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Save Receipts to Earn Cash: Your Guide to Receipt Hog

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You have to spend money to make money.

This is a famous saying that many business owners use to explain the importance of investing wisely to create a profitable business.

But what if you could make money without spending more than your everyday expenses?

Cash-back apps and receipt rebate apps are giving consumers more passive income opportunities than ever.

All you have to do: Buy what you need and upload receipts to earn.

It’s an easy way to earn extra cash in seconds, without disruptions to your typical work schedule.

This article will help you start making money with Receipt Hog and provide additional opportunities for you to get cash from your receipts.

What Is Receipt Hog?

Screenshot of the download page for the Receipt Hog app

Receipt Hog is one of the leading receipt rebate platforms for smartphone users.

This unique opportunity lets you make money from home just by taking pictures of your receipts from virtually anywhere you shop — grocery stores, pet supply stores, pharmacies, and much more.

Receipt Hog allows you to put more receipts into use than any competing rebate app by accepting receipts from many store categories, and from three different countries: the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

The only caveat is that users must be accepted onto the platform due to the popularity of the platform.

If your location isn’t in need of receipt uploads, you may need to select an alternative app (more on these later).

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How Does Receipt Hog Work?

Think Receipt Hog is too good to be true?

Don’t be too skeptical.

The company is able to provide benefits to users because it acts as a market research provider, collecting consumer data to help businesses make decisions about what they sell and how to sell it.

Data is worth quite a bit of money nowadays, so Receipt Hog will happily provide cash via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or Mastercard or Visa gift cards.

Once you’re accepted onto the platform, your mission is to start earning coins to redeem these rewards.

Upon signing up, users can earn using several methods:

  • Upload receipts: As expected, the primary method of earning extra cash is uploading receipts from your last shopping trips.
    To upload your receipt, select the camera tab at the bottom of your screen.
    You’ll then snap a clear photo of your receipt — blurry images or faded receipts aren’t acceptable.
    Lastly, you’ll be required to provide information about who went grocery shopping with you and your transaction rating.
    Within a couple minutes, you’ll be done and receive 20 coins.
  • Complete offers: When you select the “Rewards” tab at the bottom of the Receipt Hog app, the page will be populated with coin offers in exchange for answering questionnaires, linking your email address, and more.
    This section is helpful when you exceed your maximum receipt earnings (100 coins per week) and your receipt worth drops to 5 coins.
  • Claim the Hog Household bonus: If other members of your household are already Receipt Hog users, you can connect with them on the app by submitting their email address to earn 40 extra coins.
    This is an easy method of increasing the amount of coins you have, and helps businesses gain data about household shopping decisions.

Receipt Categories

Close-up shot of a shopping cart in a store aisle

It’s important for users to remember that not every receipt qualifies for a direct coin bonus.

Receipt Hog states that only store receipts from retailers with fast-moving products can be redeemed for coins.

These retailers include:

  • Grocery stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Beauty supply stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Pet supply stores

However, Receipt Hog makes use of practically any other receipt by offering a spin in “Hog Slots,” a randomized game of chance for retailers that includes home improvement stores, auto parts stores, department stores, and office supply stores.

Learn more about other receipt categories that qualify for coins or Hog Slots spins.

If you recently treated yourself at a restaurant or bar, or treated your vehicle to a full tank, your receipts can likely be redeemed for sweepstakes entries. Sweepstakes winners can receive up to 5,000 coins.

Typically, only receipts that aren’t traditionally printed by a cash register, or that are over 14 days old, will be disqualified from all earnings.

Redeeming Rewards

Currently, users must have at least 1,000 coins to get cash in their PayPal accounts or via gift cards.

However, saving up can help you redeem rewards with greater dollar amounts for comparably fewer coins.

Once you have enough coins to redeem your desired reward, all you need to do is:

  1. Tap “Rewards” at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Select “Redeem Prizes.”
  3. If you haven’t already, you’ll be prompted to complete Receipt Hog’s introductory survey, verify your email, and verify your mobile device.
  4. Select the form of payment you’d like to receive.
    Follow any additional steps the app may provide and you’ll receive your reward shortly.

Alternatives to Receipt Hog

If Receipt Hog isn’t accepting new users in your area, there are a handful of alternatives to get you free money just as quickly.

And let’s be honest — even if you are accepted, doubling up on earnings by downloading multiple receipt rebate apps is an intelligent move.

Here are some of our favorite alternative mobile apps for easy cash:


Screenshot of the ibotta app

Ibotta is another leading receipt rebate app that provides an easily understandable user experience.

Unlike Receipt Hog, you’ll only receive cash back on your grocery receipts a few times each week when the reward is available.

However, you’ll have hundreds of opportunities to earn by buying specific items — and if you connect your Facebook account, your friends can help you earn monthly bonuses.

You’ll also have opportunities to earn simply by shopping online with Amazon and other popular non-grocery retailers through the app.

This platform clearly displays the exact cash back you’ll receive from your purchase.

You do need to earn $20 before receiving your PayPal or Venmo deposit, but in the meantime, you’ll have a tracker to keep you updated on your earnings.

No need to calculate the amount of coins you need here. If you like to earn cash without any hassle, this may be the platform for you.

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Fetch Rewards

Screenshot of Fetch Rewards app

Fetch Rewards is a unique platform that doesn’t care where you shop.

Rather, it provides rewards based on brands — primarily those that sell food, drinks, and everyday essentials.

Unlike Ibotta, you don’t have to load offers into your account before you shop.

If your receipt displays qualifying brands, you’ll receive extra points to trade in for rewards.

Though receipts are worth more points on Fetch Rewards than on Receipt Hog, with Fetch providing 25 points per receipt, it’s considerably more difficult to receive a reward.

You’ll need 5,000 points before receiving just $5.

That’s five times what Receipt Hog requires!

However, you will receive a huge selection of gift cards to choose from — anything from Panera Bread to Walmart.

Plus, if you’re just looking for a supplementary app, Fetch Rewards can be a solid choice.

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Screenshot of ReceiptPal app

ReceiptPal, like Receipt Hogs, allows users to redeem points with receipts from most categories of retailers.

A few ways you can earn include:

  • Snapping pictures of your printed receipts.
  • Connecting your email or forwarding receipts to [email protected] to earn from e-receipts.
  • Connecting your Amazon account for automatically recorded Amazon purchases.

This platform is the most similar to Receipt Hog in terms of functionality and the availability of bonus games.

However, ReceiptPal is beneficial in that you’ll receive 100 points per receipt and have a minimum of just 400 points to cash out on gift cards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Save your receipts to earn points on Receipt Hog

Earning from your everyday shopping is as satisfying as it is easy.

Now that you know your options, here are some final answers to commonly asked questions about Receipt Hog to help you save money on your purchases today:

1. What does increasing my Receipt Hog level do?

As your Receipt Hog level progresses, you’ll receive opportunities to receive better rewards and monthly upload bonuses for uploading receipts every single week.

Raising your status is as simple as scanning receipts regularly and consistently gaining those monthly upload bonuses.

2. How soon will I know if I’ve been approved as a Receipt Hog user?

When you sign up for Receipt Hog, you may be automatically approved or wait-listed based on your location.

If you are wait-listed, Receipt Hog states that it will provide a response within 30 days if a spot opens up.

3. My receipt is only partially faded. Can I still receive points for it?


Receipt Hog primarily requires that your receipts have clear and legible store names, purchased items and prices, purchase dates, and transaction totals.

If any of these items are not readable by their systems, your receipt cannot be submitted for coins or rewards

Make More Money by Shopping

It’s time to start hogging your receipts for big payoffs.

We hope this article inspired you to maximize the benefits of your shopping trips by downloading receipt rebate apps with excellent rewards.

If you’re looking to earn even more with your mobile device, check out our guide to 13 apps that pay.

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