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Is Uber Safe For Riders In 2023? The Reasons We Think So

Uber, a global rideshare app, offers easy destination and route planning with in-app payment but raises valid safety questions. This guide examines Uber's safety measures, driver and vehicle standards, and compares its safety with other transport options.

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Our Final Verdict: Is Uber Safe?

Uber is generally considered safe, with 99.9% of rides incident-free.

The company enhances passenger security through various measures: a verification process for checking vehicle and driver details, GPS tracking of all vehicles, and comprehensive in-app safety features like a Safety Center, emergency assistance, and RideCheck for unexpected events.

Uber also rigorously screens drivers for past offenses and maintains strict vehicle safety standards. While offering more transparency and trackability than traditional taxis, users are advised to stay alert and utilize available safety features.

Why We Think Uber is a Safe Form of Transportation

To understand the safety level of Uber, let’s start by taking a look at what the statistics say about safety incidents and Uber.

According to Uber’s latest report, 99.9 percent of Uber rides ended safely without any incident. This translates to 0.0002 percent of rides that did end with an incident. 

Within these numbers, there were a recorded 3,824 sexual assaults, which was 38 percent down from previous years.

In addition, the report outlines 20 fatalities due to physical assault in Uber rides, five of which were drivers and 15 of which were riders.

In terms of traffic fatalities, Uber has recorded 101 – 14 of which were drivers, 19 Uber passengers, and the rest being other pedestrians or drivers.

Uber Precautions for Rider Safety

Uber claims to place a large emphasis on safety in its business, and the numbers seem to back that up. Let’s take a closer look at the specifics of what the company does to keep riders safe:

1. Verification Process

When accepting a ride from Uber, the app will give you details as to the vehicle and driver that will be your ride.

You can then match the vehicle on the app with the one that arrives, as well as verify the name of your driver and your destination on arrival.

In addition to this, you are able to opt into PIN verification, where a unique PIN number is sent to your driver to verify before they can begin the ride.

2. GPS Tracking

An additional safety feature that Uber provides is to track all vehicles by GPS, so they are able to track your trip at all times.

3. In-App Features

There are also some in-app features that provide an extra layer of security and safety protection for riders. These include:

  • Safety Center: The safety center is an in-app area outlining everything Uber is doing to keep you safe during your ride
  • Emergency Assistance: Press a button in the app to immediately notify local emergency services where you are
  • Customer Support: The Uber app also provides 24/7 customer service, where someone is always available to answer any questions you may have during your ride
  • 2-way Ratings: 2-way ratings are a way to ensure both drivers and riders are safe, and give you confidence in the safety of your driver
  • Driver Profile: The driver profile is where you can find all the relevant information of your driver in one place, including their rating, how long they have been driving for Uber, and how many rides they have given
  • RideCheck: RideCheck provides information to Uber if something unexpected has happened during your ride, such as a long stop or a crash
  • Ride Verification: Ride Verification sends your driver a unique PIN to ensure that you are with the correct driver.

How Uber Keeps Drivers Safe

It’s also important to know that you are in safe hands when accepting a ride from Uber. Let’s take a look at what Uber does to ensure that both the vehicle and driver you are accepting a ride from are safe:

vector graphic showing an illustration of a person holding a pen standing in front of a clipboard pointing at driver requirements of how to become an uber driver

1. Driver Screening

When onboarding drivers, Uber has a rigorous screening process in place. This involves both a driving history screening, as well as a criminal history screening.

Specifically, drivers will not be allowed to work for Uber if they have any drunk driving, speeding, or reckless driving offenses in the previous seven years.

Uber will also not onboard any drivers that have any criminal convictions in the previous seven years, including violent offenses, sexual offenses, child abuse, and any other felony.

2. Rider Ratings

After your Uber ride, the app will prompt you to rate your driver. This is a great way to ensure other riders can be confident they are with a safe driver!

3. Safety Standards on Vehicle Inspections

All vehicles driven by Uber drivers also have to maintain safety standards. All licensing and vehicle documents are monitored by Uber, and when they expire the driver will no longer be able to accept rides in the vehicle.

4. Speed Limit Alerts

Furthermore, alerts will flash when drivers are going over speed limits. Uber will also contact drivers who have reportedly engaged in dangerous driving, and they will become at risk of being removed from the platform.

A Safety Comparison with Other Transport

So, how does Uber compare to other forms of transport such as taxis?

A significant benefit of Uber over taxis is that they are far more trackable during the ride. You’re also able to view ratings from previous riders.

In summary, Uber utilizes many methods to ensure the safety of its rides. Through in-app safety features, comprehensive driver screening processes, and up-to-date vehicle inspections, you can be confident that your Uber ride is safe!

By making sure you utilize the safety features Uber provides, you can keep yourself as safe as possible.

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