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Save on Delivery With the Grubhub Refer a Friend Program

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Grubhub is one of the easiest food delivery apps to use.

They’re available in 2,200 cities across the US, giving them one of the widest networks of any food delivery service.

And with a vast array of restaurants to choose from, you’re sure to find something that’ll get your stomach grumbling.

Plus, if you understand the Grubhub refer a friend program and their other savings, you can also get great deals on takeout.

Grubhub users can save serious money on delivery with the Grubhub referral program.

If you have friends who are new users to the app, you can get them free food ($12 off orders of $15 or more) and earn $12 off a future order for yourself in the process.

In this article we’ll learn about sharing savings with new customers, give you a referral code to get you started, and give a brief overview of all things Grubhub.

A Brief Guide to Grubhub

Grubhub is one of the most popular food delivery apps out there.

Let’s learn a bit about the service and the company, Grubhub Inc.

Grubhub works as a total logistics company for local restaurants looking to provide food delivery service.

To provide this service, they charge restaurants a small fee for every order.

(That fee is passed on to you as a delivery fee in some instances, depending on the restaurant.

Unlike with some other apps, the restaurants set the delivery fees on Grubhub, not the app.)

The app functions in several distinct ways that allow delivery to happen.

First, it works as a digital menu and ordering service, allowing you to review the restaurant menu, choose your items, provide special instructions to the chef, and place your food order.

After that, the Grubhub app has a digital commerce component, allowing users to pay for app orders securely via a credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Lastly, Grubhub works as a logistics service, dispatching a driver to pick up your food then providing you real-time updates as the food is delivered to your door.

A Referral Code to Get You Started

If you haven’t used Grubhub before and want a referral code to get you started, we’ve got you covered.

Unlike other apps that ask you to insert a discount code when you download the app, the way to get a referral code for Grubhub is to follow a special link that functions as a Grubhub coupon code.

To save $12 off your first order of $15 or more, click here.

Complete the sign-up process, and as long as you’ve never downloaded Grubhub before, you’ll automatically get that $12 savings applied to your first order.

How to Save With Grubhub Refer a Friend

Grubhub refer a friend: the webpage to find your Grubhub referral code
Grubhub refer a friend: the Grubhub webpage with your referral link

Did you enjoy your savings and want to pass them on to your friends?

It’s easy to find your referral link and share it with friends and family.

First, go to Grubhub.com/refer.

Once there, you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:

Enter your email address.

Then you’ll be taken to a second page that looks like this:

This page has many different options for sharing your referral link.

Up top in the three icons you can see that you can share via email, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger.

Tapping on each of those will launch those services and populate the message box with a pre-written bit of text, offering up your referral code.

It reads:

“Here’s $12 to spend on the Grubhub app! I love Grubhub! I can get food from my favorite restaurants, delivered straight to my door. I’m giving you $12 off your first-time Grubhub app order of $15+! You can thank me later :)”

If you’d prefer to write your own message, you can also copy and paste the referral code (below the “send” button) and share that link directly with friends.

When your friends complete their first order, you’ll receive $12 off your next Grubhub order as a referral bonus.

You can pass your link on to up to 20 people, giving you the possibility to earn $240 off delivery.


Other Ways to Save With Grubhub

The referral program is not the only way to save with Grubhub.

There are savings in the app and sent out in emails that can save you lots of money on delivery food.

Let’s give you a quick guide to other ways to save:

Your Deals

Grubhub refer a friend: where to find "My Grubhub" in the app
Grubhub refer a friend: Where to find "Your deals" in the app

One of the best ways to save with Grubhub is with the “Your Deals” section of the app, which has constantly updating special offers from restaurants.

This section acts almost like a depository of Grubhub coupons.

It’s here that they list opportunities for order discounts from restaurants.

These discounts might include: free delivery, free items, and more.

(A popular offer is from restaurants offering you the chance to save $7 off your next order.)

To review “Your Deals,” first open the Grubhub app.

At the bottom of the app, you’ll see a little icon in the shape of a person, along with the words “My Grubhub.”

Tap that.

You’ll be taken to a new page.

If you scroll down, you’ll then see “Your Deals.”

(If you see the offer for gift cards, you’ve gone too far.)

There will be a constantly updating list of specials and deals.

These deals can change based on your location, what time of day it is, and more, so whenever you’re ordering and aren’t sure what you’re in the mood for, you can check the list to see what’s being offered.

Turning on Notifications

Grubhub refer a friend: where to find settings in the app
Grubhub refer a friend: where to turn on push notifications in the app
Grubhub refer a friend: the push notifications page in the app

There are occasionally Grubhub promo codes sent out to users that can give you free delivery or a certain amount of money off your next order.

To get a heads up when these promos are offered, you need to have notifications turned on.

While some people do get annoyed with constant notifications on their phones, Grubhub isn’t pushy with their alerts and tends to save them for bigger deals.

To make sure notifications for Grubhub are turned on, open the app and go back to My Grubhub.

Then, in the top right, tap on the gear icon to see your settings.

Once there, you’ll get a menu with a bunch of different options.

Scroll down to “Push notifications,” and tap on that.

On the next page, you’ll be able to select whether or not to get notifications for order status updates (we recommend these notifications so that you know when your food is soon to arrive) and special deals (we also recommend these so you can score some savings).

Taking advantage of these services will allow you to save with Grubhub.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve shared details on Grubhub, its referral program, and other ways to save with the app.

Let’s discuss some other questions you might have.

1. How does Grubhub compare to the competition?

There are a ton of food delivery services out there right now, all vying for users.

These apps differ from Grubhub in various ways.

First there are specialty apps like Caviar, which work with higher-end restaurants that typically don’t offer delivery service.

Postmates is an app that does food delivery but also allows users to order delivery service for just about any store in their city, including hardware stores, pet stores, plant stores, whatever.

Delivery fees tend to be higher for both those apps.

Other competitors like DoorDash and Uber Eats offer similar services and fees to Grubhub, though they may not have quite as extensive of restaurant lists as Grubhub and Seamless share.

(Grubhub and Seamless merged in 2013 and while they still operate as two independent apps, their user experience and partner restaurants are all the same.)

2. What’s it like to work for Grubhub?

Becoming a Grubhub driver is a great way to bring in additional revenue if you’ve got a safe driving record.

They are often looking for new drivers, and as the app is available in over 1,700 American cities (and growing internationally), they might be looking for drivers near you.

Read our guide to working for Grubhub to learn a lot more on the subject.

3. Can I get referral bonuses for signing someone up for Grubhub and Seamless?

Unfortunately, no.

The referral program only works for one app.

Once you’ve signed someone up for one of the services, you can’t earn a second referral bonus if they sign up for the other app using your referral link.

(This includes all the apps in the Grubhub Inc. family: Eat24, AllMenus, and others.)

Save Money Off Grubhub With Their Referral Program

You can save your friends serious cash on their first order with Grubhub, and all you need to do is visit a website and generate your own referral link.

Once they’ve completed their first order, the savings will be passed on to you.

Then the next time you order food, you’ll save $12 off your order of $15 or more.

It’s a simple process that lets everyone save.

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