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The 9 Best Jobs for People With Anxiety Disorders 

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Living with an anxiety disorder can be challenging.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, an average of 40 million adults in the United States report dealing with an anxiety disorder in a given year.

The workplace is one of the most significant areas where people diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder tend to suffer.

But by looking for jobs for people with anxiety, you may be able to find an environment that’s better for your mental health.

You may find that trying to work your current job with a generalized anxiety disorder is detrimental to your mental health.

Fortunately, there are some low-stress jobs that are excellent fits for people with anxiety.

elow, you’ll find a brief overview of why working a job with anxiety disorders is challenging.

You’ll then see a list of the nine best jobs for people with anxiety so you can maintain your career and protect your mental health.

The Best Jobs for People With Anxiety (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Computer Programmer
  2. Graphic Designer
  3. Dog Walker
  4. Veterinary Technician
  5. Massage Therapist
  6. Factory Worker
  7. Household Worker
  8. Writer
  9. Data Entry Operator

Working With Anxiety

If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, going to work on a regular basis can be a struggle.

First and foremost, anxiety disorders can cause panic attacks.

Panic attacks are typically accompanied by physical symptoms, such as tightness in the chest and muscle tension.

This can make it more difficult to perform in a high stress environment.

Furthermore, anxiety disorders have a severe impact on your mental capacity in the workplace.

Anxiety can make it challenging to focus on the task at hand.

Additionally, anxiety may result in feelings of fear or terror, which could make social interactions with peers or coworkers challenging.

Some people find that anxiety makes it impossible for them to work.

But most of us need to work to support ourselves.

When you have anxiety, the key to working is finding a job that’s the right fit.

For instance, you may find that social interactions are what cause your stress.

Or you may discover that being overworked is what causes you to have a panic attack.

As you begin to understand your anxiety, you’ll also find that there are some activities that calm you down.

For example, some people with anxiety find that animals help them relax.

Others find that focusing on an intricate task — without having any other distractions — squashes their symptoms.

Working with anxiety is certainly achievable.

Also, it’s essential to note that you should always seek medical advice if you believe your mental health is suffering.

Medical professionals can help you diagnose your mental health issues and set you on a path to recovery.

The jobs that we’ve provided on this list could be excellent choices for those with anxiety, but you should consult a mental health professional before making any drastic changes.

The Nine Best Jobs for People With Anxiety

If a doctor has recently diagnosed you with an anxiety disorder, you may be looking for a new job.

The following list of nine low-anxiety jobs could be a great fit for those looking to embark on a new career path.

1. Computer Programmer

As technology becomes more prominent in our lives, the need for computer programmers is going to continue to grow.

Computer programmers are people who write code for software and mobile applications.

There are various types of code available, similar to how people speak different languages.

You can start by learning a kind of coding language and becoming proficient in that area.

Computer programming can be a useful job for people with anxiety because it requires minimum social interaction.

Furthermore, many people find that computer programming is like a puzzle.

Coding requires a lot of concentration, as you seek to eliminate bugs so that the program runs efficiently.

Puzzles can be helpful for those with anxiety because the puzzles prevent them from focusing on their mental symptoms.

Psychoanalyst Dr. Claudia Luiz, “Doing puzzles is extremely satisfying not only because you are solving something, but also because you can control achieving the positive outcome.”

2. Graphic Designer

If you have an artistic background and creative spirit, you may want to look into graphic design.

Graphic design is a type of visual communication that focuses on:

  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Typography

Graphic designers can utilize computer programs or work by hand.

he Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the graphic design industry is going to grow by 4% through 2026.

3. Dog Walker

Jobs for people with anxiety: man with a dog in a city park

Pets are one of the best ways to alleviate symptoms of anxiety.

If you love dogs, you can look into becoming a dog walker or caretaker.

Fortunately, the process to do so is easier than ever, thanks to apps like Rover.

With these apps, you can set the times when you’re available.

You can easily work as a dog walker on a regular basis.

And if you feel an anxiety attack coming on, you can mark yourself as unavailable.

The flexibility that dog walking provides is critical for those with anxiety.

4. Veterinary Technician

If you’re looking to take your love of animals to the next level, you could also consider becoming a veterinary technician.

A vet technician job would provide you with a more hands-on opportunity to interact not just with dogs, but with an array of animals.

Becoming a veterinary technician will require you to pass numerous training courses, but the radical career shift could leave you in a much better mental state.

5. Massage Therapist

If you’ve ever walked into spas, you know that they are low-stress environments.

Accordingly, working as a massage therapist could be useful for those with social anxiety.

Your mind will be wholly focused during sessions.

You also won’t need to talk much, which is beneficial for those with severe social anxiety.

6. Factory Worker

Focusing on simple, clear-cut tasks could be useful for those with anxiety disorders.

Anxiety tends to become overwhelming when you feel as though you’re losing control of a situation.

Working as a factory worker could help if you suffer from anxiety.

You’ll likely focus on a couple of small tasks in which you’re expected to be an expert.

The job tends to be straightforward, and you won’t have to worry about taking on too much.

7. Household Worker

Jobs for people with anxiety: a collection of tools

Those with anxiety may also find that they enjoy working as a “handyman.”

There are many avenues that you can head down, including working as a painter, plumber, landscaper, or cleaner.

You’ll find that these jobs require you to work with your hands.

They also require you to identify and solve problems.

Research indicates that creating things by hand tends to decrease stress, make us happier, and enhance our mental health.

Depending on the industry that you want to work in, you may need to head to a trade school.

However, some employers may hire you based on your prior experience.

You could also look into using programs like TaskRabbit that allow you to set an hourly rate for the handyman services you excel in.

These apps could be useful for those with anxiety because you can set your own schedule.

8. Writer

Researchers believe that writing and journaling are useful for those with anxiety and depression, as they allow you to gain control of your emotions and mental health.

You could put your writing talents to good use by producing content that you can sell.

Writing is a particularly useful job for people with anxiety because they can write whenever they feel most comfortable.

You can find writing jobs that allow you to work on your own schedule as long as you meet project deadlines.

9. Data Entry Operator

Data entry operators are those who merely enter lines of data into a computer database.

Data entry jobs are straightforward.

They could seem mundane to some, but they could be the perfect option for those who are looking for a new job that is straightforward and requires minimal social interaction.

Many employers stress nothing more than speed and accuracy from their data entry operators.

Choose Work-From-Home Jobs for People With Anxiety

Jobs for people with anxiety: a man in a home office

If you feel that your anxiety disorder does not allow you to enjoy a typical office environment, you may want to consider working from home.

Freelance and other work-from-home jobs are an excellent choice for those with severe social anxiety.

You’ll also be in complete control of which social situations you want to put yourself in.

And by working from the comfort of your own home, you’ll be better equipped to handle a potential panic attack if one occurs.
If freelancing is the type of work you’re looking for, you should have no problem finding either part-time or full-time jobs.

Our Job Search portal will allow you to find your dream job as a freelancer so that you can earn income without having to worry about your social fears.

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