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Job Description

Grabb-it Labs is looking for skilled drivers to help spread the message of their brands. The company matches drivers with advertisers by leveraging technology to get that message in front of customers. Drivers can earn money by installing a screen on their window, then driving around.

The company uses programmatic advertising on rideshare vehicles, and other drivers who are on the town and their vehicles seen by many. The screen installed on Grab vehicles changes what is playing on it depending on which businesses are nearby, and the campaigns they want to run.

There is not a ton of information available on the Grab website, but they are working with some pretty cutting-edge technology. Check out the story TechCrunch ran about the company to learn more.



  • Care for and maintain company equipment. This includes the projector and window screen.
  • Safely navigate a city, avoiding any hazardous conditions or scenarios. Maintaining safe driving habits is essential in presenting a positive message for the brands a driver represents.


  • Very little is known about the requirements to drive with Grabb-it. The application form requests vehicle information (car make, model and year) as well as which rideshare service the applicant drives for. It could be reasonably assumed that the requirements would be similar to that of a major rideshare service like Uber or Lyft.

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Grabb-It Labs

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