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How to Use Grubhub Driver Support

As you probably already know by now, Grubhub is an online food-ordering and restaurant-delivery service that connects local restaurants with hungry diners.

The app allows people to order from their favorite restaurants, get real-time updates, and get delicious meals delivered quickly to their door.

To make that happen, of course, they need reliable delivery drivers.

And those drivers will often need support in order to do their job well.

In this article we’ll take a look at Grubhub’s driver support and discuss the best ways to get questions answered.

We’ll also walk through how to handle issues with deliveries, and answer some frequently asked questions from drivers and those thinking about joining the team.

Whether you need help or not, this guide is for you.

How to Get Driver Support

Grubhub Driver Support: A hand holds a phone and selects an app

Before we delve into all the issues you might face and how to handle those issues, here’s a quick rundown on how to best reach driver support.

While you can handle situations through the app, if you need instant help, you should call Driver Care at their phone number: 1-312-637-8458.

You can also email them at deliverypartners@grubhub.com and someone should reply quickly.

They also have an online troubleshooting help center that answers a lot of questions you might have.

That being said, there are specific channels for specific types of cases, and they prefer you handle many instances through your driver app.

Issues With the App

The Grubhub for Drivers app is available for iPhone or Android, and is a specialty app designed for the workforce.

The Grubhub for Drivers app allows you to track orders, update bank account information, get notifications for upcoming deliveries, and more.

That being said, sometimes there are issues with the app.

Let’s go through some of the common ones and the best way to deal with them.

The App Keeps Freezing

If you keep trying to use the app and it freezes repeatedly, Grubhub suggests force closing the app and opening it again.

That often resolves the issue, but if it’s still not functioning properly, they have a special email to deal with app issues.

Contact [email protected], and they will work with you to sort out the problem.

Make sure to include your phone type and your operating system in your email to help them figure out the problem quickly.

An Order Disappeared Out of My “Tasks”

Say you’ve got an order you’re ready to make and then all of a sudden it disappears out of your “Tasks,” and you don’t know what to do.

Instead of calling Grubhub customer service, the company’s help page suggests that you go to the “Help” menu in the Grubhub app for drivers, then tap “Contact Driver Care.”

When asked what it’s regarding, select “Current deliveries.”

Someone will reach out to help quickly clear the confusion.

I’m Not Getting App Notifications and Am Missing Orders

Not getting notifications is a common problem on some phones and can be a pain for Grubhub drivers who don’t want to open the app every 30 seconds to see if a new order has come in.

If your phone isn’t notifying you about new orders, Grubhub has a few suggestions for how to deal with it:

If you are not receiving any notifications for orders, try the following:

  • Ensure the “Do not disturb” feature is off
  • Close any apps running in the background, specifically streaming and social media apps
  • Turn off “low power” or “battery saver” mode
  • Ensure that WiFi is off and cellular data is enabled

If you are using an Android to perform deliveries, try the following:

  • Ensure the “ringer” and “media” volume control is turned up
  • Ensure the GH for Drivers app is “Set as priority” under “App notifications”

One of the solutions above should fix your problem.

Issues With Deliveries

Grubhub Driver Support: pizza, surrounded by Italian ingredients

Ninety-nine percent of the time, a delivery driver visit is an easy and casual handoff with no drama.

The one percent of the time when it doesn’t go smoothly can be nerve-racking, though.

Here are some common issues and how to handle them.

You’re Denied Entry or Can’t Find The Customer

If you can’t get into a building or they aren’t answering the door, you should first check the app and see if they’ve made any special requests for delivery or given you specialized instructions on how to enter.

If you have no luck, you can call the customer using the app.

If they don’t answer, wait for 5-10 minutes as the diner will usually call back after they’ve been contacted.

If no one answers by then, open the driver app.

Then tap: “There’s a problem,” then “Diner is not home.”

Someone from Driver Care will soon chat with you about how best to proceed.

What If the Diner Is Unhappy?

If the diner is unhappy, either because of something in your control (you couldn’t find parking and their order was a bit late) or outside of your control (they aren’t happy with a menu item), Grubhub recommends that you ask the diner to reach out to the Customer Care team at 877-585-1085.

They don’t want you arguing the matter with the customer or trying to fix something that isn’t your responsibility.

If the customer is unhappy, be courteous, but provide them with the Customer Care number and let that team sort out the issue.

If You Get in an Accident

Accidents happen.

If it’s a serious accident and you’re injured or feel that the situation is unsafe, you should absolutely call 911 first and get the help you and anyone else involved needs.

Once you’re safe — or if it’s a minor accident but you still can’t complete the order — just go to “Help” in your driver app then tap “Contact Driver Care” about “Current Deliveries.”

Then you can tell a care representative what happened, and they will sort out the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve covered what to do when you have issues with the app and what to do when stuff happens during a delivery, so let’s get to other questions drivers might have.

What do I do with payment issues?

Drivers are paid a fee for every order (which is different than the customer’s order delivery fee) and keep 100 percent of the tips they receive.

We suggest tipping your driver at least 20%.

If you’re confused about a payment, think a payment was made incorrectly, or are having issues with money getting to your bank account, you should email [email protected].

They ask that you include a copy or screenshot of your daily pay summary to help them sort out the issue.

What happens if I sign up for a block but make no deliveries? Do I still get paid?

It depends on your market.

According to Grubhub, “If Grubhub offers an hourly minimum in your market, then you will be paid based off the market’s requirements for the minimum.

You will need to reference the ‘Grubhub Payment Terms’ email to see the acceptance rate required to earn the hourly minimum.”

Do I need to do something different if someone ordered using a corporate account? Or paid with a gift card?

Nope, that’s all taken care of on Grubhub’s end.

Just make the order as you normally would.

(And yes, people can still tip when using a corporate account or a gift card.)

What if a restaurant I know wants to get on Grubhub?

If a business wants to join the Grubhub family, send them to get.grubhub.com.

Getting Support From Grubhub

Most of the time working for Grubhub is a cinch, but for the rare times something goes wrong, it’s important to know who you can turn to and how to get the help you need.

With this article, you should know where to go for individual issues, how to get the help you need, and what to do when something goes wrong.

3 thoughts on “How to Use Grubhub Driver Support”

  1. Alot of drivers need answers of how to get quickly reactivated as well for grubhub. I have not been able to log into my grubhub driver app for 5 days now and no one in driver support number will help me and by email or through the app. I have been with grubhub for 3 years and never had any issues and there is no number to call the special grubhub team 5hey calim to have thank you

  2. i am having trouble authorizing my background check in my application, it says my electronic signature does not match my name on the prior page.


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