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How To Get Paid to Donate Sperm [9 Options for (2024)]

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Finding gigs that require little skill and experience can be challenging. Most side hustles today expect you to know how to use specific technologies and certain skills.

But did you know that you can get compensated for donating bodily fluids? If you’re a man, consider becoming a sperm donor.

Many sperm banks pay men to donate sperm to help individuals and couples fulfill their dreams of forming their families.

Sperm donors don’t need specific skills and experience. They only need to make time and effort for the entire process.

So if you want to get compensated for sperm donation, this guide provides everything you need to become a sperm donor, including what you’ll need and where to get paid to donate sperm.

Can You Get Paid to Donate Sperm?

You can receive compensation by donating sperm. A sperm bank or fertility clinic pays sperm donors for their time and effort in undergoing various tests. 

The market offers a good source of side gigs for men since the demand for sperm donation grows.

The Grand View Research estimated the global sperm bank market size to be $5 billion in 2022 and projected it to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.56% from 2023 to 2030.

The key factors driving its growth include innovations in fertility technology, increased access and awareness of fertility clinics, and the growing acceptance of single-parent and same-sex families.

How Much Can You Make by Donating Sperm?

Sperm donor compensation varies by location, specimen quality, clinic, and frequency of donations.

For example, Fairfax Cryobank’s Be A Sperm Donor program provide sperm donors with an average financial compensation of up to $4,000 over a six-month program.

Meanwhile, sperm donors at the California Cryobank receive an average of up to $1,500 monthly compensation.

The sperm bank also offers incentives like gift certificates or movie tickets if a donor spends extra time and effort.

Sperm donors receive less compensation since they commit less time and effort than egg donors, who require more time, effort, and support.

Despite this difference, donating sperm offers men a decent way to earn extra money.

Depending on your state or country, sperm donors must report their compensation for tax purposes.

What You’ll Need to Get Paid to Donate Sperm

If you’re interested in becoming a sperm donor, you must have or prepare the following:

  • Internet-Connected Device: Use your smartphone, computer, or laptop to research clinics, apply on their site, and communicate with a sperm bank or clinic.
  • Good Physical and Mental Condition: A sperm donor must have a healthy mind and body since you’ll undergo several tests to ensure you’re physically and mentally fit to donate sperm.
  • Detailed Medical History Information: Be prepared with your health history since donors must disclose them during the application and screening process.
  • Required Age: A sperm bank or clinic usually only accepts men between 18 to 45 years old for sperm donation.

Where to Get Paid to Donate Sperm (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. California Cryobank
  2. Cryos International
  3. Fairfax Cryobank
  4. Seattle Sperm Bank
  5. Pride Angel
  6. Xytex
  7. Cryobio
  8. NW Cryobank
  9. Pacific Reproductive Services

1. California Cryobank

screenshot of the california cyrobank homepage

Founded in 1977, the California Cryobank (CCB) offers a full-service sperm bank headquartered in Los Angeles.

Their services include a sperm donation program, genetic services, DNA ancestry, and fertility preservation, among many others.

To become a sperm donor for the CCB, you must submit an online donor application via their site.

How Much You Can Make

According to their site, the CCB offers a sperm donor compensation of up to $1,500 monthly, paid every other week.

They also pay sperm donors movie tickets or gift certificates if the participants take extra time and effort.

What Makes This Option Great

The CCB offers one of the highest maximum financial compensation. Plus, they offer free genetic, health, and infectious disease screenings.

Overall, it’s an ideal way to make money from your phone since you can use your smartphone to research sperm banks, submit your application, and communicate with the company.

  • Typical Fees/Commission: None
  • Typical Payment Methods: Check

2. Cryos International

screenshot of the cyros international homepage

With over 30 years of experience, Cryos International provides one of the largest egg and sperm donors globally.

You can find their offices and sperm banks in Orlando, Gainesville, Raleigh, Denmark, and Cyprus.

How Much You Can Make

According to Cryos’ site, sperm donors receive $25 per ejaculation per visit, plus a $10 gift card. Meanwhile, a sample with a MOT5 (sperm motility) or higher pays $30, and a batch release yields $25.

Overall, sperm donor compensation at Cryos can earn you a maximum fee of $780 per month. The pay also factors in your inconvenience and transport expenses.

What Makes This Option Great

Cryos allows you to remain anonymous and won’t disclose your information. They also offer a free sperm quality test and health check.

The clinic provides one of the best side jobs for men since they receive decent pay.

  • Typical Payment Fees/Commission: None
  • Typical Payment Payment Methods: Undisclosed

3. Fairfax Cryobank

screenshot of the fairfax cyrobank homepage

The Fairfax Cryobank provides high-quality donor sperm thanks to its extensive sperm donation process. Their main services include fertility preservation and genetic services.

You can find this sperm bank in multiple locations, including Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, California, Minnesota, and Florida.

How Much You Can Make

The site states that sperm donors get compensated up to $4,000 over a six-month program.

The pay you receive depends on factors like your location, donation frequency, and specimen quality. They also pay for successful referrals.

What Makes This Option Great

Try the Fairfax Cryobank if you prefer a center that specializes in testing and would like to test for infectious diseases. The screening takes over three weeks, shorter than many sperm donor programs.

Also, it’s one of the best gig jobs to apply for since they have multiple locations across the United States.

  • Typical Payment Fees/Commission: None
  • Typical Payment Payment Methods: Undisclosed

4. Seattle Sperm Bank

screenshot of the seattle sperm bank homepage

The Seattle Sperm Bank uses industry-leading procedures to offer a wide range of high-quality sperm.

The center focuses on genetic testing, requiring sperm donors to undergo an extensive screening of over 502 genes.

How Much You Can Make

When you become a sperm donor, you get compensated for each donation. Seattle Sperm Bank will pay $100 per approved donation.

Note that donations must receive approval from their doctors before getting your money.

What Makes This Option Great

Besides the sperm donor compensation and thorough genetic testing, the Seattle Sperm Bank evaluates all sperm donors through a counselor to ensure you have a sound mind and understand the implications of being a donor.

  • Typical Payment Fees/Commission: None
  • Typical Payment Payment Methods: Undisclosed

5. Pride Angel

screenshot of the pride angel homepage

Founded in 2009, Pride Angel provides a global site that connects prospective parents with sperm donors, egg donors, and co-parents. The platform mainly serves single, lesbian, gay, and infertile couples.

How Much You Can Make

The platform discourages sperm donor compensation and expects donors to donate their sperm voluntarily. But sperm donors may get reimbursed for reasonable expenses.

For example, donors can request prospective parents to pay for transportation and loss of earnings.

A sperm donor may request a maximum amount of £350 or £35 (approximately $447 or $44) per donation.

What Makes This Option Great

Pride Angel offers a good option for people who don’t want to try traditional sperm banks. The site acts like a freelance platform where you can connect with a parent or family and meet them for sperm donation.

  • Typical Payment Fees/Commission: £30 to £48 for 20 to 50 message credits
  • Typical Payment Payment Methods: Undisclosed

6. Xytex

screenshot of the xytex homepage

Launched in 1975, Xytex has helped families build and grow their families through sperm donation.

A sperm donor undergoes a multi-tiered process, including a behavioral and personality test, psychological evaluation, and more.

They have locations in Georgia, including Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, and Marietta. And Charlotte in North Carolina.

How Much You Can Make

According to an article, Xytex advertises that sperm donors can get compensated for up to $1,800 a month on average. However, you won’t find figures on compensation on their site.

What Makes This Option Great

With decades in its belt, Xytex provides one of the longest-running sperm banks in the country, ensuring reliability and credibility.

Also, they no longer accept an anonymous sperm donor, making them ideal for people who want to disclose their information to prospective parents.

The site could present a decent side hustle for teens since men at least 18 years old are allowed to donate sperm.

  • Typical Payment Fees/Commission: None
  • Typical Payment Payment Methods: Undisclosed

7. Cryobio

screenshot of the cryobio homepage

Started in 1989, Cryobio provides an extensive donor database with high physical, genetic, medical, and educational standards. They boast of having the most motile sperm per vial.

Besides sperm donation, Cryobio offers directed donor processing and fertility preservation. Interested donor participants may submit their inquiries on the site. 

How Much You Can Make

Donors receive a minimum pay of $40 per acceptable sample. They also get compensated if they agree to release additional information, such as baby photos ($50), a silhouette ($40), and audio ($60), among others.

What Makes This Option Great

Cryobio categorizes donors into Open Donors, Non-ID Release, ID Release, and ID Release Plus, depending on how much privacy you prefer.

The platform offers one of the best side hustle opportunities if you prefer flexibility in disclosing your information as a donor.

  • Typical Payment Fees/Commission: None
  • Typical Payment Payment Methods: Undisclosed

8. NW Cryobank

screenshot of the NW cryobank homepage

For over 30 years, the NW Cryobank catered to single women, couples, and the LGBTQ+ community and provided high-quality samples and extensive genetic testing.

Their services include sperm donation, egg donation, fertility preservation, and cord blood banking, among others.

How Much You Can Make

The sperm donor compensation at NW Cryobank reaches an average of up to $1,500 per month. Their site doesn’t give much information on what, how, and when they pay donors.

What Makes This Option Great

The NW Cryobank complies with the necessary registrations, licenses, and inspections of its state and country.

Besides this, it’s one of the side hustle opportunities that offer donors flexibility regarding privacy. They categorize donors into three types: ID Disclosure, Open, and Anonymous.

  • Typical Payment Fees/Commission: None
  • Typical Payment Payment Methods: Undisclosed

9. Pacific Reproductive Services

screenshot of the pacific reproductive services homepage

The Pacific Reproductive Services prides itself on serving single women and lesbian couples and having the largest selection of sperm donors willing to meet a child at 18.

Also, their services include insemination and fertility services and online sperm request.

How Much You Can Make

Donors receive a sperm donor compensation of $200 after completing the program and $100 for each acceptable sperm sample.

Pacific Reproductive Services also pay a $300 signing bonus.

What Makes This Option Great

Generally, the site offers decent pay per donation. Fairfax Cryobank acquired Pacific Reproductive Services, allowing you to get clients from Fairfax Cryobank’s database.

Overall, it’s one of the top side hustle opportunities for college students and adults who need to earn extra money without much skill and experience.

  • Typical Payment Fees/Commission: None
  • Typical Payment Payment Methods: Undisclosed

Why You Should Consider Donating Sperm As a Side Hustle

Sperm donation offers many benefits to its donors. Check out some of them below.

  • Help Others Have a Family: Participants can give men, women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and couples a chance to conceive and fulfill their dreams of starting their families.
  • Don’t Need Any Skills: The requirements don’t include any skill or technical knowledge, allowing any male to sign up and become a sperm donor.
  • Get a Health Test: Take this chance to get tested for illnesses, as sperm donation involves checking for genetic and infectious diseases.
  • Receive Generous Pay: Sperm donors get paid up to $1,500 per month, depending on the specimen quality, location, frequency, and sperm bank.

Problems With Donating Sperm for Money

If you want to become a sperm donor, know that it also comes with challenges. Consider the following concerns before you sign up:

  • Experience Strict Screening: A sperm bank usually has thorough screenings, with only a few applicants making the cut. Plus, you’ll undergo plenty of health tests.
  • Watch Your Sexual Activity: Potential donors must be mindful of their sexual activity to maintain good sexual health. Also, they can’t ejaculate between 48 and 72 hours before donation.
  • Consent to Revealing Your Identity: Many sperm banks no longer offer anonymity to give the conceived child the right to know their biological father.
  • Consider Family and Friends: How will your family react, especially if you have a wife or significant other? Make sure to inform and consult them to avoid problems.

How To Get Paid to Donate Sperm: Step-By-Step Instructions

If you decide to become a sperm donor, the process generally includes five steps. 

Step 1: Meet the Requirements

Before applying to any sperm bank, check if you meet the general requirements for sperm donors. Ideally, a sperm donor must:

  • Be aged between 18 and 45 years old.
  • Be in ideal physical and mental condition.
  • Produce a good sperm sample.
  • Provide his detailed medical history.
  • Give a sample of their blood and urine regularly.

Conversely, the following criteria automatically disqualify a potential donor:

  • A family history of certain diseases, like sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, etc.
  • Men and homosexual men who have had sex with other men
  • Intravenous drug users
  • Men who traveled or have had a partner from a place with AIDS cases

Note that some clinics may have stricter requirements.

Step 2: Apply as a Sperm Donor

If you meet the initial requirements, you may apply to a sperm bank via your browser or smartphone. If you don’t know which sperm bank to sign up for, check out the list above, and see which one you prefer.

Feel free to research other clinics to find the best site according to your needs and preferences.

And before applying, discuss this with your family and friends to prepare them for possible family complications.

After submitting an application, wait for an update from the center. Most clinics will send an outline for your initial in-person visit and succeeding steps.

Step 3: Undergo Orientation and Rigorous Screening

After the sperm bank receives your application, you may need to visit their physical site for orientation and screening. The process includes a detailed test of your physical and mental condition.

Sperm donors must undergo comprehensive interviews on their sexual behavior and family background, blood screening, physical evaluation, specimen sample screening, tests for infectious diseases, and genetic analysis.

The screening process can take eight weeks to six months, depending on the sperm bank.

Step 4: Donate Sperm

If you receive positive results from the screening, you get accepted as an official sperm donor for the clinic.

During the donation, you must ejaculate a sample into a sterile container within a private room, usually stocked with pornography.

If you can’t ejaculate, you may ask to donate sperm at home if the clinic allows it.

However, you must bring the samples produced at home to the collection center within an hour of the collection since they must remain at body temperature.

After the sperm bank collects them, they mix the semen with a cryopreservative solution, seal it in vials, and freeze it in liquid nitrogen for later use.

Step 5: Get Paid

Sperm donors who produce quality specimens will get paid for each semen sample. Sperm donor compensation ranges from $40 to $100 for each sample, depending on the clinic’s pricing.

A sperm donor can donate one to two times a week on average. Donors with better sperm quality can donate more than twice a week.

However, clinics often recommend an abstinence period before and after donating.

Things to Consider When Donating Sperm for Money

Among countless side hustle ideas, sperm donation offers men one of the easiest ways to earn money since it doesn’t require much ability and experience.

Nonetheless, consider the following before signing up to donate your sperm.

Sperm Donation Eligibility

While anyone can apply as a sperm donor, not everyone can get accepted as an official donor. A study by the University of Sheffield found that less than four in 100 men become sperm donors.

Remember that requirements can be strict, and the process involves rigorous testing. If you meet the initial requirements, try your luck, and see if you pass the screening.

But set your expectations since acceptance rates tend to be extremely low.

No Longer Anonymous

Consumer DNA tests, like 23andMe, let people learn their ancestry and possibly connect with relatives they didn’t know they had.

For fertility clinics, this poses the fact they can no longer guarantee a donor’s anonymity.

Also, clinics now encourage or implement disclosing the donor’s information with their consent.

Meanwhile, Colorado recently passed a law prohibiting anonymous sperm donations. Before signing up, consider if you want your identity revealed to your donor-conceived child.

Being Available for Appointments

Depending on the sperm bank, you’ll need to visit the clinic several times in a span of weeks or months.

You must make the time and effort to attend sessions and tests during your appointed date, especially if you live far from the center.

And a sperm donor also must be ready to undergo tedious tests throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Sperm Can a Man Donate?

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recommends limiting donor conceptions to 25 births per population area of 800,000.

Are Sperm Donations Legal in the United States?

Yes. No law prevents men from donating sperm.

However, some laws give the child of sperm donors the right to know their biological father. In the United States, the states of California, Washington, Connecticut, and Rhode Island allow disclosure of sperm donors.

Similar Ways to Get Paid

Are you unsure if you want to become a sperm donor? Check out these alternatives that don’t require much skills and experience:

  • Get Paid to Sleep: Earn money while you snooze! Learn how to get paid as a sleep product tester or hotel mystery shopper. 
  • Get Paid to Walk: Burn calories and receive decent pay by walking. Find the best site that rewards you for walking.
  • Get Paid to Chat: Try an easy and non-time-consuming gig that lets you chat with strangers as their friend or agent.

Wrapping Up

Sperm donor compensation offers men a decent way to earn extra money and help others build their families.

However, while the pay may be good, consider the implications on you and your family if you ever meet your donor-conceived child.

Regardless of your decision, hopefully, this guide helped you learn more about the process and determine if you should pursue this side hustle.

Do you want to become a sperm donor? Let us know in the comments if this opportunity speaks to you.

And if this article helps, don’t hesitate to share it with other men who might want to donate their sperm and get paid.

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