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What Can I Pawn for 500 Dollars?

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Have you ever wondered how to make and save money without getting a personal loan?

You can go to a local bank or pawn shop and get a few hundred dollars in a cash loan.

Pawning things is becoming a common way to get that $500 bill when needed most.

But how does one get the best deal without visiting multiple pawn shops?

Don’t worry! We’re here to help you feel at ease in the world of pawning.

We’ll give you a list of the best things to pawn for 500 dollars that most pawn shops will accept. So, let’s dive in!

1. Vintage Furniture

Antique and vintage furniture has a special charm, and it’s among the best things that’ll get you a pawn shop loan to boost your finance.

Pawn shops are interested in these pieces because of how well they’re made and their history.

When pawning or selling old or antique furniture for $500, it’s best to focus on smaller pieces that are easy to move.

Larger pieces can be hard to move and less appealing to buyers. Examples include side tables, accent chairs, or decorative mirrors.

2. Sports Memorabilia

Pawn shops put a lot of value on signed items from legendary athletes, sporting equipment, or moments, which drives demand and raises the value of these items.

Popular pieces of sports memorabilia are signed jerseys, baseballs, footballs, and other game equipment.

The actual value of signed sports memorabilia often depends on how well the athlete did in their career, how popular they were, and on the pawn shop.

Items from popular players or record holders can get you around $500 or even more, while signatures from athletes with fewer fans won’t fetch much.

Memorabilia from important events, like championship games or performances that broke records, can be worth more.

These things make people feel and remember things strongly, which makes them more valuable to collectors

3. Collectible Coins

Because they’re rare and have historical value, pawning collectible coins is perfect for getting quick cash.

Pawn shops and investors like coins with unique designs, low mintages, or from certain historical times.

Examples include ancient Roman coins, US gold coins, and rare commemorative issues.

The amount of metal in collectible coins can also affect the market value of the coins. Gold, silver, and platinum coins have a value based on how much of the precious metal is in them and how pure it is.

The grading of coins is a key part of figuring out how much they’re worth. Professional services like the Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) and the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) look at the condition of coins and give them a grade.

Higher-grade coins usually sell for a higher price, so feel free to check these services out and see whether your coin can fetch you $500.

4. Vintage Designer Handbag

Due to their long-lasting popularity and association with luxury, designer handbags are great things to pawn for $500.

High-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci make handbags that show status and style.

These handbags are popular with people who care about fashion and with pawn shops.

Designer handbags are more pawnable when made of high-quality materials like leather, canvas, or exotic skins.

These bags’ high-quality materials and craftsmanship make them stylish, long-lasting, and more likely to fetch $500.

5. Designer Sunglasses

Designer sunglasses are still popular with pawn shops because they can easily bring in up to $500.

Ray-Ban, Prada, and Versace are well-known brands that make high-end eyewear with a sense of style and status that attracts buyers who care about fashion.

The use of new lens technologies is another thing that raises their pawn value.

Polarized lenses, for instance, reduce glare and make it easier to see.

People who care about both style and practicality will love these features.

6. Scooters

Electric scooters and mountain bikes are great things to pawn for around $500 because they’re increasingly popular, environmentally friendly, and appealing to people who live and work in cities.

Top brands like Xiaomi, Segway, and Razor make high-quality electric scooters with strong motors and batteries that last a long time.

The price can easily be evaluated online.

7. Gaming Consoles

Due to their popularity, entertainment value, and high demand among gamers, video game consoles are great for a technology pawn shop, especially high-performance consoles like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

These are in high demand because of their advanced features, such as 4K resolution, faster load times, and better graphics.

But remember that consoles that aren’t in the best state won’t likely bring you $500. And limited-edition ones with special designs or popular games can sell for more.

8. Jewelry

Gold, platinum, and silver jewelry are great things you can pawn in your local pawn shop to get $500 or more because they’re valuable and always look good.

Also, gold and platinum don’t lose value over time, making them a good investment for pawn shops and customers.

These pieces of jewelry’s worth depends on their weight and their metal purity.

For instance, you should expect 18-karat gold to be worth more than 14-karat gold because it has a higher percentage of gold.

Platinum usually gets a higher price than gold because it’s harder to find and weighs more.

Ensure you appraise your jewelry before letting the pawn shop give you a specific loan amount. Many online services offer help with jewelry appraisal.

9. Digital Cameras

High-end digital SLR cameras have a good resale value, making them great for quickly getting money.

Amateur and professional photographers like professional-grade cameras from Canon, Nikon, and Sony brands.

Also, these cameras work with a wide range of lenses and accessories, making them more valuable as pawn items.

10. Smartphones

Smartphones keep a decent value over time, which makes them perfect for pawn shops and boosting your personal finance.

The newest models from companies like Apple and Samsung have cutting-edge technology, which means they’ll sell well.

Most top-of-the-line smartphones have 5G, which lets you download and upload data at lightning-fast speeds.

Remember that the state of the device will greatly impact whether you can pawn it for $500 or less.

11. Stereo Equipment

Due to its quality, performance, and appeal to audiophiles, high-end stereo equipment could be pawned for around $500.

Top brands like McIntosh, Marantz, and Bowers & Wilkins make audio equipment that sounds great and is highly sought after by music lovers.

Amplifiers, turntables, and speakers are all popular items to pawn.

Most of the time, these parts are made of high-quality materials, are well-made, and use new technologies to improve the sound.

Old audio gear prices can be higher, especially tube amplifiers or classic turntables.

Collectors and audiophiles like these devices because they make warm, rich sounds and look old-fashioned.

12. Laptops

Some pawn shops will gladly take laptops, desktop computers, high-end TVs, and other home entertainment systems.

Apple, Dell, and ASUS make high-quality laptops with powerful processors, lots of memory, and great graphics.

A high-end laptop often has slim designs and light materials, making it useful and attractive.

These devices’ aluminum or magnesium alloy bodies make them seem more valuable and desirable.

Additionally, gaming laptops and desktops stand out for pawn shops because they have special graphics cards, screens with fast refresh rates, and cooling systems.

Note that potential buyers will give $500 only for smooth-running laptops that are in great condition.

13. Special-Edition Shoes

Due to their unique designs and popularity with collectors and pawn shops, limited-edition sneakers are among the best things you can pawn and get quick money.

Popular shoe brands like Nike, Adidas, and Air Jordan often make limited-edition shoes in collaboration with well-known artists, celebrities, or sports stars. 

Sneaker collectors, also called “sneakerheads,” actively look for shoes only available for a limited time, which drives up demand and raises their value.

The colorways, materials, and design elements of these high-end sneakers also play a big role in how desirable they are.

Prices can be higher for items with unusual color combinations or designs. But the state of the shoes and rarity are what will determine if you get $500 or not.

14. Watches

Even the cheapest vintage watches from good brands can make you some money.

The same applies to smartwatches, which can also be high-value items.

The most desirable watches have high-quality materials like stainless steel, gold, or ceramic.

Some models are also more appealing to buyers because they’re water resistant, have chronograph functions, or have automatic movements.

They’re simple yet look like expensive tools.

15. Musical Instruments

Famous brands like Fender, Gibson, and Yamaha make high-value items that keep their value in money over time, attracting professional musicians and people who like to play music for fun.

Both electric and acoustic musical instruments are common items to pawn for $500 if they have good tonewoods, special hardware, and well-known pickups.

An instrument’s value will increase if it’s a limited edition or part of a signature series. 

Instruments made of brass and wood, like trumpets, saxophones, and flutes, are also very valuable.

Serious musicians who want to upgrade their gear are especially interested in professional-grade models with advanced mechanisms or materials. 

16. Camcorders

Professional camcorders can make good money. They have advanced autofocus systems that keep the focus on the action while filming.

Also, high-resolution viewfinders and LCD screens that flip out allow for accurate framing and playback, which potential buyers like.

But ensure that the device is in excellent condition to increase your chances of getting $500.

17. Quality Power Tools

One of the best ways to pawn for $500 is to pawn power tools that work well and are in demand.

Cordless power tools, especially those with brushless motors, are more popular because they work better and last longer.

Compatibility with a brand’s battery platform adds value since users often buy multiple tools that use the same battery system.

A credible pawn shop will take power tools like drills, impact drivers, and circular saws.

Kits with multiple tools, batteries, and chargers can appeal to buyers and increase the value up to $500.

18. Action Figures

Pawn shops pay more for rare and collectible action figures from well-known franchises.

Of course, these must be in good shape to get you top dollar.

Figures from the 1970s and 1980s that are still in their original packaging and haven’t been opened are especially valuable.

These can fetch you $500 or even more.

19. Old Comic Books

Vintage comic books are great things to pawn and get more money because they’re rare, collectible, and have cultural and sentimental value.

The comic book’s condition is a big part of how much it’s worth.

A professional pawn shop will look at the condition of comics and give them a number grade based on that.

When you pawn an old comic book, ensure it’s in a protective sleeve or case to prevent it from getting damaged to increase the likelihood of the pawn shop offering you $500 for it.

20. Drones

A technology-oriented pawn shop will also take drones because they’re becoming more popular with hobbyists and professionals.

High-end drones that can avoid obstacles and track their location with GPS are especially popular.

These advanced features are useful for photographers, videographers, and mapping experts who use drones to take pictures from above.

Drones must be in excellent state for you to expect $500 for them, and ensure that the drome comes with all the accompanying equipment.

Final Thoughts

It may seem hard to pawn valuable items for $500, but you can make money from your local pawn shop with some knowledge and an eye for quality.

Golf clubs, a riding lawn mower, gym equipment, selling firearms, or even high-quality nail guns?

You name it. A pawn shop can give you a quote on the most commonly pawned items.

Do you have a great story from a pawn shop?

Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to send this article to friends or family who might find it helpful!

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