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4 Best Travel Agent Jobs to Land You A Dream Opportunity

Have you considered being a travel agent but felt overwhelmed by the many options? It can be hard to know where to begin when looking.

Travel is a rapidly growing industry with plenty of opportunities. You just need to know where to look and what you’re looking for!

Options for becoming a travel agent vary. It’s a good idea to do your research on the best travel agent jobs and top agencies.

This will help you use your time wisely and find the right job for you.

This article will help you learn about the best four places to look for travel agent jobs if you’re just starting out.

What Are Remote Travel Agents, and Why Should You Consider Being One

Travel agents offer travel services for organizing and planning people’s trips. They act as travel consultants for every step of the trip.

This typically involves researching, booking, and scheduling for a client’s dream trip.

Often, this will include dealing with car rentals, ride transportation, flights, hotels, or other lodging, and all other aspects of vacation.

If you’re looking for greater flexibility in your schedule and think you’d enjoy planning dream vacations, you should consider being a remote travel agent.

Many of these positions are online-based, allowing you flexibility in your schedule.

If you’re just getting started in this industry, you’ll want to find the right travel company for your skills and background.

Types of Remote Travel Agent Jobs

Opportunities for remote travel agents vary from extremely niche to general travel. You should consider what you enjoy and your experience while looking for travel agent jobs.

While the type of travel planning is different depending on the type of job, most travel agent jobs share similar day-to-day duties.

That is, you’ll be planning and booking travel for your clients.

Some common niche specialties for travel agents are:

  • Romantic honeymoons
  • Cruises
  • Guests of destination weddings
  • Corporate travel management
  • Leisure travel

Top 4 Websites to Find a Remote Travel Agent Job

With the travel industry rapidly growing, job openings for remote travel agents are as well.

The online travel industry is forecasted to quintuple in the next decade, making this a high-growth industry.

Finding a travel agent job can be overwhelming. There are so many opportunities that it’s hard to know where to begin!

It’s a good idea to look at both general remote work websites and specific travel agencies. Here are some of the best places to start:

1. FlexJobs

screenshot of the Amazon Flex homepage

As one of the best platforms to find remote positions, FlexJobs typically has hundreds of travel agent jobs listed for travel companies all around the world.

You can take a peek at the travel agent openings they have.

Pros of FlexJobs

  • There are many options to choose from. It may help you understand what types of travel agent jobs there are.
  • The website promises protection against ads, scams, and junk.
  • You may find similar jobs that might be better for options you.

Cons of FlexJobs

  • It’s a popular website that receives many applicants for each job. Without much experience, it may be hard to land a job.
  • These postings tend to be broader, which isn’t helpful if you’re looking for a niche opportunity.

2. World Travel Holdings

a screenshot of the worldtravelholdings homepage

World Travel Holdings is one of the largest travel agencies in the world.

They’re been around since 2005 and are spread across multiple countries with strong connections to the cruise ship industry.

Pros of World Travel Holdings

  • They’re experienced in training people, onboarding new employees, and providing the right resources.
  • They have a global presence, which is good for those wanting a reputable name on their resume in the future.
  • As a large company, they do many different types of travel planning. This may be good if you enjoy variety or want to try to bounce between a few niches.
  • They’re most known for cruise planning. If you’re interested in this, it’s a great place to look. You’ll likely receive personal perks and deals within the industry as well!

Cons of World Travel Holdings

  • Some past employees complained the pay was low and they worked more than they wanted.

3. ADTRAV Travel Management

a screenshot of the adtrav homepage

ADTRAV Travel Management specializes in corporate travel management.

This niche industry means you’ll be planning business travel, such as corporate groups for conferences or business meetings.

Pros of ADTRAV Travel Management

  • They’re voted as a top place to work.
  • They offer employees perks, such as discounted travel and paid vacation plans.
  • They’re known for their competitive compensation relative to the rest of the industry.

Cons of ADTRAV Travel Management

  • Corporate clients will require increased professionalism compared to leisure travel. You’re less likely to have friendly conversations. This may be a plus for some, though!
  • They have fewer job opportunities to offer.

4. Fora

a screenshot of the fora travel homepage

Fora is a relatively new company that helps train travel agents, or what they call Fora advisors.

From providing you with foundational knowledge to helping you continue your skills, they provide top-notch support.

Pros of Fora

  • They offer extensive training for agents who have zero experience.
  • They’ll continue to help you throughout your time by providing marketing tools and mentorship for you to grow your network.
  • It’s a quick and easy signup. You just need to fill out a few forms for a survey, and they’ll get back to you with details. It’s a less traditional application process that some may find easier.
  • They provide many tools for travel booking and have partnerships across the industry.
  • It’s fully remote, and you work only as much as you want.

Cons of Fora

  • As a newer company, their network may be less than an established agency.

What You’ll Need to Do for a Remote Travel Agent Job

Once you’re signed up with a travel agency, they’ll provide you with proper training to offer the best service possible.

A good travel agent requires strong social and organizational skills to start. This is what employers will be looking for the most.

As for supplies, you need a laptop, a cell phone, a strong internet plan, and a quiet area to work in.

When booking travel, it’s essential to email and call to research and book the itinerary for your client.

If you’re working in international travel, it may be best to have an international phone as well.

If you’re struggling to find a company that will hire you, you may consider getting certified as a travel agent.

While certifications aren’t legally required, they may help you land that perfect job even without any previous experience.

You can check out certification programs offered by reputable schools to earn them.

Tips to Succeed at Being a Travel Agent

Hospitality is everything in the travel industry. Embracing this will make you stand out as a travel agent. It’ll help to think about these things:

  • People are spending money to have the best time of their lives, and the service you provide guarantees that. You’re off to a great start if you have that mentality when working with your clients.
  • Travel can be stressful for some. It’s important to approach all situations with kindness and compassion, even if things get tricky.
  • Sometimes flights get canceled, or hotel bookings are missed. So you need to stay calm and make sure the clients are happy and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Apply With a Travel Agency?

You don’t have to use a travel agency, but it’s typically the best way to build a network and a good reputation in the industry.

For those that have a strong network already interested in your skills and offerings, you could start your company.

How Much Do Travel Agents Get Paid?

The pay varies for travel agent work, depending on specialty and experience.

When you’re just starting out, you can expect an hourly wage of $19 an hour.

Once you begin to specialize and build a network, that wage increases greatly. Some experienced travel agents make more than $30 an hour.

What Other Niches Could I Look Into?

If you need more inspiration for niche travel agent job opportunities, here are some to get you started:

Disney Travel
– Bucket List Travel
– Ancestry Travel
– Wellness Travel
– Sustainability Travel

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a remote job that gives your life extra flexibility, becoming a travel agent is a great option.

Start by looking through general job listing sites to see what types of travel agent jobs appeal to you.

If there’s a niche that calls to you, then that’s a great place to start.

There is so much competition and variety in this field that you need to be passionate about the area you work in to stand out.

Then, it’s time to send out your job application for these positions. Make sure to highlight your people and organizational skills.

Good luck, you’ll do great!

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