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7 Best Online Education Jobs & 4 Platforms to Find Them

Would you love to share your knowledge with others while earning a living? An online teaching job can be done from anywhere in the world, but which is the right role for you?

That’s what we’re going to help you figure out today. This guide will explore different types of online education jobs, what skills you need to get started, and where to begin searching for your next job.

Types of Online Education Jobs 

Online teaching jobs can include:

1. Online Tutor

An online tutor assists children struggling with a specific subject. They may be the student’s teacher or a third party like a school staff member. A student will learn the concepts they find difficult through one-on-one instruction from the tutor.

Your job will help students improve their school performance and grades, increasing their self-confidence. 

2. Online Kindergarten Teacher

As an online kindergarten teacher, you’ll build the educational foundations children have for life.

They’ll learn the basics through your instruction, including letters, numbers, colors, shapes, language, and social skills. Your lesson plans will foster an environment of caring, compassion, sharing, friendliness, and inquisitiveness.

3. Online Elementary School Teacher

You might also consider becoming an online elementary school teacher.

You’ll still work with little ones, but they’ll have more schooling under their belts, having graduated from kindergarten. You will expand on their knowledge, introducing writing, math, science, and reading. 

4. Online Middle School Teacher

A job as an online middle school teacher guides children through the formative years of their education. You’ll teach more advanced concepts than they learned throughout elementary school in topics such as physical education, art, science, social studies, English, math, and history.

5. Online High School Teacher

Teaching at the high school level is rewarding, whether online or off.

Your instruction of kids between ninth and 12th grade can include core subjects from science to math, English, and more advanced topics. For instance, you might specialize in physical education, health, music, or art. 

You could foster a lifelong love of an academic topic in a child that they choose to study more in college or even select as their career someday, so this role makes an impact. 

6. Online Adult Education Teacher

You could even pursue a specialized form of online teaching, such as adult education. You’ll work with adults in community colleges, correctional facilities, and nonprofits to instruct them on literacy, GED prep, and language. 

7. Online Language Teacher

Your native tongue could land you a job as an online language teacher. You can teach English as a second language or ESL to students of other countries or share your bilingual proficiency in Italian, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, or Chinese. 

Top Websites to Find Online Education Jobs

Where do you begin to search for online teaching jobs? Here are four platforms where that next exciting career opportunity could await.

1. Indeed

a screenshot of the indeed online education jobs homepage

Indeed makes it easy to search for any kind of job you can think of. Use the search feature to choose a company, job title, or keyword that applies to the opportunity you want, and select your location to get a list of online teaching jobs to apply for.

You can subscribe to email alerts with targeted job matches, add skills, upload your resume to be a stronger candidate, and message companies you apply to. Indeed even recommends jobs based on what you’re looking for.


  • Indeed has filters so only the types of jobs you’re interested in will appear in your search results.
  • Current and former employees review companies so you can make informed decisions.
  • Indeed saves your resume and cover letter, so you don’t have to keep reuploading them. 


  • It’s one of the most popular job boards, so competition levels are high.

2. LinkedIn

a screenshot of the LinkedIn online education jobs homepage

LinkedIn is a professional job-seeking network and social media platform. The site lets you connect with others in your network, search for available online teaching jobs, learn about the company hierarchy before applying, and contact parties within a company. 


  • LinkedIn is an excellent platform for researching a role and company before sending your resume. 
  • You can network with others to find a job without leaving your desk.
  • You can connect with other online teachers in groups and recommend each other jobs.


  • You have to dedicate a lot of time to improving your profile to be competitive on the site.

3. HigherEdJobs

a screenshot of the HigherEd online education jobs homepage

HigherEdJobs is a specialized job board with thousands of online teaching jobs available, but you can narrow them down by categories like location (with remote work available), job category (administrative versus faculty), or school.

Some job results are listed as priorities, which means companies are ready to make hiring decisions faster. Applying for these jobs could help you begin your new career sooner. 


  • HigherEdJobs offers career resources, job-search tips, and teaching career news.
  • You don’t need an account to search for jobs.
  • It’s free to use.


  • The website design is somewhat archaic, which hinders navigation and job searching at times. 

4. TeachAway

a screenshot of the TeachAway online education jobs homepage

TeachAway is exclusively for online teaching jobs, including ESL, K12, and elementary-level positions. You can filter your search by education level (high school or elementary, for example) and the subject you specialize in.


  • TeachAway offers certifications to make you a more specialized teacher.
  • You can enroll in online courses through TeachAway to expand your knowledge.
  • Quick apply options are available if you have a Gmail, LinkedIn, or Facebook account. 


  • Their certification courses are expensive. 

What You’ll Need to Do Online Education Jobs

Before applying for online teaching jobs, keep these job requirements in mind.

  • Bachelor’s Degree: You must have an education degree proving your proficiency, even if teaching on a basic level, such as kindergarten or elementary education. Most jobs can ask for a Bachelor’s degree at least.
  • Computer Skills: The remote element of your job requires a desktop or laptop computer with a powerful video card so you don’t have any lag when communicating with your students.
  • Strong Internet Connection: You must have a reliable internet connection with lightning-fast speed and enough bandwidth to lead a class. 
  • Quiet Environment: The room where you set up your computer becomes your classroom. So, it should be comfortable, quiet, and free of distractions such as pets and televisions. 

Tips to Succeed at Online Education Jobs

Here are some handy tips to succeed at online teaching jobs:

  • Test Your Setup: Ask a friend or family member to hop online with you before your class to rate you on the video, audio quality, and lighting. 
  • Get to Know Your Kids: Treat each child as the special individual they are, even though you aren’t with them in person. Ask the children to share something about themselves so you can learn more about them and so can their classmates.
  • Encourage Questions: Create an exploratory environment where your students feel comfortable asking questions, whether they want to learn more or need clarification about a topic.
  • Make Learning Fun: It’s easier to disengage when in an online teaching environment. Keeping your online classes exciting by using innovative teaching materials like apps and games will make them the highlight of the day for your pupils. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Demand for Online Teachers?

Distance learning has expanded the need for online teachers, as has our changing landscape in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some teachers are fully remote, and others are hybrid, working in a school part-time and teaching from home the rest. 

What Do Online Educators Do?

Online educators do the same tasks as teachers in a classroom. They prepare lesson plans, map out a curriculum for the semester, provide classroom instructions, assign homework and tests, grade papers and tests, and make themselves available for office hours to answer questions. 

Can You Make a Lot of Money Teaching Online?

You can make as much money teaching online as in a classroom. According to career resource ZipRecruiter, the national hourly salary for teachers is $21, and the national yearly salary is $42,786. 

Similar Jobs

Consider these other great gigs if education jobs aren’t right for you:

  • Freelance writing jobs for beginners: Discover the best jobs where you can kick start your freelance writing career, even if you don’t have any experience;
  • Side hustles for teachers: These gigs can help you generate more money in your free time while keeping your teaching position;
  • Fun side hustles: Sometimes, it’s not all about the money, though these enjoyable side gigs can also help you generate consistent revenue.

Wrapping Up 

Online education jobs prove that teaching has no geographical bounds. You can guide a child through their education whether you live across the country or the world from one another, instructing them from kindergarten to high school and beyond.

You can also pursue online specialty teaching jobs, including ESL, adult education, or tutoring. Having a degree is a must, while a certification will make you a more appealing job candidate. You can make a difference in a child’s life even if you never meet them in person.

Have you used any job boards we recommended to search for an online education job? If so, which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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