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9+ Best Jobs With The Best Work Life Balance: Ranked & Reviewed [2023]

Are you having trouble finding an occupation that gives you some free time while still fulfilling your career dreams?

Don’t worry — you are not alone.

Many full-time workers have trouble choosing the best job where they can spend time with their loved ones, participate in their hobbies, and still succeed in their specific industry.

So, what now? Instead of becoming a workaholic or switching career paths, you can easily find jobs with the best work-life balance to tick all of your boxes.

The Best Jobs With The Best Work-Life Balance (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Dentist: Our Pick
  2. Software Developer: Runner-Up
  3. Data Scientist: Also Great
  4. Physician Assistant: Best for Salary Level
  5. Management Analyst: Best for an Up-and-Coming Field
  6. Translator or Tutor: Best for Independent Workers  
  7. Nail Technician: Best for Artsy Types  
  8. Statistician: Best for Remote Workers  
  9. Web Developer: Best for Niche Workers

An Overview of Jobs With The Best Work-Life Balance

Finding an occupation with the best work-life balance can be difficult.

But, the search immediately becomes easier if you know the types of jobs to look for and why it is essential for a well-rounded lifestyle.

What is a Job With Work-Life Balance?

A job with work-life balance is an occupation, position, or job that balances the “extras” in life (ex: pleasures, hobbies, etc.) with fulfillment from working.

Those who find a job with a work-life balance can still participate in everyday life without the fear of working extremely long hours or not having any time off.

Why are Jobs With The Best Work-Life Balance Important?

Jobs with a high level of work-life balance are significant for a person in terms of their physical, mental, and psychological health.

Finding an occupation with the best work-life balance can help you reduce stress and anxiety, boost your physical health through higher energy levels, create more meaningful relationships with your friends and family, and increase creativity.

The Best Jobs With The Best Work-Life Balance at a Glance

Those interested in spending more time with loved ones and utilizing their time to the best of their ability must find the best job with a work-life balance without sacrificing financial security.

What is the Best Job With Work-Life Balance?

The best job with a high level of work-life balance is a dentist.

A dentist is an entrepreneur who has a high salary level, flexibility to make their own schedule, choice of whether to work on the weekends and autonomy.

Dentists can remain independent throughout the entirety of their careers, earn a high salary, and have a flexible lifestyle compared to other professions that work mundane hours for minimum wage.

What Job With Work-Life Balance Pays The Most?

A physician assistant is the best job for those who want a high-paying profession with a good work-life balance.

A physician assistant is a versatile job that can work in almost any medical field, offers an excellent work-life balance without being on-call every hour of every day, and presents a very competitive salary, with the median pay being over $100k per year.

In addition, physician assistants can benefit from the fact they can give back to patients in need and provide comprehensive care to the community in which they live and/or work.

Criteria to Look for In Jobs With The Best Work-Life Balance

There are certain things to look for when it comes to finding the best jobs with a high level of work-life balance to promote a healthy lifestyle.

1. Flexibility

Being flexible with your day-to-day life, such as the location of your work and extracurricular activities, is crucial to maintaining a healthy balance.

If you have other things you want to do in your free time, such as hobbies, spending time with loved ones, or simply having a relaxing time that does not require you to be “clocked in,” you will feel more re-energized when you go back to work.

2. Interests

There is no point in choosing a job where you are bored, uninterested, and ready to leave all day long.

Instead, choose an occupation where you are excited and interested in your day-to-day life.

3. Working environment

Selecting a job with a positive and upbeat working environment is key to feeling safe, happy, and fulfilled with your occupation.

If you work best from your house, you may consider becoming a remote worker or freelancer.

If you like collaborating with others during team projects, an office or collaborative workspace could be best for you.

4. Salary

You want to do a job that you love, but you also want to become financially independent and secure as you get older.

Make sure you choose a job that can offer personal fulfillment and financial benefits to your life.

5. Time

Last but not least, make sure the occupation you choose does not require an extreme level of time commitment that will significantly subtract from your life outside of work.

Choose a job that works with your personal lifestyle, goals, and ambitions for the future.

Best Jobs With The Best Work-Life Balance: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

Let’s see the best jobs with a high level of work-life balance that can give you financial stability, professional fulfillment, and personal freedom.

Job seekers should know the importance of lifestyle and work balance before making a permanent career choice.

Dentist – Our Pick

A dentist is a healthcare professional who helps patients with their oral health through international healthcare, public policy, research, private practice, or academic dentistry.

The most common branch of dentistry is general dentistry, where dentists will examine a patient’s oral health, use diagnostic techniques to help assess a patient’s health, repair or remove teeth, perform surgery, and evaluate a patient’s overall health.

A dentist requires excellent people skills, professionalism in the workplace, organizational tendencies, networking skills, and critical thinking abilities.

Where to Find Dentistry Jobs

  • US Department of Veterans Affairs — A nationwide corporation that offers integrated care for ex-military members.
  • Wellpath — A collaboration of local and state healthcare providers that provides comprehensive medical care through inpatient centers, outpatient facilities, and forensic facilities.
  • US Army — A branch of the US Armed Forces that fight for the United States.

Pros of Dentistry Jobs

  • High salary — A dentist has a high salary range compared to the median wage in the United States.
  • Flexible hours and lifestyle — Dentists can choose their hours (i.e., hours per day, working weekends, etc.).
  • Educate your community — Being a dentist means you can help restore the oral health of those in your community and give back to where you live.

Cons of Dentistry Jobs

  • Many years of secondary school — Dentists must attend 4 years to receive a Bachelor’s Degree and an additional 4 years of dental school.  
  • Expensive schooling — Going to numerous years of secondary school is very expensive, especially if you do not earn any type of scholarship or financial aid.
  • Responsibility — Being a dentist means that you are in charge of a patient’s oral care, education, and elective/corrective surgery procedures.

How Much You Can Make With Dentistry Jobs

The average salary of a dentist in the United States is approximately $158,940.

The top 25% of dentists make upwards of $208k per year, whereas the lowest-paid 25% make as low as $115k.

The best cities for dentists to find a job are Dover, New Hampshire; North Port, Florida; Portland, Maine; and Gainesville, Georgia.

Conclusion: Should You Choose a Dentistry Job?

If you are looking for the best work-life balance profession, becoming a dentist is the best choice.

You can balance making a high salary level with choosing your own schedule, helping your community, and feeling good about the positive effect you will have on your patients.

Software Developer — Runner-Up

A software developer is a professional who brainstorms, creates, and develops software programs for computers.

This type of software aims to ensure a computer can do the tasks a user delegates it to during online processes and runs correctly.

A software developer must have the skills and technical knowledge to create programs for computer-specific software.

Some of the must-needed skills for developers include mathematical proficiency, problem-solving abilities, programming languages, time management skills, and organizational abilities.

Where to find Software Developer Jobs

  • Microsoft — A technology company that produces software, electronics, computers, and other tech services.
  • IBM — A technology business that sells hardware, consulting services, middleware, software, and nanotechnology.
  • Oracle — A computer corporation that is the third-largest software company globally. Oracle sells software, technology, cloud data, and enterprise software.

Pros of Software Developer Jobs

  • Job prevalence — Software developers are in high demand due to the burgeoning growth of the tech market.
  • Job growth — The IT industry is consistently growing, meaning software developers can continually learn new skills that will make them more desirable.
  • Remote capabilities — Software developers can work from a remote office space or their home for added flexibility.

Cons of Software Developer Jobs

  • Multi-tasking — Being able to juggle multiple projects at one time is a must for a developer freelancer.
  • Overtime possibilities — If there is a specific project that must be completed, you may have the option of working overtime or on the weekends.
  • Must learn new skills — Since the IT industry is constantly evolving, software developers must stay up to date with current skills.

How Much You Can Make With Software Development Jobs

The average salary of a software developer is approximately $110,140.

The highest-paid software developer professionals made as much as $140k in one year, whereas the lowest-paid professionals made upwards of $84k per year.

The best cities for software developers in terms of salary payment include San Jose and San Francisco, California, and Seattle and Wenatchee, Washington.

All of these cities pay over $130k for a software developer’s average salary.

Conclusion: Should You Choose a Software Development Job?

A software developer is a good choice for those who want a high level of work-life balance in terms of the salary level, freelance capabilities, remote working options, and guaranteed job openings.

Data Scientist – Also Great

A data scientist is an analyst and technical expert who must have the current knowledge and critical thinking skills to solve complex problems, understand the world around them, and aid companies in making intelligent decisions.

A data scientist must have certain technical skills such as mathematical proficiency, programming techniques, deep learning abilities, machine learning education, and statistical analysis.

Where to find Data Scientist Jobs

  • Wipro — A technology and consulting business that provides unique solutions.
  • Cloudera — A technology and software company that offers a data platform and management systems for clients.
  • Accenture — A service company that provides cloud information, security advice, and digital help.

Pros of Data Scientist Jobs

  • High salary — The average salary level for a data scientist is high compared to the median salary of most US workers.
  • Jobs in demand — The field of data science continues to grow as the tech industry expands.
  • Work with high-level owners and executives — Networking is easy as a data scientist due to a relationship with high-up executives, business owners, and important industry leaders.

Cons of Data Scientist Jobs

  • Must know a lot of information — Data scientists must have a large knowledge base before they can get a job.
  • Need to continue learning — Those in this profession need to continue learning new skills and expanding their current knowledge base to continually be re-hired.
  • Inconsistent results — Data science can yield inconsistent results, which can be frustrating for workers.

How Much You Can Make With Data Scientist Jobs

The average salary of a data scientist is between $98,230 and $145,018 per year.

The highest-paid data scientists made as much as $130k per year, whereas the lowest-paid scientist made upwards of $71k per year.

Conclusion: Should You Choose a Data Scientist Job?

Becoming a data scientist is one of the smartest choices for those who want an occupation with a high salary, high-demand job openings, and the potential to network and build relationships with multiple companies.

Notable Mentions: Notable Mentions: Other Jobs With The Best Work-Life Balance to Check Out

If you want other suggestions for a good work-life balance profession, check out these viable options.

Physician Assistant: Best For Salary Level  

A physician assistant is a licensed clinician and healthcare provider that can diagnose a client, create a treatment plan, prescribe medicines, and aid in clinical practices.

A physician assistant must have clear communication skills, empathy for clients, and problem-solving skills.

Why is a Physician Assistant a Great Option?

A physician assistant is a smart choice for those who want a flexible schedule, various specialties to choose from, job security for multiple years, a high salary level, and fewer educational requirements than a physician.

Drawbacks to Being a Physician Assistant

Compared to other professions, the major drawbacks of being a physician assistant include long work days that may include evenings and weekends, limited career advancement possibilities, physical and mentally demanding days, and long days while not making the same amount of money as a physician.  

How Much You Can Make as a Physician Assistant

The average salary of a physician assistant is approximately $113,717 per year.

The salary range of a PA fluctuates between $83 and $240k per year.

The highest-paying cities for a physician assistant are Salinas (CA), Waterbury (CT), Portsmouth (NH), and Yuba City (CA), with all cities paying over $158k per year.

Management Analyst: Best for an Up-and-Coming Field

A management analyst is a consultant that collaborates with a business and other employees within the company to make better decisions moving forward.

A management analyst must have analytical skills, problem-solving abilities, interpersonal communication, and time management abilities.

Why is a Management Analyst a Great Option?

The main perks of being a management analyst are the projected job growth over the next decade, beneficial work-life balance, high salary level, and a non-competitive environment.

Drawbacks to Being a Management Analyst

The drawbacks of being a management analyst are the high potential for long daily and weekly hours, difficulties in breaking into the career at a decent level, and a prevalence of hands-on work.

How Much You Can Make as a Management Analyst

The average salary of a management analyst is approximately $87,660.

The salary range of a management analyst usually fluctuates between $46 and $120k per year, depending on the employer, location, and state.

For example, the highest-paid 25% of management analysts made as much as $116k in one year.

In contrast, the lowest-paid 25% of management analysts only made $66k.

Translator or Tutor: Best for Independent Workers

A translator is a person who can convert one language into another through written or oral means.

A tutor is a professional who can teach an individual student or small group about a particular topic/topics.

A translator must have proficient knowledge of specific language/languages, expert writing skills, cultural knowledge of certain countries, and thorough research capabilities.

A tutor should have knowledge of specific topics, active listening skills, personal communication abilities, and patience when dealing with clients.

Why is a Translator or Tutor a Great Option?

The main perks of being a translator are that you can earn a substantial income, create your own working schedule, progress quickly within your industry, and learn a large scope of information.

The top benefits of being a tutor are the flexibility within your daily and weekly schedule, difference-making potential in a person’s life, and new skills acquired over time.

Drawbacks to Becoming a Translator or Tutor

The cons of being a translator are that your salary could be lower depending on your clients and location, a lack of job security, and extensive knowledge required.

The cons of being a tutor are the potential for long working hours, the required personal skills, and the large breadth of knowledge required to attract multiple clients.

How Much You Can Make as a Translator or Tutor

The average salary of a translator is approximately $20.90 per hour, or between $49k and $64k per year.

The highest-paid translators (75% and higher) make as high as $72k per year. In contrast, the lowest-paid translators (25% and lower) only earn upwards of $38k.

The average salary of a tutor is $25.31 per hour or $35k to $48k per year.

The salary range per hour fluctuates between $15 to $35 per hour depending on the state, person, and client.

Nail Technician: Best For Artsy Types  

A nail technician is a professional beauty specialist that helps with the cleaning, style, and shape of a client’s fingernails or toenails.

A nail technician should have a passion for creativity and nails, knowledge of the latest styles and cultural trends, and interpersonal skills.

Why is a Nail Technician a Great Option?

A nail technician benefits from being creative in their profession, feeling good about helping their clients, and choosing their own working hours.

Drawbacks to Becoming Nail Technician

The drawbacks of being a nail technician are that you could be exposed to toxic fumes daily in the nail salon, you will deal with unsavory clients at times, and you may need to create your own business or market your own services to get clients.

How Much You Can Make as a Nail Technician

The average salary of a nail technician is approximately $21.67 per hour or $22k to $31k per year.

The salary of a nail technician fluctuates based on the state and hourly wage.

For example, the highest-paying state is Tennessee, at just over $41k. In contrast, the lowest-paying state is Georgia, coming in at $26.6k.

Statistician: Best For Remote Workers

A statistician is a mathematical professional who can use applied or theoretical statistics to solve problems and advise businesses or individuals.

A statistician should have problem-solving capabilities, written and oral skills, an analytical understanding of complex problems, and mathematical proficiency.

Why is a Statistician a Great Option?

The main benefits of being a statistician are:

  • The ability to choose your own working hours.
  • The low-stress nature of daily work.
  • The projected growth of the job over the upcoming years.
  • A calm environment.

Drawbacks to Becoming a Statistician

The top drawbacks of being a statistician are:

  • The anti-social daily life.
  • The potential for a sedentary lifestyle.
  • The large knowledge base required to earn and maintain a consistent job.

How Much You Can Make as a Statistician

The average salary of a statistician is approximately $92k per year.

The salary range of a statistician typically fluctuates between $55 and $170k per year depending on the employer and the geographical location.

Web Developer: Best For Niche Workers

A web developer is a professional that creates websites that are easy to navigate, aesthetic, and functional.

This tech professional must be able to utilize HTML, CSS, HTTP, and JavaScript within the finished product.

A web developer should have a strong literacy in computers and numbers, excellent communication skills, great attention to detail, and logical problem-solving methods.

Why is a Web Developer a Great Option?

The perks of being a web developer are:

  • The ability to use your creativity within your job.
  • A high salary level.
  • The low educational time required.
  • The potential for career growth.

Drawbacks to Becoming a Web Developer

The cons of being a web developer are the consistent and never-ending workload and demands, reduced physical activity and sedentary lifestyle, and long daily or weekly hours.

How Much You Can Make as a Web Developer

The average salary of a web developer is approximately $66,593 per year.

Other Jobs Relevant to Jobs With The Best Work-Life Balance

Not sold on any of the above options for a career path?

Not to worry — there are dozens of other choices when it comes to professions and jobs that have a favorable work-life balance for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the top choices for a high work-life balance are gig jobs and freelance work.

Understanding what the gig economy offers is essential to choosing a side job, remote profession, or non-contract job.

Real Online Jobs:

Real online jobs allow gig workers to take away hours spent commuting, increases productivity, boosts a favorable work-life balance, and reduces stress.

Remote workers should consider finding jobs that offer flexible work hours and remote possibilities so they can spend more time on activities outside of work that would otherwise be spent commuting or talking to others in an office space.

Some of the most desirable online jobs that you can do from home include data entry clerks, transcriptionists, writers, IT employees, customer service analysts, remote designers, and many others.

Best Side Jobs:

Side jobs allow gig workers to make more money that can boost their current salary.

Furthermore, remote workers and current employees can learn additional skills for their side jobs that will help them get job openings in other sectors.

There are numerous benefits of the gig economy that can help freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, and new job-seekers take control of their daily schedules.

Finding the best side jobs helps entrepreneurs and remote workers better budget their money, provides them with additional income to add more money to savings, and reduces pressure to pay weekly or monthly bills.  

Best Gig Jobs

Flexible and non-contract gig jobs allow independent workers and contractors to remain flexible during their daily life, hold a variety of jobs at one time for added stability and excitement, and benefit from a more diverse schedule.

Choosing a gig job allows freelancers to complete their independent work on their own time.

Some top gig jobs for remote workers to choose from include tutors, translators, food delivery drivers, freelance writers, manual labor jobs, proofreading, bookkeeping, and completing surveys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the most commonly asked questions that job seekers may have when it comes to finding a flexible and financially stable profession.

What is the Most Stable Career?

There are a variety of jobs that offer the most security moving forward.

Some of the best options include a physician assistant, software developer, nurse practitioner, tax preparer, welder, food prep worker, cashier, language pathologist, court clerk, private investigator, mail carrier, dentist, registered nurse, and pharmacist.

What is the Loneliest Job in the World?

There are a few different possibilities when it comes to lonely jobs that can make someone feel depressed or isolated.

Some of the loneliest jobs in the world include winter caretakers at remote national parks, game wardens watching animals at remote state parks, night watchmen and security personnel for mines, tunnel inspectors, engineers, scientists, or lawyers.

In these cases, a “lonely” job can refer to either the physical location of the job, the time of the job’s hours, or professions that work without any other people.

Wrapping up

Finding a job that provides a good work-life balance is key to having a healthy lifestyle, social life outside of work, and occupational fulfillment.

Certain jobs, such as dentistry, software developers, and data scientists, are smart options for those who want flexibility, high salary level, reasonable time commitment, and a beneficial work environment.  

Check out Gig Worker to find the best-paying jobs that offer a healthy balance between work and free time.  

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