DoorDash Referral Codes: Maximize Your Signup Bonus Today

Maximize your DoorDash driver signup bonus today. Learn how to maximize your signup bonus and start driving for DoorDash.

There’s nothing that soothes a bad day quite like delivery food. People love ordering in, whether it’s with friends, their significant other, or by themselves. You can deliver happiness as a DoorDash driver.

Becoming an on-demand delivery driver for DoorDash has tons of perks. Earn what you want, when you want. You can earn quick money on your own time.

As a DoorDash driver, also known as a Dasher, you have the flexibility to determine your schedule. Unlike Uber and Lyft drivers, instead of transporting people, you’re delivering food orders.

Plus, as a Dasher, you can earn all kinds of discounts before you’ve even started driving.

Keep reading to learn more about the DoorDash driver promo code and how to use it!

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is part of a growing number of food delivery services that use a technology similar to that of Uber and Lyft to deliver food and goods to consumers. DoorDash provides a delivery option for your favorite restaurants that don’t do delivery.

DoorDash is the brainchild of four Stanford students who wanted to help small businesses deal with the logistics of delivery. It all started when they were building a simple app to support a restaurateur.

Toward the end of the project, she told them what her most significant pain point was: having too many orders to deliver and not enough help. They reframed the app to help her solve her most difficult challenge.

The DoorDash team – Andy Fang, Stanley Tang, Tony Xu, and Evan Moore – were used to the convenience of on-demand food delivery in the cities they grew up in, and they wanted to bring that to the Stanford community.

So, in 2013 they built a prototype and had their first order within hours of launching the app. The app was a hit and has grown tremendously since.

The app is simple to use. Customers pay a flat fee for delivery plus the cost of the food via the app using a credit card.

DoorDash is primarily used for food delivery, but its founders say that it’s more about helping solve logistics challenges for small businesses. Their vision is to expand on that idea.

DoorDash is also committed to ending hunger. They are involved in a few programs – some self-initiated – that donate food or money to hunger based charities.

Why Drive For DoorDash?

There are a few reasons one should consider becoming a Dasher. First, you don’t have to have a car. Unlike Uber and Lyft, you don’t need a car to be a Dasher. They allow you to use vehicles like bicycles, motorcycles, or scooters. But, it’s a good idea to check the specific rules and local laws in your city.

Another good reason is that the company is based on more than just making a buck. DoorDash is committed to improving the communities in which it operates and to ending hunger.

They also made it part of their mission from the start to provide underemployed people with work opportunities. They are a company that wants to make the world a better place.

DoorDash sees itself as delivering happiness — because donuts delivered to your front door on a Saturday morning saves you from having to peel off your pajamas to put on real clothes. That’s happiness. DoorDash makes it possible. DoorDash is about safety first and keeping drivers covered.

They provide commercial auto insurance that includes up to $1 million in bodily injury or property damage to third parties “arising out of accidents while making a DoorDash delivery in the United States.”

What does DoorDash require of drivers and their vehicles? If you do want to use a car, be sure that it’s safe and reliable. DoorDash does require a few things of their Dashers.

You must:

  • Have a valid U.S. driver’s license
  • Have an auto insurance policy if you are using a car to make deliveries
  • Not have any major traffic violations in the past seven years
  • Not have had more than three accidents in the past three years
  • Be eligible to work in the United States
  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Own a smartphone that supports the DoorDash app as well as future updates to the app

Additionally, DoorDash requires that you submit to a background check (very similar to Uber’s background check).

How Do I Become a DoorDash Driver?

Interested in becoming a Dasher? If you’re eligible to apply, the process is easy. Before you start your application, confirm that you are eligible to apply and that DoorDash is operating in your city.

Complete the Dasher application by entering your information and clicking “sign up.” Your application will then undergo a background check and the DoorDash team will confirm that you meet the driver requirements.

doordash driver referral code

doordash driver referral code

If you pass, you will receive instruction on where to attend an orientation session so you can quickly learn how to become a Dasher and make the most of each delivery. Orientation sessions are either online or in-person depending on your location and availability.

After you complete the orientation session, you can start making deliveries!

What Supplies Do I Need to Be a Successful Dasher?

There are a few items you may need to make your shifts easier to manage.

Unfortunately, DoorDash does not provide branded gear to Dashers for free; you must purchase these items on your own. However, once you start completing deliveries, you should make this money back in no time.

Here are a few items you might want to consider purchasing if you don’t have them already:

  • A reliable form of transportation
  • A reliable smartphone (iPhone or Android are compatible) and charger
  • Snack to eat while on the job
  • Insulated delivery bag for items
  • DoorDash hat or t-shirt so customers know who you are

You can purchase DoorDash gear on their website.

How Much Money Can You Make With DoorDash?

Your pay is comprised of two things: delivery fees and tips. That means that what you make is dependent on distance.

Whether or not you’re making deliveries during peak hours – busy times mean better money. The quality of customer service you provide – the better the service, the better the tips Dashers can often make up to $25 per hour. It’s up to you to choose the best time to drive to reach your side-gig income goal.

Planning out a strategy can help. Figure out which area of your town calls in the most orders or when the peak times are for your neck of the woods. You can also observe traffic patterns and plan the fastest routes around the most requested restaurants.

If you’re using an alternate method of transportation, make sure the area you’re working in is quickly traversable by your vehicle.

When you sign up with our referral link, you make yourself eligible for a new driver sign-up bonus of up to $300! The bonus varies based on your city; check out DoorDash’s “Local Markets” page to learn more.

How Does the DoorDash Referral Bonus Work?

DoorDash has previously offered this referral bonus as a way to encourage more people to join the service as delivery drivers. This helped them expand their operations into new cities while also giving new Dashers extra incentive to make more deliveries. Signing up during this referral bonus incentive period is a no-brainer.

DoorDash essentially payed you extra money to gain experience as a Dasher. See, they required you to make a certain number of deliveries to get the bonus. It’s gamification of on the job training.

With this training, you gained valuable experience that will help you figure out how to optimize your delivery times and customer service to increase your tips. In the end, you got the prize – the bonus!

In some cases, bonuses went as high as $750! We have found, though, that $300 has seemed to be the typical amount received by Dashers in the past. To leverage the referral bonus, you’d need to meet the minimum requirements specified by DoorDash.

That usually involved making a minimum number of deliveries within the first 30 days of signing up to be a DoorDash driver. The will vary requirements depending on your city.

Boost Your DoorDash Earnings With Referrals

Do you already deliver for DoorDash? Good news – this is a double-sided bonus! Current Dashers can share their referral links with friends and get in on the bonus, too.

If your friend meets the minimum number of deliveries in the first 30 days, you both get paid! Encouraging friends and family to use your referral link is a great way to not only help them out but to make a little extra cash yourself. Who can drive for DoorDash and who is eligible for promo codes?

You must live in one of the cities in the United States and Canada where DoorDash currently operates to become a Dasher and to use the driver promo code.

DoorDash is operating in the following U.S. cities:

  • AZ – Phoenix
  • CA – Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Northern California, Orange County, San Diego
  • CO – Denver/Boulder
  • DC – Washington, D.C.
  • FL – Miami
  • GA – Atlanta
  • IL – Bloomington, Champaign, Chicago, Rockford
  • IN – Indianapolis, South Bend
  • KS – Kansas City
  • KY – Lexington, Louisville
  • MD – Baltimore
  • MA – Boston
  • MI – Detroit
  • MN – Minneapolis
  • NE – Omaha
  • NC – Charlotte, Raleigh
  • NJ – New Jersey
  • NV – Las Vegas
  • NY – Long Island, NYC, Westchester
  • OH – Cincinnati/Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland
  • OK – Oklahoma City
  • OR – Portland
  • PA – Philadelphia, Pittsburgh
  • TN – Nashville
  • TX – Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio
  • UT – Salt Lake City
  • VA – Richmond
  • WA – Seattle
  • WI – Milwaukee

DoorDash is available in Canada too:

  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver

If your city isn’t listed yet, check back soon. DoorDash is ever-expanding. Being a DoorDash Dasher is an excellent side-gigNew and veteran drivers both benefit from the referral program and can reap substantial monetary rewards.

Be sure to take advantage of it. DoorDash is a growing company that was founded in part to give people an opportunity for employment that offered flexibility.

They also wanted to deliver goods to make both consumers and businesses happy. It’s a great initiative to be a part of on our opinion. Enter into this as a side-gig, at least in the beginning.

It will take you a bit of time to establish a reputation and to solidify positive relationships with businesses and repeat customers. Maybe at some point, you will have built yourself up enough as a Dasher to quit your day job, but don’t do it yet.

Start with this bonus and meet the minimum number of deliveries and then start thinking about your next move.

DoorDash FAQ

How Can I Check the Status of My Background Check?

All Dasher background checks are complete through a trusted third-party, Checkr. Typically, this process takes anywhere from five to seven business days.

However, some applications may take longer. If you’re anxious to know the status of your background check, you can contact Checkr directly.

If you live in the United States, follow this link to check your status. Input the same information as you did in your background check application and click “Get status.”

If you live in Canada, email and request an update on your background check.

How Can I Track My Activation Kit?

After you sign up for your Activation Kit, you will receive an email from (US-based Dashers) or (Canada-based Dashers). The email will include a tracking number unique to you that you can track the delivery status.

How Do I Refer Other Dashers?

DoorDash makes it super easy to refer family and friends to become Dashers. Within the Dasher app, tap the Dash tab. You should see a “Refer friends” banner at the top of the screen that will show you how much money you can make if the person you refer fulfills a certain number of delivery requests. This amount varies by location, so tap the banner to see the delivery requirements for your area. To find your code, tap on “SMS Invites” to send an SMS, Facebook, Twitter, or email invite.

Can I Reschedule My Dasher Orientation?

Yes! You can reschedule if your original orientation date has not passed. If you’ve missed your original orientation date or opted to receive an Activation Kit but want to come into a DoorDash office for orientation, we encourage you to file a support case.

How Do I Set Up My Direct Deposit Information?

Follow the steps below to set up your direct deposit:

  • Launch the “Dasher” app.Go to the Earnings tab Tap on the red bank symbol at the top right of the screen fill out your bank information:
  • The name on your bank account
  • Your social security number (SSN)Your bank’s routing number (9-numeric digits long, enclosed by dots)
  • Your bank account number (usually 10-12 numeric digits long)
  • If you have checks, you can find your bank routing and account numberTap “Submit Bank Details”

What are you waiting for, get started today.


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