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Slicethepie Review: Make Money Discovering New Music

If you’re always on the lookout for new music or top fashion trends, your chance to make extra money online may be a short sign-up away.

Just about anyone from music lovers to survey enthusiasts can start earning by completing easy Slicethepie reviews about your favorite topics.

With plenty of survey sites and passive income opportunities available these days, earning extra cash from the comfort of your home is easier than ever.

However, finding a gig that truly helps you pass the time can be difficult.

Slicethepie is a unique site that can give you access to entertainment, while paying you to complete surveys on topics you actually enjoy.

Keep reading to learn how you can start earning with Slicethepie, how the platform works, and how much money you can actually make on the site.

What Is Slicethepie?

Slicethepie web page
Slicethepie is a market research company that pays you for your opinions about new songs, commercials, fashion items, and many more categories.

In some cases, you’ll get access to products and clips before their official release dates.

Just by writing reviews, rating products, or taking online surveys, you can get real cash that you can spend anywhere.

There’s no need to limit yourself to brand-specific gift cards.

Originally built as a music-focused site in 2007, Slicethepie remains the biggest music review engine on the internet, now with plenty more topics to help you earn.

Today, you can complete reviews on both the website and the smartphone app for Android or iPhone.

Slicethepie has also expanded from its starting place in the United Kingdom to Germany and most English-speaking countries (including the United States).

How Does Slicethepie Work?

When you join Slicethepie, you can take your pick from a variety of available earning opportunities.

Most of these opportunities will fall under one of five categories, which include:

  • Music reviews: These require you to listen to a song for 90 seconds, write out your thoughts, and provide a few requested ratings.
  • Fashion reviews: After viewing pictures and information about various clothing items, you’ll be asked to review various aspects of each product.
  • Mobile reviews: These work similarly to fashion reviews, only instead of clothing items, you’ll be writing reviews about mobile accessories.
  • Video reviews: You’ll be asked to rate a commercial while viewing it, then provide your thoughts and takeaways.
  • Surveys: Slicethepie will redirect you to a third-party site to complete a standard survey, after which you’ll receive cash in your account balance.

Beyond these primary earning opportunities, Slicethepie also offers you the chance to earn extra money when you refer new, active users.

Through the Slicethepie referral program, you’ll be rewarded with 10% of your friends’ earnings from any survey or review.

These extra, effortless cash rewards will appear in your balance over the course of a year.

How to Sign Up for Slicethepie

When joining Slicethepie as a reviewer, there are only three requirements you need to be aware of.

All Slicethepie members must be:

  • At least 13 years old
  • Living in a country supported by Slicethepie
  • Able to access a PayPal account

This low minimum age requirement makes Slicethepie an easy online gig for teens to qualify for.

However, teenagers should be aware that PayPal no longer offers student accounts, so teens will only be able to receive payouts through a parent or guardian’s account.

Still, as long as you can meet these three minimal requirements, you can complete the Slicethepie sign-up process below.

5-Step Process to Start Earning

2020 02 21

To sign up, first head to slicethepie.com/join and fill in the form with your first name, last name, preferred password, email address, gender, and date of birth.

Make sure your email is the same one you use for your PayPal account to ensure you receive all your payouts.

Agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy, then tap “Join.”
Slicethepie signup page
Second, you should receive an email from Slicethepie in your inbox.

Tap “Confirm account” in this email to activate your account.

Third, log in with your email and password.
Slicethepie login page
Fourth, select what you’d like to review first.

You can always do other reviews later, so don’t worry about what you pick first.
Review selection page
Fifth and finally, just as with standard survey sites, Slicethepie may ask you basic qualifying questions — including questions about your ethnicity, income, household, and music preferences — before you officially begin.

Simply follow the prompts to submit your requested answers.
Slicethepie Music Review page
Once you’ve fully submitted your answers, you’ll be presented with your first survey in a matter of minutes

How Much Money Can I Make With Slicethepie?

Slicethepie has the potential to get users anywhere from 1 cent to 50 cents per review or survey completed.

However, when you first join the platform, you may find your earnings on the low end.

You can expect your first reviews to only be worth a cent each.

Because each review typically takes at least a minute and a half, you’ll only be able to earn 40 cents per hour at this rate.
thank you web page
Your Slicethepie review earnings are designed to increase over time, as long as you continue to write high-quality reviews.

When your star rating goes up, your per-review payments should increase too.

While this is accurate, we unfortunately found that the increase you get is meager at best.

Following our ninth review on the platform, our star rating jumped from one to four out of five stars — and we were still making 2 cents to 4 cents per review.

This star rating suddenly dropped back down to two stars one review later, leaving us at 1 cent per review once again.

With no benchmarks for quality, it can be hard to consistently increase your earnings.

Few users report making more than 5 cents per review.

The best way to make money on Slicethepie is by completing surveys.

Though surveys become unavailable fairly quickly (similarly, fashion and mobile reviews were rarely available), we were offered some at 12-18 cents per survey.

The catch?

They’re significantly more time-consuming.

One survey we were matched to had an estimated length of 30 minutes.

As a comparison, survey sites like Swagbucks commonly offer 10-minute surveys for 75 points, the equivalent of about 75 cents.

Once you reach a $10 balance on Slicethepie, you can cash out immediately with no fees.

This minimum is lower than those required by plenty of other online earnings opportunities, meaning that you can take advantage of your cash sooner rather than later.

Is Slicethepie a Scam?

headphones on laptop
Slicethepie is not a scam.

The company works with legitimate record labels and other retail brands.

We were even connected to opportunities to review well-known artists, such as The Lumineers, Mac Miller, and Charli XCX.

Plus, plenty of existing users have reported successful and accurate payouts.

What gives Slicethepie its fairly low Trustpilot reviews are largely web page and sign-up issues, as well as a lack of opportunities available.

As we mentioned, Slicethepie surveys and review offers can run out, leaving only a couple categories available.

Users also take issue with the low pay provided by the platform, as other market research companies offer double the earnings.

In this sense, perhaps, the platform can be deemed less generous than others.

Still, Slicethepie can certainly be trusted to give you the payouts you have earned.

It just won’t be a huge amount of money.

Though it’s a fun way for teens to earn extra cash and practice being a music critic, most adults can certainly make better use of their time with far higher-paying side gigs and apps that pay.

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