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Making Money With a Tablet Farm – A How-To Guide

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Do you have a bunch of old tablets lying around?

Think twice before throwing them out or giving them away, as you might be sitting on a gold mine or, more appropriately, a tablet farm, that can help you make some sweet passive income online.

You may or may not have heard of tablet farming, but if you fall into the latter category, don’t sweat it.

This article will explain what tablet farms are, how much you can make with them, and everything you need to know to start your own tablet farm in 2023.

What Is Tablet Farming?

Tablet farming is a way people make small amounts of passive income with their tablets.

It involves installing money-making apps that pay users to watch videos (or do other mindless tasks) on an iOS or Android device.

You don’t actually sit and watch the videos, though.

Instead, you leave your tablet idle while the video plays, earning money along the way.

This passive income method originates from phone farming, which involves the same process, but with phones.

Phone farms trace their origins to the subreddit r/beermoney, a place where members devise various means of making beer money – small amounts of cash you can use to buy beer, pizza, etc. – online.

Tablet and phone farming isn’t unique to the US. Other countries have gotten in on the action.

For example, Chinese phone farms were so huge in their heyday that the practice was outlawed in China. 

How Much Can You Make From a Tablet Farm?

With tablet farming, the saying “the more, the merrier” applies, so the amount of money you can make depends on one factor: the size of your farm.

A typical phone farm has multiple phones. It’s no different when using tablets to farm.

As to how much people make from hooking up their phones and tablets to video-watching apps, it could be as little as a couple of cents a day to several dollars.

Some phone farmers have even reported making $2,000 per month from running passive income apps on their old phones.

Where People Get Phones and Tablets for Farming

Now before you rush out to buy a bunch of brand-new tablets, understand that this isn’t exactly a great idea.

The money you can make from this side hustle won’t be life-changing, so it isn’t worth investing in brand-new mobile devices.

Also, if you spend that money, don’t expect to make it back for a long time, if at all.

The secret to seeing any success from phone farming is spending little to no money on the devices.

Phone and tablet farmers use old broken cell phones and tablets to farm, and you should as well.

Therefore, you have two options when procuring tablets for your farm: 

  • Option One – Dust off your old tablets (if you haven’t sold or given them away).
  • Option Two – Buy older model tablets for a couple of bucks on sites like eBay and Walmart.

One last thing: it’s a good idea to do some research on the apps you want to farm with to learn what versions of iOS and Android devices they’re compatible with and how much RAM they require.

This brings us to the next section of this article.

Phone Farming Apps for Tablet Farming

Below is a list of some of the best applications you can use to tablet farm.

All these apps let you earn free cash for leaving the app running on your old phone or tablet.

1. Swagbucks

screenshot of the swagbucks homepage

Swagbucks is the premier video-watching app for making money farming.

However, it offers other ways for you to make cash with an idle device (or mindlessly).

For example, if you take surveys on the app, you can earn as much as $35 per survey.

The app pays via PayPal, and it’s a favorite among phone farmers because it’s been in the game for quite a while and has earned its reputation.

2. Nielsen Mobile Panel

screenshot of the nielsen mobile panel homepage

Nielsen Mobile Panel is one of the best phone farming apps from a well-known organization.

For keeping the app on your favorite internet browsing device, you can earn a cool $50 a year with Nielsen Mobile.

All for simply registering your phone or tablet and nothing more.

3. InboxDollars

screenshot of the inbox dollar homepage

InboxDollars is a great phone farming app where you can start winning cash daily.

You can watch fun videos, take surveys, read emails, and play games online for cash on this app.

The company claims to have paid out over $80 million in cash rewards to its users.

How to Make Money With a Tablet Farm in Three Steps

So you’ve gathered some old tablets and picked some websites and apps to farm on— here’s how to make money farming in a few easy steps.

  1. Step One – Download and Install Farming Apps: Head over to the Android and iOS stores and download apps like Nielsen Mobile Panel and Swagbucks. 
  2. Step Two – Launch the App and Register: Next, launch the app and register with your email. If the app pays via PayPal, you can provide your details through the payments section of its dashboard.
  3. Step Three – Run the App and Earn Money: Finally, run the apps and start making money.

One thing to keep in mind is that tablet farming requires some babysitting.

You’ll need to give your tablets a steady supply of juice, meaning they’ll need to always be hooked up to a charger. 

Wrapping Up

While tablet farming won’t make you rich overnight (or at all), it isn’t a bad way to make some passive income and “beer money.” 

If you don’t have old tablets, there’s no need to fear, as you don’t have to spend too much money to procure tablets for your farm.

And when you register with one of the apps discussed in the article, you’ll be on your way to earning a few bucks a week in no time.

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