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How To Get Paid to Be an Online Friend [9 Options For (2024)]

Do you have spare time, good communication skills, and a penchant for making real-life friends?

One interesting side hustle you can try is becoming a virtual friend.

Many platforms offer online friendship services where clients match you with potential friends, chat with them, call them, or meet with them in person.

Since no equipment or technical skill is required, it’s an ideal way to make money for beginners.

So, how do you get paid to be an online friend?

Here’s an extensive guide listing where and how to apply.

Can You Get Paid to Be an Online Friend?

Yes! It’s possible to earn a decent side income by becoming a virtual buddy. Many websites offer friendship services due to their demand.

A Pew Research study found that 81% of Americans talked with actual people via video calls during the pandemic’s onset.

Some also turned to online friend apps like Bumble BFF, which saw a 16% increase in time spent by users.

Because of this demand, many platforms pay people decent money to meet like-minded friends.

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How Much Can You Make by Being an Online Friend?

According to Rent A Friend, a popular website for making a virtual buddy, you can make up to $50 per hour.

Based on their data, part-timers can earn $480 to $1,200 weekly, while those who work full-time receive $800 to $2,000 weekly.

Different websites offer different rates and payment methods, so you can earn more or less this range.

Despite low rates, they can boost your income, especially if you spend more time with your online phone friend.

Note that some sites take commission fees, which can reduce your earnings.

What You’ll Need to Get Paid to Be an Online Friend

Here are some things you need to prepare to become a virtual buddy.

  • Smartphone or Computer: You need a device (phone, laptop, or computer) to create an online profile and interact with friend seekers. Since it doesn’t require special equipment, anyone can start easily and immediately.
  • HD Webcam: If you opt for a video call service, you’ll need an HD webcam.
  • Good Communication Skills: You don’t have to be an excellent speaker as long as you can converse. However, it’s ideal to know good verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Time: Since most platforms pay per minute or hour, you must allot time for this side hustle. Some clients may also need you for events or activities, which can take up time in your schedule. So, be sure you have time to talk online or attend in-person meetings.
  • Payment Channel: You’ll need a payment platform, like PayPal, or a bank account to receive your fees.

Where to Get Paid to Be an Online Friend

To become an online friend, try signing up for these platforms:

1. Rent A Friend

A screenshot of the rent a friend homepage

Rent A Friend provides a database of friends to chill with, receive relationship advice, learn a new skill, and more.

The website clarifies that it’s strictly platonic and is not a place to find a virtual girlfriend.

It’s one of the best side hustles for people who like doing activities with others.

How Much You Can Make

You could earn from $480 to $2,000 weekly, depending on your rate and work hours.

What Makes This Option Great

Rent A Friend allows you to set hourly rates and work hours at your discretion, giving you extreme flexibility. It’s also one of the most trusted and secure sites.

They also have a virtual friend service for people who don’t want to meet outdoors and prefer to have conversations with people online.

  • Fees/Commission: No commission fees and signup cost
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.

2. Fiverr

A screenshot of the fiverr homepage

Fiverr is an online platform for freelancers and side hustlers.

Due to the variety of services on the site, you can offer online friend services, friends-for-hire packages, and video chat services.

The platform also has a mobile app, allowing you to make money from your phone.

How Much You Can Make

Since Fiverr is an online marketplace, you can set your flat rate and services. Most freelancers selling friendship services charge hourly rates from $5 to $25.

However, it depends on your preferred rate, services, and work hours.

What Makes This Option Great

Creating an account is free, so you can easily list your virtual friend jobs.

Moreover, you can charge your ideal flat rate, choose your services, and work at your preferred time.

  • Fees/Commission: Takes a 20% commission
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Fiverr Revenue Card, Bank Transfer, and Direct Deposit.

3. Rent a Cyber Friend

A screenshot of the rent a cyber friend homepage

Rent a Cyber Friend is a virtual friend service that connects friend seekers to a database of friends with similar interests.

As a Cyberfriend, you conduct video chat services to make deep connections.

Topics of interest include sports, life advice, relationship advice, entertainment, and more.

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How Much You Can Make

Rates are by the minute; you can set your preferred rate. But most charge from $0.10 to $1.00 per minute.

However, the platform charges a 20% commission fee. With these rates, you can earn around $4.80 to $48 per hour.

What Makes This Option Great

Rent a Cyber Friend lets you set your fees, giving you control over your earnings.

Also, you can match with someone with the same hobby or passion, allowing you to meet like-minded friends.

  • Fees/Commission: No signup cost, charges a 20% platform fee
  • Payment Methods: Bank account, direct deposit

4. Rent a Local Friend

A screenshot of the rent a local friend homepage

Rent a Local Friend pays you to hang out with travelers and take them around your city. It’s one of the side hustles that’s like being a tour guide, except it’s more casual.

To get started, you must create an online profile, book an interview with the community manager, activate your services, and get verified through a contribution fee.

How Much You Can Make

It’s one of the online friend services allowing you to set your rate.

You can charge per day, by the job, or hourly. The average rate local friends charge is $35 hourly.

What Makes This Option Great

This is one of the secure sites that let you set your fee, giving you control over your earnings.

Plus, it’s one of the most fun friends-for-hire services since you can spend the day with a traveler, sharing your city’s culture.

And you don’t need formal qualifications to become a Local Friend.

  • Fees/Commission: Contribution fee for verification
  • Payment Methods: PayPal

5. Premium Chat

A screenshot of the premium chat homepage

Premium Chat lets you chat with customers, fans, or online followers in real-time.

You’re not technically making a virtual friend on the platform, but it’s decent side income by talking to people.

It’s one of the ideal side hustles for teens and college students since anyone can create an account.

How Much You Can Make

You can set your flat billing, but Premium Chat has a pricing table for text and video chat services.

For example, you can charge from $1 to $5.99 per minute for text chat services.

What Makes This Option Great

The platform allows you to set your flat rate and schedule.

And you can promote yourself on social media platforms to get more or better clients. 

  • Fees/Commission: No signup cost, charges a 20% to 40% commission fee
  • Payment Methods: Direct deposit

6. Chat Recruit

A screensot of the chat recurit homepage

Chat Recruit is a reputable UK-based company offering adult-oriented cyber friend jobs like adult chat, HD webcam conversations, and psychic phone chats.

The company pays chat hostesses or cam models on their busy chat lines. If you’re comfortable with adult conversations or activities, you may try this platform.

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How Much You Can Make

Adult chats pay per minute. However, the website doesn’t disclose their rates.

But Glassdoor shows that chat operators can make an average of $4,158 monthly.

You’ll be paid bi-monthly or monthly, depending on your preference. Adult chat operators and chat hostesses from the UK can receive weekly payments.

What Makes This Option Great

This can be a profitable extra income if you don’t mind being one of the chat hostesses for adult conversations.

Plus, it offers a flexible schedule for its chat operators.

  • Fees/Commission: No signup cost or commission fees
  • Payment Methods: Direct bank transfer, International Bank Transfer

7. FriendPC

A screenshot of the friend PC homepage

FriendPC is a global platform for booking virtual friends across the globe.

This virtual friend service provides a good way to make friends, share life advice, and offer other online friend services, like a life coach or tour guide.

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How Much You Can Make

The platform allows you to set your preferred type of friendship service and rate per client.

Some charge $5 to $15 hourly to chat on social media, while some set $15 to $30 hourly for phone or video calls.

What Makes This Option Great

FriendPC is a great platform if you want freedom and flexibility to determine your professional friend package.

You can also withdraw your earnings two days after completing a service. Plus, you may also find like-minded people.

  • Fees/Commission: No signup cost and commission
  • Payment Methods: N/A

8. College Steps

A screenshot of the college steps homepage

College Steps is a non-profit providing specialized support for students with disabilities and social challenges. This campus guide service is available to a handful of colleges.

The platform hires and trains Peer Mentors as college guides for students with disabilities inside and outside the classroom, in-person or virtually. They must be a current student in college.

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How Much You Can Make

College Steps doesn’t disclose their hourly rates, but PayScale states that a campus guide earns an average of $10.48 per hour. Peer Mentors must work approximately 10 hours weekly.

What Makes This Option Great

College Steps is a good platform for college students to make money as a campus guide while helping other students with disabilities and social challenges have a better social life.

  • Fees/Commission: No signup cost and commission
  • Payment Methods: N/A

9. Preply

A screenshot of the preply homepage

Some people hire a friend to learn a new language, knowledge, or skill. And another way of getting paid as an online friend is by becoming an online teacher.

Preply doesn’t require formal qualifications or months of experience, unlike other online teaching platforms.

Anyone can apply and teach if they have good communication skills and enjoy sharing their knowledge and life experience with others.

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How Much You Can Make

The tutors set their rates, and most charge around $15 to $25 hourly.

Ultimately, it depends on how much you want to charge and how long you’ll work.

What Makes This Option Great

Although this isn’t a virtual friend service, it’s a great way to meet others and get paid to share your knowledge and life experience.

You can also set your schedule and hourly rate, making it highly flexible.

  • Fees/Commission: A 100% commission fee for trial lessons, while subsequent lessons charge 18% to 33%
  • Payment Methods: Wise, Payoneer, PayPal, and Skrill

Why You Should Consider Being an Online Friend As a Side Hustle

If you have spare time and like talking to people, here are a few reasons to consider becoming a virtual companion.

  • Earn a Profitable Income: Virtual friend jobs pay decent money if you have enough time to talk or meet with people. You can earn up to $50 per hour, depending on the platform.
  • Get Work Without Experience: This is one of the side hustles that don’t require extensive experience and formal qualifications. If you have communication skills and carry yourself well, you can pass the test and start immediately.
  • Meet Interesting People: If you like conversing with people, you can meet someone with an interesting background or eccentric personality and know them on a personal level.
  • Help Socially Anxious or Lonely People: Some subscribe to this type of friendship service because they have no social life or want to practice talking with actual people. Help others overcome their loneliness and social anxiety by talking with them and giving life advice.

Problems With Being an Online Friend for Money

All side hustle ideas have a downside.

So, what challenges will you face being an online friend for money?

  • Safety Concerns: Since you’re talking or meeting with people, your client might discover your real identity, including your personal information. There’s also the concern of finding legitimate and secure sites.
  • Time-consuming: Most friendship platforms pay by the minute or hourly, so the more time you spend with clients, the more money you earn. Some might find it time-consuming and draining to talk to people for hours.
  • Mostly English Speakers: Most services require you to interact in English. While some sites and clients speak a different language, they’re only a handful. So, if you’re not fluent in English, it might be challenging to hold a conversation and get a long-term client.
  • Commission Fees: Some friendship platforms take a commission from users, especially if the client pays you directly. Depending on the platform, these commission fees could take a chunk of your earnings.

How To Get Paid to Be an Online Friend: Step-By-Step Instructions

Are you ready to become a virtual buddy for extra income? Follow these five steps:

Step 1: Create an Online Profile

Get paid as a virtual companion by creating an online profile on a legitimate and secure platform.

Before signing up, one of the safety measures to protect your private information and ensure you’ll get paid is to find a legitimate site.

Most online profiles ask you to provide your username, age, and an idea of your personality, among others.

Step 2: Add Interesting Information

After creating an account or your basic profile, you may be asked for more details about yourself to help you stand out.

It includes your hobby, interest, spoken language, talent, or a special skill.

This information will also match you to friend seekers with similar interests and help you form good virtual friendships.

Step 3: Input Your Financial Details

Besides your interests, you must also input your payment details. Most friendship platforms pay via payment sites like PayPal, but some provide wire transfers.

We recommend getting a payment channel like PayPal since it’s one of the safest ways to receive money.

If you don’t have an account, it only takes a few minutes to create one.

Before submitting your payment information, some of the safety tips include reading any terms and conditions and looking for the lock symbol on the URL page.

Step 4: Accomplish and Pass a Personality Test

Some friendship sites require you to take a test before getting accepted and finally start getting paid as an online companion.

During this step, you might accomplish a personality test or talk with the platform’s representative, depending on the company.

This additional step checks if your personality suits the platform and ensures you can connect with like-minded people.

Just be honest and be yourself to ace this stage.

Step 5: Wait for Clients to Approach or Match With You

After completing all the steps and finally being accepted, it’s time to start talking to people and earning on the side.
However, it can take time to find an interested client. Potential clients usually consider your age, gender, location, or interests as a deciding factor.

But once you match with a client, you can start interacting with them. Depending on the type of friendship service, you earn money via text, phone calls, video chats, talking via a chatting app, or meeting up.

Things to Consider When Being an Online Friend for Money

Although becoming an online companion is one of the top side hustles you can find, it may not be for everyone.

Here are three things to consider before signing up:

1. Choose Legitimate and Ideal Friendship Sites

There are plenty of legitimate websites available, but many still offer scams.

Avoid getting scammed by conducting thorough background research about the website, like its launch date, owners, and customer care services.

Other safety tips include asking for referrals from people you know, looking for the lock symbol in the URL, and looking at online reviews.

Generally, positive reviews are a good sign but could also be misleading. And avoid using messaging services or apps you don’t know.

Consider these safety measures and always go with secure sites that have been tried and tested.

2. Keep Things Platonic

Most online friendship services require you to make a platonic friendship.

It means you’re not a virtual girlfriend or boyfriend and can’t do sexual activities and conversations with your client.

If a client asks to be more than friends, it’s best to block and report them for your safety.

Remember that this is not the platform for those activities. Nonetheless, we recommend setting boundaries with your client.

After all, it’s easier to create genuine friendships when both parties respect each other.

3. Be Mindful of Your Safety

Since you’ll interact with a stranger, keep any private information to yourself.

It’s still possible to connect with someone on a personal level without providing your details, like your real identity, address, or phone number.

Moreover, be alert and use common sense while interacting with your client.

So, if you’re getting paid only to talk online and are asked to do in-person meetups, it’s best to decline and report your client.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Make Money as a Friend?

You can make money as an online friend by spending time with your client via text, chat, phone calls, video calls, online gaming, or meetups.

Some clients book potential friends for in-person meetings, like weddings, sporting events, prom dates, etc.

Most platforms pay per minute or hour, so you earn more per interaction if you spend more time with your client.

What Is Virtual Friendship?

The Urban Dictionary defines virtual friendship as an interaction mostly via text and social media platforms.

There’s often no direct human contact, as two virtual friends rarely meet.

Similar Ways to Get Paid

If getting paid for online friendships doesn’t suit your side hustle needs, here are three more alternatives you can try, such as:

  • Get Paid to Chat: If you don’t like meeting face-to-face or doing video calls, try getting paid to chat as a customer service representative or an adult chat service.
  • Get Paid to Take Surveys: Earn decent money by participating in a survey during your free time. These usually take a few minutes and can earn well if you answer a lot.
  • Get Paid to Watch Videos: Watch videos and ads online, and earn a dollar to a few bucks per hour in the comfort of your home.

Wrapping Up

If you have a special skill for talking to people and making genuine friendships, you can get paid to become a virtual friend.

You can earn decent money hourly by talking to others, calling them, or doing activities with them.

As a bonus, you can help lonely people and might even make a real friend in real life!

However, read the safety tips above to protect your privacy and choose a legitimate platform to ensure you’ll get paid.

Is this side hustle for you? Let us know in the comments if you’re willing to become an online friend.

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