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Gigwalk: Get Paid to Complete Simple Tasks

The booming gig economy has made it possible for side hustlers to make money in countless different ways.

These days, if you have one source of income, you’re a unicorn.

It seems everyone is taking on extra work to make ends meet, save up, or invest.

Full-time jobs can be supplemented with a multitude of different cash-earning opportunities you can do in your free time.

These can be online apps that pay you to complete tasks, delivery jobs around your city, or one of the many other gig working jobs that keep popping up.

One of these opportunities is a task completion platform called Gigwalk.

Gigwalk connects workers with companies who are willing to pay for the completion of simple and quick tasks.

In this article, we’ll talk about how Gigwalk works, how much it pays, and whether or not it’s a legitimate service to make extra cash on the side.

What Is Gigwalk?

The Gigwalk homepage
Gigwalk is a task completion app that connects you with paying gigs in your area or online.

Companies can use Gigwalk to outsource quick and easy-to-do tasks to people like you.

In return, you get paid for every task you complete.

Companies like retail stores, consumer brands, market research firms, and more turn to Gigwalk to gather valuable information regarding their stores and products.

Instead of doing these tasks themselves, they can turn to hired hands to fulfill these simple duties.

You’ll find many different types of tasks on Gigwalk.

Popular tasks can include taking pictures of retail displays to ensure products are properly stocked and laid out, or taking internal and external pictures of a retail store.

You’ll also encounter tasks like verifying the business hours of a restaurant, downloading and reviewing an online app, or answering questions to support market research efforts.

Benefits of Being a Gigwalker

As a Gigwalker, you’ll enjoy several benefits including a flexible work schedule, the ability to choose which gigs you like, easy reporting, and a convenient payout structure.

You’re able to set your own work hours and choose which gigs fit within your schedule.

This means you can choose the days in which you work, how often you’d like to work, and how many hours you want to dedicate to each task.

Some tasks can take as little as five minutes to complete while other gigs can take over an hour.

Which gigs you sign up for will be up to you.

Reporting your completed tasks is also easy and painless.

You won’t have to worry about confusing timesheets or a wonky reporting interface.

You’ll report all hours directly through the Gigwalk mobile app.

Payment is also convenient in that it’s quick and easy to receive compensation once your tasks are complete.

All payment is processed directly through your PayPal account.

Let’s take a look at how you can use Gigwalk to start making extra income in your free time.

How Does Gigwalk Work?

Gigwalk is relatively simple to use and takes a few minutes to join.

After you sign up, you search and apply for gigs, complete the required work, and get paid.

1. Sign Up to Become a Gigwalker

The Gigwalk signup page on the app
The email validation page on the Gigwalk app

The first step to becoming a Gigwalker is downloading the app and signing up.

You can download the Gigwalk app at the App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Android mobile phones.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, tap the “Sign Up as a Gigwalker” button.

Enter your email address and tap confirm.

You’ll get a confirmation link in your email.

You’ll then fill out your name and create a password.

Sign in to your newly created Gigwalk account and start searching for gigs.

2. Search for Gigs

The available gigs on the Gigwalk app
A page describing a specific gig on Gigwalk

Businesses will post gigs they want completed in your city.

Available gigs will display all over the map of your area.

You can browse jobs in the map view or the list view.

Each task will have a description of the job, including how long it will take to complete the job, how far away it is from you, and how much it pays.

You’ll also be given a date range during which you can complete the job.

Some may have a quick turnaround while others may have a wide date range.

This enables you to apply for a gig and then complete it at a later date when it’s most convenient for you.

You can use all of these details to determine whether you want to take the gig or not.

Let’s say you found a gig that requires you to confirm the business hours of a local restaurant.

Your client is a search engine company that will pay you $10 to complete the gig in the next two days.

You’ll need to provide pictures to successfully complete the task.

Let’s see how you can apply.

3. Apply for Gigs

You can tap the apply button after you’ve read through a job and determined that it’s the right one for you.

You’ll be notified through the app if the company selects your application for the gig.

Gigwalk will give you detailed instructions to read over before completing your job.

This can include what you need to do, where you need to go, when you need to complete this task, and whether or not you need to take and upload pictures.

The requirements for the example gig mentioned above are that you take pictures of the business hours sign on the outside of the store.

It also requires you to take a picture of the entire exterior of the building.

You can head towards your gig once you understand your required obligations.

4. Complete the Gig

It’s time to go on your first gig.

You’ll navigate to your task and follow the detailed instructions.

Most jobs will require you to take geotagged pictures as part of your assignment.

When your work is complete, you can submit your assignment.

Your gig will be pending until it’s approved by the client.

The client will rate and review your work, so make sure you complete the job to their specifications.

Per our example, your requirements were to take pictures of the business hours and exterior shots of the building.

You should receive a satisfactory review as long as you take clear pictures and properly upload them to the Gigwalk app.

The client can also ask follow up questions before approving the assignment.

If they don’t have any questions and are satisfied with your work, you’ll get paid.

5. Get Paid

The only thing left is getting paid.

All payment is sent through PayPal.

You can connect your PayPal email to Gigwalk through your account settings.

Payment should come through within a few business days, however, there have been some complaints from Gigwalkers regarding delayed payment.

While you shouldn’t be too alarmed, we should go over hesitations some Gigwalkers have voiced regarding previous jobs.

Is Gigwalk Legit or a Scam?

Not every Gigwalker has been satisfied with the service.

Although it’s a great way to make extra cash on the side, there have been some complaints and negative reviews across the web.

It will be up to you to decide if you want to pursue Gigwalking as a source of side income.

Gigwalk is a great choice for those who live in busy metropolitan areas like New York City, San Francisco, or Los Angeles.

These cities have many gigs within a close distance of one another.

You’ll be able to line up many gigs without having to walk or drive very far.

Those who live in smaller cities or outside bustling urban areas do not have the same luxury.

There may be fewer gigs that are further apart, making it difficult to maintain a high hourly wage.

Some cities may not have any gigs at all.

Past workers have also complained about a lag time in payment and canceled gigs that they already started.

This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you’re hard up for cash and are waiting around to be paid for the work you already completed.

This leads us to our next point — how much Gigwalk pays its workers.

How Much Do Gigwalkers Make?

By no means will Gigwalk suffice as your sole source of income.

Even if you’re able to line up many gigs, you won’t be able to make it a full-time job.

Companies set the prices for their gigs, which generally pay anywhere from $2.50 to $50 per gig.

Most gigs will fall around the $5 range.

The higher-paying gigs will be more sought after, therefore they’ll be harder to land.

Only the best Gigwalkers can land these jobs, so make sure you do great work and keep your ratings high.

Gigwalkers with high ratings will be rewarded these jobs more often.

As mentioned above, all payments will be processed through PayPal.

Tasks for Cash

Gigwalk has the potential to be part of your cash-making arsenal.

While it shouldn’t be thought of as a sole source of income, it can definitely supplement your full-time or part-time job.

It won’t make you rich, but it will give you a few extra bucks to spend on your weekend endeavors, holiday presents, or a tank of gas every now and then.

If you think Gigwalk is the right fit for you, head to Gigwalk.com to get started today.

If you’re interested in other task-related opportunities, check out our guide to TaskRabbit, a comparable service.

It’s time to get out there and start making some extra money in your free time.

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