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How to Start a Lash Business in 5 Simple Steps [2023 Update]

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Are you looking for an easy business that you can start from your home? You’re not alone!

If you want a low-capital business that has big returns, then opening a lash studio may be the solution.

With our help, you can establish a successful lash business. All you need are a few tools and the necessary knowledge.

In this post, we share everything you need to know about how to start a lash business so that you can be on your way to earning a profit.

Let’s get right into it.

How Profitable Is Owning a Lash Business?

According to the BLS, cosmetologists earn $29,680 per year in the beauty industry.

This isn’t the case when they specialize in synthetic eyelashes, though.

Technicians in the eyelash business get paid $53,997 per year on average. Those who are self-employed can earn even more.

This is because doing lashes requires more time and skill. The industry was worth $1.62 billion in 2021, and it’s still growing!

More people are becoming aware of the benefits of eyelash extensions.

Influencers are also driving the growth of beauty products on social media.

Because of this, the lash industry is expected to reach $2.75 billion by 2030!

What You’ll Need to Start a Lash Business [& Associated Costs]

What do you need to open a small business doing eyelash extension services?

How much capital should you have? Here are some of the requirements:

  • Labor: You can start the business alone, but you may want to hire a lash technician. Having a receptionist will help you as well. Expect to pay these people at least $14.27 per hour.
  • Equipment: You’ll need to buy a lash bed since your services take a few hours to complete. You can get one at about $130 apiece. Other miscellaneous tools like tweezers, tape, pillows, and lights can cost another $100.
  • Licensing: Lash artists need to have a license to practice. This will cost you $100 to get and $100 to renew the following year.
  • Marketing: To get customers to your door, you’ll need to advertise your eyelash brand on social media. According to Forbes, many small businesses spend $1,000 per month on marketing
  • Rent: If you choose to get a retail space for your business, expect added costs. Rent can be $1,250 or more per month. You’ll also have to add renovation costs to that. You may have to build a washing area, toilet, lounge, reception desk, and lash area.

How much you spend on your business depends if you’re opening it from your home.

You can start with $500 by yourself, but if you plan on making it commercial and having a few employees, you’ll need more capital.

Do I Need a License or Certificates to Start a Lash Business?

Most states require lash extension businesses to have licenses in cosmetology.

Requirements for the license are 50 hours of training, a certificate from the training school, and knowledge of sanitation.

Why You Should Consider Starting a Lash Business as a Side Hustle

Opening a lash business is a good idea, and here’s why:

  • It Has a Low Startup Cost: You’ll only need to buy a few tools and invest in a short training course. After getting a license, you can begin getting potential clients for your eyelash extension business.
  • There’s Increasing Demand: The industry is getting normalized, and the demand won’t stop increasing anytime soon. An eyelash extension business client can seek you out for special occasions.
  • You Can Work With Flexibility: If you’re working for yourself, you can schedule your clients anytime you like. It lets you earn decent money on the side.
  • It’s Easy and Fun: Doing lashes is relaxing and fun for both the client and the lash artist. You can build good business relationships with your clients and have a positive experience.

How to Start a Lash Business in 5 Simple Steps

Starting a natural lash extension business is as simple as it gets! Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Get the Training and License

Training isn’t all about perfecting your lash artistry.

You need to do it because you’re coming into contact with people.

This entails knowing how to handle your tools with proper sanitation.

Spreading disease among your clients is the last thing you want to happen! Doing so will ruin your business.

To get this training, you should visit your state’s website.

They’ll have a list of approved institutions.

You can finish a course within 50 hours.

Once you get your certificate, you can apply for a cosmetology license and a health permit.

There’ll be an exam and a small fee.

2. Register Your Business

Come up with a business name that’ll make people understand the nature of your business.

It should be a name related to eyelash extensions. You should choose what type of business you’ll open.

If you plan on working alone, you can register as a sole proprietorship. This is the simplest business structure.

If you have partners, you may want to start as a limited liability company. It’ll separate your business from your assets and protect you.

Choosing the latter means that you’ll need to have a bigger business plan!

Getting a Business License

In case you’re going to operate your business from a retail location, having a business operating license is essential.

You may get this from your Secretary of State’s Office or the Department of Revenue.

3. Open a Bank Account

Having a bank account will make it easy for clients to pay you for your services. Choose one that you can integrate with a service like American Express.

The lash industry is based on trust. With a business bank account, you show clients that you’re professional.

You can make purchases for your business using that account. You may also charge clients through online payment upon booking.

4. Setup Your Studio

Your studio can be anywhere you want to be. It could be a dedicated room in your home, a rented retail space, or even a mobile vehicle!

There are a few essentials for the studio. One is you need a place for your client to lie down.

Next, you need to have adequate lighting and a table to rest your tools on. You’ll also need a source of water and a sink to sterilize your tools in.

Note that the interior design of your studio has a direct effect on your client’s experience.

It can be the reason why they’ll go back to your business.

5. Reach Your Customers

Lash businesses depend on social media and influencers to drive their business!

Your marketing strategy should include setting up social media accounts, a website, an email, and a contact number.

Consider investing in advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.  

Things to Consider When Building a Lash Business

Are you still unsure if you should start an eyelash business? These may be some of the things you’re concerned about.

Can You Run a Lash Business by Yourself?

You can start small by catering to people nearby.

Most lash businesses are small-scale and only accommodate a few clients at a time.

There are several accounts of people starting in their own homes.

Once you save up, you can expand your business and hire another lash artist.

What Challenges Will You Encounter in the Eyelash Business?

The main problem with the industry right now is a lack of awareness.

Many people still don’t understand the perks of having eyelash extensions. They may think that it’s simple to do, when in fact, it takes hours.

To counter this, you’ll have to do heavy advertising and show your target market what it’s about!

What Are the Most Common Customer Complaints?

Sanitation is an issue in many lash salons. If you don’t clean your tools properly, you can irritate the eyes of your customers.

You have to study good sanitation practices to maintain your clientele.

INSPIRATION: Lash Business Ideas

What things can you do with a lash business? Here are a few ideas!

  • Start a Lash Wholesale Business: You may want to go the other route and become a lash vendor. In 2019, a single brand sold 7 million units of false eyelashes in America alone. Mink lashes and other lash styles are all in demand.
  • Lease With Other Lash Artists: Opening a shop at a prime location has its advantages. The problem is cost. You can get around it if you know other lash techs who are willing to pitch in for a retail spot! Each of you can have your own room within the salon. You may even operate in your own time.
  • Start a Home Service: You can take your services to your eyelash extension business client. All you need is a toolkit and your expertise. By doing this, you can avoid the costs of a physical store. Some customers may prefer this convenience as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Eyelash Clients Per Day Can a Lash Business Handle?

The usual eyelash extension session lasts two hours per client. You can take three to four lash clients per day.

As you expand, you can open a studio with many lash beds and hire other lash techs.

It’ll add to the number of new clients you can take in a day.

Can I Make a Living as a Lash Tech?

Yes, you can make a living as a lash artist if you establish a successful business.

According to the founder of Eye Design New York, eyelash extensions cost clients $200 to $500.

Subtract the cost of your materials and utilities, and you end up with a decent salary.

Similar Businesses to Consider Starting

If you’re interested in other related businesses, here are some articles you might want to go over.

Wrapping Up

Starting an eyelash business is cheap, but it could give you huge returns if done right. It’s easy and you can begin with a few simple steps!

We hope that you got inspired by our article and learned how to start a lash business.

If you enjoyed it, please consider sharing our article or leave us a comment down below.

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