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What Is Independent Work? Definition, Types & How To Find It

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Big companies have constantly taught us that teamwork is the most important thing in the corporate world.

That may be true for the corporate world, but not the ever-expanding gig economy.

The gig economy has given employees opportunities to find independent work.

Through this independent work, new markets are opening, and new skills are becoming extremely desirable.

As the trend continues, more are looking into what independent work is and how they can become self-sufficient independent workers.

What Is Independent Work?

Independent work is also known as gig, freelance, or contract work.

Regardless of the definition, it all means the same thing, work done by a sole person with no affiliation to an organization.

As businesses need to solve more complex issues, independent work becomes more valuable.

Contractors, designers, and photographers are workers with the skill sets people need.

Independent work is usually situational and doesn’t involve long-term employment needs, making it viable for independent workers to work for multiple employers.

Why Is Independent Work Important?

Independent work is important because businesses need to find ways to stay competitive.

Freelancers allow businesses, small or large, to adapt to current competitive trends without committing full resources to them.

The gig economy is massive, and there is plenty of money to be made from online platforms.

Independent workers have a prime opportunity to take full advantage of business environments.

Additionally, independent workers benefit from freedom, flexibility, and payment.

What Are Examples of Independent Work?

There are plenty of opportunities for independent work.

Additionally, you can create new forms of independent work by selling a desirable skill set that is difficult for people to acquire.

Tutoring, writing, marketing, and contract work are examples of potential independent work.

What Does Independent Work Time Mean?

Since independent workers are considered self-employed, they must manage their work time independently.

No one but themselves can tell them how to manage their work time effectively, and therefore they have to find ways to set aside time during their days.

Most jobs follow a nine-to-five schedule, but you may operate by splitting your entire time across the weeks in chunks like ten-to-three.

You might also front-load your work at the beginning or end of the week.

Regardless, your work time is up to you as an independent worker.

What Types of Independent Work Is Available?

If you’re considering how to find gigs, don’t worry.

There are so many jobs for independent workers, and if you have a desirable or niche skillset, you have even more options.

Here are some jobs that you can do as an independent worker.

What Is the Most Independent Job?

Plenty of one-person jobs thrive off independent work, but when it comes to detail and decision-making, the best job is photography.

Photography thrives off one person’s vision and without the interference of multiple parties trying to change, edit, or fix anything.

Photographers can assure quality, precision, and graceful photos for their clients without the interference and chaos of other teams.

People may think having more input in photography is useful, but that’s not true.

Feedback is important, but a skilled photographer will know best.

What Is the Best Independent Job?

It’s subjective which independent job is the best, but people seem to favor web and graphic designers, photographers, and social media managers.

Out of those jobs, the best independent job would probably be for web and graphic designers.

The web market is big and extremely important in the digital age.

Most companies need websites and custom graphics for their businesses and will pay gig workers extremely well to get it done.

Instead of hiring a dedicated design team, most businesses can outsource talent.

What Are the Qualities of an Independent Worker?

Gig work basics include managing projects, personal life, and time effectively.

Companies that offer gig work expect you to have these traits already.

Additionally, great communication is an important skill that is often overlooked but critical for independent workers.

Just because you typically work alone doesn’t mean you can get away with poor communication skills.

Independent workers who can’t network will struggle with finding work since they mostly rely on referrals, cold calls, and local advertisements.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have lingering questions about gig work, the definition of a gig, or even how to explain independent work.

Here are some answers to any lingering questions you might still have about independent work or gig work.

What is the best way to say, “I work independently?”

There aren’t many wrong ways to say you’re self-employed, but the best way to say you work independently may be by explaining your skills, positions, and what you do with a few words.

Additionally, you can say something along the lines of “I run my own photography business.”

Regardless of how you phrase it, remember that as an independent worker, you are self-employed, which means you work, manage, and market yourself.

There’s almost no wrong way to phrase it, but ensure they know your profession and that you’re a professional in your field.

Why is independent work better than teamwork?

It’s known that if multiple people work on a project, there will be more deliberation and more time to complete tasks.

When working on a team, you lose most of the control of a project, even when you actively contribute.

Additionally, contributions from other members may be less impactful or meaningful.

There are plenty of hurdles that come with teamwork, but it still has plenty of benefits to counteract the bad.

Regardless, independent work provides speed, quality, and control.

Wrapping Up

The more complex business becomes, the more important gig workers will become.

People can work independently and do jobs that don’t need teams or organizations to facilitate.

Consider using an online platform if you’re looking for independent work.

Use your skill outside of the normal corporate world.

Small businesses and plenty of companies may benefit from your expertise.

Working as a team is fine for people who can tolerate it, but it’s not for everyone.

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