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How to Make $1000 Fast

Whether money is the root of all evil or the secret to happiness, we may never know for sure.

We’ll leave that to the songwriters and the philosophers.

However, we do know that we need it to live our lives.

We need it to pay rent, buy groceries, go to dinner with friends, take vacations, etc.

Nowadays, things are much more expensive than they used to be.

Even if you work a full-time job, day-to-day life can drain your bank account.

Unfortunately, there may come a time when you need money that simply isn’t there.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of ways to make money in the gig economy.

Both online and offline, there are dozens of places to earn cash in a short time period.

In this article, we’ll give you some ideas on how to make $1000 fast.

If the rent is due and you’re strapped for cash, you’ll have to get to work immediately.

But, this guide should show you how to make money quickly.

Take a look:

1. Sell Your Stuff

A person selling things at a second-hand store.

How many times have you walked into your apartment,  garage, or storage unit and said, “Wow! I have way too much stuff!”

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

We all accumulate things that we eventually don’t need.

Whether it’s clothing, sports equipment, jewelry, or decorations, we tend to accumulate way too much.

If your stuff is still in good condition, it’s tough to toss it.

But, it gets easier to sell your stuff when you need money.

If you want to make some quick cash, you should sell off some of your old belongings.

Honestly, this is one of the fastest ways to get a few bucks.

Where to Sell Things Offline

There are a ton of stores that buy used clothing.

There’s likely a consignment shop in your town that’ll give you money for your old garments.

Have a bunch of old shoes you never wear anymore?

Take ‘em to the local consigner!

What about that Hawaiian shirt collection from college?

They’ll probably buy that, too!

There are even a few retail chains that pay cash for clothes.

Stores like Buffalo ExchangeCrossroads Trading, and Beacon’s Closet will take garments off your hands for a few bucks.

Looking for a place to offload your non-clothing items?

No problem!

There are record stores, bookstores, video game stores, and antique shops in every city.

They’ll be happy to browse through your collections and pay for the things they can sell.

And if all else fails, you could always hold a yard sale!

Where to Sell Things Online

The internet is full of places to sell stuff.

If you need cash and are willing to part with your belongings, you don’t have to look far for a place to sell them.

Social media platforms like Poshmark and Etsy make it very easy to sell clothes.

These sites are essentially like curated online garage sales.

All you have to do is open an account, upload photos of your items, and post them for sale.

If you have nice items, you’ll sell them in no time!

Then, you can transfer the money directly to your Paypal or savings account.

Want to start selling clothes on Poshmark?
Check out these Tips for Making More Money Selling Your Clothes Online!

If you have larger, non-clothing items, you should try sites like Craigslist, eBay, or LetGo.

You’d be surprised how much someone will pay for your old bike or that dresser you’ve been trying to get rid of.

2. Perform Odd Jobs

A woman making money helping people move.

This form of making money is nothing new.

Since the beginning of time, there’s always been a “handyman” in the neighborhood who does whatever they can for a few bucks.

Everyone needs an extra hand every once in a while, so this is a reliable way to make money fast.

But now, there are new tools that make it so much easier to earn a couple of dollars.

TaskRabbit, for example, is an app specifically designed to help people odd jobs.

On this site, you can find temporary work as a helping hand.

People log onto TaskRabbit to find someone who can help them shop for groceries, assemble furniture, or even mount a TV.

The great thing about this platform is that you can offer any service you like.

But, you can also browse through the listings and reach out if you’re fit to perform their listed task.

If you’re strong enough to help people move but don’t want to commit to a full-time day job as a mover, you might want to try the Bellhops app.

This is an on-demand moving company that lets you take on moving shifts in your spare time.

How to Make More Money on TaskRabbit and Bellhops

The task gig economy industry is full of opportunities to earn money.

By signing up to work a few days a week, you can make $1000 in no time.

But, remember a few things:

It’s essential to show up on time. It’s also crucial to act professionally and be ready to work.

The most successful taskers make most of their money in tips.

By maintaining a positive outlook and working hard, you could earn a lot of money.

And it’ll lead to good reviews, which make it easier to earn more jobs moving forward.

Also, be prepared to travel.

Working outside of your immediate area will raise your expenses slightly, but it will allow you to work more often.

Over time, traveling can help you boost your earnings.

3. Do Some Freelance Work

Make money fast by freelancing online.

Freelancers are some of the biggest winners in our digital gig economy because it’s easier than ever for them to find clients.

There are just so many freelance tools out there that simplify the job search.

And, many freelance jobs are remote positions.

As you might imagine, people love having the opportunity to make money online.

If you need money, you should seriously consider working as a freelancer.

To do this well, however, you must have a skill.

Whether it’s writingeditingweb development, or even teaching, you have to be good at something.

If you don’t have a specialized skill set, it may be hard to make quick money.

But, there are still opportunities for you to work as a freelancer.

For example, you might consider working as a virtual assistant (VA).

These individuals perform administrative tasks like data entry and outreach.

This work can pay pretty well and gives you an entry point to the freelance world.

If you want to start working as a freelancer, head over to UpWork or Fiverr.

These sites are the go-to spots for freelance workers.

It’s easy to find entry-level jobs on those platforms.

4. Drive People Around

Make money fast by driving for a rideshare company.

Do you have a car, a driver’s license, and an insurance policy?

Are you over 18?

If so, you can make some money as an Uber or Lyft driver.

These platforms allow you to start your own taxi service!

Signing up is easy.

All you need to do is prove your eligibility, and then you’re ready to start making money as a driver.

If you’ve got nothing else to do and can drive all day, you can make that $1000 in as little as a week or two.

If you’re busy with other things and driving as a part-time gig, you can make an extra grand within the first month!

How to Make $1000 as an Uber or Lyft Driver

No matter how often you drive, there’s money to be made.

But, there are a few things you can do to make more money as a rideshare worker.

  • Don’t miss out on the sign-up bonus. Both companies offer them to new drivers.
  • Drive during peak times when prices are higher.
  • Hang around popular areas such as airports and train stations to get more rides.
  • Be ready to drive after big events such as games or concerts to take advantage of surge pricing.
  • Keep your car clean, put on good music, and be friendly so that you can earn more tips and better ratings.
  • If driving for one company doesn’t cut it, you can make more money by driving for Uber and Lyft at the same time.

5. Deliver Stuff

Food delivery is a good way to make money fast.

Back in the day, the only things that got delivered were letters and pizzas.

But thanks to apps, you can get pretty much anything delivered to your home.

From beer and food to office supplies, there’s someone out there who will bring it right to you!

As someone in need of fast cash, this is good news for you.

It means you can sign up to become a delivery worker and start making money almost immediately.

In some cases, you might not even need a car!

Here are a few of the most popular delivery apps out there:

  • Grubhub: One of the most popular platforms out there, this company specializes in online food delivery.
  • DoorDash: Similar to Grubhub, DoorDash offers on-demand food delivery services. For more info, check out our Grubhub vs. DoorDash comparison article.
  • UberEats: Yup! The rideshare leader has their own food delivery app! Instead of driving people around, you can deliver food instead.
  • Postmates: This company delivers everything – not just food. They’ll pick up food, drinks, even groceries for their customers.
  • Drizly: This Boston-based company specializes in alcohol delivery. Help people get the party started by picking up their drinks for them!
  • AmazonFlex: Flex drivers help Amazon with last-mile deliveries. They pick up packages at the Amazon warehouse and bring them to people’s homes.

How Much Can You Make as a Delivery Driver?

Most delivery apps advertise an hourly wage of around $12-15/hour.

But if you deliver during peak times and provide fast service, you can earn up to $20/hour from earnings boosts and tips.

To get to $1000, this means you’d need to work 50 hours.

It shouldn’t be that hard considering that most people work that in a week, anyway.

You’ll have to hustle, but this side job will help you meet your personal finance goals.

6. Charge Scooters

Make money by charging scooters.

If you’re not familiar with the Lime/Bird business model, this one may sound slightly random.

But, it’s a remarkably easy way to earn some extra cash.

Essentially, Lime and Bird offer rental scooters in cities all around the world.

Customers use their cell phones to find and rent scooters in their cities.

When they are done with the scooter, they leave it on the sidewalk wherever they please.

The company hires independent contractors to pick up the scooters, bring them home, and charge them overnight.

Once they’re fully charged, the contractor puts the scooter back out onto the street for a new customer to rent.

It couldn’t be an easier job, especially if you have a car.

All you need to do is pick up scooters, bring them home, and plug them in.

The company sends you all the necessary equipment.

To make more money as a Bird Scooter Charger or Lime Juicer, you can look for hard to find scooters.

Machines that are off-the-beaten-path are worth more money than those that are placed in plain sight.

7. Rent Your Place on Airbnb

You can make a ton of money by renting out your home or apartment on Airbnb.

Airbnb has integrated digital technology into the lodging industry.

Essentially, they allowed everyone to rent out their home to guests.

One of the most innovative companies in the gig economy, this company has completely disrupted the short-term property market.

And, it’s opened up a whole new opportunity for people who want to some money.

You can set up an Airbnb account in just a few minutes.

Once you sign up, you can start listing your place almost immediately.

It’s a perfect way to earn extra money if you go out of town often.

It’s also great for folks who own multiple properties.

Even if you don’t travel or own two properties, however, you can make some real money if you have another place to stay.

When you’re seriously strapped for cash, you can sublet your home through Airbnb and visit with friends or family.

Either way, you rent your place out and earn at least $1000 if not more.

The nicer your neighborhood, the easier it is to get guests.

Looking for more ideas? These 51 Side Hustles Will Help You Make More Money!

It’s Time to Earn!

If you need to make a thousand dollars fast, don’t worry.

You have lots of options!

Some of these gigs can get you to the $1000 mark very quickly.

If one gig doesn’t get you there, consider taking on more than one.

Once you know how to take advantage of gig economy platforms, you’ll be able to start raking in cash.

Whether you’re trying to save money for the future or just need to pay rent, these platforms will help you get where you need!

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