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7 Best Live Chat Agent Jobs In (2023) [& Where To Find Them]

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They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. We say a live chat agent a day keeps the unhappy customers at bay. Live chat agents are the key to handling customer inquiries quickly and efficiently.

Do you think that you have a pleasant demeanor for the job? Read our article to find out more about how to break into the industry.

4 Best Websites For Finding Live Chat Agent Jobs

An overview of the best positions to get as a live chat agent:

  1. Customer Support Agent
  2. Technical Support Agent
  3. Lead Generation Agents
  4. Billing Live Chat Agents
  5. E-commerce Support Agent
  6. Travel & Hospitality Chat Agents
  7. In-Software & App Support

An overview of the best websites to use to find live chat support jobs:

  1. ModSquad Best for flexible jobs
  2. Indeed Best for a large selection of jobs
  3. UpworkBest for freelance jobs
  4. ZipRecruiter Best for one-click applications

What Is a Live Chat Agent Job?

Have you ever entered a website and noticed a panel pop up on the right-hand side of the screen, asking if you need help? If yes, then you probably know what a live chat agent is.

A live chat agent is someone whose job is to provide customer support in real-time. This support is usually given through an online chat platform via a website or app.

Gone are the days when you have to email a company for help and wait several days to even get a response. With live chat agents, assistance is just a message away, and you can get your issues sorted out quickly.

The best thing about live chat agent jobs? You can work part-time or full-time, remotely or in the office. Whatever suits you and the company is what goes.

7 Types of Live Chat Agent Jobs

There are many types of live chat agent jobs that we may not be able exhaust the list. However, these few are in high demand:

  1. Customer Service Representative or Customer Support Agent: If this becomes your job, you’ll be answering general questions from customer, providing accurate information, and solving any problems they may have.
  2. Technical Support Agent: Sometimes, the issues customers are having are on the technical side of things. For example, they may be having hardware issues or struggling to install something. This is where an agent like this comes in to provide technical solutions that gets them through the issue.
  3. Sales or Lead Generation Agents: Often, customers get all the way through the buying process only to stumble at the last step or fall short throughout the process. Sales agents help provide answers to product related queries.
  4. Billing Live Chat Agents: These live chat agents are on hand if a customer has an issue related to account management, payment processes, and, of course, billing. If you go this way, you’ll be fixing discrepancies, making subscription changes, and dealing with refund requests.
  5. E-commerce Support Agent: This role is similar to that of a sales agent. However, you’ll only be working for an ecommerce website. You’ll be handling any live inquiries relating to online shopping, shipping, returns, and exchanges.
  6. Travel & Hospitality Chat Agents: Booking a holiday can be a stressful occasion. Live chat agents in this industry will help people book flights, hotels, and rental cars. They can also often give ravel recommendations.
  7. In-Software & App Support: This type of chat agent role is becoming more popular as apps become more prevalent. These agents are available to troubleshoot issues, help people navigate user interfaces, and sort out potential software issues.

Top Websites to Find Live Chat Agent Jobs

Despite the challenges with finding a live chat agent job, these websites are your best chances of getting one.

1. ModSquad

a screenshot of the modsquad homepage

If you happen to be looking for general live chat agent roles, ModSquad is a great website to check out. ModSquad caters to all things customer experience.

However, one thing to point out about ModSquad is that is that sometimes they assign you jobs that aren’t for a live chat rep. For instance, you may find yourself answering social media messages, phone calls, SMSs, or emails.


  • You can set your own schedule and decide on your own projects.
  • The flexible schedule means you don’t need to give up on your day job.


  • You aren’t guaranteed work all the time.

2. Indeed

a screenshot of the Indeed homepage

Indeed isn’t just a platform for live chat agent jobs; it’s a platform for all positions. There are hundreds, if not millions of companies that come to Indeed to place their job listings and look for potential candidates.


  • The filters make it easy to find live chat agent roles.
  • They have many available job listings.


  • It being a popular platform means competition is high and there are lots of other job applicants.
  • You’ll often come across old job listings.

3. Upwork

screenshot of the Upwork homepage

If you want to work as a freelance live chat agent, you can also try checking Upwork. All you need to do is join their website, and your profile will show up to businesses and individuals needing your services.


  • You can set your own rates.


  • High competition means that your rates can’t be too aggressive or you’ll struggle to land a role.
  • You get to pay a 10% freelancer service fee on all earnings.

4. ZipRecruiter

screenshot of the ziprecruiter homepage

ZipRecruiter uses AI to match you with the right job listing. Their ‘personal recruiter’ function makes it incredibly easy to find roles, from customer service to online chat agent jobs.


  • You can apply for a job with just one click.
  • You can customize your preferences so you only see live chat agent jobs.


  • Job information on the listings is limited.

What You’ll Need to Do a Live Chat Agent Job

You need skills and tools as an online chat agent. These are some of the most vital ones:

  • A Working Laptop or Computer: Since live chat agent is often a work-from-home role, the ideal candidate will need a working laptop with a good operating system.
  • Fast WiFi: Live chat agents handle instant messaging, so you need a fast, secure, and uninterrupted wifi connection. And also get a backup plan in case of an emergency.
  • Customer Experience Skills: You need to have a calm demeanor when helping potential customers. Sometimes, the customer isn’t always right, but the job requires you to handle their complaints and never lose your cool.
  • A High School Diploma: Chat agent roles often require you to have a high school degree. You can also improve your chances of finding a job if you invest in some paid training.
  • Be Familiar With Live Chat Software: Companies use several chat support tools. Knowing how to use them can give you an edge.

Tips to Succeed at a Live Chat Agent Job

  • Use clear language when chatting with a customer. Remember that while being friendly is great, it’s also important to be professional.
  • Listen to what the customer is telling you. Often, we are listening, but we aren’t hearing or absorbing the information.
  • Try to go the extra mile to satisfy users. Always aim to solve their problem in real-time; it provides an amazing customer support experience.
  • Ask your customers for feedback. Understanding their experiences will help you become better at your job.
  • If you’re stuck with a particular issue, reach out to your colleagues and ask them what they would do in that situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Customer Service Experience Necessary for a Live Chat Agent Role?

No. Having experience would help you, but communication and problem-solving skills are more important. Companies will most likely provide their agents with training.

What Is the Average Salary for a Live Chat Agent?

The average salary in the US is $42,906 per year.

Do You Have to Be Online 24 Hours a Day?

No. Most companies have a team of live chat agents, so you’ll work in shifts to ensure that someone is available at all hours of the day.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve ventured into the online world, chances are you’ve come across a live chat agent. However, you may not have considered becoming one until now.

You should now be fully equipped with all the info, tools, and tips you need to get your career up and running.

If you love solving problems and putting a smile on people’s faces, a live chat agent job can be a suitable role. Remember that as an agent, you’ll be handling multiple inquiries at a time, so practice multi-tasking and always keep calm in any situation.

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