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Where to Get Remote Ghostwriting Jobs [+ Pros and Cons]

Do you want to switch to another career or need an interesting way to earn side income?

If you have a knack for writing, consider ghostwriting for a business, publishing house, or website.

It’s a perfect and low-key freelance writing job for beginners like college students and professionals without writing backgrounds.

Although some employers prefer working with a seasoned writer, many offer opportunities to amateurs as long as they have the skills and willingness to learn.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned writer, consider finding ghostwriting jobs on the websites listed below if you’re interested.

What Is a Ghostwriting Job?

A ghostwriting job requires you to anonymously write content for a business, publication, media, person, or website. This content includes:

  • Articles
  • Fiction and nonfiction books
  • Essays
  • Ebooks
  • Scripts
  • Blog Posts
  • Social media content, etc.

You’ll often see ghostwriting in the entertainment industry since many public figures and celebrities hire ghostwriters to write their memoirs, speeches, and other personal writing.

However, they’ve become commonplace in the business industry as companies and agencies hire ghostwriters to produce more online content for increased marketing.

Remember that ghostwriters don’t appear on the byline of an article or as the author of a book or story. If you don’t mind this, it’s an excellent opportunity to get paid writing.

The nature of ghostwriting can be controversial since it raises the question of authenticity. Nonetheless, budding and expert writers with good skills can earn a decent income from this job.

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Top Websites to Get Remote Ghostwriting Jobs

Browse the following websites to find the best remote ghostwriting jobs locally and globally.

1. Upwork

screenshot of the upwork homepage

Upwork provides one of the largest online job marketplaces in the world, connecting various.

As a freelance ghostwriter, you can find various ghostwriting jobs, connect with clients across the world, and use the platform’s features, like billing and invoicing.


  • Browse clients and projects in just a click
  • Filter job posts according to preferences
  • Effortlessly handle contract, mediation, billing, and invoicing via Upwork
  • Find high-paying hourly projects and fixed rates
  • Use an intuitive platform for beginners


  • Pay Upwork to receive “Connects” for project bidding
  • Need to pay a 10% commission fee
  • Takes time to land a job due to the competition
  • Must build reputation via reviews and the Job Success Score to get more clients

2. Freelancer

screenshot of the freelancer homepage

Like Upwork, Freelancer provides a marketplace for freelancers and businesses to collaborate.

Some freelance writing gigs on the platform include writing articles for websites, blogs for brands, writing for social media content, and scriptwriting for YouTube, among many others.

Consider this if you’re specifically looking for short-term gigs.


  • Offers contests as a way to earn extra money
  • Implements a reward system to help win bids or get contest upgrades
  • Provides real-time communication between the employer and freelancer
  • Provides secure payment methods


  • Can only apply to eight gigs monthly using the free account
  • Must sign up and pay for a plan to make bids and enjoy other services
  • Has a three percent commission fee
  • Has generally low-paying gigs

3. LinkedIn

screenshot of the LinkedIn homepage

LinkedIn lets you browse job posts directly from the company, reach out to recruiters, hiring managers, and entrepreneurs, and connect with other freelance writing professionals.

It’s an ideal platform to find and directly contact potential clients.


  • Allows you to contact and offer your service to recruiters, managers, and business owners directly 
  • Easily network with other freelance writers and ask for available opportunities
  • Effortlessly attract clients across the world for experienced ghostwriters


  • Must invest in finding and marketing yourself to potential clients
  • Doesn’t offer features to help you with billing, invoicing, and project management
  • Offers full-time positions than contractual or remote freelance roles

4. Reedsy

a screenshot of the reedsy homepage

Reedsy connects authors and publishers to professionals like ghostwriters, editors, designers, marketers, and more.

As a freelance ghostwriter, you can find opportunities to help a self-published author or a publisher write their book or story.


  • Offers fiction and nonfiction book-writing opportunities for ghostwriters
  • Provides a book formatting feature and other tools on the platform
  • Offers the opportunity to publish a book and establish connections in the publishing industry


  • Only accepts professionals who can meet Reedsy’s criteria and have previously published books

5. Writers Work

screenshot of the Writers Work homepage

Writers Work provides beginners and professionals a platform to find remote writing gigs across the web on one platform.

The possible jobs include copywriting, blogging, social media, and general website content. They also offer resources to help freelance writers start their careers.


  • Gathers the best gigs from multiple sites
  • Offers writing tools, training, an online portfolio, and other services
  • Offers decent hourly rates


  • Must pay for a subscription to join and access the platform
  • Mostly reposts jobs from other remote job sites

What You’ll Need to Do a Remote Ghostwriting Job

If you want to start your ghostwriting journey, ensure you have the following skills, background, and equipment to succeed.

  • Reliable Internet-connected Device: You’ll need a reliable device and a stable Internet connection to find projects, communicate with companies, and write your work. Ideally, invest in a laptop with decent specs, a headset with a microphone for meetings, and a backup Internet and power source.
  • Strong Writing Skills: A ghostwriter must have excellent writing skills to deliver high-quality content. Learn the writing process, how to pen different content, and how to polish your work for minimal editing and revisions.
  • Adaptability: A ghostwriter must know how to adapt their writing style to cater to a brand, business, or person. Clients often have specific guidelines you must follow to write according to their preferred style and voice.
  • Good Research Skills: Many employers offer resources to help you write content, but a good ghostwriter knows how to find appropriate information to provide accurate and original ideas.
  • A Degree in English, Communication, or a Related Field: Although some employers don’t look at degrees, many clients hire freelancers with an English, Journalism, or any related degree since they already know the basics of writing.

Tips for Finding Ghostwriting Jobs

Consider trying the following tips to find and land a ghostwriting position successfully.

  • Broaden Your Search: Find and join various websites and platforms to find a diverse pool of clients and projects, compare opportunities, and find the best one.
  • Network Online: Use professional social platforms like LinkedIn to connect with and market yourself to a recruiter, agency, business owner, and potential employer.
  • Join Writing Groups: Consider joining writing groups like Writers Helping Writers and Ghostwriting For Profit to connect with other writers, seek referrals, and discover opportunities not available on job sites.
  • Let Clients Find You: Create an online portfolio to showcase on your site or social platform, and let recruiters, managers, and entrepreneurs find you. Also, choose a specific niche to find and receive projects you prefer.

Similar Jobs

If becoming a freelance ghostwriter doesn’t suit you, why not try these other remote jobs? Most people, even beginners, can thrive in the following roles.

  • Online Education Jobs: If you love teaching and are interested in a specific subject, explore online education jobs, from online English teaching to math tutoring. 
  • Live Chat Agent Jobs: Try becoming a live chat agent to help customers solve their concerns and help businesses connect with their clients.
  • Search Engine Evaluator Jobs: If you like browsing online, consider becoming a search engine evaluator and help search engines improve the quality of their results and user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Do Ghostwriters Make?

According to Salary.com, a ghostwriter in the United States receives between $32,779 to $53,889 a year.

These writers’ salaries depend on various factors, including education, experience, and writing skill.

Is Ghostwriting Illegal?

Although some question the authenticity and originality of ghostwritten works, ghostwriting is legal. The ghostwriter, credited author, and other parties involved agree to the conditions through a contract.

Publishers often hire ghostwriters to help put story ideas into words, not compose the book entirely on behalf of an author.

Wrapping Up

Ghostwriting jobs offer one of the best remote jobs for beginners and professionals to help them dip their toes in the industry, practice their writing skills, and receive decent pay for their content.

However, keep in mind that you may need to browse various platforms and talk to potential clients before finding the best ghostwriting gig for you.

Hopefully, this article will help you find a writing project you want with decent pay. If this did help you find a ghostwriting job, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

Feel free to share this with others who may want to kickstart their writing career or side hustle.

Good luck!

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