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    Acorns App

    When you have spare change from a cash purchase, what do you do with it? Likely, you set it aside and let it grow with the rest of your change. Why not automatically do the same with all purcases? That’s where Acorns comes in.

    Acorns is a simple app that makes savings fun. The app will help you invest small amounts from every purchase you make, just by rounding the purchase up during the time of transaction. The money then gets automatically invested into an account that you can save for later when you need it.

    So what are you waiting for? Check out Acorns today and start saving for the future.

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    Betterment makes saving your hard-earned income simple and hassle-free. Whether you’re saving for retirement, or just looking to sock money way for a rainy day, this platform gives you all the tools you need to let your money grow.

    Betterment is a low-cost robo-avisor that automatically invests your deposits according to the risk profile you set up when creating an account. Suggested portfolios are diversified and low-fee, making it a great option for people just getting started in the investment world.

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