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Userlytics: Get Paid to Test Websites Online

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Before companies pile thousands of dollars into developing a website, mobile app, prototype, or advertisement, they like to get feedback from real consumers.

After all, what’s the point of building something like an expensive website or app if you’re unsure whether or not customers have a clear understanding of its functionality?

Services like Userlytics provide information to companies who seek critical feedback regarding their current projects and developments.

This creates a perfect opportunity for you to make money in your free time as a usability tester.

Userlytics hires people like you to browse through websites and apps and offer feedback so that companies can improve the overall user experience.

In this article, we’ll go over how you can become a usability tester for Userlytics and start making money right from your computer or smartphone.

We’ll also review how it works, how much you can get paid, and how you can sign up.

What Is Userlytics?

Screenshot of Userlytics home page

Userlytics is a digital usability testing platform that provides companies with critical customer insights and feedback.

Companies sign up for Userlytics to hire people like you to browse through and provide feedback on websites, mobile apps, prototypes, videos, and advertisements.

As a usability tester, you’ll be paid a certain amount for every test you complete.

We’ll go over payment details in further detail below, but most tests will take about 20 to 40 minutes to complete.

Usability tests are sent out randomly to testers.

In some instances you’ll be conducting a test for a large corporation, and in other cases it may be for a smaller start-up company.

While you can take as many tests as you want, you’ll need to wait until Userlytics sends you one.

You’ll have a better chance of receiving tests if you provide more of your personal information and fill out a complete profile.

There aren’t any qualifications for taking tests.

In fact, clients prefer that you don’t know anything beforehand.

Those with less experience often provide some of the most valuable feedback to clients.

Let’s dive into how this fun and easy way to make money works.

How Does Userlytics Work?

Screenshot of Userlytics detail page on how to sign up and get paid

The first step to using Userlytics is signing up and creating a user profile.

You can sign up for Userlytics at this sign-up page.

Build Your Profile

After providing your email, you’ll be sent an email link to create your password and profile.

You’ll need to give your name, country, birth date, gender, and PayPal account information.

Userlytics dashboard screenshot

Once logged in, you’ll notice that your profile is only 25% complete.

The more profile information you can provide, the more tests you’ll be sent.

Tap on the green “Qualify for More Tests” button at the top of the screen.

Now you can build a more robust profile by providing more in-depth information.

You can provide the following additional information within the Userlytics platform:

  • Spoken languages
  • Province or state
  • Smartphone type
  • Tablet type
  • Social networks used
  • Operating system
  • Preferred web browser
  • Household income
  • Occupation
  • Family status
  • Number of children
  • Religion
  • Web expertise
  • Ethnicity
  • Employment status
  • Industry
  • Job function
  • Work seniority
  • Company size

Clients will be looking for certain target personas to test their sites.

The more detail you provide, the higher your chances will be to get more opportunities.

When there are tests that fit your demographic, Userlytics will send you an invitation via email.

Receive a Test Invitation

Each invitation that you receive will have a unique code.

As a new tester, you’ll need to download the Userlytics testing recorder.

You can also download the desktop tester, the iOs app tester, or the Android app tester.

If you’re unable to download the recorder, then you may need to adjust your firewall settings.

When you receive an invitation, make sure to start your test as soon as possible.

Userlytics sends out invitations to many testers.

If there are several testers who beat you to the punch, then you can miss out on that particular testing opportunity.

If you’re sent a test for a mobile device or tablet, you’ll need to launch the testing dashboard on your desktop to follow instructions as you walk through the test on your mobile device or tablet.

Take a Usability Test

Usability tests come with instructions that list out the tasks you’ll need to complete.

When you walk through your testing assignment, speak clearly into your computer’s microphone and webcam.

Unlike other survey and product testing sites that require long written explanations and questionnaires to fill out, you’ll simply need to record your video and audio responses.

You’ll be paid to take these tests as long as you leave a thorough and descriptive response.

The picture on your webcam should be clear and well lit if you’re required to show your face during the test.

It’s also advised that you don’t use an external microphone.

Only use your computer microphone.

Your feedback should be detailed, thoughtful, and helpful to the client.

Give any thoughts, opinions, suggestions, criticisms, and emotions that come up while completing the assignment.

Your goal is to help improve the usability and overall user experience of the site.

To give you a better idea, you can look at the following YouTube videos for test examples on desktop, Android, and iPhone tests.

Examples of Userlytics Tests

Companies run tests on many aspects of their digital properties.

There are endless areas for improvement, much of which can be driven by customer feedback.

This can range from the overall layout of the site to granular functionalities like the search tool or e-commerce shopping experience.

One example of a usability test could be navigating through a website to buy a pair of shoes.

Another could be signing up for a website and creating a profile.

You’ll be completing tasks like these and giving your thoughts on how easy (or difficult) it is to use the site or app, as well as offering suggestions on how to improve the experience.

The more input you give, the better off you’ll be.

After your test, clients will then rate your performance and how much it helped them.

User Tester Rating

Clients will rate your performance based on the feedback you provide.

They’re looking for clear, detailed, and useful assessments.

Background noises and poorly lit videos will hurt your user ratings.

Make sure you’re in a quiet place that is well-lit when making your recording.

Thorough explanations of your experience and helpful feedback will go a long way.

Companies don’t want you to just explain what’s on their site.

They want to know how an outsider perceives the site and how well they’re able to navigate throughout different site sections.

Before you can get paid, your test will need to be approved by the client.

The higher your user rating, the more tests will be sent your way.

This means that detailed feedback is directly tied to how much money you’ll be able to make.

How Much Does Userlytics Pay?

Your pay rate will depend on each individual test you take.

Many tests will pay between $5 and $20.

Other tests can pay as much as $90, however, these are quite rare.

You’ll be paid more money for tests that are more intensive and take a longer time.

Before you take a test, you’ll be shown how much you’ll be paid and approximately how long it will take.

Remember: Clients need to approve your test before you can get paid.

Once you’re approved, you’ll be paid once every 15 days through PayPal.

If you rush through your test and give an unsatisfactory performance, you won’t be paid and your user rating will be docked.

You’ll then need to wait until Userlytics sends another test to your inbox.

Tester Requirements

To start taking tests with Userlytics, you’ll need to have all of the appropriate hardware and software.

You’ll also need to be at least 16 years old.


  • Mac: OSX 10.13 or higher
  • PC: Windows 7 or higher
  • Internal microphone
  • Webcam
  • Desktop Userlytics Recorder

Mobile Phone:

  • Android: 5.0 or higher
  • iPhone: iOs 11 or higher
  • Internal microphone
  • Internal front-camera
  • Userlytics app: Google Play or App Store

There aren’t any additional requirements besides the age minimum and meeting all of the software and hardware specifications above.

Testing Websites in Your Free Time

Userlytics provides a convenient and flexible way to work from home and make extra money on the side.

Head to Userlytics.com to sign up now.

If you’re looking for additional ways to make money online, there are other website testing services you can look into like User Testing and User Feel.

You can also explore other legit side hustles such as taking online surveys, testing products, or joining focus groups.

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