DoorDash Customer Service for Customers, Drivers, and Merchants

The convenience of food delivery platforms has simplified our lives by bringing restaurant food directly to our homes without us ever having to leave our living rooms. No longer must we rush home to cook dinner, drive to local restaurants to grab takeout, or track down spots that offer delivery nearby. Of these food delivery...

The convenience of food delivery platforms has simplified our lives by bringing restaurant food directly to our homes without us ever having to leave our living rooms.

No longer must we rush home to cook dinner, drive to local restaurants to grab takeout, or track down spots that offer delivery nearby.

Of these food delivery services, DoorDash is one of the most popular platforms today. But every once in a while, things aren’t going to go as planned. This will require contacting DoorDash customer service. But where do you start?

To help you out, we’ve organized every way you can contact DoorDash customer service and driver support.

Whether you’re a customer or a DoorDash dasher, we’re giving you the contact information for every scenario that may come up.

DoorDash Emergency Phone Number

To start off, let’s cover what you should do if you ever have an emergency situation with DoorDash. If you have a true emergency, your first step should always be to call 911.

After you’ve contacted the authorities and the situation is under control, you should then file a health and safety emergency report to DoorDash. This can be done by filling out DoorDash’s Emergency Health and Safety form.

With the Health and Safety form, you’ll need to fill out your personal information and describe the emergency you experienced. The types of emergencies you should report include serious allergic reactions, food safety issues, violence, criminal activity, accidents, or anything else you deem necessary to report.

After you submit your report, the DoorDash Trust and Safety Support Team will respond to solve your issue. DoorDash will contact you as soon as possible, but make sure to provide ample detail to ensure a speedy response.

If the question or problem you have isn’t an emergency, then you should reach out to DoorDash customer support by phone.

DoorDash Customer Service Phone Number

The DoorDash customer service phone number is 855-973-1040. Although this phone number isn’t well advertised, this is a surefire way to get in touch with a live representative.

The fact that DoorDash hides this phone number tells you that they’d much rather you reach out for support online. However, we were able to dig up this number and share it with you.

Calling this number will get you speedy service from a real person rather than an automated machine.

During busy hours, you may be expected to wait on hold. But don’t worry — you should be able to get a live representative on the line within 10 minutes or so.

DoorDash Corporate Phone Number

The other phone number you can call is 844-285-0248. However, this will connect you to DoorDash’s corporate office, not customer service.

The corporate number may be useful if you’re a restaurant owner or manager who needs more information regarding your DoorDash account. Typically, all of this information can be found online though.

We’d recommend exploring one of the many other forms of contact on this list before even thinking about using this phone number.

DoorDash Online Customer Support

Screenshot of DoorDash customer service webpage

DoorDash offers extensive online support on its website. Through the help section, you can find answers to nearly any question you may have.

The online support section provides a surplus of helpful content and will assist you if you’d prefer to troubleshoot on your own. Questions regarding getting started with DoorDash, issues with your order, and payment information are all addressed on the site.

If you’re navigating through customer help pages and are unable to find an answer, you can decide to fill out an online form.

To contact customer support online, you can fill out a customer support form. Once DoorDash has received your request, they’ll get back to you shortly regarding your issue.

DoorDash Online Driver Support

Screenshot of DoorDash customer service page for drivers

If you’ve signed up as a DoorDash driver, you can try to troubleshoot on your own or opt to contact online driver support. The first step should be to see if you can find an answer to your problem by using the online driver support help section.

Like the customer support section, there is a wide range of driver topics covered on the site. If you have account issues, payment concerns, questions regarding the app, or need order support, you can use these pages to troubleshoot on your own.

If you’re unable to solve your issue, you can fill out the Dasher support help form to get in touch with a representative.

Lastly, if you’re a merchant, you’ll need to reach out to support in a similar fashion, but on a separate section of the website.

DoorDash Online Merchant Support

Screenshot of DoorDash online merchant support webpage

Online merchants can also access similar online help at the DoorDash merchant help section. These pages give merchants plenty of articles that address their partnership with DoorDash.

If you’re a merchant and need help managing your account, updating your menu information, or need assistance with your in-store hardware or tablet support, this is a great place to start.

After you’ve gone through the site, if you’re still unable to get answers for your questions or resolve the issue on your own, you can reach out through DoorDash’s online merchant support.

You simply fill out the online merchant support form and a representative will get back to you shortly.

DoorDash Email

The customer service email address that customers, drivers, and merchants can all use is This email can be used by anyone who needs help with DoorDash and it serves as a direct line to a representative.

You should be very descriptive when crafting your email in order to get a speedy and helpful response. You should also provide your name, phone number, and thoroughly explain your problem within the email. Write your support request the same way you would write a business email – short, concise, yet to the point.

You can also take screenshots and explain what you’ve already done to try and troubleshoot the problem on your own.

DoorDash Live Chat Support

DoorDash live chat support can be found within the DoorDash app. This will be especially useful for customers and Dashers, however, only certain issues can be addressed through the app.

The in-app chat feature is primarily for customers and drivers who need their issue resolved immediately.

For customers, this could mean that their Dasher never arrived, they didn’t receive the correct items, or they’re disputing a canceled DoorDash order. For Dashers, this could pertain to problems with finding the correct drop-off point, issues with customers, or discrepancies with an order.

Within the app, you can navigate to the orders section, select the order that has an issue, and tap the “Help” button. You’ll then give further details regarding your problem until you’re brought to the “Start Chat” button.

At that point, you’ll connect with a live representative that can help you with your problem.

DoorDash Twitter Support

DoorDash’s Twitter account — @DoorDash_Help — is another way to contact customer support. However, it should be noted that this may be the slowest means of finding help.

We’d recommend going with the customer support phone number first since this is a direct line to a DoorDash customer service representative. Email support and the online help section may also put you in a better position to get ahold of someone fast.

But if you’d prefer to go this route, you can tweet your question to DoorDash’s dedicated support Twitter account.

You should be prepared to provide contact information via email once a social media moderator addresses your question.

Find Help Now

DoorDash does a decent job providing its customers, Dashers, and merchants with different ways to get help. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which channel you use to contact support depending on the severity of your issue and how urgent you’d like your matter resolved.

As mentioned, the fastest way to get your issue resolved is by calling the DoorDash customer support phone number directly.

This will put you in touch with a real person in minutes. You should also dig through the online help content as there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find an article that will address your concern.

If it’s your first time using DoorDash delivery or you’re interested in driving for a delivery service, make sure you check out our guides to other food delivery platforms including Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub, and Caviar.

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