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VoiceBunny Review: What You Need to Know

Last updated: March 23, 2020

Final thoughts

VoiceBunny provides voice actors with direct access to clients. It's a useful platform, but may not be the best for beginners new to the industry.


VoiceBunny stands out because it cuts out the traditional agency and allows artists to set their own rates.

  • Artists set their own rates.
  • You'll be matched with projects you're a good fit for.
  • You're paid whenever a piece passes quality control, even if the client rejects it.


VoiceBunny requires you to test to join the company and also mandates you use professional audio equipment. These may not be viable options for beginners.

  • Professional audio equipment is required.
  • You may need to underbid contracts to get clients.
  • The onboarding process is a bit tedious. is supported by our visitors. When you click through the links on our site, we may earn affiliate commissions. Learn More.

Do you have a voice with a bold sound? Perhaps there’s a characteristic that makes your voice unique. If this is the case and you’re looking to earn extra income, you may want to consider putting your voice talent to good use.

One study found that the voice-over industry was worth more than $4.4 billion. So, just how do you get started becoming a voice actor? One such option is VoiceBunny, a voice platform that hosts around 28,000 actors who speak more than 50 languages and dialects.

In this VoiceBunny review, you’ll find everything you need to know about the site, including some of its pros and cons. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether VoiceBunny is a worthwhile site to take your voice-over talent.

What is Voice Acting?

Voice acting is the art of providing voices to provide information to an audience or user. Voice acting can be done in your own voice, such as when reading, say, an advertisement or an audiobook. It could also be done in an “acting” manner, such as when providing a voice-over for a cartoon character.

If you listen carefully, you may find that voice-over work is a part of your everyday life. Some of the places where you may hear professional voice-over artists, or VO artists, include:

  • Movies
  • Animation shorts
  • Commercials, both on TV and radio
  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • Video games
  • Award shows
  • GPS systems
  • Automated phone messages
  • Trailers
  • E-learning programs

You may hear these people referred to as different things, such as a narrator or announcer. But at the end of the day, they all fall under the umbrella of a professional voice artist.

If you think you have the type of voice cut out for this business model, you’ll quickly find that there are dozens of platforms available online. However, many of them are geared toward experienced voice actors. Some are so intense, they require auditioning in New York City.

Those who are looking to produce simple audio files to earn side income won’t want to go down this path. That’s where services like VoiceBunny come into play.

What is VoiceBunny?

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VoiceBunny is a company that provides high-quality voice-over audio files to customers. Co-founders Alex Torrenegra and Tania Zapata created the company to provide on-demand voice-over artists, relying on “crowdvoicing” —  think crowdsourcing with a microphone.

The couple initially founded Voice123 because they were tired of traditional casting services that required VO artists to audition and wait for a call from their agent. Voice123 became the first online voice casting service, quickly growing to more than 100,000 actors and three million auditions.

However, as time went on, they discovered that there was still a need in the market. What if they could cut the auditioning process altogether? This was the inspiration for VoiceBunny. VoiceBunny is unique because it gets rid of the auditioning process, allowing for rapid turnaround time for buyers.

How Does VoiceBunny Work?

VoiceBunny lets customers submit requests for work. Before doing so, they can browse through artist portfolios to find someone who is a good fit for their project.

Upon submitting, VoiceBunny has an algorithm that processes the request and returns an expected turnaround time and cost. Should the client opt to continue, a voice-over artist will get to work right away. VoiceBunny says the average turnaround time on a project is six hours, although the company has completed projects in as little as three minutes before.

When working as a VoiceBunny artist, you set your own rates. The company then charges commissions and fees on top of your rates. You don’t have to pay the company anything to subscribe to its platform.

You are paid if your recording passes the VoiceBunny quality control test. While a piece could make it through quality control, it might still be rejected late by a client.

This may especially be the case for auditions. In some cases, clients will request that you audition for a piece. You can do so remotely and won’t have to travel to an on-site location to do so. Even if the client denies the piece, you’ll still receive payment so long as it passes through VoiceBunny’s quality control tests.

VoiceBunny will send you links to invitations for jobs that might match your skills. That way, you don’t have to browse through thousands of listings to find a project that could work for you.

What Does VoiceBunny Look For in a VO Artist?

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VoiceBunny says that it looks for five things in its professionals:

  1. Quality
  2. Communication
  3. Speed
  4. Availability
  5. Attention to detail

The company mandates high-quality submissions. While you may not need any technical training to get started, VoiceBunny does require you to use professional audio equipment.

The company also requests that you communicate effectively, letting them know when you plan to be out or if you have any questions about a project. If you work a full-time job and have limited availability to record, you should inform your bosses so that they know when they can expect work from you.

Because VoiceBunny is a crowdsourcing website that markets itself on providing quick turnarounds, it expects its Bunny Pros to meet all deadlines. The company also expects you to accept projects when available and complete them promptly. Professionals should pay careful attention to detail, following all instructions from the client.

How Much Can You Make on VoiceBunny?

If you choose to work for VoiceBunny, you’ll receive payment on a per-project basis. As mentioned before, you’re responsible for setting your own rates.

After accounting for all fees, VoiceBunny doesn’t make much in terms of profit margin. In some cases, the company loses money on projects. However, VoiceBunny says that it will always pay Bunny Pros the rate they request.

Because workers set their own rates, there’s no way of knowing just how much you’ll make on the site. However, says that actors earn around $100 for a 15-second recording and around $250 for a commercial that lasts between 30 and 60 seconds. Those who complete longer scripts, like audiobooks, earn approximately $3,000.

Getting Started with VoiceBunny

If you’re ready to get started with VoiceBunny, the first thing you need to do is create an account. When doing so, you’ll tell the company a little bit about yourself. You’ll describe your skills and experience. VoiceBunny will use this information to match you on projects.

During this time, you’ll also provide your estimated turnaround time for projects. VoiceBunny asks for your total turnaround time, which includes both recording and editing your audio. You’ll also provide your rates for projects. VoiceBunny asks for rates based on word counts. You’ll provide your rates for:

  • 5 words
  • 50 words
  • 500 words
  • 5,000 words

Lastly, you’ll give other information like your age, gender, accent, and languages. You can update this information at any time if you’re approved.

After providing this information, the company asks you to complete a test. The quality control team will review your recording to determine if it’s worthwhile. If the quality control team determines your submission is valuable, you’ll sign an account agreement. Then you’re ready to begin working!

Once you start working, you’ll find that there are three ways you can earn work:

  1. Bookings, which occur when a client books you directly
  2. Contents, where you submit entries and compete with other Bunny Pros
  3. Speedies, where you receive an invitation to a project and work to complete it ASAP

The process may seem daunting, but if you have some experience and are looking for a side hustle, the upfront application process could be worth your while.

Is VoiceBunny Right for You?

pasted image 0 10

VoiceBunny is a convenient option for those who are having trouble booking voice acting work. The site excels at connecting clients directly with actors, skipping much of the “middleman” auditioning and agency process. It’s also beneficial because you, as the actor, are permitted to set your rates.

However, that doesn’t mean VoiceBunny is right for everyone. If the VoiceBunny applicant test is your first time voice acting, you’re probably not going to make it very far. Even though VoiceBunny is a crowdsourcing site, it is working on hiring high-quality actors, investing a lot in quality control.

While the company isn’t a scam, it does have somewhat of a subpar reputation online, primarily due to the nature of the crowdvoicing business as a whole.

Our advice? If you have never tried voice acting before, we recommend that you get a bit of experience under your belt before you give VoiceBunny a shot. Start practicing at home and consider finding a training course.

If you find that you like voice acting and are ready to invest in professional recording equipment, you can give VoiceBunny a shot. You’ll want to have a couple of high-quality samples on hand anyway before you start your career.

Beyond that, VoiceBunny is worth your while to sign up. You set your rates and availability, so there’s no harm getting started on the site and working when you want, where you want to provide yourself with a bit of side income.

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