Bird Scooter Charger

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Job Description

The dockless electric scooter is the latest craze in the rideshare economy, with lots of other scooter startups popping up as more investors realize the potential of the business model. Under the leadership of people like Bird CEO Travis VanderZanden, the number of scooters (and scooter riders) has increased massively. Some tech journalists are even dubbing it the “Silicon Valley scooter wars,” and Bird is at the forefront.

Bird electric scooters and similar scooter companies like Lime have created a whole new way to make money that is vastly different than any of the above examples.

With all these new scooters, there’s now a demand for people to charge them. This is where you can make a nice side income.



  • Locate and collect Bird scooters that have low batteries
  • Safely transport Bird scooters to the place that they will be charged at
  • Charge, and sometimes clean or maintain, the scooters while they are charging
  • Return Bird scooters to the correct dropoff points throughout your city


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a car, truck, trailer, or another way to haul Bird Scooters
  • Charge at least 3 Birds at a time
  • Live in or near an area where Bird operates

Job Summary

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Nationwide Location
On Demand Job Type
Salary Varies by city

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