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How to Become an Uber Driver in 2023 [In 5 Simple Steps]

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Don’t know how to become an Uber driver? You’re not alone. 

Uber has introduced many new prerequisites and rules over the years to recruit top-quality drivers. This has made the application process seem complex for many people.

Luckily, the process is still easy despite all the new requirements. It only needs some clarification.

In this post, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide to becoming an Uber driver.

An Overview of Uber Drivers: A Primer

vector graphic showing an illustration of a person holding a pen standing in front of a clipboard pointing at driver requirements of how to become an uber driver

As an Uber driver, you earn money by picking up passengers and delivering them to their destinations. You can do this using your car or a leased vehicle.

Uber is the world’s largest ride-hailing service provider, holding around 37% of the global market. 

This immense demand for Uber services makes it a sought-after platform for any rideshare driver.

The gig’s easy requirements and fair pay make it even more desirable. It’s also one of the jobs with the highest flexibility. 

For these reasons, over 3.58 million drivers in the US were making money on Uber as of 2020.

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make?

The median hourly rate for Uber drivers in the United States is $18, according to salary.com. The website also mentions that the typical range is between $15 and $22 per hour. 

So, you can expect to make around $200 a week if you work part-time for only 10 hours per week. 

However, you can make up to $1,000 or even $2,000 weekly as a full-time Uber driver. It depends on the total hours you dedicate. 

Uber calculates your payment mainly based on the duration and distance of each ride. They also offer bonuses, promotions, special long-distance pick-up payments, and surge pricing.

That said, the total amount an Uber driver can make daily varies based on several factors. Here are the most influential ones:

  • The city and area you’re driving in and how busy it is
  • The time of day you choose to drive
  • The type of service your car is qualified for, like Uber X, Uber XL, Uber Black, etc.
  • The total number of hours you work
  • The satisfaction of riders and their tips

Remember that the earnings you receive from Uber are gross and not net profit. This means that you’ll need to deduct all car expenses from this amount to calculate the net profit.

What You’ll Need to Become an Uber Driver [& Associated Costs]

To drive with Uber, you need to have the following Uber driver requirements:

  • A 4-door car that is 15 years old or newer: This can vary depending on the type of Uber service you plan to provide. Renting a car to use for Uber is also a common option. 
  • One year or more of licensed driving experience: If you’re under 25, you’ll need at least three years of driving experience.
  • Meet the required age to drive in your city: You need to check your state’s minimum driving age to ensure you fulfill this condition.
  • A smartphone: Your phone will serve as your driver’s dashboard, where you receive ride requests and respond to them. It’ll also provide you with navigation assistance on the road.
  • Car Inspection: Your car must pass the required inspection test to be accepted by Uber.
  • Proof of car insurance: To apply to drive with Uber, you have to provide valid auto insurance coverage.
  • Proof of residency: You need to provide a document verifying your residence in the city where you plan to drive.
  • Vehicle registration: You have to provide proof of your car registration.

How Much Does It Cost to Become an Uber Driver?

Rear view of an uber driver checking the location on his smartphone

To get started as an Uber driver, you’ll need around $1,000 if you own a car. These expenses include registration, insurance, and car inspection fees. They don’t encompass regular maintenance and gas expenses.

Alternatively, if you rent a vehicle, you’ll pay around $1,000 a month. That way, the cost will be approximately $2,000.

However, the exact cost you’ll need to pay to become an Uber driver differs depending on your car, city, and the type of service you plan to provide.  

It‘ll also vary based on the total hours you drive daily.

Here’s a breakdown of the estimated average costs you can expect when driving an Uber car:

Type of ExpenseApproximate costNote 
Vehicle registration$450 to $500 a year
Smartphone$100 to $200
Regular inspection$40 per quarter
Gas expenses$30 per 10 hours of driving 
Car insurance$350 to $2,400 per year
Taxes15.2% self-employment taxes + the state’s income tax
Ongoing maintenance$1,500 to $1,750 per 15,000 mileIncludes oil changes, regular check-ups, and brake pad change
Car rent (if you don’t own an eligible vehicle )Starting at $250 a week
in-state license (for NY-based Uber drivers only)Around $400 a yearIncludes renewal of vehicle and driver’s license

Is It Hard to Become an Uber Driver?

No, becoming an Uber driver is easier than starting many other side hustles. As long as you can pass the background check, all the other driver requirements and documentation are straightforward.

The application process is also convenient as you can complete it anywhere you have internet access. 

Additionally, it doesn’t take much to receive the acceptance and start working.

How Long Does it Take to Become an Uber Driver?

Uber’s application process is brief. If you meet all the requirements, it takes a maximum of seven days from submitting your application to receiving a response from the company.

The process might take longer for New York drivers as you need to provide an in-state license with your application.

How to Become an Uber Driver in 5 Simple Steps

Becoming an Uber driver isn’t hard, but the process can take considerable time if you don’t do it correctly. Here are the steps you can follow to hit the road as an Uber driver quickly:

1. Prepare the Necessary Documents

When you apply as an Uber driver, you need to be ready to upload the required documents into the application form. 

A smiling female driver in the exam and holding her license

Ensure you have digital copies of the following documents to upload once the application asks for them:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • A clear profile photo
  • Background check
  • Proof  of car registration
  • Proof  of auto insurance

2. Fill Out the Application

Uber allows drivers to apply online through its official website and application. To submit your application, go to Uber.com or the Uber Driver app and complete the application form. 

Then, upload the requested documents and consent to Uber’s background screening. 

If you experience any issues or difficulties during the application process, contact the Uber drivers support service for help.

Pro tip: use an Uber driver invite code when signing up to get valuable bonuses up to hundreds of dollars

3. Go for a Car Inspection

As a part of the application process, you have to pass a vehicle inspection. To fulfill this requirement, you can find the nearest inspection center through the Uber website.

Once you receive the inspection result, you’ll need to upload it to your Uber profile to complete the process.

4. Wait Five to Seven Days for a Response

After completing your Uber profile, you’ll need to wait up to seven days for the acceptance notification.

Once accepted, you can download the Uber Driver app, pick up your first passenger, and start earning money. 

5. Learn How to Maximize Your Earnings

There are some smart strategies you can follow to maximize your earnings as an Uber driver. 

You’ll learn a lot of these tactics as you gain experience. However, here are some strategies you can use from your first day:

  • Drive during high-demand times, like sports and entertainment events, to benefit from surge pricing.
  • Keep track of the best locations and times to find passengers throughout the day in your city.
  • Maintain courtesy and excellent and fast service to increase the chances that riders will tip you.
  • Buy gas at the lowest price possible using applications such as GasBuddy and Upside.

Reasons to Consider Becoming an Uber Driver

Here are the reasons why millions around the US are working as Uber drivers:

A cheerful uber driver showing thumb up
  • Flexible gig: As an Uber driver, you’re your own boss. You can set your working schedule depending on your availability and preference. That way, you can easily drive for Uber alongside your primary job.
  • No minimum working time: Most jobs require a minimum amount of time to be dedicated before you start earning money. Being an Uber driver is different. You can drive for as little as only one hour a day and still make money. 
  • High demand for Uber rides: Uber accounts for 69% of the United States ride-hailing market. This immense demand for the service ensures that you’ll receive a consistent flow of ride requests per day as an Uber driver.
  • Simple requirements: Getting started as an Uber driver doesn’t entail complex prerequisites. You only need a car, a smartphone, and a few documents.
  • Top-notch support: Whatever you have questions or concerns, you can easily reach out to Uber’s support team to assist you. They’re responsive and helpful. 
  • An opportunity to drive around the city: If you’re an explorer, you’ll love driving around the city and exploring different places while making money on the go. 
  • Driving for both Uber and Lyft: If you want to make extra money, you can work for the two companies simultaneously. There are no restrictions on Uber that prevent you from doing this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make $500 a day on Uber?

Yes, you can make $500 a day on Uber. You’d need to drive at least 10 to 12 hours daily to earn that amount. You’d also have to work in a city with high demand, like LA.

Still, earning this much every day is nearly impossible today. This is because the market is more competitive than ever before.

Does Uber pay out daily?

Uber pays its drivers on a weekly basis. However, if you’re eligible for the Instant Pay service, you can receive your money daily if you prefer. 

The Instant Pay service allows you to access your earnings instantly and send them to your debit card anytime.

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Wrapping Up

The answer to “How to become an Uber driver” is now clear. Becoming an Uber driver is a straightforward process.

Whenever you’re ready to apply as an Uber driver, refer to this guide to get help.

If you have any thoughts or questions about this gig, feel free to leave them in the comments. Share this article with someone interested in becoming an Uber driver.

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