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How to Get Paid to Live in a House [9 Options for (2024)]

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If you want to boost your income without interacting with the outside world, then you’d want to hear us out. Many jobs in the gig economy allow you to get paid to live in a house. 

From finding ways to turn the tables and have your property pay your rent or mortgage to getting free lodging while traveling, we’ll reveal all the secrets!

We’ll also show you the positive and negative aspects of this side hustle.

Can You Get Paid to Live in a House?

Yes, you can supplement your income by staying at your home or someone else’s; in fact, it’s considered one of the best side jobs available.

You can do so in numerous ways, including becoming a house sitter and pet sitter or renting out a spare room in your house. 

Some platforms even offer services you can perform from home, like Rover, which allows pet owners to leave their cat or dog at your house for a fee.

How Much Can You Make by Living in a House?

The amount of money you’ll get depends on the job description, which you’ll learn more about below. 

For instance, if you decide to do house sitting in the U.S., you can earn an average of $15 per hour. Whereas, if you plan on becoming an Airbnb host, you can expect to earn $44,235 per year.

What You’ll Need to Get Paid to Live in a House

As you enter the gig market for jobs paying to live in a home, there are three things that’ll help you prepare for opportunities coming your way, such as: 

  • Internet-Connected Devices: Having an electronic device, like a smartphone, or a laptop, with internet access is essential for this side hustle. You’ll need it to do job searches because most of the resources offering such opportunities are exclusively available online. 
  • Reliable Transportation: Since many gigs include house sitting or general caregiving, you’ll need to ensure a reliable mode of transportation that’ll get you there on time. Sometimes you may have to work in remote areas, so it’s best to have a vehicle with you. 
  • Skills in Demand: To land jobs faster and at higher rates, it would be ideal if you could develop the skills required in the market. For example, if you want to be a house sitter, you should practice your communication and cleaning skills. If you enjoy pet sitting, you should learn more about animal behavior and pet care in general.

Where to Get Paid to Live in a House

While there are several routes to make extra money while living in a house, the following nine have proven to be worthwhile:

  1. Care.com
  2. Rover
  3. Caretaker Gazette
  4. Neighbor
  5. SitterCity
  6. HouseCarers
  7. Airbnb
  8. House Sitters America
  9. Wag

1. Care.com

screenshot of the care.com homepage

Care.com is a comprehensive website that connects people who need care services with caregivers. There, you’ll find a variety of gigs that’ll pay you to stay at home!

You can get paid to take care of a family member with a disability, babysit, provide senior care, and much more. 

It’s worth noting that this website provides users with different levels of background checks they can run on workers.

How Much You Can Make

Your earnings are influenced by the type of service you offer. For example, babysitters can earn around $20 per hour, while housekeepers make approximately $17 per hour.

You’re the one who set the fee before getting started. Don’t worry if you’re still new to this.

Care.com has a Rates/Pay Calculator to help you set a reasonable and fair fee based on the information you’ll enter (zip code, years of experience, etc.)

What Makes This Option Great

With Care.com, you can find various revenue streams, so if one doesn’t work out, you can try another. 

Although you can get started for free, when you’re ready to take this side hustle to the next level, you can subscribe to the website’s Premium Membership and gain access to several advanced features.

These include receiving priority job alerts and ranking higher with a premium badge.

  • Average Rate: $14 per hour
  • Typical Payment Methods: Debit cards

2. Rover

screenshot of the Rover homepage

For all pet lovers out there, you can now make money by staying at home with some delightful furballs! Rover offers plenty of cat and dog services for pet owners while they’re away on vacation or at work.

Since its launch in 2011, this website acquired over 2 million users and is continuing to grow in popularity.

How Much You Can Make

The money you earn on Rover is based on the service you select, and you’re free to charge whatever you deem appropriate. Dog walkers, for example, have reported earning $19 per hour, and pet sitters $12.

What Makes This Option Great

We like that you can use this site without leaving your house, which is quite convenient for remote workers!

Rover offers services like Boarding and Doggy Day Care, where owners drop off their furry friends at the sitter’s home. 

You can also visit clients’ houses where you can provide house-sitting services while also caring for their pets. It’s one of the best remote jobs available today.

  • Average Rate: $12-20 per hour
  • Typical Payment Methods: Debit cards

3. Caretaker Gazette

screenshot of the caretaker gazette homepage

The Caretaker Gazette is a newsletter connecting property owners with house sitters and caretakers since 1983.

You’ll find gig jobs listed in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and many other countries.

What happens is that homeowners advertise for job opportunities which are then sent to workers who have subscribed to the newsletter. 

How Much You Can Make

Most listings in this newsletter offer either a rent-free experience in exchange for services or a low fee.

What Makes This Option Great

We know what you’re thinking: why would someone do house-sitting services for free?

Many of the listings are in gorgeous settings; you can stay at resort homes, private islands, mansions, and farms. It’s like going on a vacation with free housing!

To see what we mean, click here to view some of The Caretaker Gazette’s previous listings.

  • Average Rate: Minimal to none
  • Typical Payment Methods: Directly from clients

4. Neighbor

screenshot of the Neighbor homepage

One of the easiest ways to make money while living at your property is to offer storage space inside or outside your house.

Neighbor is a legit resource for facilitating this type of service. It links people looking for secure storage space—whether for their furniture, equipment, or vehicles—with local property owners who provide it. 

How Much You Can Make

Hosts on Neighbor earn between $50 and $600 per month. But the rates are determined by several factors, which include the space size, the rental duration, the location, and so on. 

What Makes This Option Great

Making money from a spare room or outdoor space is an excellent strategy to generate passive income.

You can rent out a basement, parking space, closet, office space, etc., so there’s something for everyone on this platform. 

Neighbor also has many features to protect hosts, such as covering costs if renters fail to pay.

  • Average Rate: $50-600 per month
  • Typical Payment Methods: Debit cards

5. SitterCity

screenshot of the SitterCity homepage

If you’re looking for a website that specializes in hiring caregivers, then you’ll almost certainly enjoy working with SitterCity. It has jobs for babysitters, pet sitters, elderly care providers, and other positions.

This website is similar to Care.com in terms of the services it provides and how it prioritizes user safety. So you may be subjected to some security procedures, including a background check.

How Much You Can Make

Your earnings depend on the job you choose and your location. 

SitterCity has an average rate for some of its roles published on the site to advise users. For example, they state that the average hourly rate for nannies is $20 and $18.50 for babysitters.

What Makes This Option Great

This platform ensures not only the user’s but also the caregiver’s safety to keep scam incidents to a minimum.

The diverse opportunities available are also ideal for anyone looking to increase their income through multiple channels. 

Caregivers receive competitive health benefits; the site even recommends the best health insurance plan for your needs.

  • Average Rate: $12-30 per hour
  • Typical Payment Methods: Directly from clients

6. HouseCarers

screenshot of the House Carers homepage

HouseCarers is a platform that enables homeowners to find people who will look after their property and pets while they’re away.

It offers gigs specifically for house sitters looking to stay somewhere rent-free while on vacation; the website operates globally.

How Much You Can Make

You’ll get a free stay in exchange for house-sitting services, but no monetary compensation.

What Makes This Option Great

Just like with Caretaker Gazette, it’s all about getting free access to incredible lodging in popular cities. 

Working with HouseCarers is also a great place to start if you want to become a house sitter in the long run. You’ll be able to exercise the role’s duties in beautiful locations with no strings attached.

  • Average Rate: N/A
  • Typical Payment Methods: N/A

7. Airbnb

screenshot of the Airbnb homepage

Renting out an extra bedroom to guests or travelers is one of the easiest ways to make money from the comfort of your own home.

Airbnb is a popular and legitimate website that helps people starting a rental property business to receive booking opportunities from users around the globe.

It has an unrivaled customer base, with over 150 million users worldwide.

How Much You Can Make

Booking rates on Airbnb differ depending on location, peak season, type of space, and many other factors.

Some online calculators can help you get a ballpark figure of how much money you can expect from your booking within your city limits. 

To give you a sense of scale, the average annual host earnings recorded in the U.S. in 2021 were $44,235.

What Makes This Option Great

This booking website is straightforward to navigate. There isn’t much to do after you’ve created a listing except collect your profit! It can be a lucrative source of passive income once you’ve established yourself as a trustworthy host. 

If you’re concerned about the guests you’ll be hosting, Airbnb has a great feature that allows you to check the ratings and reviews of users before accepting their bookings.

  • Average Rate: $44,235 annually
  • Typical Payment Methods: Several methods, including bank transfers, PayPal, and Fast Pay

8. House Sitters America

screenshot of the House Sitters homepage

House Sitters America is another platform that allows homeowners to find house sitters exclusively in the U.S.

It offers the best of both worlds for sitters, as you can find gigs that either pay you or provide you with free housing in exchange for your services. 

How Much You Can Make

If you go with paid gigs, you can find jobs paying an average of $50 per day.

What Makes This Option Great

You’ll find plenty of diverse opportunities on this platform, whether through ads or clients contacting you directly. 

They also have an easy-to-use search system that’s wonderful for narrowing down your options to those that perfectly match your preferences. 

  • Average Rate: $50 per day
  • Typical Payment Methods: Directly from clients

9. Wag

screenshot of the Wag homepage

Wag is a website dedicated to pet care. It has hundreds of thousands of caregivers worldwide ready to assist pet owners in keeping their furbabies company. 

The platform provides several services, including walks, short-term visits, and overnight stays.

How Much You Can Make

As a Wag pet sitter, you can earn $26 per night. This rate varies depending on a few factors, such as the duration of your service and the number of pets you’ll take care of.

What Makes This Option Great

Caring for adorable creatures is certainly one of the most fun side hustles for animal lovers. You’ll also enjoy Wag’s flexible working hours, and you can even schedule appointments ahead of time. 

Plus, it’s amazing how the website has a wealth of resources to help pet sitters learn more about the pet care industry.

  • Average Rate: $26 per night
  • Typical Payment Methods: Debit cards

Why You Should Consider Living in a House as a Side Hustle

Starting this genre of hustling has numerous advantages, the most important of which are the four listed below:

  • Flexible Working Hours: All the gigs mentioned above provide great flexibility in their working hours, so it’s like starting a new job where you control your schedule. When renting out a space or a room, you won’t even have to do any work.
  • Building Connections: If you establish trust with users on these websites, you’ll have a solid network of connections. Satisfied customers are more likely to return, spread the word, or leave a positive review, all of which will contribute to boosting your earnings.
  • Relatively High Pay Rates: Being a caregiver or a house sitter, as well as renting out a space in your home, are among the simplest and most lucrative ways to earn more money. Hourly and daily rates for these opportunities are relatively high compared to other side hustles.
  • New Experiences and Travel Opportunities: Most gigs that pay you to live in a house not only provide professional development opportunities but also allow you to explore new settings, cities, and neighborhoods. Some even call for traveling and experiencing luxury lodging for free in various countries.

Problems With Living in a House for Money

Just like anything else, making money by staying at a house isn’t all roses; there are some downsides to it, with the following being the major ones:

  • Demanding Users: The clients can make or break your experience. If they’re too demanding, you might find yourself overburdened with responsibilities and scrutinized at every turn.
  • Strong Commitment: Most of the time, people will be leaving their homes and family members for you to look after, so leaving in the middle of the job isn’t always an option. Similarly, if you rent out a room, it can be tricky to cancel mid-rent if you suddenly need this space.
  • Emergency Situations: They’re unlikely to occur, but when they do, they frequently cause problems. As a general caregiver or house sitter, you may encounter maintenance-related problems or medical issues with children or pets that require you to make vital decisions on the spot.
  • Behavioral Problems: Whether you get a chaotic canine, kids acting out, or an unorganized guest, most of the gigs we discussed might expose you to some behavioral issues that are challenging to deal with.

How to Get Paid to Live in a House: Step-By-Step Instructions

To make sure you’re hustling in a profitable direction, make sure to follow these three crucial steps:

Step 1: Create a Professional Account

Most websites allow you to design your account as a storefront for customers to view.

Learn and implement the essential criteria for each website that makes for a professional profile, as your account is the first step in bringing in customers. 

Step 2: Offer Various Services

To maximize your earnings on this side of the gig economy, learn how to dabble in multiple services.

Say you enjoy pet sitting, then learn a few house-sitting skills as well to raise your rate and attract more clients. 

Step 3: Establish Your Credibility

These jobs call for a strong work ethic and a high level of professionalism. Sometimes you’ll do luxury house sitting; other times, you’ll take care of kids, etc.

The more you prove your dependability, the more you’ll grow your connections and be able to raise your price. 

Things to Consider When Getting Paid to Live in a House

These are critical points to remember for anyone considering starting this side hustle:

1. Setting Financial Objectives

Remember to define your financial goals to determine whether or not this side hustle is a good fit for you. You should also take into account job-related expenses (ex: transportation) as they’re a key player in this equation. 

You don’t want to end up working longer hours than necessary to achieve goals that would be better served by other jobs. 

2. Obtaining Clear Instructions 

When taking on these gigs, make sure you have all the necessary information from clients before going on with your day.

These can include emergency contacts, particular household rules, and so on. Otherwise, their expectations might not be met, which usually results in conflict.

3. Taking Safety Measures

It would help if you learned the fundamentals of common safety procedures, such as how to put out a fire safely and administer first aid. 

You must also take precautions while on duty by informing someone of your location and ensuring they respond quickly to calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can My House Make Me Money?

Other than being an Airbnb host or renting out empty spaces, there are multiple ways to turn your house into a money maker. 

Getting a roommate is one of the reliable ways to do so, as you can receive 30% of your housing costs each month. You could also try your hand at running a bed and breakfast.

Are There Cities That Pay You to Relocate?

Yes, you can get paid to move to cities to either work and reside or only become a full-time resident by passing the new remote worker grant.

These destinations include Shawnee County in Kansas City, West Virginia, and Alaska. 

New residents are offered substantial cash incentives, relocation incentives, and other benefits.

Similar Tutorials to Check Out

Here are three more easy ways to earn extra cash while staying at home:

Wrapping Up

You can now make an informed decision about how you’d like to get paid to live in a house.

All the websites we highlighted have been around for a while and are among the best to work with. The only thing left to do is figure out the types of services you can offer that’ll help you meet your financial goals. 

Let us know what you think about this article in the comments, and don’t forget to share it if you liked it!

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