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9 Best Free Posting Sites: Ranked & Reviewed (2024)

Are you an employer or hiring manager looking to fill key positions within your organization? Do you want to effectively and efficiently select qualified applicants? You’ve come to the right place!

We’ll discuss the top nine free posting sites and explore their features, pros, and cons in this comprehensive guide.

And by the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which job posting site to use.

The Best Free Posting Sites (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Indeed: Our Pick
  2. LinkedIn: Runner Up
  3. ZipRecruiter: Also Great
  4. Ladders: Best for Finding Professional Talent
  5. Upwork: Best for Finding Freelancers
  6. Wellfound: Best for Startups
  7. Optimhire: Best for Finding Pre-screened Talent
  8. Handshake: Best for Finding Recent Graduates
  9. Hubstaff Talent: Best for Finding Remote Workers

An Overview of Free Job Posting Sites

What Is a Free Posting Site?

Free job posting sites are platforms that enable employers and recruiters to post job opportunities at no cost.

Job seekers visit these websites to access the available listings posted by employers and apply for relevant positions.

Why Are Free Job Posting Sites Important?

Free job posting sites offer an accessible and cost-effective solution for employers, particularly small businesses or those with a limited budget.

These job boards are utilized by millions of users who are seeking jobs. As a result, employers can broadcast their posts to a vast international audience, making it easier and more convenient to find potential candidates.

Additionally, some job posting sites offer premium functionality that clients can leverage. This functionality allows them to filter through the hundreds of resumes they receive.

Do I Need a Free Posting Site?

As an employer or hiring manager, the need for such a website depends on your hiring process and end goals.

If you aim to maximize your candidate outreach and reduce recruitment costs, using a free job posting site can be beneficial, particularly for entry-level positions or when targeting a broad range of candidates.

The Best Free Job Posting Sites at a Glance

Let’s take a sneak peek at the best free job posting site before diving into the details.

What Is the Best Free Posting Site?

Offering excellent features and an enormous user count of 300 million unique users accessing the site each month, Indeed stands out as the best free job posting site.

Every day, millions of employers utilize the network and tools provided by Indeed to discover potential candidates for hiring.

Likewise, Indeed users can easily search for jobs, post their resumes, and research new companies.

Which Is the Most Professional Job Posting Site?

LinkedIn is widely regarded as the most professional free job posting site.

It boasts an expansive network of professionals spanning various industries and offers unparalleled access to a huge talent pool.

Additionally, its key features, such as recommended matches and LinkedIn Recruiter, are powerful tools for employers to utilize.

Features to Look For in Free Job Posting Sites

Generally, the more features a site offers, the better it is. These are the features to keep in mind when searching for a free job posting site:

User-Friendly Interface

Look for a user-friendly platform that allows for easy creation and management of job listings. A sleek and simple interface is much better than a congested one with buttons and features scattered all over the place.

Job Listing Duration

The duration that a job post stays active on the site is of utmost importance. Some platforms limit this duration, while others allow job ads to remain visible for longer periods or even indefinitely.

A longer active period is preferred as it enables more quality candidates to access the job openings.

User Base

Consider the site’s audience size and reach. Look for sites that cater to an international audience and have a wide user base.

A larger user base will help job ads attract a more diverse range of job seekers. Additionally, some sites may be specific to a certain industry or city and state location.

Filter and Search Tools

The platform should allow advanced search options, such as the ability to search for specific skills and experience. It should also provide filtering options for search results to effectively sort applicants based on defined criteria.

Resume Database

Some job boards gather the resumes submitted by users and use them to form a database. They then allow employers to access this resume database to search for and reach out to prospective candidates.

Keep in mind that while a resume database may be available, it may be a premium feature offered by the site.

Application Tracking

Built-in application tracking and management tools enable employers to effectively keep track of the numerous applications received for job posts.

These tools assist in organizing, evaluating, and communicating with the users who have applied.

Mobile Friendly

It’s crucial to choose a site that has a mobile version or a website optimized for mobile devices. This enables employers to manage their job listings using their smartphones easily.

Additional Features

Some job posting sites may offer additional features, such as the ability to add assessments to a job listing, promote posts, or access other advanced options.

Best Free Job Posting Sites: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

1. Indeed: Our Pick

screenshot of the indeed homepage

Indeed is a leading free posting site that connects job seekers with employers who post job openings on the website. Employers have access to a wide range of tools and features to effectively advertise their job posts.

Indeed takes pride in being the number one job site in the world, and its popularity is evident with over 300 million unique site visitors each month.

Key Features of Indeed

Indeed offers the following key features:

  • Employer Dashboard: The employer dashboard serves as a complete solution for the hiring needs of any employer. Employers can use it to edit posts, contact candidates, manage applications, and more. It features helpful filter tools to quickly find the right candidates for the role.
  • Screening Questions: Sometimes, employers require candidates with specific skills. To filter effectively, Indeed allows employers to set screening questions in their job posts to determine if the applicant meets the hiring criteria. While Indeed has pre-written screening questions, the platform also gives users the ability to create custom ones.
  • Indeed Resume: Indeed has built an impressive resume database of its users, storing over 245 million resumes that employers can access to find qualified candidates. However, this is a premium feature and costs $100 or $250 per month, depending on the subscription type.
  • Communication Tools: The platform allows collaboration between the hiring committee through the use of various tools, enabling them to evaluate candidates and work more efficiently. Additionally, it also allows direct communication with candidates and conducting interviews.
  • Indeed Employer Assist: For those looking to save time by automatically rejecting unqualified candidates while also being courteous, Indeed has introduced Employer Assist. This feature automatically notifies candidates after a set number of days that they are no longer being considered.

Pros of Indeed

Some benefits of choosing Indeed include the following:

  • Wide User Base: As previously mentioned, Indeed boasts a large user base. A job post can potentially attract hundreds of responses, providing employers with a wide range of candidates to choose from and increasing the likelihood of finding a better match.
  • Unlimited Job Postings: With Indeed, employers can post an unlimited number of jobs at no cost.
  • Easy to Use Interface: Indeed offers an intuitive interface, making it easy and convenient for employers to post jobs, manage listings, and navigate through the platform.

Cons of Indeed

While Indeed has several positive aspects, there are also some drawbacks to look out for.

  • Competition: Being one of the most popular free job posting sites in the world, Indeed has a substantial number of job listings each day. This makes it challenging for your ads to stand out from others.
  • Not Suitable for High-Level Jobs: While Indeed allows job postings for all experience levels, the platform is primarily geared towards entry and mid-level positions. Placements for high-level jobs might be more challenging to make.
  • Sponsored Posts: Indeed allows employers to post unlimited jobs; however, free listings expire after 30 days. To keep your listing active and make it accessible to more users, you’ll need to advertise it.

Indeed Pricing

Indeed charges a daily budget to sponsor a job post. This budget can range from $5 to $499 per day.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Indeed?

Indeed is a compelling option for employers to consider. The platform’s popularity, coupled with the unlimited job postings it offers, makes it our top choice among free job posting sites.

Additionally, the ability to adjust a job post’s budget each day can be a helpful feature for small businesses.

2. LinkedIn: Runner Up

screenshot of the LinkedIn homepage

LinkedIn is primarily a professional networking site that aims to build connections between industry professionals.

However, the platform also offers employers a wide range of features and tools to match with qualified individuals and streamline their hiring process.

According to statistics, LinkedIn has over 774 million members spanning over 200 countries, and the platform gets 100 million visits each month.

These stats make it one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms.

Key Features of LinkedIn

The notable key features of LinkedIn include the following:

  • Professional Network: LinkedIn has built a vast network of industry-leading professionals, gathering them under one roof. This makes it convenient for employers to search for and reach out to qualified applicants.
  • Company Pages: The platform offers dedicated spaces for companies, allowing them to showcase their brand and culture. These pages can be used to post job opportunities and attract applicants by highlighting unique selling points.
  • Job Posting: LinkedIn allows employers to post job listings and manage them accordingly. From viewing the skills and resumes of applicants to reaching out to them for interviews, the platform covers all aspects.
  • Recommended Matches: Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, LinkedIn automatically finds the most suitable matches based on the criteria set by the hiring committee. This feature is handy for discovering hidden talents.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter: LinkedIn Recruiter is a premium feature that offers advanced search functions and enhanced candidate management tools. Employers can leverage this feature to search the platform’s vast user base effectively, communicate with job seekers, and manage the application process.

Pros of LinkedIn

Employers gain access to the following benefits:

  • Active User Base: LinkedIn’s user base consists of job seekers searching for new opportunities. This increases the chances of finding motivated individuals.
  • Filter and Search: The platform provides powerful search and filtering tools to help narrow down candidates effectively.
  • Professional Insights: LinkedIn provides key insights into candidates’ professional backgrounds, skills, endorsements, and recommendations. This can be highly useful for employers seeking to assess a candidate’s competency.

Cons of LinkedIn

Some of the downsides of using LinkedIn are:

  • Free Version Limitations: While LinkedIn is free for businesses to use, there are certain limitations. For instance, LinkedIn only allows one job post at a time with a free account.
  • Paid Advertising: To promote job listings and ensure maximum visibility, you’ll need to invest in advertising. The cost of this can accumulate quickly.
  • Difficult to Fill Entry-Level Positions: Due to the nature of the site, it can be challenging to find suitable candidates for entry-level positions or manual labor jobs.

LinkedIn Pricing

LinkedIn Premium Business costs $59.99 per month.

Conclusion: Should You Choose LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a solid option to consider as an employer looking to hire new employees. The platform offers powerful features that can significantly improve your hiring process if used correctly.

However, it’s equally important to consider the high competition on the site and the need to pay for advertising, especially if you choose to use the free version.

3. ZipRecruiter: Also Great

screenshot of the ziprecruiter homepage

ZipRecruiter is a popular recruitment platform and job board that connects employers with prospective job seekers.

It aims to simplify the hiring process by providing quality tools and features to aid employers in their search.

ZipRecruiter boasts approximately 25 million active monthly users and lists 9 million jobs.

Key Features of ZipRecruiter

The key features of ZipRecruiter include:

  • Job Distribution: The platform distributes job listings across various sites and partnered platforms, increasing the reach and visibility of the job post and attracting a high number of potential candidates.
  • Applicant Tracking System: ZipRecruiter offers an effective and efficient applicant tracking system, enabling employers to easily keep track of all applicants. This streamlines candidate filtering and provides additional communication tools.
  • Resume Database: ZipRecruiter features a resume database consisting of over 43 million resumes collected from all over the world.
  • Matching Technology: The platform utilizes a powerful matchmaking algorithm that analyzes candidates and recommends them based on job requirements and their skills. This saves time and effort in the hiring process.
  • Traffic Boost: For hard-to-fill positions, ZipRecruiter offers Traffic Boost, which promotes the job post across various channels to maximize visibility. According to ZipRecruiter, Traffic Boost can increase post traffic tenfold.

Pros of ZipRecruiter

  • Free Trial: ZipRecruiter offers a four-day trial to new users, allowing them to test the services provided by the platform. During this trial, you can post jobs for free.
  • Easy to Use: The platform boasts a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and manage job posts.
  • Screening Questions: ZipRecruiter enables you to add screening questions related to the job position, helping you filter candidates effectively.

Cons of ZipRecruiter

  • Limited Customization: There are fewer options to customize job posts compared to other similar platforms.
  • Expensive: ZipRecruiter only offers a four-day trial. To access the full functionality of the platform, you’ll need to purchase their premium plan, which can be costly.
  • Single Dashboard: ZipRecruiter features a single dashboard to post jobs for free, meaning that all applications arrive in the same place. This can make it difficult to sort out the applicants effectively.

ZipRecruiter Pricing

ZipRecruiter offers a premium plan and a pro plan. However, no price is listed on their website, so you’ll need to contact their sales team to obtain a quote.

Conclusion: Should You Choose ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter is an excellent option to consider for employers seeking to maximize the visibility of their job posts.

With an impressive applicant tracking system and advanced matchmaking technology, ZipRecruiter ensures that your hiring process is simplified to the fullest extent.

However, the four-day trial period of ZipRecruiter forces you to purchase the premium plan if you want to unlock the platform’s full capabilities.

Notable Mentions: Other Free Job Posting Sites To Check Out

4. Ladders: Best for Finding Professional Talent

screenshot of the Ladders homepage

Ladders is a job posting board that specializes in connecting employers with high-level professionals. It’s largely aimed toward those pursuing senior and executive-level positions.

According to Ladders, 89% of their users hold a bachelor’s degree, while 36% possess a master’s degree.

Why Is Ladders a Great Option?

Ladders is a great option for filling niche or high-level positions. With an extensive database of qualified individuals, Ladders makes it easy for employers to search and filter applicants.

Additionally, the platform offers the ability to post one job opening per month at no cost.

Drawbacks to Ladders

Ladders may not be a suitable choice for those seeking to recruit entry-level professionals, as the platform primarily caters to highly qualified individuals.

In addition, the platform’s cost is considerably higher compared to other similar options, and it is not available worldwide. This steep cost may discourage smaller companies from utilizing the platform.

Ladders Pricing

The price of a single job post on Ladders is $599. Additionally, Ladders offers sourcing plans to employers, with the lite version costing $299 per month and the full access version priced at $599.

5. Upwork: Best for Finding Freelancer

screenshot of the upwork homepage

Upwork is a freelancing platform that allows clients to post both freelancing and full-time jobs.

The platform is home to over 12 million freelancers, and over 10,000 jobs are posted daily, making it one of the biggest and most popular platforms of its kind.

Why Is Upwork a Great Option?

Upwork provides access to a diverse range of freelancers worldwide, catering to both mainstream and niche audiences.

Additionally, the flexible nature of the site allows employers to find talent for both short-term and long-term work, depending on their specific requirements.

Drawbacks to Upwork

Upwork allows free job postings, but the platform does charge hiring fees and transaction fees.

There is also a lack of quality control on the platform, as freelancers of all skill levels can apply for jobs. Therefore, employers will need to critically evaluate each applicant’s profile, skills, and resume.

Upwork Pricing

Upwork charges a 5% Client Marketplace Fee on all payments made to freelancers. Additionally, a featured job post on Upwork costs a one-time fee of $29.99.

6. Wellfound: Best for Startups

screenshot of the well found homepage

Wellfound, formerly known as AngelList, is a job listing site tailored for startups and remote workers.

The website boasts over 8 million active job seekers, providing startup hiring teams with a vast and diverse user base to select from.

Why Is Wellfound a Great Option?

Wellfound provides employers with various tools and features to aid in their candidate search.

The free plan includes an applicant tracking system, 5 technical candidate reveals, and 50 candidate views per week.

Additionally, Wellfound offers premium features such as a higher number of candidate views and advanced search filters at an additional cost.

Drawbacks to Wellfound

Wellfound is limited to startup roles, making it an ineffective option for other companies.

Compared to other job boards, the number of users on Wellfound is relatively smaller, which might pose a challenge in sourcing the right candidate.

Additionally, some users may find the premium pricing of the platform to be costly.

Wellfound Pricing

Wellfound offers two premium tiers: Recruit Pro, which costs $349 per month, and Recruit Pro+, priced at $999 per month.

The platform also provides custom packages to those who require additional resources.

7. Optimhire: Best for Finding Pre-screened Talent

screenshot of the optimhire homepage

OptimHire is a hiring platform that matches employers with top talent for their companies.

The platform has over 2 million pre-screened talents.

Why Is OptimHire a Great Option?

OptimHire offers unlimited free job postings with the additional ability to enhance and customize job posts according to your preferences.

OptimHire also utilizes an efficient applicant tracking system and enhanced candidate matchmaking, enabling employers to find the most suitable talent for their needs.

Drawbacks to OptimHire

OptimHire is a premium platform, and the majority of the features are pay-to-access.

Their pricing structure varies depending on the size and needs of the organization.

OptimHire Pricing

No pricing is mentioned for OptimHire. Employers will need to contact sales to receive a quote.

8. Handshake: Best for Finding Recent Graduates

screenshot of the handshake homepage

Handshake is an online platform that connects employers with college students, aiming to assist recent graduates and rising talent in finding prospective companies and employers.

Handshake has over 12 million students on its platform and has formed partnerships with 1,400 universities and colleges.

Why Is Handshake a Great Option?

Handshake is a great platform for employers seeking young and rising talent to fill entry-level positions in their companies.

The university partnerships established by the platform provide direct access to a wide range of students and alumni from top universities.

Additionally, the platform features helpful tools, such as an applicant tracking system, to assist employers in managing their job posts and recruiting well-matched candidates.

Drawbacks to Handshake

Handshake is a niche job posting site that focuses exclusively on college students. The platform is not ideal for hiring experienced professionals or filling mid or senior-level positions.

The platform’s reach is also limited to the universities it has partnered with.

Handshake Pricing

Handshake is free to use for job posting; however, they also offer a premium plan. To obtain a quote, you’ll need to contact their sales team.

9. Hubstaff Talent: Best for Finding Remote Workers

screenshot of the hubstaff talent homepage

Hubstaff Talent is an online freelancing platform where employers can connect with freelancers seeking remote jobs.

The platform is primarily focused on development jobs, but employers can also post other remote job opportunities.

Why Is Hubstaff Talent a Great Option?

Hubstaff Talent has free access, and employers can post unlimited jobs. The interface is intuitive, making it easy to navigate the platform while browsing potential candidates.

Additionally, Hubstaff Talent provides collaboration and communication tools, enabling hiring teams to communicate with each other as they evaluate the applicants.

Drawbacks to Hubstaff Talent

There is a lack of freelancer screening on the platform, which means employers will need to manually assess the capabilities of freelancers.

Hubstaff Talent does not provide many advanced tools and analytics offered by other platforms to help manage candidates and streamline the hiring process.

This can make it more challenging to utilize the platform effectively.

Additionally, job listings on Hubstaff Talent only remain active for 60 days. After this period, they expire and will need to be relisted.

Hubstaff Talent Pricing

Hubstaff Talent is completely free to use for both employers and employees, with no hidden charges or fees of any kind.

Other Options Relevant to Free Job Posting Sites

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find answers to some commonly asked questions you might have on the topic.

How to Write an Effective Job Post?

An effective job post includes all the information that candidates want to know about the position, including the job descriptions, salary range, location, and any specific skills or qualifications required.

How Long Do Job Posts Remain Active?

The active period of a job post varies depending on different job boards.

Free job posts appear at the top of search results for only a few days, but sponsored job posts may remain active for a longer duration.

Wrapping Up

There are several viable options for free job posting sites that employers can take advantage of to ease and simplify their hiring process.

While each site has its pros and cons, and employers would need to evaluate their hiring needs and criteria before making a decision, Indeed stands out as the best overall site due to the excellent features it offers and the huge number of users on the platform.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the free job posting sites in the comments box below.

And consider sharing this article with your friends looking to hire full-time employees or freelancers so they can benefit from it.

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