunities to work online, don’t miss out on our guides to customer support, virtual assistant, and online data entry jobs.

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